BLACK LUSTIt all started over a year ago. My name is Mark and I am a career Naval Officer stationed in San Diego. My wife is a beautiful woman who I have been married to for going on 19 years now. Delia is 38 years old, 5 ft tall, 112 lbs, with a perfect ass, small breasts, and a shaved pussy. She has always been the perfect “officers wife”, friend, and mother to our two daughters.About a year ago, I had been at sea for a period of only about two weeks and then returned home. Usually upon my return Delia is all over me and wanting to make love. On this occasion she was very aloof and not wanting much to do with me so I let it go. Over the next few days I became increasingly more and more agitated and finally confronted her. She sat me down and told me that she had gone to a party at a local nightclub during my absence and that she had met two of the other wives from the ship there and that she had basically partied and danced with other guys (all black I found out later on) and had been invited back to an after party at one of the guys home. At this point she explained that she had been very drunk and had sex with about 3 or maybe more guys at the party as did the other two wives.The day after the other wives were mortified and called Delia muğla escort and said that they had made a big mistake and that they should never talk about this again. Delia went on to say that she hung up saying OK but found herself calling one of the guys at the party again, named Derek, and again meeting him for sex. Not alone but with 2 other guys from the party again. I became very angry, talking about divorce etc…, but Delia was very pragmatic and matter of fact stating that she would basically take half of my retirement and that she didn’t want a divorce. She said that she wanted me, she loved me, but that she occasionally was going to need to fuck black cock and that I either accept it or she would take me to court and screw me.Her basic argument was that she was out of control around black cock and if she had it often enough that we could have a great life together also. I was in a corner either way but at the same time I felt excited about the fact that she was basically in control and found myself getting hard at the thought of my beautiful, hot wife being fucked by numerous black men. She went on to say that Derek and some his friends would occasionally want her to come over and that they eskişehir escort would want me to watch her get filled with black cock. I was sort of stunned and became more so shortly thereafter when she placed a video in the VCR.The video took place in our bedroom. There was no leading up to anything. Delia was naked in the first and last clips of the video and it was over an hour and 45 minutes long. The video showed Derek, who was a muscular and very well hung young black man, along with two of his friends, as they had my wife in every imaginable position. In every scene, my prim and proper wife and mother of my two daughters was overtly moaning and pleading for more cock! The least hung of all of the guys was also named Mark and he had over 8 inches! She did double penetration (although she had never wanted anal), licked the assholes of all 3 guys, swallowed all of their loads, and basically was covered in semen by the end of the video. All three guys came two or three times each and she said that it went on after the battery ran dead! I couldn’t believe my eyes.I agreed to the arrangement at that point knowing full well that she really did love me still and also knowing that she did have me over gaziantep escort a barrel and could financially ruin me if she chose to do so.At this point one year later we are doing fine. She has me film her in various motels throughout San Diego with a who’s who of black cock in San Diego. The younger and bigger, the better. Derek, who I found out was an enlisted man in the Navy, as well as his buddies, sees Delia at least once a month and has other officers wives that he is plowing on a regular basis. Last month he brought over another attractive white woman and her husband and he and 4 of his friends fucked our women until 5 in the morning while we videotaped and watched.He has also taken to having me suck off him and his friends in between sessions with my wife which only serves to get her hotter and make her want to go longer. She is now saying that she wants to see me swallow Derek’s cum, that she wants them to fuck my ass, and wants me to lick her pussy both during and after her having had them all cum in her.I am lucky to have such an attractive and sexy wife but I am worried about how far this will go. In the meantime I am enjoying the fact that our sex life is beyond description and that we love each other more each day. This is no joke. I love my wife and we will always be together but I know that once she had that first black dick in her that I was destined to be the one who took care of the more “loving times” and not the passionate, lustful encounters she has now. I will let you know what transpires in the future. Mark.

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