Big White Girl Anal Adventures


I like to fuck fat white girls in the ass. Is that a crime? I don’t think so. Especially since so many of them are into it. Right now, I’m in a motel room, rolling around in bed with this sexy plumper who goes by the name of Melissa. She’s just the way I like them. Tall, thick, with a big ass and some big tits. I’ve got her on all fours, fat ass cheeks spread. Face down and ass up. That’s the way I like my women. And my long and thick black cock is sliding in and out of her tight asshole. One of my friends told me that big women have really tight assholes. I didn’t believe him until I finally put his theory to the test. And I’m astounded to say that he was absolutely right!

I grip her wide hips tightly as I slam my cock deep into her shit hole. Melissa squeals as I go deep inside of her. She’s as into it as I am. You see, she contacted me online for just such an encounter. This plump white chick traveled all the way to Boston from Hollister just to hook up with a tall, good-looking, well-endowed black stud like myself. And just like I promised, I delivered. Watching this big white chick’s plump butt cheeks jiggle under the force of my thrusts was turning me on like you would not believe. And that’s more than okay by her because the more turned on I become, the harder my dick gets.

Only in America bursa escort could such a coupling take place. My name is Francois and I hail from the Republic of Haiti. I’m visiting my sister Jacqueline and my brother-in-law Laurent in the city of Boston. Where I’m from, blacks and whites don’t mix. Are there white folks in Haiti? Quite a few. Interracial couplings are still considered taboo down there. And the black women frown upon a black man mixing it up with a white woman. Personally, I don’t know what the fuss is about. Sex is natural, folks. I’m just the kind of man who enjoys showing it off.

In my time, I’ve been known to hook up with both women and men. Yes, I am a bisexual black man. Sorry if that shocks you but honestly, I don’t give a fuck. It’s the twenty first century. People need to get over their hang-ups. I grab a handful of Melissa’s long blonde hair and yank the fat white chick’s head back while slamming my cock in and out of her rapidly widening asshole. She screams like a woman possessed and begs me for more. Now, that’s my kind of woman. Lots of them tend to whine during sex. Especially rough sex, my specialty and favorite thing in the world. However, I kind of like the sound of Melissa screaming. Folks, it’s like music to this brothaman’s ears!

I smack Melissa’s fat ass and watch bursa escort bayan it turn a nice shade of red as I continue ramming it. Lots of black guys from all over the world have fantasies involving fucking blonde-haired white women in the ass. I don’t know why. Personally, I blame it on the adult film industry. Interracial porn videos regularly feature light-haired white women getting fucked in the ass by black guys with huge cocks. I suppose that’s party of what makes this fetish so popular. So, now that I’m in America, I decided to try it. See what all the fuss was about, you know? I’ve always prided myself on being the kind of man who is adventurous enough to try anything once. And fucking a big-booty white chick in the ass was definitely on my list of things to do while visiting the United States of America. Got it? Cool!

Melissa and I changed positions. I made her lie on her back and raised her thick legs in the air. I shoved my cock right back into her asshole. She grimaced but didn’t scream. I looked right into the plump white chick’s icy blue eyes while drilling my cock deep into her asshole. I could feel her asshole expanding around my cock. Truth be told, it felt kind of good. I’ve fucked a lot of men in the ass and to be honest, I had my doubts about fucking women in the ass. Was a straight escort bursa female asshole as enjoyable as that of a gay man? Well, well. Today was a day for discoveries because I was finding out that assholes are assholes. Regardless of the gender of the person they belong to. Lube them and fuck them. It’s all good.

While fucking Melissa I pinched those big tits of hers. She yelped in surprise. I grabbed a handful of her big boobs and gave them a strong squeeze. Got milk? Apparently not. Never mind. I asked her how she liked having a big black man’s dick in her ass. She told me that it felt better than good. It felt great. I laughed heartily. Truth be told, I was thrilled to have found such a cool and adventurous woman as my sex partner for the night. Those are hard to find, folks. There are so many whiners and haters in the clubs and online. So many women and a few men who are such poseurs. Pretending to be wild and freaky while they’re mundane and vanilla inside. I can’t stand people like that. Glad to see that Melissa was not one of them. This big white woman gave as good as she got. She urged me to fuck her hard, telling me to tear her ass apart. I came dangerously close to doing just that. I waxed that ass, folks. Fucked it until I came. Afterwards, I made Melissa suck my cock. Right after it had just been in her ass. She gave my eight-inch, uncircumcised black rod a good licking. Is this woman awesome or what? We left the motel after taking a shower and exchanging cell phone numbers. I most definitely wanted an encore!

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