Black neighbor boy


Black neighbor boyBlack neighbor boyPart IWe had been married for almost 5 years at the time this story takes place. We were quite happy, and apart from the odd row, got on just famously. I worked a lot, including weekends away, but I didn’t worry too much for Mary because she had lots of friends and activities to keep her occupied.One afternoon, things at work were slow and I decided to surprise her and come home early. As I was getting ready to pull in the driveway, I noticed a bicycle in the driveway. I knew it because it belonged to a neighbor k** down the street who cut the lawn occasionally. I didn’t think much about it thinking that perhaps Mary had some yard work for him to do. I entered the house, and wandered over to the kitchen, grabbed a beer and looked around. Mary was nowhere to be found. Nor was anyone else. Having wandered briefly around most of the ground floor, I went in the back to see if anything was being done. Hmmm, nothing. I went back inside and walked upstairs, expecting that Mary was in the bedroom, perhaps showing her friends some girly things. So, after first checking the bathroom, I made for the bedroom. Then I saw them. Mary’s clothes, lying on the floor. I recognized the red top she’d been wearing when I’d left that morning. Her top was accompanied by her skirt, her socks, her bra, and her panties. And right beside them, a pair of boxer shorts. They weren’t my boxer shorts.Surprisingly, I didn’t find myself particularly angry. I hadn’t expected to come home to find this, but now that I had, I found myself considering the positive aspects of my wife being naked in my bedroom with another man. Indeed, I found myself somewhat turned on.Walking quietly over to the bedroom door, I placed by ear gently against it. I heard no words being spoken, but the repetitive squeaking of the springs in our marital mattress was pretty unmistakable.Slowly, I pushed the door open, and entered. In front of me was the absolute pinnacle, the sexiest of all sights. Mary was on the edge of the bed, completely naked, facing away from me, on her hands and knees. Behind her, Jason, the black teen from down the block completely naked too was fucking her doggy manisa escort style. His ass was in motion, slowly but rhythmically, pulling first backwards, and thrusting then forwards; on each forward stroke, my wife jolted forwards in time with the slap of his balls against her skin. Her pert breasts bounced in time with the thrusts, causing beads of sweat to drip from her erect nipples onto the bed.As I watched, mesmerized at the sight, I quietly stripped my clothes off and grasped my achingly hard cock. As I slowly stroked it as I watched and listened I started thinking about conversations Mary and I had had in the past about her fucking a black and conversations I had with Jasons’ father Jerome where after we had been talking about interracial sex over a few beers, he mentioned that Jason had been aching to fuck a white woman and that he was still a virgin. I stood for a long moment, watching the sexual engagement continue, and his thrusts, at first long and slow, become quicker and shorter and I knew he was getting ready to cum, then before he did, I let out a small, intentional cough. Both their heads span around at once, and after settling on me, both their eyes became wide. The teen’s ass pulled sharply backwards, and he turned around to face me. My first glance took me to my wife’s pussy, freshly revealed. Her pussy lips were stretched very wide, engorged, I suppose, by their recent cock-encounter; her hole was dark, terribly inviting, and so absolutely flooded with pussy juice that her sexual arousal must have been great indeed. I then at Jason. Tall and dark haired, I could see why she would be attracted to him. Looking down, standing proud in front of his well-toned body, I saw the reason her snatch had been stretched so wide: a broad, 10 inch pole, he was fucking her bare back, his long dick was shimmering with the passion he and Mary had just been sharing, and pulsating, having prematurely removed from the cunt of my wife.My wife’s mouth was open, either in a gasp of shock, or an attempt to speak, I suppose. I spoke first. “Why don’t you carry on?” said I, quite simply. The look of shock on the face of my wife continued maraş escort uninterrupted, but a large of obvious twitch of the boy’s huge erect willy showed that he’d have little problem acquiescing to my request. “Please, carry on,” I continued, “but,” said I, gesturing to the boy’s groin. “Your dad and I have talked about you wanting to get some white pussy, and Mary and I have talked about her wanting to get fucked by a black. Jason cocked his head at me, perhaps unsure of my sincerity, revealed was a giant pink cock head, and a long smooth shaft, with the occasional veiny ripple on its surface. Mary had told me previously that a plastic-wrapped cock was wonderfully pleasant, but nothing beat the feeling of the skin of a naked penis, thrusting and stretching inside her. Looking again at the Boy’s blade, I was doubly sure that Mary would love it.Walking over to the bed next to them, I assured him I was good with this and grasping his huge cock in my hand, guided it to Mary’s waiting hole. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was looking into his unbelieving eyes as I rubbed his cock along the length of my wife’s crack. After a few moments of this rubbing and coating his cock with plenty of Mary’s lubrication I positioned his cock to her pussy, his wide tip plugging perfectly the gaping hol of her sex. Mary’s lips at once parted as he eased slowly forward, slipping his cockhead fully into her.”That’s it Jason, now give her what she wants and do what you’ve been dreaming of. Fucking a white married woman and shooting your cum in her. Mary’s face, which up until now had maintained that same veneer of shock, dropped back into a state of ecstasy, even more intense than that in which it had been immersed when I first entered the room. Her eyes closed, and she let out a soft, prolonged groan as the black boy’s tip pushed further and further inside her, and the smooth, veiny ripples of his long shaft tickled her pussy lips on the journey into her tunnel.”Oh yea,” I groaned, “Feed her that fucking dick.” Slowly stroking my own aching cock as I watched it slowly slide deep into her belly. “You like that baby?” I said softly, “You like that big nigger escort bayan cock?””That’s it Jason, fuck her…..fuck her good.” Stroking my cock harder. “When you cum, I want you to cum in her pussy….fucking shoot it in deep….fucking knock her up buddy, give that bitch what she really wants.”The room was filled with the sounds of our heavy breathing and wet sounds of intense sex. “That what you want baby? Fucking black baby? Is it?””Uggghhhhhh…..yeaaa…..fuck me……fucking give it to me…..cummm.”So many thoughts going through my head I watched them mating, what would Jerome think when I told him I watched his son fuck my wife, could I ever get as excited as I was right now, who would she prefer fucking in the future after today. How often would we need Jason to come over now.Mary was not usually vocal during lovemaking, but this was obviously much different than anytime in the past. “Ugggggg….Jason….I’m cumming…..fuck I love your cock….fuck me….fuck me……Uggghhhhhh…..YES….YES….YEEESSSSSSS.” She became louder that I ever heard her before as I watched her shudder through her orgasm, in therace to climax, Jason was not far behind her. While Mary moaned loudly, and her body bucked wildly, in the throes of sexual ecstasy, his low, soft grunts became more forced, and his slack jawed expression told me that he was indeed, right at that moment, emptying himself into the pussy of my gentle wife Lucy.Holding her thighs tight as he pushed hard into her, I stared at the sight of his ass cheeks clenching and unclenching, knowing he was filling her with his potent young seed.As the motion slowed, and the lovers in front of me relaxed, I felt my own excitement building and quickly moved next to him. Jason looked over at me with a big grin and slowly d**g his huge cock out of her. Although my 7 inches had always seemed more than good enough, I felt a bit inadequate at the moment.”Aw dude, that was awesome.” I groaned as I lined my cock up and sank it into her sloppy hole. My whole body was shivering with excitement as I fucked into his cum, pounding hungrily into her sloppy pussy “Fuuccckkk Mary,” I groaned, “Feels so good fucking in his cum….so much of it.” Just thinking about all the cum in her and the possibilities I felt my own orgasm. “Ugggghhhh…..yeaaa.” Shooting an intense load made even more exciting knowing that my sperm would never catch up with the huge load he had already pumped into her.

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