Bisexual Seduction


My name is Kristen Suarez O’Leary and I have a story to share. My husband Harry O’Leary and I are probably the kinkiest people on the planet. We met when we were both twenty, studying Criminal Justice at city college. Harry went on to become a State Trooper. I became a small-town cop and I liked it for a while but I ended up retiring early and teaching at the local community college instead.

Harry and I are as different as can be. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, with light bronze skin, short red hair and pale gray eyes. I am part Mexican and part Irish. Harry is a six-foot-two, red-haired, golden-eyed African-American stud with Roman Catholic roots. I’m deeply conservative. He’s a raging liberal. I’m a Republican. He’s a Democrat. I love Sympathy For The Devil by the Rolling Stones. He listens to Pop starlets like Spears and Moore. Need I say more? Yet we love each other. We have a lot in common, too. You see, we’re both bisexual.

I discovered my bisexuality at the age of nineteen in the arms of my best friend Josephine. She was a tall, gorgeous redhead from France. We were just hanging out at her apartment, watching a movie while sitting on the couch when she put the moves on me. I was wearing a red T-shirt and blue shorts. Josephine wore a tank top and shorts. She looked so sexy it was intoxicating. She started touching my thigh and asking me if I liked it. Next thing I knew, she had me naked on her couch. Josephine really knew her way around the female body. I think most lesbians do. She kissed me, and sucked on my breasts. When she spread my legs and began licking my pussy, I thought I was going to pass out.

Josephine fingered my pussy and ate me out. I was lying on the floor at this point, moaning and begging for more. She continued to work me up, lapping and fingering my sweet spot, until I came in a gushing torrent of cum. I had never experienced an orgasm before. I think I screamed loud enough to wake the dead that night. anyway, it was my first time with another woman. I will remember it until the day that I die. Josephine and I became lovers. I had a serious crush on her. She liked me, but she had other lovers. Women I never met. Josephine doesn’t like to commit. She’s a serial seducer. Got my heart broken too, but I got over it. There were other women, and even men, in my life but that’s a story for another time.

The first man I ever slept with was my future husband Harry. The tall, sexy black stud whom all the chicks on campus seemed to want. He was one of the luminaries of the criminal justice program and also the son of the town’s police captain. He came from a long line of police officers. His father and even his sister and brother were all cops. Good men and women, the whole bunch of them. Good looks ran in the family. Harry and I became pals of a sort. We met at the YMCA while playing basketball. He was taller and more athletic than I was, but I was determined to give him a run for his money. Our first match against each other ended in sixty versus fifty six. He won, but I made him work for it. Never let it be said that I was easy.

I found myself attracted to Harry. He was so handsome, easy going and fun to hang with. He was also made me the envy of so many chicks on campus. Our first time was in his car. Yeah, I know. Not exactly original but hell, I liked it. We were just making out after watching an action movie when I decided to go all the way with him. The sexy stud smiled, produced condoms out of thin air, and we got it on. Harry kissed me, and pulled me closer to him. He kissed my neck, caressed my breasts and cupped my firm buttocks in his strong hands. I wanted him so badly I could burst.

I climbed on top of him right after he put on the condom. I wanted to feel him inside of me. I wanted to know what it was like. Harry held me by the hips and thrust into me. I gasped as he entered me. It hurt a bit, as to be expected, but felt kind of good. I felt hot inside and only he could slake my thirst for more. He took me hard, and fast. Our first time was swift, passionate, even violent. First, I was riding his cock and he was thrusting into my pussy while looking into my eyes. I was screaming like a banshee, loving every moment of it.

Then, I was ankara duşta veren escortlar on all fours, banging against the dash board and he took me from behind. He grabbed my hands and pushed me down on the bent seat as he ravished me. I screamed as he thrust into me. I had never been taken like this before, not even by Josephine and her strap on during some of her most passionate nights. Harry fucked me. It was intense, violent, swift and fun. I’ve never been taken like this before. And I absolutely craved more. We used up who knows how many condoms that night, before lying exhausted in the car, covered with sweat and gasping for air. This was an experience which I would never forget. Yep, definitely.

Harry and I became a couple a few months after our first time. Both of us had other people in our prospects. I was experimenting with Leanne, a gorgeous blonde woman from Kentucky who came to liberal haven Massachusetts to explore her budding bisexuality. We had a lot of fun together. I was also involved with a sexy black woman named Katherine, who played on the Women’s Basketball team. Meanwhile, Harry was publicly involved with a young woman named Sharon. I’ve met Sharon. She’s a thick, curvy black chick who has a thing for football players, fortunately for Harry, the Football star.

The first time I discovered that Harry was bisexual was quite by accident. The school was having a major rally and all the jocks were there. Young men from the Rugby team, the Soccer team, the Wrestling team, the Basketball team, the Swim team, the Baseball team and the Football team. The female jocks were there too. Female Wrestlers, Basketball players, Soccer players, Softball players, Swimmers and Polo players. Our school took sports seriously. Back in those days, we were roughly fifty percent male and fifty percent female. An ideal ratio if you ask me, though there weren’t enough racial minorities.

Harry was there, with sexy Sharon on his arm while talking to some of his Football buddies. I watched him while trying not to see the nasty looks Sharon shot me. Harry excused himself, and went off with his pal Joe, a tall young Haitian-American football player. Sharon pouted, and went back to her lady friends. I’m not really into parties, they’re not my thing. Anything with more than ten people seems crowded to me. Still, people were mingling and after fun. I walked off by myself, and headed past the Student Center, toward the gym. I walked by the library, and paused. I thought I heard something. Naturally, I went to investigate.

What I saw amazed me. There were two men in the room, and they were having sex. From where I saw, I couldn’t really see their faces but I could tell that both of them were black. The black man had his dark-skinned lover on his back and was thrusting into him like there was no tomorrow. They screamed passionately as they fucked. I had never seen anything like this. I came closer, and gasped in shock. You will never guess who the two men were. Okay, here goes nothing. Joe, college football star, was getting fucked by his muscular teammate Harry, the sexy black stud. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

The two of them hadn’t noticed me, and I hid well. I watched them. Harry barked some cuss words as he fucked Joe, and Joe seemed to be loving it. He stroked that big cock of his, that cock I knew so well, as the other man fucked him. Harry fucked Joe energetically, thrusting into him with all his might. Joe’s body was covered with sweat, and I must say that sweat looked good on him. I watched the scene, and found myself oddly aroused by it. My hands slipped into my panties, and I fingered myself as I watched the hot man-to-man action. I didn’t know sex could be that intense between two men, wow!

It was definitely intoxicating to watch them. Harry grabbed Joe’s legs and raised them in the air, then he fucked him from the side. Hard and fast, he thrust into him. Joe screamed passionately, and stroked his cock as he received what seemed like the fuck of the century to me. Harry pounded into him mercilessly, and Joe was loving it. He groaned, screamed and begged for more. So this was what sex between two men was like. It was so passionate, so primal. Unlike anything I had ever ankara fetiş yapan escortlar seen before. I’ve heard of stale heterosexual sex and of course, lesbian bed death, but after watching these two, I was pretty sure that men who had sex with men could never tire of their lovers.

Understand that I’d only been with one man at this point in my life. All of my other lovers had been women. Yet I was watching my first male lover going at it with another man. The two of them were fucking and sucking like sex was going out of style. And guess what? I came right then and there, and rather loudly I might add. Oh, shoot! What had I done? Joe turned in the direction where the noise had come from. I was hiding behind a stack of boxes. I backed away, panicking. I could not let myself get caught! I rushed out of there, running like the devil was after me. I returned to the party, with sexual images of men in my mind.

A short while later, Joe and Harry returned to the party. Together. I tried not to stare at them. It was hard not to. These two looked and acted normal, as if nothing happened. Harry walked up to Sharon, and she ignored him. He scoffed, and went back to talking to his jock friends. A short while later, I noticed Joe leaving with a good-looking blonde woman on his arm. So this is how they do it? Those two football players were bisexual! And I was the only one who knew about it. Damn! little did I know that I wasn’t going to be the only one knowing it for long. I didn’t tell anyone about it. It’s not my policy to out others, for one thing. Also, who’d believe me if I said that the two most macho men on campus were secretly fucking each other behind their girlfriends backs? Nobody!

Harry was not the most discrete man in the world. Surely enough, one day he got caught. Sharon caught him going down on some guy when she went to visit him at his off-campus apartment. The news hit the school like a lightning bolt. Sharon told all her girlfriends. She also told the men, the faculty members, and even the custodians. Yeah, I’m pretty sure she blabbed about her boyfriend’s bisexual adventure to the birds flying overheard too. Harry suddenly found himself persona non grata on campus. The women were looking at him funny. The men gave him odd looks. Understand that none of these people were tough enough to walk up to him and call him queer to his face. Nope, they just gave him the cold shoulder. It was hell on the poor guy.

I approached him one night, just to offer him moral support, you know? I don’t know what the fuss is about. Everybody and their mamas think that it’s great for two women to kiss and even have sex. Yet if two men try to do the same thing, people start looking at each other funny. Yeah, if you ask me that’s hypocrisy of the worst kind. When I approached Harry, he was understandingly apprehensive. I told him the truth about myself. I was bisexual. I liked both men and women. Just like him. What do you know? Harry and I hugged and kissed. We ended up in bed later that night too.

I don’t know if it’s because of the stress on him at school and on the football field, but Harry was more passionate than I had ever seen him before. He was practically ripping my clothes off when we got to my apartment. I wanted him quite badly too. A single touch from him was enough to arouse me. He took me on the floor. There we were, rutting like primitive people. He was on top of me, kissing me and suckling on my breasts. I kissed his forehead, and put my arms around him. My hands went for his dick, and I felt its hardness. He wanted me quite badly. Spreading my legs, he entered me with one swift thrust. I gasped in pain. Harry grasped me in a tight embrace and I hung onto him as if for dear life as he thrust into me, burying his cock deep into me. It hurt, yet it felt good. Harry was even more passionate than before, grabbing me and positioning me the way he wanted.

Any other time, any other place, any other person, I would have protested. Yet I didn’t. I wanted to surrender to Harry. I wanted him to take me. Even more surprising was the image that sprang through my mind as Harry positioned himself to take me from behind. I saw Harry, taking Joe passionately on a table back in school. ankara iranlı escort I relived the moment, watching the two of them engaging in primal, man-to-man sex. I wanted to experience that passion. So, I did the unthinkable. I told Harry to fuck me in the ass. He did not hesitate, he was that much in the moment. he spread my bottom, grabbed a nearby bottle of hair gel and used it to lube me up. then, he pressed his hard cock against my tiny asshole. With a swift thrust, he entered me.

Harry grabbed my hips and thrust into me. I wish I could say it were gentle. I wish I could say there was no pain involved. But what fun would that be? Harry slid his cock into my back door, and my eyes bulged as I felt the sheer size of his member in my butt. I had never felt anything like this before, or anything even remotely close. Not in a million years. This pain that I felt back there. It hurt so damn much. It was almost murderous. I felt like I was being split in half. Yet I didn’t protest. My body was doing things. It was backing up against Harry, driving him deeper into me. Instead of crying out for mercy, I begged him for more. And he gave me all that he had. I screamed, I begged, I shouted, I cursed and I begged. Harry fucked me until he came, and we both lay exhausted in a pool of our own sweat, and other bodily fluids. Not a word was spoken. We simply remained like this. There was nothing to be said. We were in new territory, both sexually and personally. How to proceed from there? It’s what we were going to find out. There was no awkwardness the next morning. Neither of us brought up last night’s incidents. Harry and I ate breakfast, then he showered and left. He kissed me before he left, and thanked me. I know we were in forbidden, new territory but as I watched him go, part of me wanted him to stay. This was more than just the mind-blowing kinky sex talking. I cared about this man.

Over the next few weeks, we had a string of passionate nights together. Sometimes, I slept over Harry’s place, and other times he stayed with me. We had to buy condoms by the barrel due to our nocturnal activities. My neighbors would wink at me if they saw me in the lobby of my apartment complex. They would also check out Harry, the good-looking black stud who ravished me at night. I liked Harry. I wanted him in my life. So, I decided to pursue him. I was there for him, and I showed him that I was all he ever wanted. All at once, I was confidante, buddy and sexual playmate. The triple threat. Any man or woman who wanted him didn’t stand a chance. I had him hooked.

Yeah, that’s what happened. Harry and I became a couple a while after the incident with Sharon outing him. People looked at us funny but we didn’t care. I was the campus dyke going around with the switch-hitter from the football team. Harry got injured while playing football. He ended up quitting the team. He told me that he had gotten hurt while playing against some team from southern New England. I knew the truth. One of his homophobic teammates hurt him during practice just because he was bisexual. This made me very angry. Why couldn’t they just accept him? He was a regular guy, most of the time. He wouldn’t put the moves on a heterosexual teammate. They had nothing to worry about. So why did they hurt him? I wanted to sue. Harry persuaded me not to. It wasn’t worth it in his eyes. The folks on campus were so homophobic. Both the men and the women. I guess America is not ready for openly bisexual football players. I’m sure plenty of men from the National Football League, the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball are gay or bisexual. Yet because of an unforgiving and intolerant world, they were forced to hide who and what they were. Even from those who claimed to worship them.

Thus ended a chapter of our lives. Harry went to the Massachusetts State Police Academy. He became a trooper not too long after. I went there with him, but became a town cop instead. We lived our lives together. We were honest to each other about our desires. For the most part, we were monogamous and like any couple, we had our ups and downs but we were okay. Sometimes, we’d invite a young man or woman to our bed, just to spice things up. I love Harry and he loves me. But we both have a habit of checking out both men and women while we’re out in public together. Some people admire us. Others loathe us. We are thankful for our admirers. We don’t care about the haters. I am bi. So is my husband. We’re not ashamed. We’re proud of who we are. Deal with it.

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