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Last summer I read the paper almost every day, at least if I got to the paper before Susan threw it away. Susan, as you recall, is my lover, the sexiest creature I have ever seen. She works out at the gym every day, she runs, she swims, she bikes, kayaks, climbs, sky-dives, and, as a college nursing school graduate, works as a school nurse in my old high school. She is truly a fox, and I love her. We love sex, we love making love, we just love everything about each other.

Last summer Susan showed me an ad in the paper that I had missed. She brought it home from work; one of the teachers had pointed it out, jokingly, to Susan. It read “Well Endowed Young Male Wanted for Modeling,” and it gave contact information. That wasn’t a lot to go on and I balked. Susan told me that if anyone should apply, it was me. I have an eleven-inch cock, I’m in great shape, and I look nice. No, not sissy nice like a lot of those male models, but rather All-American nice.

Susan convinced me to call the number, which I did. A woman answered the phone and asked me some information, and I truthfully answered. I told her that I was 22 at the time, 6’2″, 225 pounds, body fat around 10%, I had an eleven-inch cock, and I had no disfiguring scars. No, I had never worked as a model before, I had no experience. She asked me about my current work, and I told her that I had enough flexibility in my construction job that I could stop down for an interview at her convenience. She sounded pleasant, professional, and not interested in sex with me. Susan listened in on another line and concurred, it sounded like this was on the up and up.

Two days later I came with a swimsuit in my bag to the appointment. The building was a one-story office building, with a glass front and plenty of parking. It was in a nice part of town, beside the business district, and I felt more comfortable. I walked in and was greeted by a receptionist in her 30s, whom I had never seen in the town before. In a smallish town like ours, it’s unusual not to know someone, so I asked.

The people in the office were on a tour trying to find models of all types, and I had responded to one of a variety of ads placed in a variety of papers, magazines, and on the Internet. As we chatted a beautiful 15-year-old girl walked out, thanking the photographer who followed her out. She had just begun her portfolio, had answered the ad, and this was her second session. The people had been there for a few weeks and would be there for the next month or so.

Jim, the photographer, asked me to sit down with him in his office. I glanced at the walls, and I was pleasantly surprised to see many tasteful and a few very sexy photographs of people old and young, male and female, all colors, all body types, and in a wide variety of settings. Jim explained to me that modeling agencies were willing to hire a wide variety of models, depending on what the customer wanted. It just so happened that someone wanted a model with a big dick, hence the ad.

Jim asked me if I was nervous, to which I answered that I was not. He asked me to change in the next room, not telling me what to put on. I blindly went into the changing room and asked him through bahis firmaları the curtain what I should put on, and he said, “Just put on a towel.”

I dropped my clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist and returned. Jim took me into the back room, turned on the lights and asked me to drop my towel. I did, and Jim professionally looked at me and said, “Well, I see you fit the bill” and called his receptionist in. The woman came back, took off her reading glasses and calmly looked me over.

“Nice.” That’s all. The woman obviously had no sex drive. Jim was obviously not gay, so I didn’t think a thing about it. “Get it hard,” she said next. Uh, oh. How do you get a hard-on in front of two people that aren’t sexy, act professionally, and you’re sweating in the lights nervously.

So, I wrapped my hand around my cock and think of Susan. I think of the great sex we have, I think of how she seduced me when I was still in high school. Damn, that should have given me an extra inch of length, but I remained like a loose sausage, just swinging there. I thought of Roberta, our incredibly sexy neighbor who we have had countless sessions and has the body of a goddess. Zip. I thought of Amy, my friend Brad’s girlfriend who belongs in the pages of Playboy. I think of all the girls I have fucked, all the girls in the magazines I have looked at, and even look at the receptionist. Shucks. Nothing.

The woman asks me what the problem is, and I explain I have never, never, never had this kind of problem before. She asked me when was the last time that I had had sex, and I told her about the previous evening. She asks me to tell her about it and I tell her about making love in the shower after work, I tell her about making love with Susan in the bedroom, then how we made love in front of the television, and then, finally, how we had tenderly made love at night in the still and darkness of our bedroom.

“Damn,” she said, “Four times?”

“Well,” I said, “Five, if you consider the blowjob I had received in the shower and taking Susan from behind in the shower after that.”

The woman’s eyes fell on my cock and she pulled up a stool, sat down and began gently jerking my cock. I instantly got hard, practically knocking her off the stool with the sudden force of my erection. It took a woman’s touch, I figured. That, and about half of her blouse was now unbuttoned, which it hadn’t been before. This woman is a tiny thing, and took the head of my cock and tried to suck it. I groaned with ecstasy and disappointment, as all she could do was lick it, but she really gave it the old college try.

Jim walked up with a measuring tape and placed it along side my shaft and said “Eleven and a half inches.” The woman just continued to slobber along the side of my cock, rubbing it over her face, and rubbing it with her hands. Then she stood up, took off her blouse, and revealed a very nice chest, which had been very well hidden before.

“I’m never going to get that thing inside of me, but I think I can do this,” she said as she put my cock between her tits. This was new to me, and she had me fuck the space between her breasts as she bent her head over and mouthed the kaçak iddaa head of my cock each time it emerged.

I had lost track of Jim by then, but he emerged back into my consciousness when he walked up to the lady and said “Jean, if you need some help I’ll make some calls.” She nodded vigorously and Jim walked to a phone and told someone that they were needed at the studio. He talked with them briefly as Jean continued to fuck with me her breasts, more accurately I fucked away at her face with her breasts gently cradling me. I wasn’t going to come anytime soon, however, I just didn’t feel the pressure. Jean switched techniques and wrapped both hands around my cock, which felt much better but still it wasn’t going to get me off.

Jim, now, was hovering around us, his camera clicking every few seconds. I heard something at the front door, Jim answered it, and walked back in with Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. Peterson and their daughters, Melody and Hope.

“My, oh my,” Mrs. Andrews exclaimed, and took off her light jacket. I gaped, as her devastating body was revealed to me, lightly clad in running shorts and a t-shirt, no bra. I didn’t wonder if she had changed into that or I was just lucky that she dressed that way normally.

Mrs. Peterson didn’t say a word. She just dropped her coat on the floor where she stood; her eyes were fixed on my cock. She stood there and dropper her skirt, pulled her top off, and quickly took off her bra and panties. This woman could have posed for Playboy or Penthouse any day of the week; I was going to be in for a workout.

Melody and Hope, how were both in their late teens and whom I knew, but were much younger than me. Much younger versions of their mothers, Melody and Hope had bodies without any fat and developing breasts that most guys would have given their eye teeth to have seen.

By now Jim was going nuts, he started up a video camera also, had his still camera clicking away, had turned the lights on, and had drug a mattress out in the middle that had bed sheets on it already. I wondered for a millisecond why it was there, but I really didn’t give a damn.

Now I had five women surrounding me, sucking on me, caressing me, just generally acting like the sluts they were never allowed to be but had always wanted to experience if but only once in their lives. Mrs. Andrews was the first to impale herself upon my cock, her daughter Melody was hunched back over my face, grinding her clitoris in my mouth. Hope was sitting on top of my head and was merrily slurping away on Melody’s breasts. Mrs. Peterson was sucking my balls, and running her hands over Mrs. Andrews and me.

Jim had us rearrange ourselves and I wound up fucking Mrs. Andrews from behind, Melody in front of her getting her pussy eaten, Jean was under Mrs. Andrews sucking anything she could get her hands and mouth on. Melody was standing beside me presenting me with her breasts, and Hope and Mrs. Peterson were just busy pleasing everyone. Only then did I notice three more men had entered, one was the Chief of Police.

The Chief just dropped his uniform belt, and doffed his clothes and just climbed in behind Mrs. Peterson and jammed his thick cock kaçak bahis into her. Mrs. Peterson was almost bowled over with the force of his insertion, and she wound up kissing Mrs. Andrews on the mouth and occasionally sucking on Melody’s pussy, but she was getting a real good pounding and couldn’t do that too often.

The other two men were County Sheriffs, whom I had seen before but didn’t know. After they were naked they each found a woman and proceeded to just have at her, not nice but effective.

Groans, grunts, and moans filled the room, and Jim just kept shooting away.

Mrs. Andrews turned her head back and asked me to fuck her in her ass. Whew, I had never done that before but I sure was willing to try! Her anus was painfully tight, even with a whole bunch of lubricant inserted and a good reaming given to me by two fingers. I knew that this would push me over the edge and I just leaned back and blasted her insides with my molten cum. Jean pulled me away from her and began mouthing my still blasting dick, and I even got a shot or two into her mouth before I stopped shooting. Most of it landed on Mrs. Andrews’s backside and the side of Jean’s face, however.

After I recovered a little I spoke with Jim and asked him why he hadn’t jumped in. “Jean is my wife and I won’t cheat on her,” he said, “She wanted this and placed the ad and now her fantasy is fulfilled. I almost enjoyed this and was sorely tempted, but I don’t do that stuff.” I wondered where in the hell that kind of logic fit, but who was I to question him?

We all wound up spending about the next two hours in all kinds of crazy positions, my favorites were the two mothers and their daughters, and each had their endearing factors that made them special. I found out later that the two mothers, Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. Peterson were friends with Jean and Jim and knew about Jean’s fantasy, and had shared with Jim and Jean that their fantasy was the same. Each had brought their daughter in to do a shoot for their portfolio, which had been legitimate. I have a feeling that Jean had talked to their daughters and told them about me. I guess that when the mothers were called the daughters had insisted on coming with them.

The after effects were tremendous. The Chief of Police became a very close friend of mine, I could do no wrong. The County Sheriffs were friends also, one of them actually asked me to dance at a bachelorette party and I did.

Mrs. Andrew’s husband found out about her indiscretion and they divorced shortly afterwards. I felt sorry for her and even offered to help, but she said her marriage was over already.

Mrs. Peterson wound up modeling for a magazine a few months after that, I hear the issue is due out soon. She has called me up from time to time; we’ve had coffee, and even had a one on one session at her place. Oh yes, her husband. He’s cool. He sits on the chair beside the bed and jerks off and talks dirty to her. The first time he hid in the closet and jerked off while she ‘seduced me.’

Melody and Hope are both graduating from High School this year. Roberta has had them over a few times to share her hot tub and the three of them are great friends. Susan and I were there with them in the hot tub, we’ve shared lovemaking with each of them, but not all at once. We also had had them over one at a time; they’ve never come home early.

What would you like to hear about next?

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