Billy’s Hot Mom by Anonymous PIXNIX Author

Billy’s Hot Mom by Anonymous PIXNIX AuthorChapter 1Donna waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body.Billy sat watching, his cock throbbing inside his pants, hiseyes big and round, glittering with excitement. The very long,very slender legs of his mother moved snake-like as she turned anddanced slowly. Her ass bunched and relaxed.Donna wasn’t really a dancer, but she loved to dance this wayat home, privately, with only her son watching. She had a naturalsense of rhythm that was sensuous and arousing, her movements morelike fucking rather than dancing. The sway of her hips, the twistof her shoulders, the way she thrust her firm, shapely tits,invited the eye and, perhaps, a hand.As she moved about the floor, she watched her son. Her eyes,too, were glittering, hot with excitement. Her tits looked readyto pop from her blouse, the creamy valley between showing. Alight shrug, and a nipple just might escape, which was what Billyhoped for.Donna’s blouse was open almost to her waist, and it wasobvious she was naked under it. Her tits, though firm and tight-looking, jiggled slightly in movement. Her hips, encased in apair of white, very tight shorts, writhed and made grindingmotions. The crotch was very tight, pulled into the slit of hercunt, molding the pussy lips, bulging slightly. When she twirledher ass in his direction, Billy watched those compact asscheeks,seeing the lower half, the white flesh contrasting deliciouslywith the tan of her thighs. Donna’s ass was quite shapely, too,with the asscheeks swelling in mouth-watering sweetness.This wasn’t the first time she had danced before her son withsuch erotic, teasing movements. She had danced for him many, manytimes. She loved watching his cock become hard inside his pants,knowing he wanted to stick it to her, to fuck her. Turning heryoung son on, knowing he was ready to shove his hard cock up hercunt, excited Donna tremendously. She loved to turn people onwith her body, yet she was by no means a prick-teaser.With eyes gazing steadily and significantly upon her son’sbulging cock, Donna faced Billy, her hips revolving slowly. Shelicked at her full lips, running her hands up and down her hips.Her nipples stood out with rubbery hardness, pointing against thethin blouse. She curled her fingers around her tits for a moment.A slight squeeze of her fingers made her nipples become morepronounced. Billy gasped softly as he stared at them. He sat onthe couch making no effort to conceal his obvious hard-on. He wasslumped forward slightly, his knees open, hands resting on thecushions at his hips.Squeezing her tits was something else Donna had done beforewith her son watching. What she did next, however, was different.With her eyes glowing, lips parted as she panted softly, Donna forthe first time caressed her hands down along her lower stomach.She slowly moved her fingers about the bulge of her cunt, her hipsrevolving in slow motion. The gasp from her son encouraged Donna.”You really love to watch me, don’t you, honey?” she asked ina low, whispery voice.Billy nodded, swallowing as his eyes followed his mother’shands.Donna slowly slipped one hand between her thighs, then rubbedalong her cunt. Her hips moved as she rubbed at her cunt two orthree more times. She couldn’t rub much more because she mightcome. Dancing for her son this way not only made his young cockstand up, but sent a fire through her cunt. Tracing a fingertipalong the outlined slit of her cunt, she stared hungrily at thevisible throb of her son’s cock. Despite his pants, she could seethe roundness of the prickhead, the length of the cockshaft. Thewet heat of her cunt increased, and, when she moved a fingertipalong the edge of the tight crotch, she could feel wetness on herthigh.”Oh, God!” she purred, widening her stance and thrusting herhips forward. “Oh, my God!”Billy’s eyes watched her finger move along the edge of hercrotch. This made Billy want to grab his mother, grab her by hercunt. His right hand trembled as it slipped onto his lap andstarted for his cock. Despite the many times his mother haddanced for him, she had never touched herself this way, not on herpussy.Donna gasped again, finding her cunt very, very sensitive.The sensations rumbling through her slender body were greater thanever before. She was sure she would come if she placed just a bitof pressure upon her knotted clitoris. She watched her son’s handcome close to his bulging cock, then stop. She knew what he felt.She knew because she felt the same thing–desire, desperatedesire, desire that was demanding satisfaction.”Grab it, baby!” she hissed, the words coming out before shecould choke them back. “Grab it now!”Billy wasn’t sure what his mother wanted him to grab. Shewas still running her fingertips along the edge of her crotch.Her eyes were burning on the bulge of his cock. He licked hislips hungrily, his hand shaking on his lap, the tips of hisfingers almost touching the shaft of his prick.Donna swung her hips in a slow, tight circle, trying to worka finger into the crotch of her shorts. Billy, seeing this,slipped his hand over his throbbing cock.”That’s it, baby!” Donna moaned softly. “Grab it tight!”His fingers pressed and squeezed.Donna’s body trembled, and, with a soft cry, she jerked herhands from her crotch and to her tits. She cupped them both,squeezing as her eyes smoldered, watching his hand pressing at hiscock. With a sudden motion, she yanked her blouse open, her titsspilling out nakedly.Billy grunted, making a choking sound.Donna’s tits were spaced wide, rounded and firm, with dark-pink nipples straining out in teasing stiffness. The blouse hunghalf off her shoulders, and Donna shrugged, setting up a deliciousmotion in her tits.Billy squeezed his cock hard.”Oh, Billy, Billy!” Donna whimpered. She swayed close tohim, her knees touching his. She stared down at his hand holdinghis cock. “Squeeze it, baby! Squeeze it!”Donna leaned over, her hands braced on the back of the couch,her head dipped to watch his hand. Then, deliberately, she shovedher tits into her son’s face.”Ohhhh, baby!” she moaned.Billy felt the heat of his mother’s tits closing about hisface, felt the creamy texture of the flesh. His cock seemed toswell more than ever before, the head of his prick ready to burst.Donna shifted her shoulders and watched as one nipple brushedacross her son’s chin. She held her breath as she pushed thenipple to his lips.”Suck it!” she hissed throatily.Billy reacted immediately. He drew his mother’s nipplebetween his lips, and sucked wildly, eagerly, his tongue lappingin wet swirls. “Ohhhh, God, baby!” Donna sobbed softly, her titswelling inside his mouth. “Suck it hard, Billy! Oooooh,, suckit very hard!”Billy pulled as much of his mother’s tit into his mouth as hecould, hungry for it. The wet pull on her tit sent a wild rippleof delight down her body, causing her cunt to suck inward tightly.Billy squeezed his cock very hard, hoping he wouldn’t shoot offinside his pants, but unable to relax his grip.Donna slipped her tit from his mouth, and rubbed both titsback and forth in his face. Billy shoved his tongue out, tastingfirst one nipple, then the other. Donna squealed in soft sounds,her eyes smoldering and slightly unfocused with fiery passion.She had not intended on doing this with her son, butsomething had happened as she danced. Her hands had moved andtouched herself of their own accord, without directions from her.Now, she had her tits in his face, and she didn’t want to pullaway. The grunts of her son told her he was having problems, andshe didn’t want him coming off in his pants, either. But neitherdid she want him to run away and beat off, the way he usually didafter she danced for him. She knew Billy jerked off because shehad listened outside the door of the bathroom.Fighting her feverish desire, Donna pulled her tits from himand stood up, her knees against his. Billy looked at his motherwith longing, with stark, unabashed desire. He still held hiscock, but she could see the swollen prickhead outlined by hispants.”Oh, baby!” she hissed, dropping to her knees before him.With her eyes staring at his bulging cock, she placed her palms onhis thighs, and slowly caressed upward. She gasped, held herbreath, then gasped again. “You’re really hard this time, aren’tyou?”Billy could only grunt a reply. They had never made acomment about his hard-on before. But Donna couldn’t resist now,couldn’t control the gnawing greed between her long legs.Panting hotly, Donna shoved her son’s hand off his cock. Fora long moment she stared at the way his prick bulged up. Then,with a soft cry, she began fumbling at his pants, her fingersfeverish and shaking. Billy shivered as he saw what his motherwas doing, but there was no way he could pull back, try to stopher. Like her, he was frozen with desire.Opening his pants, Donna pulled the fly as wide as she could.With her finger hooking into his jockey shorts, she yanked them toone side, and Billy’s cock burst of out his pants.”Ohhhhh, Billy!” she gurgled softly.His cock stood up six inches, hard as possible, the prickheadsmoothly swollen. His small piss hole was wet with fuck juices,gleaming invitingly.Donna closed her fist about her son’s cock, testing thehardness by squeezing. The prickhead seemed to bulge more, and aclear bead of liquid bubbled from his piss hole. With her fisttight around his cock, she pressed down hard, bringing a groan ofrapture from her son.”My God, it’s hard!” she gasped.Billy shoved his ass toward the edge of the couch, spreadinghis knees wide. Donna leaned between his knees, her tits exposed.She pulled up on her son’s cock, watching him drip. She made thecockhead bulge huge, her tongue flicking at her hot lips. Hereyes were glazed with erotic hunger, staring at his cock, perhapsseven or eight inches in front of her face.”Oh, Billy, it’s so very hard!” she whimpered. “So hard!”Her fist moved, pumping up and down, but slowly.”Mother, I don’t think … please, Mother, be careful!” Billygasped.”Why be careful?” she asked, her voice hoarse.”I don’t wanna–please, Mother!”Donna shoved her fist down hard at the base of his cock, herfingers very tight. Again she pulled up, watching the fuck juicesbubble from the small slit of his piss hole. Then, with her fiststill very tight, she pushed down once more.”Mother!” Billy grunted.Hot, thick come juice spewed from his cock.”Ohhhhh!” Donna gasped, the first spurt splashing on herchin.She began jacking her son’s cock swiftly then. She raced herfist up and down, making him come. The squirts of hot come juicespattered against her cheek, her nose, even on her forehead. Shemade soft cries of pleasure as she jerked her son off, watchingthe white creamy juice gush from him, feeling the throbbingpulsations of his cock in her tight fist. Come juice splashedonto her tits, burning her flesh. Spunk dripped over her hand,drenching her face with the creamy wetness, then her tits.Donna’s eyes misted over dreamily, her cunt swelling as if tryingto burst from the tight confines of her shorts.”Oh, my God! Me, too!” she cried.Her cunt contracted with tight heat, the pussy lips suckingand squeezing as an orgasm rumbled through her crotch like liquidfire. She was still coming when Billy finished. She clung to hiscock tightly, delighted that he was still hard. Her hand wassmeared with come juice, and spunk dripped about her face andtits. She wanted to kiss the head of his cock, but restrainedherself. She licked at the corner of her lips, but tastednothing.”You came so much, Billy!” she said, surprised at how muchcome juice had come out of his young balls.Billy, now that it was over, was unsure what more his motherwanted of him. He was embarrassed because he had come off in herface and on her tits, but his mother didn’t seem to mind.Donna understood what her son thought. She relaxed her gripon his cock. She stood up, swaying her hips, still staring at hiscock. “You still have it hard, baby,” she whispered in a thicksound.She moved her hands to the back of her shorts. She hesitateda moment as she caught the tab of the zipper. She drew in a deepbreath, her come juice coated tits arching up. The zipper wentdown, and Donna peeled her tight shorts from her hips.Billy caught a peek at the hair of his mother’s cunt, and hiscock seemed ready to go off again.Dropping her shorts, Donna slipped her legs around his,drawing her knees onto the couch, straddling her son’s cock.Without touching his prick, she shifted her hips, and brushed thewet heat of his cock across her boiling cunt. The contact sent atremor through her creamy flesh. Billy’s prick stood up so hardand tight.”What are you gonna do, Mother?” Billy choked, staringbetween her thighs.”Hush!” she said, and when she felt the head of his cock atthe slit of her cunt, she pushed downward. Slowly.”Ohhhh, yes!” she moaned as she felt the pressure against hercunt, then the parting of her pussy lips. She lowered her crotcha little more, and the head of her son’s cock penetrated her wetpussy. “Ohhhh, my God, Billy!”Donna held herself with the head of her son’s cock inside hercunt. The sensations were wild and sweet. Billy wondered if shewas going to take all his prick inside her pussy, afraid to liftupward. The wet heat of her cunt on the head of his cock made himwant to come again, made him want to shove, to fuck his cock asdeep as he could into her cunt.Donna twisted her ass, making a screwing motion. Shewhimpered softly and slipped down a bit more. The feel of herson’s cock throbbing inside her sensitive cunt made her tinglefrom head to toe. Billy, although not sure what he was to do,couldn’t stop himself from moving his hands to her thighs. Hefelt his mother’s thighs for the first time, and moved his palmsslowly along her smooth flesh. When his mother didn’t sayanything, he caressed her hips, back down her thighs again, thenback to her hips.But Donna, feeling her son’s hands on her naked skin, almosthalf his cock stuffed into her bubbling cunt, whispered hotly tohim. “Feel me, Billy! Feel my legs, feel my hips!”Billy’s hands became feverish now, running from his mother’sknees to her hips, back and forth, time and again.”Billy, it feels so good in me!” she hissed, and loweredherself down until every hard inch of her son’s cock was insideher cunt. His prick felt deep in her, and the sensitive pussylips seemed stretched deliciously. Her clitoris throbbed at thebase of his cock, and she sat there, shivering with pleasure whilehe ran his hands from her knees to her hips.With a shiver, Donna began to grind her crotch, smashing thelips of her cunt hard at the base of his cock. She purred softly,then began to lift and lower her cunt, fucking him slowly.Pulling her hands from the back of the couch, Donna gripped herson’s shoulders, using the muscles of her thighs to fuck up anddown his cock. She lifted her head, face toward the ceiling, eyesclosed. Billy looked down at the way she was fucking him, but hecouldn’t see much, only the upper curls of her cunt hair. But hewas feeling … he was feeling something so good he wondered if hewould come again. His balls felt hard, with a slight aching inthem.”Ohhhh, so good!” Donna whispered throatily. “So good,Billy! Ahhhhh, you’re so hard in me!”Billy groaned, squeezing his mother’s hips.”Hold my ass, baby!” Donna gasped. “You can hold mother’sass!”Billy’s hands moved immediately past her hips. He cupped thecheeks of his mother’s smooth ass, feeling the heat of them.Donna lifted and lowered her crotch on his cock, fucking himslowly, but with increasing force. She wailed and hissed, mewledand moaned.”Oh, Billy, hold my ass!” she yelped.Billy’s hands grasped the cheeks of his mother’s ass, andDonna began to churn around, lifting and plunging her cunt downfaster and harder onto his cock. She made soft, wet slappingsounds as she rammed down onto his prick. Her clitoris wasscr****g along the very hard shaft of his cock.”Squeeze me, Billy!” she sobbed. “Squeeze mother’s asstight! Ohhh, hold my ass! God, it’s so good! This is wonderful,baby! Ohhhh, hold mother’s ass tight! Squeeze mother’s ass!Ahhhh, yes, darling!”Billy’s grip on the cheeks of her ass enhanced the boilingsensations she felt in her cunt. With wild, wicked cries ofecstasy, Donna tossed her hips about, thrashing up and down on hiscock. She listened to the wet sounds her cunt made, her eyesstill closed as she savored the rapture. Her pussy was grippingher son’s cock with flexing waves of wet heat, as if sucking. Itseemed that each time she rammed her cunt down, her pussy expandedaround his cock, only to grab tightly as she lifted. Pulling upuntil the hot lips of her cunt held the swollen head of his prick,Donna made lewd circles with her ass, then banged down with a cryof ecstasy.”Ohhhh, God! Ohhh, my God!” she cried out. “Fuck me, Billy!Fuck mother! Give me that hard cock, baby! Ohhhh, yes, honey!Fuck me … I need your cock so badly!”Donna was pounding frantically now, grinding and fucking withmaddening churns of her naked ass. Billy clutched his mother’sass desperately, feeling his balls swollen, his cock throbbing.He knew he was going to come again, but couldn’t tell his mother.His throat was constricted, and the only sounds that came from himwere grunts and moans.Donna thrashed with increasing wildness, riding his cock withher cunt swiftly. She was gritting her teeth as the swellingsweetness of an orgasm expanded in ha pussy. Her clitoris poundedwith a threatening explosion. She smacked her cunt up and downfaster and faster, ramming her son’s cock into her cunt withalmost blinding speed.”Fuck me!” Donna screamed. “Fuck me, fuck me! Ohhh, Billy,fuck mother! My pussy is on fire, Billy! Mother’s pussy isburning up! Oooohhh, God, fuck it … fuck it! I’m going tocome, Billy! Oooooh, make me come! Make mother’s cunt come!”Billy heard his mother’s words, and all he could do was makestrangling sounds. He clutched her flying ass with tight fingers,lifting his hips up to meet the thrust of her cunt.With a cry, Donna stabbed herself in the pussy with her son’scock, smashing the puffy, hairy lips hard at the base. She beganto grind wildly, gasping hotly.”Now! Ohhhh, my God–now!” she screamed.Billy felt his mother’s cunt grow tight around his cock, thenhe felt the strangest sensation ever. Donna’s cunt closed tightlyabout the base of her son’s cock, a rippling action sucking athis prick. The spasms of her orgasm exploded through her withpower, making her scream time and again.Billy couldn’t stop.His cock lurched deep inside his mother’s cunt, and then hesprayed thick, boiling come juice along the thirsty walls of herpussy. The deep pulsations of his squirting cock sent Donna intoa second orgasm, or else drew her first out; she didn’t knowwhich. She didn’t care which. The ultimate ecstasy was all thatmattered to her. She felt her son’s cock gushing into her cunt,and her pussy squeezed and sucked by its own volition. She was nolonger screaming, but sobbing with rapture, tears running from hereyes and down her juice-smeared cheeks.Slowly her body became still. She sat astride her son, hercunt clamped about his cock, shuddering gently.She leaned forward, resting her head on top of his, gaspingand sucking in air. She felt her son’s hands still holding hernaked ass, but he wasn’t squeezing now. He was gasping as loudlyas she, his body relaxed beneath her.After a while, Donna slipped her cunt from his cock and stoodup. She cupped a hand between her thighs, feeling his come juicedrip into her palm. She saw his cock, limp and exhausted now.”That was lovely, Billy,” she whispered, leaning over to pickup her shorts. “Please, honey, don’t be ashamed.”Chapter 2Donna didn’t think her son was ashamed of being fucked byher, but she had had to let him know she wasn’t.As she bathed, she smiled to herself. She had been dancingsuggestively in front of him for some months now, not reallyknowing what would eventually happen. She had known it excitedhim, and dancing always made her feel passionate.When she had lifted her cunt off him, she had seen thewetness on his fly and jockey shorts. There was no doubt in hermind that Billy had never been fucked before. She was, though,surprised that his cock had remained so hard after coming so much.Donna had fucked a few men, but no one had ever kept a hard-onafter coming off the way her son had. And he came so much, reallysquirted it out. She had read or heard someplace that a man cameonly enough to fill a tablespoon. Whether that was true or not,it wasn’t the case with her son. She was sure he could havefilled three or four tablespoons, and it was thick and hot. Evenher ex-husband, Billy’s father, had not come that much, nor had hekept a hard-on.Donna prided herself on having a hot cunt, a cunt that coulddrain a man’s balls quickly and made his cock droop. But thatwasn’t the case with her son, obviously.Donna was an erotic woman, with delicious fantasies she hadnever been able to realize. She had exposed her inner self onlytwice before, once to her boyfriend in high school, and then toher husband. She had hoped they would indulge her fantasies, butwhat happened was they called her weird and strange and filthy.She didn’t think she was strange or weird. She had read a greatdeal. She felt frustrated most of the time. She dreamed offinding herself a partner with the same hungers she suffered with,and thought that if she would make herself available at singlesbars and so on, she might find a man. But that was only a might,a very big might. Donna didn’t want to take such a chance ondeveloping a relationship with another man, only to be kicked onher ass when she revealed her desires.She was tired of the macho bullshit, tired of having to waitlike a good little girl for some man to say what he wanted, thento be used by him. There was something wrong, she felt, when aman could have such desires, demand the woman perform them, andthen call her a filthy slut and bitch if she demanded to besatisfied by a man.If her cunt was hot and wet, she was a hotass. If she suckeda cock off, she was dirty cocksucker. If she grabbed a man by hiscock, she was too aggressive.Donna was tired of the whole bundle of shit.She wanted to be herself, wanted to be Donna. She wanted tolet her hungers and desires be known, accepted, and enjoyed. Sheknew she had a lot to offer a man who was comfortable with his ownwild desires, because Donna would not hesitate to feed them,provided her desires were fed, too. Stroke for stroke, Donnawould give as much as she received.Getting out of the tub, she toweled her slender body. Tossingthe towel into the hamper, she padded naked into her bedroom. Shestood and looked at herself in the huge mirror on the wall. Shehad installed the mirror long after her husband had gone. Sheloved to look at herself naked. She loved to see her saucy tits,her hairy cunt and curvy ass. The body was beautiful to her,something to enjoy.Donna was about five-feet-eight. She had a rich auburn colorto her hair, with coppery highlights that caught the sun. Hereyes were slightly almond-shaped, green with flecks of gold. Hernose was small and perfect for her oval-shaped face. Her lipswere full and moist. She had a slender neck, and her tits had notchanged in any way since high school. They still stood up inperky sweetness, firm, with lovely nipples half an inch long. Hernipples were a light-brown color, with a big circle of pebbledflesh surrounding them. She had a small waist and a flat stomach,with a becoming dimple of a belly button.Her hips were round and shapely, and her legs, as men hadsaid, went on forever. They were slim and shapely, and she lovedto feel them wrapped about a man’s hips. The hair of her cunt wasshaped like a fan, thick in the middle, thinning out toward herhip bones. Her cunt was sculptured, the lips puffy but not large.The tip of her clitoris protruded slightly from the folds of herpussy, just enough to touch her panties and remind her it wasthere.She ran her hand through the soft hair of her cunt, smilingat her reflection. Billy had certainly enjoyed her cunt, shethought. It was a shame she didn’t have a man to enjoy her pussyas well, a man who would accept her as she was without thinkingshe was strange.Parting her thighs, she pulled at the lips of her pussy,enjoying the stretching feeling. Her clitoris bulged outward, andshe smiled down at it. Brushing a fingertip over her clitoris,she felt an immediate response, and a shiver moved up and down herspine. She placed two fingers along her clitoris, and smashed it.A sigh of pleasure came from her. It had only been perhaps anhour since she had fucked her son, and already she wanted morecock. But that was no surprise to Donna; she thrived on hardcock, wanted prick all the time, inside her, outside her, anddoing those wild things men had called her weird for.Pulling on a fresh pair of shorts, white like the others, shewondered if her son was still in the living room. She squeezedherself into the tight shorts, adjusting them. Now that she hadfucked him, she deliberately made certain her pussy slit wasoutlined, and even caused a few dark cunt hairs to swirl from thecrotch. The white shorts were thin, and the darker shadow of hercunt hair could be seen through them.She considered a blouse or sweater, and grinning impishly atherself, realized it no longer mattered.Moving from her room, feeling delicious to have her titsfree, she peeked into her son’s room, and it was empty. Shepeeked into the hall bath, and it, too, was empty.Billy was still sitting on the couch in the living room. Hehad stuffed his cock back into his pants, and he sat thereslumped, legs stretched, looking half asleep. He looked up at hismother as she entered, and Donna paused near the door. He gazedat his mother’s naked tits, then looked into her eyes.”Well, baby, are you ashamed?” she asked.Billy shook his head, then a grin spread over his young face,his eyes lighting up.Donna leaned against the door jamb crossing one knee, placingher hand on her hip. “I guess I said some pretty wild things,didn’t I?” Donna asked. “I couldn’t help it, Billy. Sometimes itgets that way.””It’s okay, Mother,” he replied, and she detected a quiver inhis voice.”What I said … those words,” she asked in a soft voice,”did they … excite you?””Yeah, Mother!” he said, enthusiastic, his eyes burning onher beautiful tits.She lowered her eyes to the front of his pants, seeing theywere still wet from her cunt. The bulging of his cock and ballsmade her tremble with hunger again. She ran her tongue over herlips, and started toward him. Billy caught sight of her crotch,and she heard him suck in a sharp hiss of air.Standing near him, Donna leaned down slightly, and cupped herson’s crotch, squeezing his cock and balls gently. “Mmmmm, nice,honey,” she whispered softly. “Very, very nice.”Billy parted his legs, arching his hips up.”Ahhhh, you like this, huh?” She grinned at him, squeezinghis cock and balls again.Billy started to lift his hand to her tits, and stopped.”Touch them if you want, baby,” she urged throatily. To showher son she meant it, she rubbed up and down the crotch of hispants, feeling his cock starting to swell “You can play withmother’s titties, Billy. You can play with them, feel them, pullthem, squeeze them, suck them!”Billy closed his hands about his mother’s tits, feeling thefirmness. He teased her nipples, stroking them almost as if theywere fragile.”Twist my nipples,” Donna hissed. “Twist them and pull them.You won’t hurt them, baby.”As he twisted and pulled at her nipples, Donna mewled softly,pressing down on his cock. When his prick was up and hard, sherubbed her palm along his cock.”Let’s take it out again, okay, darling?””Oh, yes, Mother!” he replied, cupping her tits tightly.For the second time Donna opened her son’s pants, and fishedhis cock out of his shorts. She lifted his prick free, andswallowed with delight to see the swollen cockhead again.”Want me to talk dirty to you again?” she asked. She wasalmost afraid to ask her son, afraid he would be like all thoseothers. But she had to ask.”Yeah, Mother!” he said with enthusiasm.Donna closed her fist about his cock, sitting down besidehim. Billy turned on the couch, bringing his knees up and facinghis mother. Donna held his cock, stroking and cooing softly whilehe toyed with her tits.”You have a beautiful cock, Billy,” she said, slightlynervous. “It’s so hard and long and … oh, that sweet head! Didyou enjoy feeling your cock inside my cunt? Was it good to feelmother’s hot, wet pussy holding your lovely prick so deep?””Yeah!””Tell me about it,” she urged, pumping at his prick.”It felt good, Mother.””Use the words, Billy,” she said thickly. “I want to hearyou say those words.””I liked my cock in your cunt, Mother,” he said withouthesitation.”Would you like to fuck me again? Would you love to stickthis beautiful hard cock in mother’s hot cunt and fuck it again?””I sure would, Mother!””Oooh, so would I!”She squeezed his cock hard, bringing a moan from her son.Holding his cock, she looked into his excited face. “Would youlike to put your cock between mother’s tits?””Could I, Mother?””I’d love for you to do it,” she said, sliding from the couchand standing on her knees. “Stand up in front of me.”Billy stood, his cock waving from his pants.”It would feel better if we took your pants down, honey,” shesaid softly.She opened his belt. She pulled his pants down to his knees,and started to pull at his shorts, then stopped.”We’ll leave these on for a while,” she whispered, pullinghis cock to her tits.She dipped her chin and watched as she rubbed the slit of hispiss hole about her nipples, going from one to the other. Shesmeared her nipples with the juices seeping from his cock. Shepulled the crotch of his shorts to one side, exposing his balls.They were young balls, hairless, but full and lovely. She saw abit of wiry hair at the base of his cock, and felt excited by hisyouth.”Now, let’s take your shorts down,” she said softly, pullingthem to his knees.Billy shoved his hips forward and pressed his balls upon hertits. His cock throbbed near her throat. With a mewl, Donna ranher hands past her son’s hips, closing her fingers about theyouthful cheeks of his ass, pulling him tight. She looked up athis hot face, her eyes glowing.”Oh, it feels wonderful, Billy. Your balls feel so good onmy tits.”By his own accord, Billy twisted his hips, rubbing his ballson her titties, his cock pressing at her neck, dripping.”Put your cock between mother’s titties,” she said.Billy placed his cock between them, and Donna pressed hertits around it. “Ooooh, I can feel your cock throbbing, honey!”she purred hotly. “You feel so good between my tits.”She lowered her chin, and felt the head of his cock brushthat hot wetness on it. Tucking her chin lower, she kissed thehead of her son’s cock, holding her tits tightly.”Would you like to come off in my face again, Billy?””I thought that made you mad, Mother,” he said. “I couldn’thelp it.””I didn’t mind.” She grinned at him, rubbing her tits up anddown his cock. “I wanted it to happen, honey. I wanted you tocome off … in my face.”She closed her tits tightly about her son’s cock, kissing thehead again.Then, looking back up at his excited face, she said: “Fuck mytits. I’ve wanted to feel a hard cock fucking my tits for a longtime, baby.””Okay, Mother,” he agreed, grinning down at her.Donna let her breath out. “Would you fuck my titties andcome in my face again?””If you want me to, Mother.””Ohhhh, honey!” she sobbed, throwing her arms about his hipsand clasping his naked ass, hugging him tightly. “Please! Pleasefuck mother’s titties and squirt right in my face!”Billy began fucking up and down.Donna squeezed her titties about his cock, feeling it slidingin the valley. Her nipples almost touched. She purred hotly asshe watched the swollen head slide upward from her nipples, pokingat her chin. She pursed her lips and began kissing the head ofhis cock as he fucked up and down. When she darted her tongueout, flicking over his dripping piss hole, Billy groaned.”You like that?” she asked softly, heat in her voice.”Yes, Mother!”She flicked her tongue across his cock again, and Billystrained upward.”Mmmm, you taste very good, honey,” she whispered, swirlingher tongue round and round the smooth head of his cock. “Fuck mytitties, baby! Fuck my titties fast and come in my face! Ohhhh,baby, I love to feel you come off in my face!”Billy began fucking swiftly, shoving his throbbing cock upand down. Donna squeezed her tits as tight as she could about hiscock, purring softly, and she kissed the head of his prick eachtime it brushed her lips.”So hard and hot, Billy! Your cock is so very hard and hotbetween mother’s titties! Ooooh, rub your balls on me! I love tofeel balls rubbing against my skin! Your balls feel very hot andfull again, baby! Are you going to come a lot, the way you didbefore?””I dunno, Mother,” Billy gasped.”Do you like to feel mother’s titties holding your cock? Doyou like to fuck mother between these nice tits?””Yes! Oh, yes, Mother!””Come in my face!” she hissed, licking her tongue about thehead of his cock. “Come in mother’s face, baby! Ooohhh, Billy,squirt that thick come juice in mother’s fucking face!””In my fucking face!” she insisted.”Yes, Mother! I’ll come in your fucking face!””Ohhhh, now!”Billy fucked faster while his mother held her tits as tightas she could about his throbbing hard-on. She kissed and lickedat the swollen prickhead every time his cock came up. She felthis prick growing larger, becoming harder and longer.Just as he was ready to squirt, Donna pulled away, settingher ass on her heels. She grabbed his tight young ass with bothhands, turning her head upward.”Jack off!” she squealed. “Jack your cock off into myfucking face! Hurry, Billy! Ohhhh, hurry! Come in mother’sfucking face!”Already overcome with passion, Billy gripped his cock andpounded frantically. Donna gazed at his piss hole with slittedeyes, and saw the bubbling come juice spurt. As spunk splashedinto her face for the second time, she moaned. Her cunt explodedinside her tight shorts, contracting with a powerful orgasm. Shesobbed with pleasure as her son came into her face time and again.Her forehead, her nose, her cheeks were drenched in his comejuice, and then she closed her eyes because his jizz spatteredthem. She parted her lips and was just moving her tongue forwardwhen her son sent a scalding spurt onto her bottom lip. With awail, Donna began licking, tasting the sweet hot come juice of herson’s young balls. Her orgasm increased with power as she tastedhis come juice, and her tongue flicked across the head of his pissslit quickly, but Billy was finished. She swirled her tongueabout the head of his cock, tasting, her face thoroughly coatedwith the thick juices.”Was that okay, Mother?” Billy asked, turning loose of hiscock.”That was perfect, baby,” she purred. She slitted her eyesand saw his prick starting to droop. “Oooooh, it’s sweet!”Billy gasped when he saw his mother open her lips and darther face forward. He gasped again when he felt her wet, hot mouthclose around the head of his cock.”Mother!” Billy gasped. “That’s cocksucking!”Donna swallowed his cock, tasting with her tongue, suckingfor a moment, her lips being tickled by the scant amount of wiryhair at the base.Then she slipped her mouth off his cock.”I know it’s cocksucking.” She grinned at him. “I love tosuck cock. Among other things. Do you mind if I suck on yourcock, baby?””I love it, Mother!”Chapter 3Donna hugged her son about his hips tightly, her palmsclutching at his naked ass. The feel of his cock and ballspressing against her was delicious. With his pants and shorts athis knees, still wearing his T-shirt, Billy looked more desirablethan if he had been totally naked.”Say something dirty to me,” Donna whispered, looking up athim. “I love it when someone talks dirty to me, baby.””How dirty, Mother?” Billy asked, grinning wickedly.”As dirty as you want,” she replied, hugging him tighter.”Say all kinds of things to me, like fuck and cock and cunt andass and … oh, everything!”Billy squirmed as she held his lower body against her cheek.He ran his fingers through her soft hair, then pressed her facehard at his cock and balls. Donna loved the heat of his cockalong her cheek, his balls on her shoulder and neck. She ran herhands up and down the cheeks of his ass, waiting for her son totalk dirty to her.Billy started off shy, nervous to speak that way in front ofhis mother. “Do you like cock, Mother?” he asked softly. “Do youlove a hard cock?””Oh, yes!” she purred.”Do you love to feel a hard cock inside your cunt?””Yes, yes!”Billy was encouraged now, and his voice became stronger.”Does my cock fuck way up in your pussy, Mother? Does my hardcock make your wet cunt feel good?””More, baby! Please, talk to me!””I sure like to put my cock in your hot cunt, Mother. I liketo stick my hard prick up your pussy and fuck it. I love to suckon your titties and feel your ass. I like to have my cock in yourmouth and feel you sucking on it.””Ohhhh, Billy!” Donna mewled, stroking the cheeks of his ass,trailing her fingers up and down the crack.Billy was warmed up, and the words tumbled from his mouth.”I wanna put my cock in your hot cunt and fuck you and stick itbetween your titties so you can kiss the end! I wanna feel yourass and play with your wet cunt and touch your asshole, Mother. Iwanna stick my fingers in your cunt and up your ass! I’d love tofuck your ass and then watch you lick the shit off my cock. I’dlove to watch you take my cock in your mouth and suck it, Mother!I’d love to see your tongue licking my balls and my legs and mycock!”Donna looked upward with glassy eyes. “You want to watchme?” she asked in a small voice.Billy nodded.”Oh, shit, baby!” Donna murmured. “That’s wonderful! I havea mirror in my bedroom. I want you to watch me suck your cock andlick your balls and kiss your ass! I want to feel lewd and dirtyand delicious!” She dragged a fingertip along the crack of hisass. “You have a hot little ass, you know that, baby? Your assfeels hot.”She wormed her finger into the crack of her son’s ass. Billymoaned with unexpected pleasure. Donna’s eyes sparkled hotly upat him as she rubbed about his puckered asshole, feeling his cockgrowing along her cheek. Dipping her fingers between his thighsfrom behind, she tickled his precious balls for a moment, thendrew her finger back to his asshole. She rubbed, pressuringslightly, watching his face for reaction. What she saw was ayoung face screwing up with pleasure.”Do you like it when I touch your asshole?” she whispered,rubbing at the ass ring.”It feels strange, Mother, but … yes, I like it!”His cock was growing against her cheek, and while she probedat his tight asshole with her finger, she twisted her head,sliding her parted lips along the shaft of her son’s cock. Billystared down at her, his eyes glazed. Donna felt the searing heatof his cock along her lips, and she pushed the tip of her tongueforward, licking.”Billy, tell me to suck your cock,” she purred softly. “Tellmother to suck you!””Suck me, Mother!” he responded immediately. “Suck my cock!Take my cock in your mouth and suck it!””Mmmmm, you want a nice, hot, wet blow job, baby?””Yes, Mother! Give me a blow job!””I thought you wanted to watch me suck your cock?” sheteased.”I can watch right here, Mother,” he said urgently. “I cansee your face right here.”But Donna drew back, sliding her tongue up his cock andflicking about his piss hole for a quick instant. Standing up,she smashed her tits together between her arms, both her hands atthe crotch of her tight shorts. Billy gazed at his mother,looking deliciously sweet with his pants at his knees. His cockwas standing out, stiff and throbbing.”You want to fuck my face, do you?” she whispered softly.”Yes, Mother!” Billy groaned, grabbing his throbbing cockwith a tight fist. “I wanna fuck your face! I wanna fuck yourmouth!””But, Billy, I have a nice hot cunt,” she teased. “Why türkçe bahis don’tyou want to fuck mother’s cunt?””I already have fucked your cunt, Mother!” he choked. “Iwanna fuck your mouth now!””You want to do everything to me, don’t you?” Donna asked.”You want to fuck my mouth and my cunt. I bet you’d want to fuckme in the ass, too, right?”Billy nodded his head, his cock so swollen he would fuckanything at that moment. “I said I would, Mother.”Donna twisted her hips suggestively, rubbing her fingers atthe tight crotch of her shorts, her tits arching out with rigidnipples. She felt slight wetness seeping through her shorts.”Baby, put your face close to mother’s cunt,” she whispered.Eagerly, Billy went to his knees. Sliding his hands to hismother’s smooth thighs, he pushed his faced close to her crotch.”Can you feel how hot mother’s cunt is?” she asked hoarsely.”Can you feel the heat coming from mother’s cunt, Billy?”He nodded his head, his face a few inches from her crotch.Donna parted her legs and shoved her crotch toward him. Billydidn’t draw away, and when his mother shoved her shorts into hisface, he moaned softly and grasped the cheeks of her tightly cladass.”Can you feel the heat better now?” she mewled. “Can youfeel me getting wet in my cunt?”Bobby moaned with his mouth pressing at his mother’s tightshorts, his hands gripping the cheeks of her ass. He could feelthe heat, feel the wetness seeping through the cloth. He couldfeel the insides of his mother’s exciting thighs against his face,and his cock jerked up powerfully, almost slapping against hisstomach.”Kiss my cunt!” Donna cried softly. “Kiss mother’s cuntright through those fucking shorts!”Billy opened his mouth and tried to suck his mother’s shortsin, but they were too tight. He sucked, running his tongue alongthe seam. The taste he got wasn’t much, but was enough to excitehim. He squeezed at his mother’s ass, pulling her cunt tightlyinto his face. Donna held the back of her son’s head, gazing downwith glazed eyes, hissing softly as she rubbed her inner thighsabout his face. Billy’s cheeks were smooth, not rough andscratchy like a man’s face. A man’s face, even if most had justshaved, scratched her thighs terribly sometimes. Billy’s smoothface was almost like a girl’s, and felt so much better.”You can’t get a good taste of mother’s cunt, can you?” shewhispered. “Would you like for me to take my shorts off? If Itook my shorts off, let you see my cunt, would you lick it, baby?”Billy, his head turned upward, his open mouth pressing at theseam of her shorts, looked with sparkling eyes into his mother’sface, nodding his head and moaning. Donna purred softly andpulled his face as tightly as she could into her crotch.”Ohhhh, you really will lick mother’s cunt, darling?” shegurgled. “I just love to have my cunt licked! I love to feel atongue licking at my wet pussy, stabbing into it, sucking at myclitoris! Would you be mother’s sweet, darling cunt-sucker,baby?”Billy’s eyes fogged over as he nodded his head, his handsclinging to his mother’s bunching ass tightly.”Ooooh, baby!” she cried with excitement. “You be mother’scunt-sucker and I’ll be your cocksucker, okay?”Bobby groaned and Donna pulled her crotch from his face.Billy sat on his heels, gazing between her thighs. He saw darkhairs swirling from the crotch, and his cock jerked up and down ashe grabbed his once-more-loaded balls with a small hand.Donna stepped back, her feet widened on the floor, both herhands framing her crotch. “Want to see something exciting,darling?” she asked in a thick voice. “Want to see mother dosomething exciting?”Billy nodded quickly.”If I let you see me, will you promise to lick my pussy?”Again he nodded, vigorously, eager and anxious to do anythinghis mother wanted. His cock was throbbing and his balls were hotand full again.”Promise?” she asked again.”I promise, Mother,” Billy groaned, squeezing his balls.”I’ll lick your cunt! I’ll lick your hot cunt no matter what,Mother!””Mmmmmm, so sweet,” she purred. “Now, you just keep lookingright at my pussy, baby.”Donna spread her feet farther on the floor, bending her kneesa bit and shoving her crotch forward. She rested the fingers ofher hands on each side of the tight crotch of her shorts. Herupper arms crushed her full tits together. Billy stared into hismother’s crotch, his eyes bright and his cock stiff, clutching hisballs. Donna gazed at his cock, and licked her lips.Wetness grew at the crotch of her white shorts, spreading upfrom the seam and halfway to the waist. Then Billy saw pissdripping along her inner thighs. He glanced up at his mother.Donna’s eyes glowed with intense passion.”Watch me piss, baby,” she hissed softly. “I’m pissing in myshorts for you, Billy. Ohhhh, watch mother piss in these fuckingshorts!”Billy watched, feeling strangely excited. He saw the golden-colored piss coming from the edges of the shorts, running down theinsides of his mother’s thighs, saw the spreading wetness untilthe fabric was almost clear as glass. He could clearly see thedark shape of her pussy hair.Donna gurgled, feeling her shorts become soaked with her hotpiss. Pissing in her shorts, with her son watching, thrilled her.It was something she had fantasized about for years. Notspecifically with her son, but with anyone. She had tried pissingin her panties a few times in private, and, although it feltwonderful, it was nothing like being watched. She pissed hard,feeling pee spray from the tight crotch of her shorts against herinner thighs, felt piss running hotly along her legs. Her shortsgrew wet in back, too, and it felt very good. Her clitoris wastwitching, pressed at the seam of her shorts. Her nipples rose uptightly, tingling. She felt hot piss on her fingers as she framedher crotch. The hot feel of piss sent shivers up and down herflesh.”Do you like to see this?” she asked, her voice very low.”Oh, Mother!” Billy groaned, staring at her crotch. “Yes!Your shorts are so wet, I can see through them, Your legs aregetting wet, too!””Do you like watching me piss in my shorts?””Yeah!””Does it make your precious balls tingle to see piss runningdown my legs?””Oh, yes, Mother!””Mmmmm, you really love to see mother piss?”Billy could only nod his head now. His throat wasconstricted. He was so excited to see his mother piss this way,he wondered if his cock would go off. His other hand gripped hisprick tightly, squeezing as he held his balls in his other hand.He was gasping as he stared between her thighs. The pisscontinued to soak through his mother’s shorts. Her thighs wereglistening with pee all the way to her feet.”Oooh, I have to stop!” Donna complained. “I don’t want tostop, either! I want to keep pissing in my shorts! I want you towatch me piss and piss and piss!”But she was finished, and stood with shaking legs wide apart,hot piss dripping from her shorts and down her legs. She ran herpalm along the seam of her piss-wet shorts, rubbing at her cunt.Her hips trembled and jerked. She pressed her hand tight into hercunt, moaning, pressing and rubbing.”Ooooh, I’m going to come!” she shouted.Donna shuddered as an orgasm rumbled through her pussy. Shecould feel the convulsions of her cunt through her shorts, feelthe tight pulsations of the puffy pussy lips and the throb of hersmashed clitoris. She whimpered and gurgled as she came, her lipstwitching.”There,” she gasped. “I came, Billy. God, did I come!”She shoved a hand behind her back, and unzipped the piss-wetshorts. She gazed at her son as she peeled them off her hips,wiggling because they were so tight and soaked in piss. Billystared at his mother’s cunt, amazed and awed by the hair, by thewet, pink cunt slit. Donna stood holding her shorts, then partingher legs so her son could look at her pussy. She turned theshorts inside out. She showed them to her son.”See how wet they are?” she whispered, shoving them towardher son’s face.Billy pulled back, his eyes wide.Donna giggled. “What’s the matter, honey? Don’t you wantmother to wash your face?”Billy made a face, shaking his head.”Then I’ll wash my face,” she said, and brought her piss-wetshorts up and ran the inside crotch about her cheeks and chin.”Mmmmm, nice. It feels very nice to wash my face in piss. Youshould try it, Billy. I bet you’d love it.”Donna brought the piss-wet crotch of her shorts close to hermouth, her tongue darting out, licking at the seam. Her eyesbecame hazy with lust, her tongue licking about the piss-soakedcrotch of her shorts.”Oooh, I can taste cunt, too,” she said softly. “I can tastemy cunt and piss on my shorts. Ohhhh, baby, you have to try it!”She offered her shorts to him again, but Billy still refused.”You’re no fun, baby,” she pouted, pulling the shorts back toher face. “You promised, too.””I promised to lick your cunt, Mother,” he said. “I didn’tpromise to taste piss.”Donna spread her legs wide, thrusting her cunt forward.”Then lick my pussy, Billy.”Without thinking, Billy shoved his face to his mother’s cunt.His tongue was swiping along the wet pussy slit before he realizedit. Then, as he tasted his mother’s piss on her cunt, he startedto pull back.”Oh, no!” Donna moaned. “A promise is a promise! Eat mypussy, baby! You promised to suck mother’s cunt!”Billy didn’t try to resist. He pushed his mouth into herpussy, tasting the fuck juices and piss together. To hissurprise, he found them delicious. He wiggled his tongue alongthe hairy slit of his mother’s cunt, dragging his tongue to herclitoris. Donna squealed and began to grind her pussy into hisface, holding the back of his head.”Ohhhh, stick it to me!” she groaned. “Fuck my cunt, baby!Oooooh, fuck me with your tongue! Lick my wet cunt, my hot pussy!Suck me! Ohhhh, suck mother’s wet cunt, you sweet, fucking littlecunt-licker!”Billy’s tongue darted in and out of the tight lips of hismother’s cunt, tongue-fucking her and sucking the fuck juices out.He swallowed the pussy juices, fucking his tongue back and forthfaster and faster. The taste of her piss added to his enjoyment,and the piss-wet feel of her hot inner thighs on his headincreased the throbbing of his cock. He ran his hands up the backof her wet thighs to her ass. Clenching the cheeks of hismother’s naked ass in both hands, Billy slurped happily, drivinghis tongue deeply, then swirling about her swollen clitoris. Hesucked at his mother’s clitoris hard, bringing squeals of pleasurefrom her. Donna spread her thighs and shoved her hot, hairy cuntinto her son’s face, bending him back. The only things keepinghim from sprawling onto his back were her hands holding the backof his head, his hands on her naked, shaking ass.”Eat mother’s pussy!” she squealed. “Ohhhh, Billy, suckmother’s cunt! Suck the hot juice right out of mother’s pissy-wetpussy, Lick the piss off my cunt! Lick me and fuck me and eat me!Ooooh, you’ll make me come so fucking hard! What a tongue youhave, baby! I love it, love it, love it! Ram your sweet tongueup mother’s cunt … fuck … suck I’m getting so fucking close!”Her body trembled uncontrollably, her cunt smashing into herson’s sucking mouth powerfully, battering his lips and tongue.Billy held tightly to his mother’s grinding, thrashing ass,squeezing hard at the creamy asscheeks. He panted and gasped, hisnose buried into the piss-wet hair that covered her boiling cunt.His tongue was up her pussy part of the time, swishing hungrilyabout her inflamed clitoris the other part. Donna could hear thewet sucking sounds her son made, which greatly enhanced the eroticsensations she felt. Her cunt was expanding and gripping withripples of her swiftly approaching orgasm.”Ohhhhh, Billy!” she screamed.Her cunt exploded against her son’s face. Billy fucked histongue into his mother’s cunt, feeling the gripping contractions.He felt her clitoris make tight spasms against his upper lip, andhe sucked in air quickly. The scent of his mother’s piss wasmaking his mind spin with lust.He hung on for dear life, and sucked.Chapter 4They had a late dinner.Donna could hardly believe they had been at it so long, thather son was still eager and willing.She wore a man’s shirt, white, which failed to conceal thelovely cheeks of her ass or the curls of her cunt. The three topbuttons were left open, and her tits peeked provocatively at herson everytime she leaned over. She knew how she looked, and shecould see the interest in her son’s eyes.Wearing something that revealed while it teased had value,Donna knew. Eliciting expectations was more exciting than showingtotal nakedness, sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. Billy wasin his shorts, a white pair of jockey shorts that cupped his cockand balls sweetly. She loved to see the bulge they made, the wayhis ass was framed in them.After she had cleaned and straightened the kitchen, they wentback to the living room, where she turned on a light. Then, withher back to him, she bent far over to select something for thestereo. Billy, sitting on the couch, watched his mother’s assbecome exposed as the white shirt lifted. He could see the darkhair of her cunt as she leaned over. Donna peeked at him over hershoulder.”Do you like the view, baby?””It’s beautiful, Mother,” he replied.She shook her ass, making her cunt pooch between her thighs.Donna kept her ass waggling lewdly as she fitted a tape into thedeck, and then soft music came on. She stood and faced her son,writhing her ass sensuously. This was what had started themtoday, she remembered, her lewd dancing for him. But that hadbeen going on for some time, and it had just boiled over today.She lifted the shirt, flashing her cunt at him, twirled about andraised the shirt in back, shaking her beautiful ass. She dancedabout the room, flashing her tits, her cunt, her ass, for herson’s enjoyment.”Now, this is a flashdance,” she laughed. “Not like thatmovie. That girl didn’t flash anything. I’m flashing everythingI have.””Go, Mother!” he encouraged. “Shake your ass … shake yourtits!””You just watch me shake them!”Donna went into a vigorous, body-twisting dance designed forone thing only–to make her son’s cock hard. Swinging her hips,her knees driving up and down, Donna jerked at her shirt, rippingbuttons until her tits were showing, jumping up and downvigorously as she danced. Her nipples jutted out hard, and sheswung her legs apart so show her son her cunt. Twisting about,she shook and churned her ass, flapping the shirt up and down.She bunched the cheeks of her ass together, relaxed them, thenhumped her hips back and forth.Then she leaned over, her hands on the floor. The cheeks ofher ass parted. Billy was staring at his mother’s hairy cunt andass, watching the hair-lined lips of her cunt suck inward, thering of her tan asshole puckering. Donna peered with hot, excitedeyes between her legs at her son.”See anything you’d like to stick your cock in?”Billy lowered his eyes to his mother’s upside-down face,seeing her moist lips.”Your mouth, Mother,” he said.Donna twisted her ass. “What about anything else?”Billy gazed her cunt, seeing her pussy glisten wetly withjuices, the hair making her cunt very, very tempting.”Your cunt?” he asked, not understanding what his mother wasgetting at.”Anything else?””Your ass!” he groaned finally. “Your asshole, Mother!””Oooh, you’re nice, baby,” she mewled. “You want to fuckmother’s mouth and fuck her cunt and now you want to fuck me inthe ass. You’re very nice, baby.”Billy stood up, his cock pressing against his shorts.”Take them off,” she hissed. “Take those fucking shorts offand let mother see that hard cock!”Billy quickly stripped his shorts off, dropping them on thecouch. His cock stood up, pointing at the ceiling. His ballswere full and swollen. Donna mewled softly, holding herself upwith one hand and rubbing the other between her thighs. Billywatched her rub at her cunt, then his eyes burned as she fingeredher own asshole.Very slowly, Donna pressed her middle finger into her ass.Billy’s cock jerked upward, a glistening drop of liquid forming onhis piss hole. Donna shoved her finger completely into herasshole until her knuckles were against her ass ring. Then shepushed and pulled the finger in and out, finger-fucking herself inthe ass.”Your cock would feel so much better,” she said. “Your cockwould make mother’s asshole feel so good! Want to fuck mother upthis tight asshole, baby?”Billy walked to his mother’s uplifted ass, his cock leadingthe way, his eyes gazing at her finger which was fucking in andout of her ass. When he was close to her, he rubbed the drippinghead of his cock along the back of one thigh, then up and down herjuicy cunt. Donna squealed softly as she pulled her finger out ofher asshole. She gripped his balls tightly.”Ram it in my ass, Billy!” she cried. “Ram your hard cock upmother’s ass! Please, fuck my ass!”Billy angled his cock to his mother’s asshole. He held herhips with strong fingers, watching the head of his prick pressingupon the tight heat of that ring. Donna clung to his balls,holding her breath, almost standing on her head for him. Sheshoved her head down farther until she could watch his balls andsee her own cunt.”Push!” she hissed.But it was she who pushed.Donna pressed her uplifted ass back, feeling the pressure ofhis cock poking at the ring of her asshole. She sobbed softly asshe felt his swollen prickhead starting to penetrate. She felther asshole stretching, felt a slight burning sensation. Billy,staring at the way his mother’s asshole sank inward, gripped herhips tightly and fucked forward.”Ohhhh, yes!” Donna cried as her son’s cock fucked into herasshole. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!”The tightness gripped Billy’s cock. He couldn’t believe howtight her ass was. He fucked forward, watching his mother’sasshole stretching and taking his cock. With her hand grippinghis balls, his cock going into the boiling depths of her asshole,Billy fought to hold back a threatening discharge. As much as heloved the feel of his mother’s cunt on his cock, this wassomething totally different–wonderful, hot and tight.Donna’s eyes were slitted as she gasped, feeling her son’scock sliding into her asshole. Her finger had never filled herass this way, and she moaned with the stretching, stuffingfeeling. It was great, fantastic, and she hissed softly as herson’s cock fucked deeper and deeper. When his cock was deep as itcould go, she pressed his balls upon her throbbing cunt.”Fuck me, Billy!” she wailed. “Fuck my ass! Ooooh, baby,ram your hard cock in and out of mother’s asshole! Ream my ass…. fuck my ass … I want to feel your cock fucking my hotasshole hard and fast and deep!”She waggled her ass, and Billy began fucking, watching hiscock fuck in and out of her asshole. The stretching brown assringclung to his cock tightly, sucking and gripping. Donna squealed,feeling a cock in her body so deep, it was hard to believe. Theburning way her asshole stretched about his cock sent wild, fieryhunger through her.”Ohhh, fuck it, Billy!” she sobbed. “Hold my ass! Don’t letme fall! Fuck that ass, baby! Oooh, God, fuck mother’s ass! Rammy hot asshole with your hard cock! Oh, this is so fucking good,Billy! Fuck the shit out of me! Fuck the shit out of mother’shot asshole! Make me shit … make mother shit by fucking me upthe ass!”Billy fucked his cock back and forth, faster and faster. Thefriction of his mother’s squeezing asshole made his young bodyshake with passion. She clawed at his hairless balls as he fuckedhis prick back and forth, smashing them against her cunt. Thewetness of his mother’s pussy on his balls felt fantastic, as ifher pussy juices were scalding them. He dug his hands into herwiggling hips, jerking her ass back as he plunged forward, drivinghis cock into the steaming depths of his mother’s eager asshole,slapping against the asscheeks loudly.If her son had not been holding her hips so tightly, Donnawould have been tossed to the floor. She looked up with glazedeyes at his crotch, clutching his balls in her hand. She couldnot quite see his cock up her asshole, and wished now they hadgone to her bedroom so they could watch in the big mirror. But itwas too late for that; she didn’t want to lose her son’s cock now.She didn’t want him to take his prick out of her ass so they couldrush to her bedroom. She wanted him to fuck her asshole raw, tosquirt his young come juice into it, drown her with his thick,sweet come juice. She gasped with the force of his driving cock,felt the pounding of him against her naked ass. Her tits jerkedand jiggled from the force.”Talk to me!” Donna sobbed. “Say dirty things to me! Ohhh,baby, please, talk dirty to me!””Fucking ass!” Billy groaned. “Hot, tight, fucking asshole!Mother, I’m gonna fuck your hot ass … I’m gonna fuck you sofucking hard in your fucking hot ass, you’ll shit! I’m gonna makeyou shit, Mother! I’m gonna fuck my hard cock up your hot ass andmake you shit all over your fucking self!””Yes!” Donna squealed. “Make me shit! Fuck my ass and makeme shit!””Hot cunt!” Billy shouted. “Hot, wet, hairy cunt!Cocksucker … hot ass … wet cunt! I’m gonna come up yourfucking ass, Mother! I’m gonna fuck your tight asshole sore!””Do it! Do it, you motherfucker!” she yelled at him. “Fuckmother’s asshole sore! Give it to me, you little cunt-lickingprick! Give it to me hard!”Billy panted as he fucked furiously into his mother’sasshole. The friction was driving him wild. Her asshole seemedto close about his cock so tight, sucking at his prick. His ballssmacked her in the cunt, and Donna squealed with rapture.”Ram it deep and hold it there!” she shouted.Billy went deep, and then Donna stuffed his balls into hercunt.”Oh, Mother!””I’ve got you now!” she sobbed. “I’ve got your hard cock upmy asshole and I’ve got your precious balls in my cunt! Feel whatI’m doing?””Yeah!” Billy moaned.He felt his mother’s asshole flexing on his cock, and thetightening rhythm of her cunt about his balls.With her son’s balls caught in her cunt, his cock up herasshole, Donna shoved her finger into the crack of her son’s ass.She rubbed at his asshole.”Don’t move, Billy! Just hold your cock deep up my asshole!”Billy didn’t move. He stood with his cock inside hismother’s ass, his legs shaking. He felt his mother’s fingerrubbing at his asshole, and he gritted his teeth as she began topress. He groaned as her finger slipped into his asshole.”Now, I’ve really got you, darling!” she sobbed. “I’ve gotyour hard cock up my asshole and your sweet balls in my cunt. NowI’ve got my finger up your asshole! Don’t move, and I bet I canmake you come!”Billy didn’t move.Almost standing on her head, Donna peered between her thighs.Her cunt and asshole squeezed and flexed, and she began to pushand pull her finger, fucking her son up his ass. Billy groanedwith the strange feelings that enveloped his whole crotch. Hismother’s finger seemed to go very deep into his ass, and, when hetried to relax the ring, he found he couldn’t.”Let me!” Donna cried out in a hoarse voice. “Don’t even tryto relax your asshole! Mother will make you come this way!”She pumped her finger in and out of his asshole, and Billywas awed with the manner in which her asshole and cunt gapped athis cock and balls.”You’ll sure enough make me come, Mother!” he cried in athick voice. “You’ll make me shoot it so hard up your ass! Youwant me to come off in your asshole, Mother?””Yes!” she sobbed. “I want to feel you squirt it into myasshole!”The pulling at his cock and balls was too much for Billy.The whole day had been exciting, and he was surprised that hecould still come. He didn’t know how many times his mother haddrained his balls already, but it was more than he had ever jackedoff in one day.”I’m about to come!” he groaned.Donna finger-fucked her son faster and faster, penetratinghis tight asshole, her cunt sucking at his balls, her assholesqueezing his cock.”Come!” she urged. “Shoot it on me! Fill my fucking assholewith your sweet come juice, baby! Come in mother’s ass!”Billy groaned, feeling his balls twitching inside the steamywetness of his mother’s cunt. His cock throbbed, and then he gavea wail of intense ecstasy.”Ohhhh, squirt it, baby!” Donna screamed when she felt therapid spurts of her son’s come juice splashing into her asshole,searing the walls. “Come in my ass! Fill my hot asshole!”The spewing of his cock sent a wild, rippling spasm throughher pussy, the contractions tugging at his buried balls. Donnarammed her finger deeply into her son’s asshole, feeling his assring clench as he came. She was coming so hard, she would havefallen on her face if Billy had not been holding her hips, pullingher ass tightly against his gushing cock. Her legs shook as hercunt exploded with a series of orgasms, the likes of which she hadonly dreamed of having.The final spurt flew from Billy’s cock, and he gaspedtiredly, his own legs shaking from the ecstasy. Still, he managedto remain on his feet, his cock relaxing inside his mother’sasshole. He felt his balls being gently squeezed from hismother’s fiery cunt. Then her finger pulled out of his asshole.Somehow, Donna managed to let herself down to the floorwithout falling. She curled up, knees drawn to her tits, her faceaglow with satisfaction. Billy slumped to the floor, breathingheavily, his shoulders drooping.”You’re wonderful, darling,” Donna whispered. “You’re thebest fuck I’ve ever had.”Billy grinned, breathing too hard to reply.Chapter 5Sometime later, Donna was stretched out on her bed.Billy was with her, sitting at her side, his knees crossed.He was wearing only his jockey shorts again, at her request. Shehad not told him why, but he didn’t care. Whatever his motherwanted him to do, he was more than willing. Donna was verypleased with her son. He had, in this one day, brought some ofher best fantasies alive, gave her tremendous pleasure. She knewthere was nothing she could say or do with him that he wouldrefuse.It had been a long day, yet seemed to have passed in only afew hours. It was after midnight, and both were tired. Donna laynaked on her back and they could see themselves in the big mirror.”I never did suck your cock off, baby,” she said softly,caressing her own tits gently. “I jacked you off in my face, andyou fucked me between my titties, and came in my face again. Ifucked you on the couch, sitting on your cock, and then you fuckedme up my ass … but I never did suck your cock, did I?””Something always seemed to come up, Mother,” he said.”Like your cock?” she asked teasingly.”Yeah, and when it gets hard, I’ll put it anyplace.””I know,” she giggled lewdly. “Preferably in me. Did youenjoy sucking my cunt?””You taste nice, Mother.””Even though my cunt was wet with piss?””I didn’t mind,” he said. “I’d suck your pussy again afteryou pissed.”She purred softly, running a hand down her flat stomach andthrough the thick curls of her pussy. She rubbed at her clitoristenderly. “I bet you could get one more hard-on tonight.””I’d like to try.” He grinned.”Sit on my stomach,” she invited.Billy tossed a leg over his mother’s stomach, sitting there.Donna looked past her tits at his bulging shorts. “Rub backand forth,” she whispered.Billy rubbed his ass along her stomach, pressing his ballsagainst her flesh. He cupped her tits and fondled them. Donnaglanced into the mirror to watch, excited again. She stroked herhands along his thighs and behind his ass. She pulled him upward.Billy rubbed his crotch along his mother’s tits, and Donna liftedher head, pressing her face into his crotch. She loved thesensations of a hot cock and balls against her face, and with herson wearing his shorts, the feelings made her cunt throb wetly.She pulled him over her face, and buried her mouth into hiscrotch. She inhaled the arousing scent of his crotch, sucking athis balls through his shorts, running the flat surface of hertongue along the slowly swelling shaft of his cock. She cuppedhis ass tenderly, kissing and licking and sucking at his shorts.”Mmmmm, you smell so good!” she purred. “I love to smell aman’s crotch. It makes my cunt tingle and throb and I get sofucking wet!”Billy squirmed his crotch into his mother’s face, rubbing hisballs back and forth on her open mouth. Donna’s eyes glittered upat him. She licked, pulling the crotch of his shorts into hermouth to suck. She rubbed her face at his crotch, mewling withpleasure.”Billy, piss for me,” she whispered.”Piss for you?” he asked.”In your shorts,” she purred throatily. “Push your crotch inmy face and piss in your shorts.””Well, fuck!” Billy said, laughing. “You really want me topiss in your face this way, Mother?””Please, baby.”Sitting in his mother’s face, Billy grinned down at her. Herested there and felt her hot mouth open against his balls. Hedribbled a little, making his shorts wet where the head of hiscock was. Donna moaned, and then Billy pissed.With a muffled squeal, Donna rubbed her face into the crotchof her son’s shorts as he pissed. Like her shorts earlier, hisjockey shorts were quickly drenched with hot piss. Donna purredas she rubbed her face into her son’s crotch, shivering as hispiss smeared her face. The wetness of his shorts excited her, andthe scent of piss excited her.Billy leaned over his mother’s face, holding himself up withhis hands above her head. He tucked his face down, watching asshe rubbed her face into his shorts. He kept pissing, and hismother’s face glistened with pee.Donna ran her hot palms across his ass and felt the wetness.With a murmur of pleasure, she opened her mouth wide, sucking inhis balls through his shorts. Sucking the hot piss out of hisshorts, swallowing, she gurgled wetly, her tongue licking at thesame time. Releasing his balls, she scooted her open mouth up towhere the head of his cock was pressing and pissing through hisshorts. Closing her lips about the head of his prick, she suckedthirstily, her throat working with liquid sounds.”That’s my piss, Mother!” Billy exclaimed excitedly. “That’smy piss you’re sucking!””Mmmmmm,” Donna moaned, her eyes flashing up to his face asshe sucked hard.Billy was still pissing, but the stream wasn’t as strong aswhen he started. He had never pissed in his shorts before, and hefound the sensation delicious, especially with his mother’s mouthsucking at the tip so hungrily. As her son finished pissing,Donna went back to licking up and down his piss-soaked shorts, hertongue lapping piss greedily from beneath his balls to the head ofhis cock. The taste of piss sent wild shivers down her stomach,causing her cunt to pulsate and throb with wet heat. She bent herknees, pressing her inner thighs hard together. The pressure uponher cunt lips caused her to cry out softly.”Ohhh, Billy, Billy!” she sobbed, flexing the cheeks of herass and rubbing her open mouth feverishly about his pissed-inshorts, her tongue flicking at the wetness. “You’re wonderful,baby! You’re sweet and wonderful and feel and taste so fuckinggood! Let me have your cock now, baby! God, mother wants to suckyour cock off so much!”With feverish hands, she jerked at his shorts, pulling themto one side. Billy’s cock and balls spilled out, and she squealedwith delight. Using the flat surface of her tongue, she licked athis balls, tasting the wet, hot piss on them. Shoving her handsunderneath his wet shorts, she cupped the cheeks of his young ass.Billy, now on his hands and knees above his mother’s face, watchedas she hungrily licked her tongue up the swelling cockshaft.”Suck me, Mother!” he groaned. “Suck my cock now, Mother!””Mmmmm, I am, baby! Oooohhhh, I want your sweet, hard cockin my mouth, way in my mouth! Your balls … oh, honey, they feelso hard and full. You have a nice load for mother, don’t you?””My balls hurt, Mother!” he groaned. “Suck me, quickly!”Donna opened her mouth, closing her lips about the head ofher son’s cock, and pulled down on his ass. Billy cried out withthe wet heat of his mother’s mouth on his cock, and his eyes wereso unfocused he could hardly see his mother swallow his prick.Donna’s lips smashed at the base of Billy’s cock, theprickhead pressing into her throat. She gurgled and began tobounce her head up and down, sucking vigorously, her tongueswishing and swirling on the hardness. His wet shorts feltdelicious on her cheek, his balls brushing her chin as she suckedup and down, her hot, wet lips gliding tightly. His cock tastedof piss, and he smelled of piss, all of which caused her cunt togrip and suck. Her clitoris was straining from the folds.Billy couldn’t be still; he had to move.He fucked up and down slowly at first, and when he saw thathis mother enjoyed what he was doing, he increased the speed ofhis strokes. Donna rested her head on the bed, her mouth clingingto his cock, letting her son fuck in as if her mouth were hercunt. She gurgled and whimpered, her tongue in constant lickingmotions. She twisted her naked ass against the bed, ha cuntseeping so much she could feel the fuck juices slipping along thecrack of her ass. Squeezing at his ass underneath his shorts, shesobbed with cocksucking ecstasy. Her eyes closed as she savoredthe pissy taste of him. His balls were very hot as she smashed themdown onto her chin, his cock fucking easily into her throat. Thethrobbing friction against her tight lips sent rippling rapture upand down her flesh, her tits swelling and her nipples very, verystiff. She ran her hands about his ass, moaning softly as sheused her mouth as if it were her hot cunt. She urged, with herhands and squeals, her son to fuck her mouth vigorously, swiftly,deeply. The smashing of her lips against the base thrilled her,sending sparks of ecstasy down to her tight, throbbing cunt. Shewas so juicy, the rounded cheeks of her ass were now coated, asscrack slippery with fuck juice. She felt her clitoris throbbingin hardness as it strained from above the lips of her cunt. Shebounced her ass up and down, fucking at the air, crying withincreasing ecstasy.Billy was gasping as he stared at his cock fucking in and outof his mother’s mouth. The sensations sent fire through his hard,young balls. He fucked up and down faster and faster. He fuckedinto his mother’s mouth with almost brutal urgency.Donna loved it.Billy could not fuck her mouth hard enough, fast enough,brutally enough to harm her. She wanted it this way, fast andrough. There was plenty of time to suck him slowly and tenderly,but right now she wanted her mouth fucked hard and deep. Thedelicious odor of his piss sent wild hungers through her, as didthe taste of piss on his cock. Her pussy throbbed with strongervibrations, the swelling of an orgasm ballooning swiftly insideit. Donna pumped her ass up and down, grinding at the air as herson fucked into her mouth.”Ohhhh, Mother! Mother!” Billy grunted. “Oh, shit, Mother!Your mouth is so hot, so wet! I’m fucking your mouth, Mother, Ican see my cock fucking you in your mouth! I wanna come, Mother!I wanna come in your hot mouth!”Donna squealed and began darting her face up as her sonlunged down with his cock, meeting him, his balls crushing uponher chin, his piss-soaked shorts rubbing her cheek. She dug hardinto the cheeks of his ass, squeezing them, urging him to explodeinside her mouth. She fingered his tightly puckered assholefeverishly, her mind soaring with perverse ecstasy.The sudden spurt of his come juice almost choked Donna. Thecreamy come juice splashed against her throat unexpectedly. Witha wild sob of hunger, she sucked harder, taking squirt aftersquirt of her son’s thick come juice into her throat, swallowinggreedily. She moaned and sucked and swallowed, her cuntcontracting with a powerful orgasm, the hairy pussylips squeezingas her clitoris pulsated. She thrashed her ass about on the bed,grinding in cocksucking rapture, coming hard.Billy lifted upward, but his mother clung to his cock, herlips wrapped about the head, her tongue sliding about his pisshole, sucking to bring the final spurt of come juice into hermouth.When her son rolled from her, she scissored her long legs,rubbing her cunt with both hands, grinning wickedly at him as hegasped for air.”You like my mouth, honey?” she asked softly, licking at herbruised lips. “You like to fuck mother in the mouth, too?””You’re fantastic, Mother,” he said softly. “You take cockanyplace, don’t you?””Mmmmm, I sure as fuck do!” she replied. “Cunt, asshole,mouth … wherever you want to put it, I’ll take it.”Billy caught their reflections in the mirror. He could seebetween his mother’s thighs, see her hairy cunt, so juicy. Donnalooked too, and lifted her legs high into the air for her son tosee. She moved her hands to the cheeks of her curvy ass, peelingthem wide apart, the pink pucker of her asshole showing beneaththe hairy cunt.”You like that, honey?””I love it, Mother!” he said enthusiastically.”Look at me,” she said throatily. “Look at all of me. Seemother in the mirror? Can you see mother’s hot cunt and tightass? They belong to you from now on, darling. You can doanything you want with mother’s cunt and asshole and mouth …anything at all.”Donna tasted the lingering sweetness of her son’s come juiceand piss in her mouth. She licked her lips, mewling softly as sheheld her legs in the air. She opened them wide, seeing what herson was seeing in the mirror. She looked lewd, very lewd, readyfor anything. The wet lips of her cunt parted, and Billy sat up,peering between his mother’s thighs with big eyes.”It’s pretty, Mother,” he said, sliding his hands through thethick, soft hair of her pussy. “You have a real pretty cunt.””Mmmmm, nice,” she purred, lifting her ass high and holdingher legs wide apart. “I love it when you say cunt. I love itwhen you talk nice and dirty to me, baby. It makes mother’s cunttingle so nicely.”Billy lifted to his knees, sliding his hands around hismother’s hips. He clasped her ass, parting the asscheeks andpeering down. He moved his face between her thighs, staring intoher cunt and asshole. With a giggle, he shoved his face into hismother’s cunt and kissed.”Oooh, nice, baby!” Donna purred. “Kiss mother’s cunt. Ilike to have my cunt kissed. I love to feel a hot tongue lickingmy cunt! Would you lick mother’s cunt, baby? Would you suck andlick mother’s cunt and draw all that sweet pussy juice out?””Yeah!” Billy grinned.He moved behind his mother’s uplifted ass, leaning betweenher thighs. Donna’s eyes glittered as she watched him. Billyflicked his tongue out, swiping it across the exposed, swollen tipof his mother’s clitoris.”Ohhhh, yes, baby!” she moaned, her cunt throbbing withwetness. “Lick that thing! Suck that hard little bastard!”Billy shoved his face into his mother’s cunt, and wrapped hisarms about her creamy thighs. Donna squealed with delight andsmashed his young face between her hot thighs. Billy opened hislips and sucked at the hairy pussy of his mother, his tonguedipping into the juicy slit.”Oh, yes, Billy!” she groaned. “Fuck my cunt! Ooooh, fuckmother in the hot cunt with your tongue! Suck mother’s pussy …eat my hot fucking snatch, my cunt, my cunt, cunt, cunt–“Billy held her thighs about his face, burying his moutheagerly into Donna’s bubbling cunt, sucking and licking. Thetaste of his mother’s cunt sent tingles to his cock and balls. Heswirled his tongue up and down the pussy slit, twisting about herinflamed clitoris, causing his mother’s uplifted ass to grind andjerk spastically. Donna cried out sobs of delight as she twistedher ass, grinding her cunt into her son’s face, humping andsliding her wet, fiery lips and clitoris into his mouth.”Suck it!” she squealed huskily, grabbing at his hair. “Suckthat hot pussy, you sweet little motherfucker! Suck and lick andeat that hot, wet cunt! Ooooh, Billy, tongue-fuck me! Shove yourtongue up my cunt … deep and hard.”Billy made wet, slurping sounds as he happily licked andsucked at her hair-rimmed pussy, enjoying the softness of hismother’s cunt hair around his mouth and cheeks. His tongue dippeddeeply, feeling the tight heat of her cunt, then raced from thebottom of the slit to her clitoris. Time and again, he licked thewhole expanse of his mother’s crotch. The faster and harder helicked, the more Donna squealed and twisted into his face.”Ohhhh, güvenilir bahis siteleri God, baby!” she wailed, locking her thighs about hishead. “You’re going to make me come so fucking hard! Eat mypussy! Ooooh, Billy, you make me so fucking hot and wet! I’mabout to come, baby! Oh, shit, I’m going to come so fucking hard!Faster … tongue-fuck mother’s hot cunt faster!”Billy was fucking his tongue in as fast as he could already,his mouth wide and pressing into her pussy. The juices on histongue were hot and sweet. His throat was working as his mouthfilled. He could feel the heat of his mother’s asshole pressingagainst his chin, and that made him suck and lick with a greaterfrenzy.”Get ready!” Donna shouted. “Oh, mother’s cunt is going tosuck your fucking tongue off, Billy, So close … so fuckingcloser”Billy crammed his mouth down tightly onto his mother’s cunt,getting both hairy lips and her clitoris into his mouth, histongue between them, deeply.”Now!” Donna screamed.Her cunt burst with squeezing orgasm, her hips jerkinguncontrollably as her son sucked frantically. She screamed timeand again as the ecstasy whipped through her naked body, her cuntsmashing into her son’s face mindlessly. The orgasm went on andon, drawn out beyond her wildest dreams. Billy clung to herthighs, almost bending his mother double as he sucked and lickedat her convulsing cunt. Donna churned and thrashed, hunching hercunt into his face, her hands digging harshly into her swollentits, but she felt no pain, only that fantastic ecstasy of cominginto her son’s mouth.Slowly, she relaxed her grip about his face, and Billylifted, helping her ass to the mattress. His young face glistenedwith pussy juice, and he grinned proudly with his accomplishment.”God, you’re good at that!” she gasped heavily, her bodyshivering as she calmed down. “For such a young little fuck,you’re a damned good cunt-eater, baby.”Billy grinned, stripping his wet shorts from his body. Whenhe started to climb from bed, Donna asked him where he was going.”I have to take a shower,” he said. “I’ve got piss all overme.””Never mind,” she said, pulling him back and cuddling hisnaked body against hers. “I like to feel it. You can take ashower in the morning.”Billy squirmed against his mother, clutching a tit as shetossed a thigh over his hips. In minutes, they were both soundasleep.Chapter 6Donna sat on the toilet watching her son shower. The way thewater ran from his cock excited her. It was almost as if he weretaking a piss.She wore a pair of panties, tight and low on her hips. Shehad already bathed, and had scrubbed her son before he finishedhis shower. His cock and balls were beautiful, she thought. Soyoung, yet so wonderfully satisfying to her.Billy faced her as the water cascaded from his head, runningdown his young body. She stared at the way the water came off thehead of his cock, imagining he was taking a delicious piss. Sheshoved her hand out, cupping his balls gently, caressing them.”It looks like you’re pissing,” she said softly. “I love towatch you take a piss, baby. There’s something so exciting aboutseeing that golden, hot piss spurting from a cock.”Billy turned around, and Donna’s hand slipped over his hip tohis ass. He jutted his ass back. “Like that ass, Mother?””Mmmm, love that sweet ass, honey,” she purred, caressing.”Have you ever kissed someone’s ass, Mother?””Why should I tell you that?” she teased, running her handsabout the cheeks of his ass.”I wanna know everything you’ve done with others,” he said.”Would it turn you on?””Fuck Yeah,” he mumbled as his mother slipped the edge of her handup and down the crack of his ass. He shoved his ass back farther.”That feels very good, Mother.”Billy put his hands on his knees, shoving his wet ass overthe rim of the bathtub.”Sweet,” Donna mewled. “Sweet, naked ass.”She shoved her face forward, kissing first one cheek, thenthe other. She darted her tongue out, swiping the tip along thecrack of her son’s ass. Billy gasped when he felt his mother’stongue come close to his asshole.”Ohhh, baby,” Donna moaned, grabbing her son’s hips andjerking his ass into her face. She pressed her face into thecrack of her son’s ass, her tongue flicking wetly, hotly. “Mmmm,so sweet! You have a very sweet ass, Billy!”Donna parted her lips and smashed them against his asshole,sucking hard.”Ooh, Mother!” Billy gasped. “You’ll suck the shit out of myasshole!””Mmm?” Donna moaned, feeling the heat of her son’s assholeagainst her lips. She darted her tongue out, lapping against histight asshole, licking feverishly. She pressed the tip of hertongue against the tight ass ring, and Billy gasped again.”Are you gonna put your tongue up my ass, Mother?”Donna, her face pressed hard into the cheeks of her son’sass, couldn’t reply. All she could do was moan, and push out hertongue. When she felt his asshole giving, she thrust hard.”Ohhh, Mother!”Donna’s tongue slipped into her son’s asshole, and she dartedher tongue back and forth, sliding a hand around to grasp hiscock. She closed her fist about his prick and jacked him, jerkingback and forth, all the time fucking him in the ass with hertongue. She rammed her tongue in and out, enjoying the wet heatof his asshole. She pumped on his cock faster and faster, whiledriving her tongue in and out wickedly. Billy wiggled his ass,gasping with this strange pleasure. He felt as if he would shit,but knew he wouldn’t. His cock was throbbing with powerfulhardness, the prickhead swollen and dripping. Donna ran her palmabout the head of his cock, smearing her hand with his fuckjuices, then pumping the hard prickshaft again.”Don’t jack me off, Mother!” Billy groaned. “I don’t want ahand job!”Donna squeezed his cock hard, then slipped her tongue out ofhis asshole. “I won’t jack you off, baby,” she said. “I justwanted to suck on your sweet asshole for a while.”Billy turned, his cock straining up very hard.Donna dipped her mouth and pulled the prickhead between herlips, sucking it, her tongue swiping about the piss hole. Pullingfrom him, she rubbed the head of his cock about her chin and neck.She kissed his stomach, then pulled his cock to her tits, smashingher nipples with his piss hole.”Now that you have this beautiful hard-on,” she whispered,”where shall we put it, Billy?””Up your ass, Mother,” he replied.”You really love my ass, don’t you?” She grinned wickedly upat him. “You really love to fuck mother’s hot asshole, don’tyou?””Yeah!”Donna slid from the toilet, leaning back on the floor. Shespread her legs wide, pulling her panties to one side. She drewher knees to her tits, offering her ass to her son. Billy stoodand looked, seeing the inviting crack, the puckering of herasshole, her cunt so hairy and juicy just above.Donna held the cheeks of her ass wide apart, her panties toone side.Billy went to his knees, his cock rubbing along her fierycunt. Donna pressed her crotch up, feeling his balls rubbingalong the crack of her ass, pressing at her asshole while herubbed the shaft of his cock back and forth on her boiling cunt.”That feels very good, baby,” she hissed. “I can feel yourcock throb against my cunt. But let’s not play; let’s fuck rightnow!”Billy lowered his cock, sliding the head along the wet lipsof his mother’s cunt. As he dragged it to her asshole, Donna madea hissing sound. Billy watched as he pressed his cock againstDonna’s tight asshole, seeing the pucker sink inward. He couldwatch his mother’s cunt throb this way, see her clitoris turnhard.”Shove it in me,” Donna wailed, squirming her ass. “Don’tshove it in easy and slow, baby! Ram it in me! Stab your cockright up my fucking asshole fast!”With a grunt, Billy plunged his cock past the gripping ringof his mother’s asshole. Donna squealed as her asshole stretchedand widened for the hard shaft of his cock. Her cunt spasmedmomentarily, and she drew her knees tight against her tits. Withhis cock penetrating her ass deeply, Donna clamped the ring aboutthe base, her asshole sucking hotly on his prick. Billy groanedwith the sensations, and started pumping back and forth, fuckinghis mother’s asshole, staring at her wet, hairy cunt opening andclosing.”Oh, baby, you feel so big in my ass!” Donna sobbed softly,squirming her ass onto him. “Your cock feels like a fucking poleup my ass, and I love it! Stretch mother’s asshole with your big,hard cock, Billy! Oooh, fuck my asshole!”Billy fucked his cock in and out, rubbing at his mother’scunt with one hand. As her pussy juices smeared his palm, hebrought his hand to his face, licking. He poked a finger into hismother’s cunt as he fucked his cock in and out of her asshole, andlicked his finger.”Let me have a taste!” Donna whimpered, grinding her ass ontohis cock. “Let me taste my cunt, too?”Billy thrust his fingers into his mother’s cunt, wigglingthem about. Donna gasped with pleasure, his cock filling herasshole and two of his fingers pumping into her juicy cunt.”Let me suck your fingers!” she cried.Billy pushed his pussy-wet fingers to his mother’s mouth.Donna immediately licked and sucked them, swirling her tongueabout the wetness. She churned her ass, managing to hold herknees tightly against her tits. The hard friction of her son’scock pounding into her asshole set her flesh to ripplingexcitement, her clitoris bulging. She rubbed at her cunt with herown fingers, brought them to her mouth, and licked the cunt juicesfrom them greedily.”You like mother’s asshole, baby? Do you love to fuck motherup my hot asshole?””Yeah, Mom?” Billy groaned. “Your ass is tight and hot andmakes my cock stiff! I’m gonna fuck it and come in it! I’m gonnashoot so much come juice up your hot asshole, you’ll taste it inyour cocksucking throat!””Yes! Oh, God, yes!” Donna wailed, feverishly bucking herass up and down on his cock. “Come up my ass! Fill mother’sfucking asshole with that thick cream! My asshole wants it … myasshole is hungry for cock and come juice!”Billy shoved his hands to his mother’s ass, humping wildlynow. He pumped his cock back and forth swiftly, using short,spastic strokes. His balls burned and ached, loaded with comejuice. Donna, moaning with the ecstasy of her stretching asshole,kept running her hands into her cunt, then licking themfeverishly. She pulled at the hairy lips of her pussy, openingher cunt wide.”Finger-fuck my cunt!” she squealed. “Fuck mother in thecunt with your fingers … and fuck me up the ass with your cock!”Billy thrust two fingers into his mother’s hot, wet pussy,fucking them in and out, matching the rhythm of his cock up herasshole. The liquid sounds excited them both.”Hot, tight ass, Mother!” Billy groaned. “Shit, your ass istight and hot! Your cunt is wet, juicy!””Yes!” Donna gurgled, tossing her head back and forth on thefloor of the bathroom. “Mother has a very hot, very tightasshole, and a wet, hairy cunt just for you … for your sweethard cock and pussy-licking mouth!”Billy yanked his drenched fingers out of her cunt and shovedthem into her mouth quickly. “Mother, I’m gonna come!””Oooh!” she wailed, sucking his juicy fingers. Her assholeclamped about his cock hard, squeezing.”I’m gonna come now!”His cock lurched deep inside her asshole, then the fieryspurts of come juice gushed along the walls of her asshole. Donnascreamed, his fingers sliding out of her mouth. She clawed at herwet cunt with both hands, an orgasm rumbling through her as herson flooded her ass with come juice. Billy stared at the almostviolent way his mother clawed at her cunt, his cock jerking andspewing far into her asshole.”I’m coming, too!” she shouted. “Ohhh, baby, mother’s cuntis coming and you’re coming and my asshole is coming and … oh,shoot that sweet juice to my ass!”With rapid spurts, Billy flooded his mother’s asshole withcome juice, his cock throbbing against the squeezing ass ring. Hecould see her cunt pulsate with a powerful orgasm, her clitorisjerking.”Ohhh … ooooh … ahhhhh, yes!” Donna cried softly, herspasms weakening. “So good, Billy. So fucking good!”Billy held his cock deep inside his mother’s ass, feeling hisprick relaxing. Her asshole kept squeezing, and he gasped withpleasure. A final drop of come juice was squeezed from his ballsby the flexing of her asshole, and then he slumped. Donna refusedto turn his cock loose, keeping his prick gripped tightly insideher asshole. The spasms of her cunt stilled, and she relaxed,arms stretched out, her tits heaving up and down. Billy caressedhis mother’s thighs while they slowly returned to normal. Then hestarted to pull his cock from her ass.”No, leave it in me,” she whispered, closing her assholetightly. “Don’t take your cock out yet.”He saw the expression on her face.”What are you gonna do, Mother?” he asked.She grinned at him, parting the lips of her cunt with herfingers once more. “I think I’ll take a piss,” she said. “Do youmind?”Billy giggled. “With my cock up your ass?””Sure,” Donna replied. “Why not?”Billy stared down at her cunt. “Why not?” he echoed. “Goahead and take a piss, Mother.”Donna let out a quick spurt of piss. It splashed againstBilly’s stomach.”You like it?” she asked.”Yeah.””Here comes some more!”Donna spurted again, the golden piss splashing out of hercunt and onto her son’s stomach.It ran down his flesh, over the lips of her cunt and to herasshole, where his cock was still buried. Donna held the hairylips of her cunt wide open, pissing strongly now, spewing a goldenstream up a few inches before it spattered onto her son.Billy moved his hand to his mother’s cunt, feeling the hotpiss. He pulled his hand up and, to his mother’s delight, lickedthe piss from it. She strained hard, wanting to keep pissing.”Taste my piss, baby!””Delicious!” Billy replied, shoving his hand back into it andbringing it to his mouth again. “Your piss is good and sweet andhot, Mother!””Want to piss in my ass?”Billy grinned, watching her cunt pissing.He said nothing, but began to piss inside his mother’sasshole.”Oooh, I can feel it!” Donna moaned. “Oh, baby, I can feelyou pissing in my ass! Ahhh, it’s so hot and wet! Piss, baby,piss!”She kept up a golden stream from her pussy, drenching Billy’sstomach and cock and balls, the cheeks of her ass. Billy gazedhotly at her cunt, excited by the golden piss spewing from it. Hespurted hot piss up her asshole for a long time.”Ohhh, that’s so good, baby!” she hissed. “Give mother anenema! A delicious, hot, piss enema! I love it, Billy! Ohhh,God, I love to feel you piss up my fucking asshole!”Billy moaned softly as he watched the stream of his mother’spiss slowing down. Without saying anything to her, he cut his ownpiss off, and pulled his cock out of her asshole.”Ohhh, no!” Donna wailed.But Billy jerked back and to her delight, shoved his face toher cunt. He caught the final gushing of his mother’s piss in hisface, and she had finished by the time he closed his lips abouther cunt.”Ohhh, eat it, baby!”Billy sucked greedily at his mother’s cunt, tasting her pisson the soft hair of her pussy. He drove his tongue in and out ofher cunt frantically, sucking at her clitoris. Donna hunched hercrotch up to meet his face, squealing with rapture.”Suck my cunt! Make me come again!” Donna urged, tossing hercunt about with wild pleasure. “Suck mother’s cunt hard, baby,Oooh, I feel your piss dripping out of my asshole!”She raced her hands behind her upturned ass, fingering herasshole while her son sucked and licked her cunt. She shoved hermiddle finger into her own asshole.”Ahhh, suck my cunt, Billy! I’m fingerfucking myself in theass! Suck my pussy! Eat mother’s hot pussy!”Billy rammed his tongue far into the soft wetness of hismother’s cunt, then drew his tongue up over her clitoris, finallylicking through the piss-wet hair, tasting her piss hungrily.Driving her finger violently into her own asshole, Donnayelped. “I’m ready to come again, Billy! Ohhh, my cunt is onfire and I’m going to come again!”Billy felt his mother’s cunt contract against his face, andhe lapped frantically as she exploded with orgasm. Slamming hercunt hard into her son’s face, Donna screamed with ecstasy,holding the back of his head with one hand, still thrusting herfinger in and out of her burning asshole. Piss dripped out of herass, soaking her hand, increasing her erotic enjoyment.When she finished coming, Billy lifted his face.”Kiss me!” she urged, pulling his face to hers. “Let me kissyour lips and lick your face! Oooh, you taste so good … my cuntjuice on your mouth!”Donna ran her tongue about her son’s lips, his cheeks andchin, tasting her own cunt, her own piss. She pulled her fingerout of her asshole and, to Billy’s surprise, began to suck. “Youhad that finger up your asshole, Mother!””Mmmm, my asshole is no different than yours,” she replied.”I tongue fucked you in the asshole, didn’t I?””Yeah, you’re right.” He grinned, sitting back on his heels.Donna’s thighs were spread about his hips, her cunt open to him.He lifted his cock. “I didn’t finish pissing in your ass,Mother.””You didn’t?””I’m gonna finish pissing now, on your cunt!””Ohhh, baby, please!”Billy shot a long stream of golden piss over his mother’spussy. Donna lifted her head, watching her cunt hair becomesoaked, feeling his piss burn the sensitive lips of her pussy andclitoris.”Ohhh, that’s nice, honey!” she murmured. “Piss all over me!Piss all over mother’s hot, hairy cunt! Oooh, I like that!”Chapter 7Donna stripped her panties off and dropped them to the floor.She could not resist taking a quick suck of her son’s cock,and the slight taste of shit served to excite her. She nuzzledinto his cock and balls, looking up at him with smoldering eyes.”Do you mind the things I do with you, Billy?” she asked.”I don’t mind at all, Mother,” he said. “I like it.””You don’t think I’m horrible because I suck on my fingerafter I’ve had it in my ass, or cunt? Or suck your cock afteryou’ve had it in my asshole?””Mother, you can do anything with me, you know that.””I hope so, baby.””What are you thinking of doing now, Mother?””Nothing, really,” she said, smearing her lips along his cockand balls. “No more than we’ve done already.””I doubt it,” Billy said, pushing his cock and balls into hismother’s face. Donna licked her tongue about them, stroking hisass with her hands.”Well,” she said, pulling back and looking up at him. “I waswondering if I could, you know, sort of piss on you.””You already did,” he reminded her. “When I had my cock upyour ass.””I mean … well, you did shove your face into my cunt whileI was pissing, didn’t you?””I sure did!””So, I was thinking maybe it would be fun if you’d let mepiss … in your face.”Billy shivered, grinning at his mother. “In my face, huh?You wanna piss in my face, Mother?””Will you let me?””Right in my face?”She nodded, her eyes twinkling.”Sure.””Oh, you’re so sweet, Billy!” she cooed, hugging him abouthis hips and shoving her face into his crotch.Billy spread his feet, and his mother shoved her tongue pasthis balls, probed his asshole, then dragged her tongue around hisballs and up his cock. She swallowed his cock for a moment ofsucking, then pulled back.”Now?” she asked.Billy held his cock, rubbing the prickhead back and forth onhis mother’s lips. “If you wanna, Mother.”Donna hugged his hips again, smashing her face into hiscrotch. Then she looked up, her eyes blazing with eagerness.”Lie on the floor,” she said softly.Billy spread himself on the floor, looking up at his mother.Donna stood with her legs apart, her hips rolling. Billy gazed upher smooth thighs and into her cunt. The hair covering her pussyexcited him, as always. He could see the wet pinkness of hercunt, the tip of her clitoris, the curve of her shapely ass.Donna felt her cunt a moment or so, looking down at her son.She opened her pussy for his eyes, smiling down. “YQU reallythink mother has a pretty cunt?” she asked softly.”It’s beautiful, Mother,” he replied. “It’s the mostbeautiful cunt in the whole fucking world.”Donna cooed with pleasure, swinging one foot over his chest.The view of his mother’s cunt caused his cock to shift, start toswell. Donna’s eyes were very hot as she slowly lowered herself.She squatted above her son, her asscheeks parting. Billy gazedhungrily into his mother’s crotch, seeing her cunt and asshole,her tits straining up higher. Donna squatted with her knees verywide, holding her tits with both hands, gazing down into her son’sface. Her cunt was near his chest, in perfect place for what shewanted to do.”This makes mother’s cunt hot,” Donna whispered. “Can yousee my pussy getting wet, honey?”Billy nodded. “It’s already juicy, Mother.””Want a quick lick first?” Donna purred hoarsely, sliding herhands down her body and through the thick curls of her pussy. Shespread the cuntlips wide for her son, revolving her squatting assinvitingly. “Do you want to have a quick taste of mother’s cuntbefore I piss?”Billy caressed the spreading cheeks of his mother’s ass,lifting his head. He inhaled the wet heat of his mother’s cuntfor a moment, and his cock lurched with anticipation. He kissedthe hairy wetness, then lapped his tongue along the slit of herpussy.”Ohhh, so good, darling!” Donna mewled.Billy swiped his tongue across his mother’s asshole, draggingit along the wet slit to her clitoris. He swirled his tongueabout the throbbing knot, closing his lips over it and suckingvigorously. Donna cried out with delight, feeling the tightsuction on her clitoris. She wiggled her ass and smashed her cuntinto his face, rubbing back and forth.”Oh, baby, I have to piss!” she whimpered. “Ohhh, Billy, Ihave to piss in your fucking face now!”Billy slipped his tongue up his mother’s cunt a few times,then rested his head on the floor, gazing into her pussy. Helicked his lips, tasting the sweet pussy juices of his mother, andheld his breath.Donna stared down with smoldering eyes as she pulled at thehair lined lips of her cunt, opening her pussy for her son’s eyes.”Here it comes!” she moaned.A spurt of piss spewed from her cunt and splashed on Billy’sneck.”Oh, Mother!” he groaned. “I saw it!””Watch mother’s cunt!”Donna spurted again.Billy moaned softly as he watched the golden piss come out ofhis mother’s cunt in rapid, short squirts. The wetness burned hisneck, and with each spurt, her piss went a little higher until itsplashed on his chin. Donna’s eyes were very, very hot as shewatched his face. Ripples of excitement flowed about her nakedflesh. Pissing into her son’s face was more thrilling thanthinking about it, she realized.”Oh, take my piss, Billy!” she squealed huskily. “Takemother’s hot piss, Take mother’s hot piss in your cunt-suckingface, baby!”Billy moaned with pleasure. His cock was throbbing already,standing straight up in trembling hardness. His mother kept up arapid squirting, sending spurts of piss across his neck and chin,watching as his flesh became soaked. Billy shoved a hand from herass and grasped his cock, pumping as he squeezed the cheek of herass with his other hand.”Is it nice, baby?” she asked throatily. “Do you like thefeel of my piss on your face? Is mother’s piss real hot?”Billy nodded just as his mother squirted a short stream ofpiss. Pee splashed across his lips.”Ooooh, look at that!” Donna hissed. “I pissed on yourmouth!”Billy moaned, jerking at his cock swiftly.”Ahh, you like it, don’t you?””Mmmm,” Billy replied, nodding his head vigorously.”Here it comes, darling!” Donna moaned. “I’m going to reallypiss in your fucking face now!”She let loose a strong, steady stream of yellow pee into herson’s face. The golden piss hissed out of her hairy pussy andinto Billy’s face. He was soon soaked in piss. It streamed fromhis face and over his cheeks and neck. Donna made crying soundsof pleasure as she watched what she was doing with her son. Thepiss gushed strongly, and Billy slowly parted his lips, feelingthe piss seep past his teeth. The taste of his mother’s hot pisssent a wild tremor of perverse delight through his young body. Hegripped his cock very hard, making the prickhead bulge.”Shove your face in my cunt!” Donna gasped.Billy didn’t hesitate. He lifted his head and smashed hisface into his mother’s cunt, his lips pressing. The hot pisssprayed outward, soaking the insides of her thighs as well as hisface.”Ohhh, baby, baby!” Donna sobbed, pissing hard.Billy drew his head back and opened his mouth.”You want me to piss in your mouth?” Donna asked in delight.Billy nodded as the stream of piss moved upward, and then hismother was pissing directly into his mouth. Billy moaned and hiseyes became glazed as the hot piss filled his mouth tooverflowing. Donna, watching, gurgled with excitement.”I’m pissing in your fucking mouth, baby!” she cried.”Mother is pissing in your cunt sucking mouth! Oooooh, baby,drink my piss! Drink mother’s piss,”Billy began to swallow. The hot taste of his mother’s pisscaused his balls to swell and harden. He gripped his cock astight as he could, feeling as if he would come any second. Heclosed his eyes and took the full force of his mother’s piss intohis mouth. He couldn’t swallow fast enough, and most of it ranfrom his open mouth and over his cheeks. His head was resting ina puddle of piss, but that didn’t matter.”Billy, this could make me come!” Donna squealed. “Mother’scunt is throbbing and I’m pissing at the same time! I didn’t knowI could come and piss at the same time! Ohhh, let me piss in yourmouth, baby! Let mother piss all over your sweet, fucking face!”She swung her squatting ass about, spraying her son in theface from forehead to chin, and Billy thrived on it. Donna’spussy hair gleamed with beads of piss and she turned it loose.She clutched at her tits again, making her nipples strain outward.The hot piss kept spurting from her cunt for what seemed a longtime, yet could not have been longer than two minutes at the most.The stream slowed, then began to trickle. Billy lifted hiswet face and rammed his mouth into his mother’s cunt. He dartedhis tongue out, and licked up and down the piss-wet slit. He ranhis tongue through the soft hairs of her pussy, licking up thepiss there. Donna gurgled as she pushed her cunt into his face.She grabbed his head, and began to pound her cunt up and down,smashing at his sucking lips and darting tongue.”Ooooh, suck that cunt!” she sobbed. “Suck that pussy! Eatmother’s pissy cunt, Billy! Ahhhh, baby, lick mother’s cunt!”With a squeal, she came. Her cunt convulsed with wet heatinto her son’s face. She pulled his head up hard, grindingfrantically at his sucking mouth as her pussy contracted withpowerful waves of orgasm. Billy rammed his tongue in hard,tasting the slippery juices of her spasming cunt, his cock almostexploding. His balls were very tight, aching slightly. Donnacried out as her orgasm burned through her body, her ass wigglingand grinding into her son’s face. Billy found himself licking andsucking at his mother’s wet asshole as much as her cunt. Thetaste of her hot cunt and piss sent wild desire to his cock.”I want your prick!” Donna shouted. “I want your hard prickup my cunt!”She scooted swiftly down his chest, leaving a trail of pussyjuice and piss on his flesh. She darted a hand down and claspedthe base of his cock, and then stabbed herself in the pussy.”Oooohhh, yes!” she cried as her cunt stretched about hiscock. “Fuck that cunt now, baby! Fuck it hard! Fuck it deep!”But Billy couldn’t fuck his mother.She was banging up and down on his hard cock, not letting himlift to meet the wild, frantic thrusts of her cunt. Donna sat ontop of his cock and bounced, using the muscles of her slender,shapely thighs. She squealed with heat, pulling at her tits,twisting her nipples. Billy stared down at her hairy cunt ridinghis cock, hearing the wet sounds as she slapped up and down.”Fuck me, Mother!” he grunted, gripping her spread knees.”Fuck me and make me come!””Yes, baby! Mother will fuck you! Mother will fuck yoursweet, hard cock good! Mother’s cunt will suck your cock off!Mother’s cunt will jack your hard cock off! Mother’s cunt willfuck the piss out of your hard cock!”The sensations gripped Billy, making his body shake from headto toe. He gritted his teeth, watching her cunt devour his cockfeverishly. Donna swung her hot ass around in tight circles.Froth was building up at the base of his cock and on his balls.The froth was the juice of her demanding cunt.”I’m going to come again!” Donna screamed, smashing hard ontoher son’s cock. “My cunt is–here I come, baby!”Billy felt the squeezing contractions of his mother’s cunt asshe came. Donna rammed her pussy hard on his prick, the hairycuntlips closing tightly around the base. The convulsions and wetheat of his mother’s pussy triggered Billy’s long-sufferingdischarge. With a grunt, he spewed hot come juice deep into hismother’s hungry cunt.”Fill me!” Donna squealed. “Fill mother’s cunt with hot comejuice! Fill my fucking pussy! Squirt it to me, Billy!”Donna fell across her son’s chest, her cunt pulling at hisgushing cock. Mindless with rapture, she licked at his face,tasting her piss. She ran her tongue completely about her son’sface, from his forehead to his neck, her long tongue swirling.She moaned and sobbed with intense ecstasy, her cunt going throughseries after series of boiling orgasms. Her pussy drained herson’s young balls finally, and she fell from him, gasping hard.Every inch of her naked body tingled deliciously, and her cuntcontinued to throb. Her orgasms had become almost painful as theyfinally stopped, and now she felt a slight soreness between herthighs.Billy couldn’t move. All his muscles felt like liquid. Allhe could do was lay on his back and gasp, trying to pull air intohis lungs. His cock and balls gleamed with the juices of hismother’s cunt.After a minute, Donna sat up, grinning down at him.”Did that turn you on, baby?” she asked in a sensuous voice.”I mean, letting me piss in your face?””You know it, Mother,” he answered.Her eyes moved down his body, looking at his cock and balls.The juices of her cunt gleamed there. She swallowed, then ran hertongue over her lips. Leaning down, she kissed his wet cock, thenher tongue darted and swirled. Billy looked down as she lickedthe juices off his cock and balls, her lips glistening wetly.Billy spread his legs, and his mother shoved her face underneathhis balls, her long tongue snaking into the crack of his ass.Billy moaned as his mother licked the crinkle of his asshole, thendrew her tongue to his balls. Donna pulled her son’s balls intoher mouth and sucked them gently. Finally she let them fall outof her mouth, and she pulled his cock into it, sucking as hertongue swished.”I bet you can come once more,” she said in a low voice,rubbing her lips about the head of his cock. “I bet I can makeyou come once more with my mouth, Billy.”Billy’s eyes shined with eagerness. He was always eager tohave his cock inside his mother’s mouth. He liked the way shesucked him, the way her lips pulled hard.Donna closed her lips around the head of his cock, suckingand swirling her tongue on the smooth head. She moaned happily asshe felt his cock start to stiffen. This was what she loved abouther son–he could become hard almost on demand.Sliding onto her hands and knees, Donna leaned over her son,bobbing her face up and down. She held her lips tight, suckingfaster and faster. Billy watched her mouth, then saw her upliftedass swaying. He pulled at his mother’s leg, and she shifted withher ass toward him. constantly sucking with greed. She startedto swing her leg over his head, thinking he wanted to suck hercunt, but Billy stopped her.While she sucked, he ran his hand up and down the back of hercreamy thighs, over her ass. When he pushed a finger into hercunt, Donna moaned softly. When he shoved a second finger intoher asshole, she squealed with pleasure. Humping her ass, shemoved it into his stabbing fingers, feeling one working into hercunt and another into her asshole.Donna hunched her ass into her son’s fingers, feeling thedeep penetration. The feel of him finger-fucking her in the cuntand asshole at the same tune sent shivers of delight through herbody, and sucking on his cock at the same time caused her totremble and feel a swelling in the pit of her stomach. Despitethe series of powerful orgasms she had just gone through, she felther cunt building to another.”Suck harder, Mother!” he groaned. “Suck my cock harder! Ican see your cunt and asshole, with my fingers in them. You surehave a pretty cunt and asshole, Mother! If you suck harder,you’ll make me come in your mouth! You want me to come in yourmouth, Mother?””Hhmmmm!” Donna squealed, increasing the speed of her bobbingmouth. When his cock entered her throat, her cunt would pulsate.She loved the feel of his swollen cock inside her throat, but shewouldn’t get the full taste of his sweet come juice that way.”I’m getting ready to come, Mother!”Hardly had the words come from him when Billy discharged.With a muffled squeal, Donna jerked her head up until sheheld only the rounded head of his cock between her lips. Sheflapped her tongue back and forth on his piss hole, catching thethick sweetness of his come juice across it. The taste sent hercunt into contractions of orgasm again. Her pussy squeezed at onefinger, her asshole gripping the other.Chapter 8Donna sat on the arm of the couch, wearing panties. Sherubbed her cunt back and forth, her eyes dreamy as she produceddelicious sensations in her crotch.Billy was sitting on the floor, watching her. His jockeyshorts were tight, very tight, and his balls and cock wereoutlined. He leaned back, stretching his legs out to emphasizethe bulge of his cock and balls for his mother. He could seestrands of her cunt hair sticking from the tight crotch of herpanties.Donna was exciting herself this way for her son’s viewingpleasure, having discovered he loved to watch her do things toherself. Finding this out was no real surprise to her, however.He was like her, and they thought the same and fantasized thesame. She enjoyed watching him play with his cock and balls, too.But when he came, she wanted it either on some part of her body,her tits, her cunt, ass, or face, or inside her. For his part,Billy enjoyed seeing her make herself come, seeing thecontractions of her hairy cunt when the orgasm struck, the jerkingof her clitoris.Drawing her panties up tightly to make the crotch dig intoher cunt, she arched her hips forward. The puffy lips swelled outalong the panties, and Billy grinned with visual pleasure.”Like that?” she whispered.”Yeah.”Donna pressed her cunt hard against the arm of the couch,moaning softly as a stab of pleasure flooded her cunt.”Stand up in front of me, baby,” she whispered.Billy stood, and Donna leaned down. She licked her tonguealong his shorts, up and down the hardness of his cock. At thesame time, she kept rubbing her pussy on the couch. She tastedthe wetness seeping through his shorts as her tongue flickedacross the tip of his cock. She pressed her lips against it,sucking the piss hole through the fabric.”I’ve never sucked a cock off through shorts before,” shesaid. “I wonder what your come juice would taste like that way.””Try it, Mother,” he urged, sliding his hands about her firmtits.”Mmmm, I might one of these days,” she purred, flicking thetip of her tongue against the wet spot. She shoved her cunt backand forth on the couch, feeling herself becoming very wet. “I betI can come fucking this silly couch.”Lifting upright, she rubbed her cunt back and forth, pullingher panties into her cunt. Billy stared, his cock edging upwardon his shorts. Donna shoved the waist of his shorts down,exposing the head of his cock. She leaned over once more, lickingher tongue about the smooth flesh. She dipped the tip of hertongue into his piss hole, tasting the seeping fluids. She ranher hand past her hip and stroked her ass, the other stroking herson’s ass.”Fuck this shit,” she said, climbing from the arm of thecouch. She peeled her panties off, turning them inside out. “Seehow wet my panties are?” she said, showing them to her son.Bringing them to her face, she licked at the crotch. “Mmmm, Itaste good, don’t I?”Billy laughed. “You like pussy, Mother?””I don’t know,” she said. “I’ve never tasted one. Otherthan my own, I mean.””Would you like to?”Donna pretended to give some thought to that. Her eyessparkled and she nodded her head. “I think I’d suck a cunt if wehad one handy.””I’d love to see you lick pussy, Mother,” Billy said, shoving hisshorts past his balls and stroking on his hard cock. “You’d loveit, I bet. A cunt is soft and wet and sweet.”Donna pushed the crotch of her panties into her mouth,sucking the cunt juices. The taste was nice, and she gurgledsoftly. “I feel like some wicked person, sucking the crotch of mypanties.””So what, Mother? It’s just you and me, and I love to seeyou this way.”She ran her panties between her legs, wiping then along herasshole and cunt, then offered them to her son. “Want to tasteme?”Billy eagerly sucked at his mother’s panties while runninghis fist up and down his cock.”I just wiped my ass with them,” Donna giggled.”I don’t care,” Billy replied. “I like the taste of yourasshole, too, Mother.”Donna slid down to the floor, leaning her head on thecushions of the couch, spreading her legs wide and drawing herknees up. She began to play with her cunt and watch her son pumphis cock. Billy slipped between his mother’s thighs, jacking witha tight fist. Donna’s eyes glowed hotly as she watched him,rubbing her clitoris and dipping her finger into her pussy.”Jack it off for me, Billy,” she crooned softly. “Jack yourcock off but come in my mouth.”Billy stared down, watching his mother play with her cunt ashe pounded on his cock. Donna rested her head so it faced upward.His balls were six or so inches from her face, and she took a lickat them with her tongue.”Suck my balls, Mother,” he urged.”Mmmm, I will,” she purred, and pulled his dangling ballsinto her mouth. She sucked them as his fist beat up and down hiscock.”That feels great, Mother,” Billy moaned.Donna’s wet mouth clung to his balls, her tongue swirlingabout them, enjoying the fullness, the heat of them. Her eyesglazed as she watched his fist jerking. Now and then a drop ofjuice was flung from his piss hole and landed across her forehead.When that happened, Donna mewled with pleasure. She fucked herfinger in and out of her cunt, smashing at her inflamed clitoris,writhing her naked ass on the floor.”Mmm, baby,” she moaned, letting his balls loose. “Ooooh, Ithink I’m going to come!”Billy stepped back a pace, and looked down between hismother’s open legs. Donna lifted her cunt upward, writhing herass, stabbing a finger swiftly into her cunt. She made wetslapping sounds. Then she shoved two fingers into her cunt, andfucked herself vigorously.”Ohhh, there!” she sobbed.Billy gazed at the hairy lips of his mother’s cunt, watchingthe powerful pulsations, the lurching of her clitoris.”Oh, God, it’s good!” Donna wailed. “Watch me come, baby!Ooooh, see mother’s cunt coming! I love it … I love to come!”As the orgasm faded, she lowered her ass to the floor again.Pulling her fingers from her pussy, she licked them, swirling hertongue into the juice. “Mmmm, I wish I had a nice, hot, sweetcunt to suck! I’d eat a pretty wet cunt so good!”Billy banged his fist up and down his cock, panting now. Hisballs drew up against the base of his prick, and the cockheadstarted to bulge with shiny smoothness.”Are you going to come?” Donna asked.”Yes!””In my mouth!” she groaned. “Come in mother’s mouth!”Donna spread her mouth as wide as she could, her tonguesticking out. Her eyes blazed with hunger as she waited.”Here it comes, Mother!”Thick spurts of come juice sprayed from his cock. Hesplashed it into his mother’s mouth. Donna whimpered as she lether mouth fill, not swallowing. Billy watched her open mouthbecome full of his creamy come juice. Spurt after spurt blew outof his piss hole. When the squirting stopped, he milked his cockto rub a final drop on the tip of his mother’s tongue.Then Donna swallowed.”Mmmm, so fucking sweet!” she murmured, licking her lips,then güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri swiping at the wet tip of her son’s cock. “You taste sofucking sweet, Billy! I could take your come juice in my mouthall fucking day!”Billy remained on his feet, his cock relaxed and hangingdown. He pulled his mother’s face into his crotch, rubbingslowly. Donna inhaled the exciting odor of her son’s cock andballs, his asshole. She slipped her hands to his ass, cupping andsqueezing the cheeks, her tongue licking at whatever she placed inher face. Inching forward, Billy pressed his ass into hismother’s face, and Donna lapped at the tight pucker of his assholeeagerly, his balls resting on her nose, his cock along her eyesand forehead.”Suck my ass, Mother,” Billy giggled. “Suck my asshole!”Donna pressed her hot lips around the ring of his asshole,sucking very hard. The tip of her tongue darted into the assring, plunging up and down. Billy squirmed into his mother’s faceexcitedly, holding the back of her head. Donna parted the cheeksof his ass, trying to push her face harder and tighter against hisburning asshole.”I think I’m gonna piss, Mother.”Donna’s eyes rolled dreamily. She darted her tongue deepinto his asshole, hoping her son would piss. She would love tohave him piss into her hair, give her a piss shampoo, the way hehad given her a piss enema.But that wasn’t what Billy was thinking.He pulled his ass out of his mother’s face, standing back afoot or so. He held his cock with a thumb and finger. “I wannapiss in your face this time, Mother.””I’d love it,” she purred softly. “I’d love to have you pissin my face, Billy.”He stepped back a bit farther.”Lift your cunt up,” he said. “I wanna piss on your cuntfirst.”Donna arched her hips up, her weight on the back of her headand feet. Billy aimed his cock at his mother’s hairy cunt, andsent a stream of golden piss splashing into the thick hair. Donnawhimpered as she felt him piss on her pussy. When her son loweredthe stream, his piss stung the sensitive knot of her clitoris.Her hips lurched, and then Billy was pissing upon the slit of hercunt. Squealing with pleasure, Donna peeled her pussy wide openfor him, letting her son piss into it.”Oooh, that’s hot and wet and wonderful!” she purred. “Pissin my cunt! Piss in mother’s hot fucking cunt!”The soft pussy hair became soaked and matted, and Donnasquirmed wantonly.”Piss on me! Piss on Mother! Piss on my hot cunt, Billy!”she cried out. “Ohhh, I love having you piss on me!”She twisted her uplifted hips, clawing her cunt as open asshe could, feeling the sting of his piss against the insidewetness of her pussy.”Now my face! Piss in my face now, Billy!”Billy lifted his cock, the hot piss climbing up his mother’sstomach, then drenching her sharply pointed tits.”My face!” she screamed.Billy lifted his cock higher and pissed into his mother’sface.Donna sobbed with perverse ecstasy, feeling the hot pisssplash across her face. She opened her mouth and let her son pissin it, swallowing with thirsty sounds. Her face glistened wetly,and even her hair was soaked in her son’s piss. She had piss fromher head to her cunt, and she relished it, thrilled by it.Billy giggled lewdly as he pissed into his mother’s face,arching his cock to piss across her closed eyes, over her nose,and back into her mouth again. Donna’s ass twisted with ecstasy,her cunt opening and closing with quick sucking motions. Herclitoris bulged tightly.”You like it, Mother?” be asked. “You like it when I piss inyour cocksucking face?””Mmmm!”Billy pissed for some time, and, although his motherstruggled to swallow it all, she couldn’t keep up with him. Pissran about her face and neck, and her cunt was alive with a firethat his piss couldn’t possibly put out.As the stream weakened, Billy edged his cock to his mother’slips.Opening her eyes, Donna saw what he was doing, and sheeagerly closed her lips about his piss hole. Billy sent the lastsquirt of piss splattering into his mother’s throat. Donna moanedand ran her tongue about his piss hole, then tried to swallow hiscock.Billy leaned over and fucked into his mother’s mouth whileDonna held the cheeks of his ass. She gurgled with delight as hisprick began to harden. Billy fucked his mother’s mouth until hiscock became very hard, throbbing with need.Then he pulled out.”Oooh, you should let me suck you off,” she complained.”I wanna fuck your ass,” he said.Squealing, Donna spread out on the floor, lifting her legsup, drawing her knees to her shoulders. She pulled higher untilher cunt was above her face. She shoved her tongue out, trying toreach her cunt with it. “Oooh, I wish I could suck my own cunt!”Billy pushed at his mother’s ass as she stretched her faceupward. With some straining, she managed to flip the tip of hertongue across her own clitoris.”Lick it, Mother!” Billy gasped, seeing what she was doing.”God, I do taste good!” she moaned, then began flicking hertongue about her clitoris. Her back was straining, but tastingher own cunt made her feel better. Her tongue wiggled and swirledabout her clitoris, but try as she might, she could not get hertongue into the slit of her pussy.Billy ran his tongue out and licked at the wet lips of hismother’s cunt, then stabbed his tongue in. Donna moaned withpleasure as her son tongue-fucked her pussy. Her own tongue waslapping at her clitoris. They stared into each other’s eyes whilelicking at her pussy, Billy pressing her ass downward. Donnathought her back would break, but she was enjoying this so muchshe didn’t care.”Oooo, we can make me come this way!” she hissed. “Both ofus licking my cunt is going to make me come, Billy!”She lapped swiftly at her own clitoris, trying to pull herclit into her mouth, but she couldn’t.Their tongues met often, licking each other. While Billyfucked into her cunt, Donna licked her own clitoris. Her bentbody shook as her rapture grew, and her cunt was so juicy, fuckjuice ran out of her pussy and over her swollen clitoris. Donnahungrily licked the fuck juices into her mouth.Billy, though, didn’t keep fucking her pussy with his tongue.He drew his tongue out and licked along her asshole, too. Thesensation of licking her clitoris while her son licked her assholeand cunt filled Donna with tremors of weird ecstasy. Her pussywas boiling and dripping all over the place. She dripped so muchthat her clitoris became very slippery.”Suck your cunt, Mother!” Billy moaned. “Suck your hotfucking pussy!””I am! I am!” Donna cried, straining her tongue to herinflamed clitoris. What she was doing was so wild, so impossible,she knew her orgasm would be tremendous. “Suck my asshole, baby!Suck my asshole and lick my cunt! Let’s both suck my hot, wetcunt!”Donna tried to pull her own crotch farther into her face, butshe was bent to the breaking point already. She swirled hertongue about her bulging clitoris feverishly, feeling her son’stongue sliding from her asshole to dip into her pussy. Shivers ofheat raced about her flesh, and if her son had not been holdingher ass up and down, she would not have managed this at all.Billy fucked his tongue into his mother’s cunt, his upper lipbrushing his mother’s tongue. He fucked her pussy a few times,then slipped his tongue to her asshole, penetrating easily.Donna cried out with delight, her cunt starting to quiver andtwitch. More and more fuck juices ran to her clitoris, and shegreedily licked them up.Then, howling like an insane wolf, she came.Her tongue probed and licked with fiery heat at her throbbingclitoris while her son rammed his tongue into her asshole. Theirfaces were close, eyes closed, as they sucked her with perverseecstasy. The orgasm went on and on and Donna could hardly standmuch more.”Stop!” she yelped. “Ohhh, baby, no more, please!”Billy pulled his face up, and let his mother’s bodystraighten out on the floor. He leaned to her face, kissing hermouth and running his tongue across her lips. Donna returned hiskisses eagerly, taking her tongue past his teeth and sucking.”Oh, my God!” she gurgled. “Do you know what we just done,Billy? We sucked my cunt! You and me, we sucked my fucking cunttogether! Who would ever think that was possible?”Billy laughed, delighted. “Do you like your taste, Mother?””Oh, I love it!” she squealed. “I just wish I could get myface in my pussy all the way.””We’ll work on it,” he promised.”Sure, and break my fucking back in the process,” shegiggled.Billy, on his knees, stroked his cock.”I thought you were going to fuck me up the ass,” she said.”I’m ready,” he replied.”So am I,” Donna cooed, turning onto her stomach and bunchingthe cheeks of her ass.Billy leaned over and licked the creamy flesh of his mother’sass, and Donna shook deliciously.”Mmmmm, hurry up,” she urged. “You’ve licked enough. I wantto feel your hard cock slide up my asshole.”Chapter 9Donna arched her ass into her son’s face, writhing inpleasure.Her tits were smashed beneath her against the floor, herhands stretched far above her head, fingers clawing at the carpet.Billy swiped his tongue along the creamy smooth flesh of hismother’s ass, licking hungrily. When he dragged his tongue alongthe crack, Donna mewled softly, spreading her legs for him.”Lick it good, baby!” she cried softly. “Oh, lick Mother’sass!”Billy ran the flat surface of his tongue down, poking it athis mother’s hairy cunt, then drew his tongue up to her tight,burning asshole. Donna sobbed with delight as her son licked andtwisted his tongue about her sensitive asshole. Billy moved hishands past her hips, hugging her tightly and burying his face hardinto the cheeks of her hot ass. His tongue lapped and swirled atthe tight pucker, bringing whimpers from Donna.”Suck it!” Donna crooned. “Suck Mother’s asshole, Billy!”Billy opened his lips and smashed them around his mother’sasshole, sucking as hard as he could, the tip of his tongueflicking at the opening. Donna shivered with the thrillingcontact, shaking her ass into her son’s face. Billy plunged histongue into his mother’s ass, feeling her ass ring part for him.When his mother responded by pressing her ass tighter into hisface, he stabbed swiftly a few times.”Oh, God!” Donna wailed. “You could make me come with thattongue, baby! You can make mother come by tongue-fucking thatasshole! Ooooh, but I want your cock up my ass! Fuck me in theass, Billy! Please, please, fuck Mother up the ass! Use yourcock, darling! Ram your cock up Mother’s hot ass!”Billy lifted his face, kissing and licking at the feverishskin of his mother’s shivering asscheeks. His cock stood hard andready, throbbing and dripping. He climbed up over her back,smearing the head of his cock along her slender thigh. Lookingdown at her arching ass, he drew the swollen head of his cock tothe hot crack, and pressed until he felt the prickhead touchingher asshole. Donna gasped with anticipation, her assholepuckering eagerly.With one wild plunge, Billy stuffed his cock into hismother’s ass.Donna screamed with the sudden ecstasy, her assholestretching and gripping at his cock.”Ohhh, so fucking deep, baby!” she sobbed. “You can go sofucking deep in my ass! Fuck me, Billy! Ooooh, fuck mother upthe ass … fuck mother in the asshole now!”Billy held himself up by his arms, watching his mother darther ass up and down, her asshole sliding along his cock. He couldfeel the pulling, sucking sensation again. His balls slappedwetly against Donna’s hairy, juicy cunt. He watched his motherfucking him for a moment, then began to meet her uplifting asswith downstrokes. With each of his downward lunges, Donna gasped,the air being driven from her lungs by his force.”That’s it, Billy! Fuck hard, fuck hard and fast!”It was difficult to tell who was fucking whom, who wasthrashing more vigorously than the other. Donna fucked her ass upand down with his cock, sobbing softly with rapture. Thethrobbing of her son’s hard-on tingled and burned the stretchingring of her asshole, causing her cunt to throb and pulsate. Shewas wet, very wet, and fuck juices dripped from her cunt to thefloor. She could hear the soft, wet slapping sounds of his ballsas they beat against her swollen cunt.”So tight, Mother!” Billy groaned. “Your asshole is sofucking tight! Squeeze my cock! Make your asshole squeeze mycock, Mother!”But Donna didn’t have to concentrate to make her assholesqueeze. Her ass was gripping with hot waves by itself, withoutany conscious effort from her. The pressure was ecstatic for notonly her son, but for herself as well. She whipped her naked assup and down swiftly, smacking the hot asscheeks against her son,his cock feeling as if it were reaching depths she had beenunaware of. The deeper his cock went, the better it felt to her.She wiggled erotically beneath him, her face turned to one side,resting on the floor as her son fucked her hard. He fucked intoher asshole so hard, she felt herself scooting a fraction of aninch on the floor every time he fucked in.”Oh, so good!” she sobbed, panting, her eyes closed. “Sofucking good! Billy, you can fuck me in the ass all the time!Ohhh, baby, I love to feel your cock so hard up my asshole!Ooohhh, give it to me! Pound mother’s hot slutty ass! Pound the fuckingshit out of my fucking hot ass!”Billy speeded up, grunting. He fucked his cock in and out ofhis mother’s clasping asshole faster and faster. The frictionseemed to Donna hotter than before. She was certain her son’scock would raise blisters on her asshole, he fucked her so hot andfast. She strained her ass up higher, twisting with pleasure,sobbing softly as her ecstasy increased. Every part of her bodywas tuned to her asshole, to her son’s cock. She seemed tovibrate from head to toe, the heat centered in her cunt and ass.Her clitoris was aching and intensely swollen, and each time herson fucked hard into her asshole, he drove her cunt to the floor.”Ooooh, my ass is on fire, baby!” she gurgled throatily.”Your cock makes my asshole burn! Ohhhh, put out that fire,darling! Fuck mother’s burning asshole, put the fire out! I loveit! Oh, God, I love it so fucking much!”Billy lifted to his knees, pulling his mother’s hips up untilshe, too, was on her knees. Donna spread her knees wide on thefloor, straining her crotch back to him. Billy clung to her hips,fucking back and forth, watching his cock sink into her asshole.Donna plunged her ass back and forth with him, lifting her headand shoulders from the floor. Billy leaned forward and wrappedhis arms about her, clutching at her jiggling tits.”Ooooh, squeeze mother’s tits!” Donna whined. “Squeeze mytits and fuck my ass! Ram it to me, baby! Pull my fucking tits…. twist my fucking nipples … fuck me up the ass!”Billy was getting close to coming, his cock extending andthickening inside his mother’s gripping asshole. His balls wereswollen tightly now, smashing upon the swollen lips of her cuntwith each plunge. Donna, almost mindless with ecstasy, felt hiscock getting ready to spurt. She churned her ass wildly a fewmore times, then, before her son could protest, jerked away fromhim.”Mom!” he yelped. “I’m about to come!”Donna twisted swiftly on the floor, sitting down andspreading her legs about his knees. With cries of hunger, shegrabbed his hips and shoved her mouth over his cock just as herson came.”Ohhh, Mother!”Donna made wet sounds as she swallowed his thick come juice,her lips racing back and forth on his cock. She grasped hiswrithing balls in one hand, her other hand clutching a cheek ofhis ass tightly as she bobbed her mouth up and down his gushingcock. The creamy come juice splashed at the back of her throat,burning sweetly as she devoured his come juice.”Mmmmm!” she moaned around his gushing cock. “Mmmmm!”Billy grabbed the back of his mother’s head, jerking her faceforward and driving his squirting cock deep into her greedy mouth.Donna sucked wildly, yet felt her son’s come juice seeping fromthe corners of her mouth. She didn’t mind, not now. She foughtto swallow every spurt of his delicious come juice, her cuntgripping in tight spasms of orgasm, her ass writhing on the floor.She clung to his cock until his prick relaxed inside hermouth, then slowly let Billy pull free. She ran her tongue abouthis cock and balls, licking up what come juice escaped her mouth.Sitting back and looking up at him, grinning wickedly, she wipedher lips and sucked at her fingers.”I’ll never get enough of your come juice, Billy,” she saidin a soft voice. “You taste so fucking good to me, Your balls arealways loaded, and I’ve never tasted sweeter come juice in mylife.””You taste shit, too,” Billy giggled.”I don’t care,” she purred. “I’d taste anything as long as Ican get your cock, too.””Taste this,” he said, and pissed.With a squeal, Donna shoved her face forward into the streamof his piss. She washed her face, gurgling softly. Before thequick piss slowed, she opened her mouth and let her son piss downher throat. She leaned back with her head held up into the goldenstream.”Mmmmm, you’re just full of nice surprises, aren’t you,honey?” she whispered when it was over. “I like your surprises.””You’re just a hot fuckslut, Mother,” he said.Donna saw his expression and understood. Her son, despitethe ecstasy she had provided for him, sounded jealous. Yet, hehad no reason to be jealous. She wasn’t fucking anyone besideshim. She didn’t want to fuck anyone other than her son. Shecaressed his thigh gently.”What’s the matter, baby?” she asked.”Aw, I don’t know,” he said.”Aren’t you having fun, Billy?””Oh, yes, Mother,” he said. “I’m just worried, that’s all.””Worried? What are you worried about?””Well … you know.””Come on, darling,” Donna urged softly, running her handabout his hip, feeling his ass, then rubbing at his balls. “Tellmother what’s bothering you.””I’m just being a k**, that’s all.””And I love the way you’re being a k**.” She grinned wickedlyup at him. “But tell me, anyway. Maybe I can help out.””Mother, I’ve heard about hot girls,” he said. “We have acouple at school. All the guys call them hot fucks, and anyonecan fuck them. At least that’s what I’ve been told.””What’s wrong with that?” she asked.”Mother, you’re hot,” he replied. “You have a real hot ass,and your cunt is wet and ready all the time. I don’t want you tobe like those girls.””I thought you loved my hot ass and wet cunt.””I do!” he said quickly. “But … those guys say the girlsare only hot cunts and won’t go out with them except for a pieceof ass. The girls only go out for fucking, too.””I see,” Donna said, understanding what he was saying.She got to her feet and left her son in the living room. Sheremoved two frosted soft drinks from the refrigerator and carriedthem back into the room. She sat next to her son on the couch,and they sat in silence and sipped.”Billy,” she said after a while. “I think you’re confusedabout girls. Sure, some are hot as hell. Some girls will fuckanything that walks, if it has a hard-on. But just because a girlhas a hot cunt don’t mean she’s fucking everything. Listen, baby,you don’t see me dating, do you? I could if I wanted. There’splenty of men who would take me out. But I know what most of themwant–my cunt. So, I don’t date. I stay home with you, right?I’m always here and ready for you. Sure, I love to dance, but Ican enjoy dancing here at home for you. I love to have you watchme dance, more so now that we’re fucking.”Billy looked at his mother with liquid eyes.”Dancing makes me hot, makes me want to fuck. So who isgetting to fuck me when I dance and get hot? You, Billy. You andno one else. I’m hot. Oh, yes, I have a hot ass and cunt andmouth. But those are for you, darling. I don’t want or need anyother cock, man or whatever. I need you and only you. I am not awhore. I am not a woman who fucks anything and everything. But,for you, I’d do anything. I’m Your hot slut that will do anything to please. Do you understand what I’m saying,Billy?””I think so,” he said.”Then what’s wrong?””Mother, you said you’d like to suck a cunt,” he remindedher. “You said you’d love to taste a wet cunt in your face.”Donna pulled her son’s head to her firm, shapely tits. “Ofcourse I said that. And I would enjoy sucking a sweet cunt. Butthat don’t mean I’m a terrible person, does it? You love to suckmy pussy, right? What’s wrong with me wanting to suck one, too?”Billy had no reply. He felt his mother’s warm tits againsthis face, and shoved an arm behind her, hugging her. He caressedher smooth thighs tenderly, toying with the hair of her cunt.Donna moved her hand to his cock, toying with his balls,twisting his prick gently.Finally, Billy said: “I guess there’s nothing wrong with it,Mother.””Of course there isn’t,” she answered, kissing the top of hishead. “I’ve never tasted any pussy but my own. I probably won’tever taste any pussy but my own. It’s just a fantasy of mine.”Billy rubbed downward with his fingers. Donna parted herthighs for him, and he rubbed softly and slowly at her clitoris.”You really wanna suck a cunt, Mother?” he asked. “I mean,you really would like to stick your tongue inside a cunt and fuckit and lick it and eat it?””Yes, Billy,” she said softly. “I won’t lie to you. I’veimagined many times about it. I know it would be soft and wet andhot and very delicious. When you shoved my ass way back so Icould lick my clitoris while you licked my cunt, it was fantastic.I’d suck my own cunt if I could get it all in my mouth.””We can keep trying,” he suggested.”But we’ll break my back, baby,” she said, hugging him. “I’dlove it, just love to stick my tongue up my own cunt, but I don’twant a broken back in the bargain.”Billy was quiet, sliding his finger up and down his mother’sclitoris, dipping the tip of his finger into her cunt now andthen. Donna let her son think as she fondled his cock, teasinghis prick into half hardness. Billy turned his head into hismother’s tits, sucking at one nipple gently.His cock stiffened in her hand.”Fuck me, Billy,” she said softly.Billy drew from her tit, looking up into his mother’s face.Donna could still see concern in his young eyes. There was no wayshe could help him with his problem right now. All she could dowas show him as time went by that she wanted no other man, noother cock, except him.”In my pussy,” she whispered. “I want it in my cunt thistime. We seem to spend more time with your cock in my mouth or up my ass. Not that I’m complaining though. Oh, I’dnever complain if you wanted to fuck my mouth and asshole all thetime, and not my cunt. I just like a change sometimes.”She drew back, lying on the couch, spreading her legs. Sheplaced one foot on the back of the couch, the other hanging overthe cushions. Billy knelt at the other end, looking at hismother’s pussy, enjoying the hair-lined wetness. He thought hismother had the best-looking cunt ever, although he had no other tocompare hers with.”Fuck mother,” Donna urged huskily, gazing at the swollenhead of her son’s cock. “Fuck this hot, hairy, wet cunt, baby.”Billy leaned forward, rubbing the piss hole of his cock upand down the slit of his mother’s cunt, then smashing against herknotted clitoris.”Ooooh, that feels good, darling!” she cooed as she liftedher ass to him. “Rub mother there. Rub on my pussy!”Billy rubbed the head of his cock up and down her cunt,pressing up from her asshole, dragging upward on the puffy slit,rubbing about her clitoris. Donna writhed her hips, pulling thelips of her cunt wide open for her son, her eyes glazed withdesire as she watched him. Billy ran his cock through the softhair, leaving beads of wetness.”So hot, Mother,” he groaned. “Your cunt is so fucking hotand wet!””You make mother’s cunt hot, baby!” she mewled. “It’s youand your cock that makes my pussy hot and wet! Fuck me now,Billy! Please, my cunt wants your hard cock now!”Billy shoved the head of his cock into his mother’s cunt andwatched as the lips parted for him. The steamy grip of her pussycaused his balls to jerk upward, and he fucked his cock all theway in, smashing the swollen lips of her pussy at the base. Donnawrapped her hot thighs about him as he sat on his heels, and beganto buck her ass up and down, fucking his cock with slow motions,whimpering with the sensations.”So good! Billy! So very good!”Billy leaned over, fucking his cock deeply as his motherlifted her ass to him. His lips caught her tit, sucking her stiffnipple, his tongue fluttering. Donna ran her hands up and downher son’s sides, across his back, gurgling deeply as she wrappedher long legs about his ass. She moved her hands down to cup thecheeks of his bunching ass, while grinding her cunt withincreasing speed onto his throbbing cock.”Suck my titties! Ooooh, suck mother’s tits off! Oh, yes,baby! Suck hard! Fuck my cunt and suck my titties!”Hunching her ass up powerfully, she fucked at her son’s cockwhile Billy held still. The feeling of his mother’s cunt ridingup and down on his prick made him cry out with rapture.”Do it to me, Mother! Ohhh, fuck me, Mother!””Yes, baby!” she sobbed. “Mother will fuck you! Mother willtake care of your beautiful hard cock! Mother will always takecare of your sweet prick! Forever and ever!”Billy moved again, pounding into his mother’s receptive cuntfaster and faster. Donna drew her knees up his sides, bringingthem to her shoulders, her hands going to her ass. She fingeredthe lips of her cunt wide apart for him, listening to the wetslapping sounds. She humped up and down as wildly as he.Billy leaned back, watching his cock banging into hismother’s cunt, watching her hairy pussy, feeling her clitorisscr****g his prickshaft. Each time he fucked into her cunt, hertits jiggled, and Donna cried out with ecstasy.”Harder, Billy! Harder!”Billy fucked hard, hoping he wouldn’t hurt his mother. Butthe harder he rammed his cock into her cunt, the better Donnaloved it. She squealed wildly, hissing with rapture as her cuntstretched then gripped his throbbing cock. She drew herhands from her ass, shoved them over her shaking stomach andpulled at the lips of her pussy for her son.”Ooooh, deep, baby, deep! Shove it as deep as you can!Ohhh, Billy, Billy! Drive your cock all the way to my cocksuckingthroat! I want to fuck it and suck it and … ohhh, fast andhard!”Clutching his mother’s thighs, Billy grunted with effort,fucking into his mother’s cunt very hard, hoping he didn’t bruisethe tender flesh of her sensitive pussy. But she wanted to befucked hard, and he was fucking her hard.Donna sobbed with pleasure, feeling the throbbing of herson’s cock with every nerve of her slender, lovely, erotic body.Her cunt felt more sensitive than ever. She felt as if her cuntwere sucking and licking her son’s cock, sucking his prick the wayher mouth could do. Her stomach began knotting as the fireswelled deep inside her cunt.”So close, Billy!” she squealed. “I’m so close to coming!Ohhh, stab my cunt! Stab the piss out of mother’s cunt! Bang theshit out of mother’s hot ass! Do it … do it!””I’m about to come, too!” Billy groaned.”Oh, come in me! Come in my cunt! Billy, baby, darling …shoot that sweet come juice to mother’s hot cunt!”Donna arched her ass high, her hands leaving her cunt andjerking to her swollen tits. She dug her fingers brutally intoher tits, feeling the pain, but it was pleasure-pain. She criedout as her orgasm burst, sending her naked body into spasms. Shescreamed loudly, her cunt sucking and gripping with powerful wavesas she came.Billy couldn’t resist the tight contractions of his mother’scunt. He gave a howl and rammed his cock as fast into herconvulsing cunt as possible. The spraying of his come juice alongthe greedy walls of her cunt sent Donna into a stronger orgasm.She started going through a whole series of orgasms, or else itwas one long, very long, drawn-out orgasm. She didn’t know anddidn’t care … she was coming hard with her son spurting histhick, sweet, creamy come juice into her starving cunt and thatwas all that mattered.They strained together, Billy’s cock pressing deep and hard.With a final shudder, Donna’s ass slumped, and Billy fellacross his mother’s naked body. For a long minute, Donna couldn’tmove. Then she closed her arms about him, hugging him against hertits tightly.”You see, darling,” she whispered. “You’re all the man I’llever need. No one could ever take care of my hot cunt the way youdo. Mother’s pussy wants no other cock but yours.”But when Billy stood up, his cock drooping, she saw concernwas still etched on his face.Chapter 10Donna, sitting in her bath, wondered where Billy had gone offto.He had left the house over an hour ago, and since he hadn’tsaid where he was going, or when he would return, she wondered.It wasn’t like him to go off without letting her know where hewould be and when he would be home.She leaned back in the tub, the fragrant bubbles burstingabout her.She loved to be clean, as clean as possible.Yet, she loved to feel her son’s piss all over her body, too.But that was different, she knew. Having her son piss on her wasdelicious and exciting and made her cunt tingle. That was fun,very much fun. But she loved to be clean, too. She could liearound in a puddle of her son’s piss for hours, but after theexcitement was gone, she had to bathe.She wondered why her son was so concerned. She had triedhard to let him know that just because a woman had a hot cunt,that didn’t mean she fucked anything and everything that got hard.But he was young, and he didn’t understand those things, she felt.As he became older, he would know what she was talking about.She ran soap over her flawless tits, washing her nipples.After a bit, she stood up in the tub, and soaped her cunt and asscarefully. Her pussy was quite hairy. She had once been worriedabout so much hair on her cunt, but discovered, as she grew older,that many men loved a hairy cunt.She stood in the tub, the bubbly water below her knees.Spreading her legs, she pulled her pussy open, and, with lewdgiggling, began to piss. The golden piss arced outward andsplashed into the bubbles. She purred softly and ran her handalong her cunt as she pissed, enjoying the hot feel.She cupped her hand, letting her piss pool in the palm, thenlifted it to her face, washing about her cheeks. Cupping her palmagain in the stream, she lapped at it like a puppy dog, gigglingand feeling very wicked.She was glad Billy enjoyed pissing. She was glad he pissedon her cunt and up her ass and into her mouth. She was glad heenjoyed letting her piss on him, and in his face. There wassomething intensely exciting about pissing and watching it splashinto her son’s face, or having him piss into her face. It wassomething she had fantasized for many years about, and now her sonwas making those fantasies come true.The stream of piss weakened, and then dribbled. Donna ranher palm into her cunt and then licked her hand. Squatting in thetub, she splashed water over her pussy, then pulled the plug.As she stepped out and reached for a towel, she heard thefront door open, then close.”Is that you, Billy?” she called.”Yes, Mother.””I’m in the bathroom, baby,” she called. “Should I putsomething on? Would you like for me to put those new panties on,the ones without the crotch in them?”Suddenly, she jerked upright, clutching the towl.Billy had come into the bathroom, but what startled her washe had someone with him.”Billy! What the–“The little girl had long blonde hair and huge blue eyes.Billy was holding her hand. The girl was small, not as tall asher son, and very young. The girl looked at Donna withoutblinking, squarely in the eye. Her little mouth pouted cutely asher blue eyes took in the thrust of Donna’s tits against thetowel, her long legs beneath, and the fuzz of Donna’s cunt thatshowed. The girl was dressed in a frilly skirt and blouse.”This is Judy, Mother,” he said, without a blush. “You know,one of the girls I told you about yesterday.””But, Billy–“”She wants to, Mother,” Billy said. “I told her about you,what you wanted to do, and Judy agreed.”Billy pulled the little girl forward until she stood at hisside. Donna saw a slender little beauty, a girl that looked ather with deep interest and no sign of embarrassment. Judycertainly didn’t look like a girl who went around fucking everyhard cock she saw. She looked sweet and innocent, as if shepreferred dolls to boys. Billy had to be wrong, Donna thought.He must have made a mistake.Billy saw his mother’s unbelieving expression.”Show her, Judy,” he said.The little girl stuck her thumb into her mouth, and liftedher skirt. The panties were tight little-girl panties, and herthighs were lusciously exciting. There was a slight bulge whereher succulent cunt was, Donna saw. As the little girl stoodsucking her thumb and holding her skirt up, Billy hooked hisfinger into Judy’s panties and drew them to one side.”Oh, no, Billy!” Donna protested, but she was gazing at thesweet pink slit of Judy with a hunger. No hair.Donna could not help herself. Her cunt puffed up andthrobbed, her clitoris straining. She dropped the towel, and thelittle girl’s blue eyes began to sparkle as she stared at Donna’snaked body.”What did Billy say to you, Judy?” Donna asked.”He said you wanted to suck my pussy,” Judy said bluntly,staring at Donna’s hairy cunt with hot young eyes.Donna looked at her son. Now she understood his concern theday before. It wasn’t that he was afraid she would tire of himand find another boy or man. He had been wanting to find her ajuicy cunt to suck.”Billy,” she said softly, reaching for him. “She’s so young.Are you sure about this?””Judy said you could, Mother,” he said.”Judy, have you ever done anything like this before?” Donnawanted to know.”With my sister,” Judy replied.”Mother, Judy fucks all the time, and when she don’t have acock, she’s with her sister, April. You’d like April, too.””My sister and I suck each other off all the time,” Judysaid. “You wanna meet April?”Donna didn’t know how to answer that. Judy was very young.”April got married a month ago,” Judy said. “And I stay withthem a lot. We fuck her husband all the time, together.”Donna realized Judy might look sweet and innocent, but shecertainly wasn’t.”Maybe we could meet them both later,” Donna said.”Sure,” Judy agreed.Donna pulled her son and Judy from the bathroom. She wasstill wet from the tub, but no one minded then. She undressedJudy, taking her time, exposing those tiny tits. She couldn’tresist sucking each in turn. Billy stripped completely and sat inthe middle of the bed, watching his mother undress Judy, his cocklifting into hardness.When Judy stood naked, sucking her thumb shyly, Donna suckedin a loud breath of air.”My God!” she breathed. “You’re lovely, Judy!””Wanna suck my cunt?” Judy asked, her eyes glittering.”God, do I!”With a squeal, Judy jumped onto the bed, her sweet, tight assflashing invitingly. She spread her legs wide, her pink cuntdrawing Donna immediately. Donna buried her face into Judy’s slimthighs, kissing feverishly at the sugary cunt. Judy giggled andsquealed with pleasure as she lifted her little ass, twisting hercrotch into Donna’s sucking mouth.”Ohhhh, you sure have a long tongue! I like that! Fuck mycunt with your tongue!”Billy shifted so he could see his mother’s face pressed intoJudy’s young pussy. It excited him to see her tongue scr****galong the slit, twirling about Judy’s tiny clitoris. His cockthrobbed, dripped. Judy grabbed his prick and squeezed.”Ooooh, look at your cock, Billy!” she squealed. “I wannafuck it!””You gotta let my mother suck your cunt off first, Judy,” hesaid. “That was your promise, remember?””I don’t mind,” Judy gurgled. She lay back.Donna, her mind spinning with erotic pleasure, lifted thesmall ass high. She probed her tongue into the crack of Judy’sass, licking at the tiny asshole, sliding her tongue to the slit,and darting in deeply.Judy squealed and writhed, her knees against her shoulders.”Oooh, fuck me with your tongue, Donna! Oh, golly, you can lickmy cunt the way April does! Her tongue isn’t as long as yours!Ahhhh, it feels almost like a cock!”Donna slurped hungrily into the succulent cunt, sucking atthe tiny clitoris, driving her tongue deep. The sweet pussyjuices were better than she thought they would be.”Billy, fuck your mother,” Donna heard Judy say. “I wannasee you fuck your mother while she sucks my cunt! Stick your cockup her cunt and fuck her, please!””Am I gonna fuck your sister, too?” Billy asked, squirmingbehind his mother. “Will April let me fuck her, Judy?””April will fuck anyone!” Judy burbled, churning her cuntinto Donna’s sucking mouth faster and faster. “She’ll fuck andsuck and eat pussy!”Donna drew her knees beneath her body, arching her creamy assto her son as he knelt behind her. She lifted her face out ofJudy’s cunt.”Up my ass, Billy!” she groaned. “Fuck mother in the assfirst!”With a thrust, Billy fucked his cock into his mother’sasshole. Donna gasped and rammed her open mouth back onto Judy’scunt. She sucked in as hard as she could, her tongue licking thehot juices into her mouth, her throat working. For a girl soyoung, she thought, Judy sure was wet.Judy stared past Donna’s back, watching Billy fucking intohis mother’s asshole.”Are you really fucking your mother in the ass, Billy?Really? Don’t it hurt, Donna?”Donna shook her head, her lips sucking hard at Judy’s creamycunt, waggling her ass as her son fucked deeply.”Ooooh, I wanna try it, too!”Donna started to pull her mouth away, but Judy grabbed her bythe hair, yanking her face back into her crotch.”Not now, I’m about to come now!” Judy squealed, grinding hercunt hard into Donna’s face. “Oooo, fuck me with your tongue!Suck my cunt!”Judy beat her pussy into Donna’s face hard. Donna wasdelighted with the movements of this beautiful little girl. Sheslammed her ass back against her son, her asshole squeezing hard,her cunt exploding with wet contractions.”I’m gonna come up your ass, Mother,” Billy shouted.Donna screamed into Judy’s cunt as her son sent a fiery gushof creamy come juice into her own asshole. The convulsions ofDonna’s cunt tightened until she couldn’t breathe. The scent ofJudy’s hot pussy in her face added to the perverse ecstasy, thetaste being so sweet on her tongue and in her mouth. She pressedher ass back hard on her son’s cock, draining his balls’ juiceinto her fiery asshole.”Ohhhh, my God!” Donna moaned into Judy’s cunt. “Fill myfucking ass, Billy! Ohhh, squirt it hard up mother’s hot fuckingasshole!”Judy scrambled from beneath Donna and jumped to her knees,leaning down and looking closely at Billy’s cock buried into hismother’s asshole. Donna felt the little girl’s hot mouth kissingat the cheek of her ass, and when that wet little tongue flickedover her flesh, her cunt exploded again.”Ohhhh, God,” she moaned as her son pulled his cock out ofher stretched asshole. “Oh, my God!”Donna sprawled forward on her face, the cheeks of her asstrembling as her asshole clutched and relaxed.Judy parted the cheeks of Donna’s ass, and dipped her tongueup the mother’s asshole.”Judy,” Donna groaned.”Mmm, I wanna lick Billy’s come juice out of your asshole,”Judy said. “I lick come juice out of my sister’s cunt all thetime. I love it!”Donna lifted her ass into the air again. If Judy wanted tosuck her son’s come juice out of her asshole, she wasn’t going tocomplain.Billy used his hands to hold his mother’s ass wide open forJudy, watching her young tongue flicking in and out of the pucker.”When are we gonna meet your sister?” he asked, when Judylifted her face.Donna rolled onto her back and looked at them, opening andclosing her thighs, her cunt glistening with wetness. “Yes, when,Judy? I think I would love to meet her.”Judy giggled, leaned down between Donna’s thighs and took along, slow tongue-swipe at Donna’s hairy cunt. Then she turned toBilly, and sucked his cock into her mouth. Donna noticed thelittle girl had to struggle to get Billy’s cock between her lips,but she was certainly enthusiastic.Judy drew from Billy, licked at her lips with her tongue.”You have to let her husband come along,” Judy said. “Aprilwon’t do anything without him. Besides me, that is.”Donna looked at her son.”Why not?” he said. “My mother could use a different cockonce in a while.””Call April now, Judy,” Donna whispered with excitement.”Call her right now!”Judy reached for the phone …Donna reached for Judy’s cunt …Billy shoved his face into his mother’s cunt …_______________________________________________________________

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