Big Dick Diplomacy Ch. 08


Big Dick Diplomacy — Chapter 8


Once again, Tom was in the doghouse.

Ever since Aubrey found out about his sexual relationship with Gia Bennett, the rich Texas oil heiress and the new bankroll for his campaign, she’d pulled away from him completely. They stopped spending time together, and Aubrey gave him the cold shoulder whenever their paths crossed within the White House. They went from being very good friends to near strangers at the drop of a hat.

Because of that, Tom felt a certain level of guilt at having done the deed with Gia but he couldn’t exactly figure out why. Aubrey had made clear from the beginning that their relationship would only be professional. Despite getting to know each other more intimately than some of his closest friends, there was a clear boundary between them—one that she didn’t seem to have any desire to cross.

So why did sleeping with Gia make her so pissed? Tom’s inner voice said it had everything to do with that kiss they shared on Air Force One, but that had been a one time thing in the early morning hours. One that wasn’t to be repeated. So what was her deal?

The worst part about the whole thing was the loneliness. It forced Tom to admit just how close they’d become in the last few months, and there was a noticeable gap in his life that wasn’t so easily filled. Tom threw himself into his work as a consequence, focusing on the day-to-day running of the country. At least there, he seemed to be having a measure of success.

With the signing of Victoria’s bill into law, Tom’s approval rating had reached all-time highs. He was receiving bipartisan support for the first time in his entire presidency, something that boded well for the general election.

The caveat to all of that was his finances—while not quite as dismal as they were before Gia came into the picture, it was still something to be concerned about. With the other party’s primaries nearly over, the massive spending that occurred during the general campaign was about to kick into a higher gear.

That evening, Tom was watching the highlights of Chelsea’s last press conference where she detailed the results of a summit that Tom had with the British prime minister. Several topics were being discussed, and like usual, Chelsea was fielding questions like the seasoned professional that she was.

“The president and the prime minister agreed on the need for the special relationship between the two countries,” said the beautiful redheaded press secretary as she took yet another question. “And they’ve confirmed that relationship will continue to be the basis for longstanding peace on the European continent.”

Meanwhile, Tom was enjoying a special relationship of his own. Or trying to at least.

“Do you even think I seem just a little too . . . bitchy when I give my briefings?” asked Chelsea directly. They were in the personal quarters of the White House. She was riding him while also facing the television, watching her earlier briefing. Tom had a magnificent view of her ass, and he applied a firm smack against her exposed cheek that made her moan.

“Quite the opposite,” said Tom with a heavy breath. “I think you’ve given the reporters the same amount of bitchiness they give you.”

Chelsea shuddered temporarily as his thrusting went deeper. “But you don’t think I need to dial it back a little, do you? Is it too much?”

Tom stopped thrusting. “Where’s this coming from? What’s on your mind?”

Her hips started moving again. “I don’t know. Maybe I’m just reading a bit too much into their commentary on me lately.”

Tom chuckled. “You know better than that. There’s always bound to be people who don’t like you. In my case, it’s like half the country. But you need to take such feedback with a grain of salt. I think you’re doing a fine job, Chelsea. I couldn’t imagine anyone else as my press secretary.”

She looked over her shoulder and gave him a coy smile. “You’re not just saying that because I let you fuck me whenever you want, are you?”

“Believe me, this is just an added perk,” he answered, making her giggle.

Chelsea’s hips started moving faster to those words. “Lay still. I’m going to ride an orgasm out of you.”

He didn’t need any further encouragement. Tom laid back and let her do all the work, watching her hips bounce up and down on his cock. It was quite the sight to behold. Chelsea’s best asset by far was her rear end. She had the kind of hips and ass that were meant to be grabbed and fucked hard. Ordinarily, that even included regular ass-fuckings for her, but tonight, she calmly inserted him into her pussy and began to ride him like it was her life’s mission.

Tom didn’t care either way. He liked being with Chelsea because their relationship was simple. Professionally, she was his press secretary. Privately, she enjoyed sex almost as much as he did, and they had lots of it without any strings attached.

Tonight though, Tom was conflicted. His mind kept drifting back to anadolu yakası escort Aubrey. He even began to feel guilty over having sex with Chelsea and what might happen if Aubrey found out about that too.

Stop doing that to yourself, he thought internally, chastising himself for going to that dark place.You’re not dating her so why does it matter?

Try as he might, he still couldn’t shake the image of the blonde intern from his brain. At one point, he even envisioned it was her that was riding him like this. He grabbed Chelsea’s ass and imagined that it was Aubrey’s. In his mind, he watched her blonde hair dance across her upper back as their hips moved together.

The imagery took the coupling to a new level. Tom grabbed Chelsea’s hips and began to piston in response, wildly thrusting as he sought orgasm. He even closed his eyes, wanting nothing more than to see Aubrey’s face the moment that he began to cum.

It came on quicker than he could have imagined. One moment he was pounding her intensely, and the next, he was cumming harder than any time in recent memory.

“Holy fuck,” he swore while grabbing Chelsea’s ass so hard that his knuckles had turned white. He held her body still as he pumped all of his cum inside her.

Tom’s body relaxed as soon as it was over, and Chelsea slipped off his cock and slid against his side. She kissed his collarbone.

“I bet that felt good,” she said with a demure smile. “You became possessed there for a moment. Here I thought you were going to let me do all the work tonight.”

Tom had a hard time meeting her eyes. After all, he’d just had a powerful orgasm thinking about having sex with another woman. He had no desire to hurt Chelsea’s feelings so he closed his eyes instead, feigning sleepiness.

“That was just great,” he muttered, throwing in an awkward yawn just for the appearance.

Chelsea giggled and kissed his cheek before she hopped out of bed. He didn’t even bother to ask if she wanted to stay the night—she never did anyway. He was used to it by now but it still didn’t help the loneliness.

Once she said her goodbye, he grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around himself. Sleep found him easily, surprisingly. What wasn’t surprising was how he replayed that sex over again in his mind, always picturing blonde hair instead of red.

That certainly didn’t help his internal conflict.


“And I’m here standing with Governor Jerry Norwood from the great state of Florida. Governor Norwood, you have to be in good spirits right now. You’ve been leading in the pledged delegate count ever since Super Tuesday, and in the last few primaries, you seem to be running away with the race. With Pennsylvania’s primary coming on Tuesday, you are now within striking distance of getting enough delegates to wrap up this nomination. How do you feel?”

“I just feel so blessed, Chuck,” answered Governor Norwood, flashing his pearly white smile to the screen and giving a tight squeeze across the waist of his wife. “The people of this great country of ours have been incredibly welcoming to June and I. It seems every time we go to a new state, we come away with the lead. I’m positive that we’re going to get great results from Pennsylvania on Tuesday and put us one step closer to getting to the White House.”

Tom continued to watch the interview on the screen while behind his desk in the oval office. Just beside him was Matt Jenkins, who served as Tom’s campaign manager for the election.

It was an important time in this election’s cycle. The other party’s primary season was all but over. Of the four main players left in the game, Jerry Norwood was now widely seen as the favorite to take the nomination, lacking only a small number of delegates before he could do so. There were more than enough delegates in play in Pennsylvania’s primary in a few days, and it was believed he would take the majority. Even though Pennsylvania wasn’t a winner-take-all model, Norwood’s recent surge meant that he was likely to capture all that he needed.

It was also the worst possible outcome in Tom’s mind for an opponent. Of the four remaining contenders, Norwood was the most dangerous and the one that was seen as having the broadest possible support across all Americans. He was a likeable figure due to his frequent media appearances. He was a good-looking man, and he had a habit of talking plainly to the people in a manner that inspired confidence. He was also the picture of family values, always having his wife, June, with him at any campaign stop as well as their two young children.

Norwood was the antithesis to Tom in many ways. He had a family while Tom did not. He stood for family values while that phrase had never polled high with Tom’s backers. He also had a history of experience, being both a congressman and a senator before running for governor.

He was everything that Tom was not and that frightened him.

“What a schmuck,” said Matt ataşehir escort with disgust as he reached out to mute the coverage on the television. “The guy just parades his family in front of the screen and thinks the average person can’t see what he’s doing?”

“It’s a good tactic though,” said Tom. “He’s setting himself up for the general. He knows I can’t counter that so he’s based his whole image on it.”

“He’s got to win the nomination first, Tom. He can’t focus on the general until he has the number of delegates he needs. And that’s still not mentioning what will happen with the superdelegates. You know how they are with dirty games at their conventions. Norwood might not be the nominee.”

“Why wouldn’t he be the nominee, Matt?” asked Tom. “Look at the guy. Of all the candidates, he’s got the best chance to beat me. The others don’t stand a chance, and they’re losing steam in the delegate count. Frankly, I’m not surprised when I listen to half of them speak. Congressmen Nunez’s voice is so whiny he sounds like he’s got something jammed up his ass the whole time.”

Matt gave Tom a hollow look. “Funny you should say that about Nunez. All the rumors are that he’s a pillow biter.”

“Still though, he’s about to drop out,” said Tom. “And if Norwood gets his delegates, it’s all over. I think we should move forward with the idea that Norwood will be the nominee and start planning our response to that.”

“We should wait until the convention at least,” cautioned Matt. “You don’t want to start running attack ads just yet, Tom. The public might see it as you jumping the gun, and they’ll come away with the conclusion that you’re scared of Norwood.”

“I am nervous about his candidacy,” confirmed Tom. “I can’t deny that.”

“But they don’t need to know that,” said Matt. “As far as they’re concerned, Norwood is just a bug that you’re going to squash inevitably. Have confidence in your first term and the record that you’ve amassed. Norwood doesn’t have much to fight against for that.”

“Norwood can bring his full spectrum of experience against me,” said Tom with exasperation. “The guy’s only been governor of Florida for four years and they love him down there. He polls regularly in the upper sixties which is exceptional for any candidate in this volatile, partisan atmosphere. He has plenty to fight me on.”

“Well, not as much as you might think,” said Matt. “Yes, Norwood is popular down there, but he’s had a few stumbles. We’ve already been contacted by numerous people from Florida who are willing to go on the record that his policies were harmful for the whole state. We’ve earmarked those people for later commercials to run during the general if Norwood is the one.”

“A few beachgoers saying that Norwood is bad isn’t going to help us much,” said Tom, putting his face in his hands.

“It’s not ideal but it’ll have to do until we find something juicy on the guy,” said Matt. “Which my team is in full exploration mode right now to do. Norwood is a handsome guy so there is surely someone out there who has a story to tell. If we can get someone to go on the record about a sexual encounter with the man, his whole family values narrative falls flat on its face.”

“That’s not the campaign I want to run, Matt, and you know that. They did that shit to me in the last election.”

“And if I remember right, we answered back in kind,” said Matt. “That’s part of the reason we found all that dirt on Senator Reilly that put his campaign into a tailspin.”

“It’s a dirty way to win,” said Tom while shaking his head. “Why can’t my first term stand on its merits? Look at all we’ve done! I don’t want to resort to cheap tricks just to get reelected.”

“Listen, I know you’re not a fan of those tactics,” said Matt while putting his hands up in caution. “My team will keep searching, and we’ll hold it back unless Norwood gets particularly dirty. You know how famous that party is for their October surprises. If he comes out swinging, we’ll respond. But first, we need to find some dirt on him.”

Tom made a disgusted face. “You just have to hate the current state of American politics. My best chance in beating him revolves around finding some coed with a story to tell.”

“It’s always been this way, and it’ll likely always be this way, Tom.” Matt shifted in his chair before he leaned forward. “So listen, there’s something else we need to discuss.”

Tom nodded. “I assumed this wasn’t a social call so go ahead and tell me why you’re here.”

“Well, long story short,” started Matt while averting his eyes. “We need more money. The coffers are just about empty.”

Tom’s eyes bulged. “What happened to that donation that just came from Gia Bennett? That was worth several million!”

Matt shrugged. “We used it already, Tom. Running a campaign is expensive. We have staff in every battleground state and they need to be paid. When you count in the amount that we’re using for advertising, salaries, retainers, ümraniye escort and just the day-to-day running of the campaign, that money went very quickly.”

Tom groaned. “I was hoping you’d be able to make it stretch a little longer than that. It’s not even the general yet! I wanted that to stretch until the convention.”

Matt shook his head. “We’re going to need a check at least three times that amount just to get to the convention in a couple months. Especially if Norwood is the opponent. We’ll have to run a full-court press on him.”

“Full-court press? You just said he’s not going to be much of an adversary.”

“Do I think you can beat him? Of course, Tom. But that’s dependent on getting the funding we need to make that happen. We can’t discredit Norwood if we have no money to run ads or pay for stories about those coeds you mentioned.”

Tom thought that statement over for a moment before he responded. “You need three times the amount then? You’re sure?”

Matt nodded. “I can make it work. I might have to pinch a few pennies once we get it, but that’s the minimum I can take to keep the lights on.”

Tom pursed his lips before he finally nodded. “Fine. I’ll talk to Gia. But I’ll need some results. Something I can take back to her to show her what she’s paying for. Run a few polls that show me beating Norwood in a battleground state. Just give me something so she can keep those checks flowing.”

“I think we’ll be able to whip something up,” promised Matt. “But can you call sooner rather than later?”

Tom groaned again. “How quickly do you need it?”

Matt looked embarrassed. “If I can cash a check by Monday, that would work nicely.”

“Two days!” yelled Tom in response.

Matt put up his hands. “The campaign, Tom. Remember why we’re doing this. I’m trying to get you reelected.”

“Jesus, Matt, how about a little more warning next time?”

Tom could only grumble as he made a note to talk to Gia later that morning. In the meantime, Matt made an apology for the short notice.

“We’re going to beat that guy, Tom,” said Matt, pointing back to the muted coverage of Norwood on the screen. “I know things might seem a little chaotic now, but we’ll come out on top. I wouldn’t have signed on if I didn’t believe in the cause.”

“You wouldn’t be here unless you were getting paid,” grumbled Tom.

“That’s a nice incentive too but let’s be honest,” said Matt with an awkward laugh. “You’re the best guy to lead this country. We’re going to show America that they made the right choice four years ago.”

Tom nodded, finally finding something he could agree on with Matt. They made small talk for a few more minutes before the campaign manager made his exit. It came at just the right time, as Tom had a call with the German chancellor to prepare for at ten o’clock.


The call with the chancellor ended up being fairly routine. After he reviewed the transcript of the call for approval, he gave a copy to Chelsea to report at her next briefing, and Tom got a chance to resume the coverage of the other party’s primary.

Unlike Matt, he was still worried about Norwood. He had all the makings of a typical president, and the threat that he posed couldn’t be ignored. With the campaign already struggling for money, he had visions of Norwood putting out various attacking ads without being able to respond. That in itself would be a nightmare to counter.

Unfortunately for Tom, he expected that wouldn’t happen until the summertime when the nominees were confirmed at the conventions. That’s why when he saw an ad put out during the primary coverage by Norwood, he turned the volume up.

“President Tom Radford keeps making mistakes,” claimed the ad, showing black and white footage of Tom’s face. “Radford can’t even keep promises made during his campaign.” Tom watched as a series of headlines filled the screen, mostly showing the struggle it took for him to get his jobs bill passed last year. Curiously enough, none of those headlines mentioned that the bill eventually did pass.

“And now, his own party doesn’t even want him for going after wall street. Why is President Radford so confused?”

The commercial then cut away to a shot of Norwood shaking hands with two senior citizens. “Governor Norwood has a plan for his presidency that involves bringing back meaningful jobs to the American public while protecting Medicare and Medicaid. He also believes in rewarding success and not putting crippling taxes on job creators of this great country. Tell President Radford that his only term is just about up. This ad is supported by Friends of Governor Norwood.”

“That fucking snake,” muttered Tom.

He watched as the television cut to an ad for soap. Tom was flabbergasted. It was completely out of left field to have ads against a sitting president while the primaries were still going on. Why was Norwood already focusing on attacking him? Did this mean that Norwood believed he’d already locked up the primary? Would these ads continue or was this a fluke to shore up his base?

Tom drafted a message to Matt to have him look up the ad and find a way to counter it. All of it seemed to lend weight to the idea that Norwood would be a formidable opponent and it would be a messy general election.

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