Black Spring Break 2009


My name is Samantha Mont-Auban and I’ll be your guide through the first-ever Black Spring Break! I’m a five-foot-ten, full-figured, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned ( and proud ) Haitian woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I live in a nice, two-bedroom apartment on the West Side with my lifelong best friends Catherine Augustine and Melanie Bertrand. We’ve known each other for a while. Since our halcyon days at Brockton Community High School, in fact. Just three full-figured young Black college women living in the big city. We’re all in the Criminal Justice program at Bay State College in downtown Boston, which we carpool to daily. This is our story of getting by during Spring Break 2009.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you see a Spring Break music video or watch a Spring Break movie, they only show skinny White women in bikinis and White guys in swim trunks having a good time? They never show Black male and Black female students getting their party on. Ever. We’re never shown on the beach, getting wild or doing our thing. I find that not only extremely prejudiced but also downright infuriating. The media can’t get enough of Black people getting into trouble but they never show Black college men and Black college women having a good time. Just good, clean fun. Seriously. Well, my girlfriends and I decided to rectify that. We’re having ourselves a Black Spring Break!

We had ourselves a little party during the first weekend of March 2009. Spring Break vacation was on its way to Bay State College and we decided to keep things interesting. To that end, we invited three really cool Black college men to join us on a trip to the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Why Atlanta? Simply because it’s where some of the finest Black colleges and universities are. Schools like Morehouse College, Spellman College and Georgia State University. When these young Black men and young Black women get out of school for Spring Break vacation, many of them stick to Atlanta to get their party on. During Spring Break, Atlanta is a Mecca for the Black college student. The way places like Cancun and Aspen attract the White guys and White chicks by the barrel. My girlfriends and I were all ready to go. We had a van full of gas, clothes, supplies, cash and most important of all, three Ebony stud muffins to keep us entertained.

They’re good friends of ours we’ve known for a long time. They’re mighty fine-looking too! Here they all are. First, there’s my man Markus Antoine, a big and tall, caramel-skinned young Black man from Bridgewater State College. Henry Padilla, a tall and chubby Biracial guy of Hispanic and African-American descent. He plays Soccer for Emerson College. And finally ankarada yeni escortlar there was my pal Leander Brown, a big and tall, dark-skinned Football player from Curry College. It was Friday night and we weren’t leaving until Saturday morning. Driving from Massachusetts to Georgia will take almost eight hours. Yeah, it’s a long trip. We were having a real good time, drinking while dancing and watching music videos on MTV. Just some college buddies having a good time together.

I don’t know exactly how, but somehow our little party turned into a full-fledged orgy. I mean, one minute I was dancing with Mark, and the next I was making out with him on the couch. I guess I was horny because he looked real good to me and I hadn’t had any in a while. My last relationship ended because my ex-boyfriend Lawrence Madison decided that full-figured Black women weren’t his thing anymore. We’ve been going out since our freshman year at Bay State College and he ditched me on Valentine’s Day, choosing to break up with me via text. He’s shacked up with a White chick named Pauline, from nearby Berklee College. She dumped him a week ago and he begged me to take him back. I told him if he ever called my house again, I’d shove my foot up his ass. He sent me flowers, as if that would appease me. To be honest, I couldn’t care less. Lawrence is a punk anyway. I had myself a real man, and his name was Mark.

Mark was a really good kisser. If a guy isn’t a good kisser, I don’t think he’s going to rock my world if I decide to give him some play. Trust me, I know this. Mark was really aggressive, with his hands all over me. I really liked that. And I liked the bulge in his pants too. I ran my hands all over it, feeling his erection through his pants. Hot damn, he was hard as a piston. Just the way I liked my men. Pretty soon, we were getting down and dirty. What with his fingers on my pussy and his dick in my mouth. It’s weird how that happened. Sometimes, I just want some dick. And Mark had an eight-inch, uncircumcised rod of power that simply begged to be sucked. What? Do my words and actions shock you? They really shouldn’t. A lot more women are into casual sex than most people realize. I’m just more honest about it, that’s all.

Nearby, I noticed that my girlfriends were getting their freak on as well. Leander and Catherine had their hands all over each other. Catherine is around five-foot-nine, voluptuous and busty, with dark brown skin, short Black hair and a thick ass. And Leander had his hands all over that ass. He cupped her butt cheeks in his hands while suckling on her tits. Catherine smiled and led her stud to the couch, where they did their thing. Leander was all set and bayan escort ankara ready to go but Catherine told him flat-out that if he couldn’t lick her pussy, he couldn’t stick his cock in it. Hot damn, talk about a sexual ultimatum! Leander simply rolled with it. He spread Catherine’s plump thighs and went muff-diving. Catherine chuckled softly as the big and tall Black stud began licking her pussy.

Meanwhile, Melanie and Henry were going at it. The last time I saw these two, they were bumping and grinding while “Riding Dirty” played in the background. They really are fascinating to look at. Melanie is the darkest-toned Black woman I know. Her skin is almost blue-Black and she’s damn proud of it. Her hair is long and lustrous, framing a round, shy-looking face. And she’s exquisitely beautiful too. Standing six feet two inches tall, full-figured, wide-hipped and big-bottomed. I call her my Black Amazon. Henry is light-skinned, tall and chubby. Just the way she liked her men. Which probably explained why she was sucking his dick with such gusto. You go girl!

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. I was sucking all of the cum after Mark’s dick after working my magic on him. He sighed in pleasure and praised my oral talents. I smiled, then straddled him. Resting my hands on his shoulders, I lowered myself onto his lap until his cock rubbed against my pussy. With a downward thrust, I impaled myself on his cock. Mark put his arms around my waist and thrust into me. My sexy man began pounding his dick into my pussy like he was paying for it. My big tits flopped around his face and he frigging loved it. Just like I knew he would. He’s a freak, like me! I told him to tear my pussy up. Folks, it’s been a while since I got some and this chick is making up for lost time!

As I rode on Mark’s magic stick, I noticed my girlfriends getting it on with their men. Henry had Melanie on all fours, face down and ass up. I watched her hand him a small bottle, and my eyes widened in surprise. Melanie met my gaze, and smiled sheepishly. I shook my head. To each his or her own, alright? Henry spread Melanie’s ass cheeks wide open, and smeared lotion on her anus. Then he pushed his cock into her asshole. Melanie grimaced as he began to fuck her in the ass. Wow. I never thought I’d see the day. A six-foot-two Black Amazon getting fucked in the ass by a macho man. Well, I guess you never really know someone, you know?

Watching Melanie getting fucked in the ass and obviously enjoying it inspired me to give it a try. I asked Mark, and as you can imagine he was all for it. The big Black stud was quite eager. Well, I told him to cool his jets. If we were going to do this, it would be by my rules. escort bayan ankara I got on all fours, and made him lick my asshole. He did. I told him to finger my ass. He did. Satisfied, I greased up his dick and slowly let him into my ass. Mark placed his hands on my hips and gently eased his dick into my ass. It hurt a little, but I was well lubricated so it helped. It wasn’t long before he started fucking me nice and easy, slowly filling my ass with his dick. I never thought I’d say this but I kind of liked having Mark’s dick in my ass!

Meanwhile, Leander and Catherine were roughing it, as they say. She was on all fours, screaming her lungs off as he drilled his cock into her pussy from behind. He gripped her long hair, yanking her head back as he fucked her. Hot damn, this man really knew how to fuck! What he and Catherine did next surprised the shit out of me. After he fucked her silly, Catherine made Leander get on all fours. Spreading his ass cheeks, she began licking and fingering his asshole. Whoa! That was a surprise. I didn’t know Leander got down like that and I didn’t think Catherine was this freaky! If you thought this was freaky, imagine how I felt when I saw her grab a strap-on dildo from a drawer and strap it on. Leander waited patiently as she lubed up both the dildo and his ass. Without further ado, Catherine spread Leander’s ass cheeks and pushed the dildo into him. Hot damn!

Folks, I had no idea my girlfriends were this freaky. On either side of me, the action was exploding. Melanie was screaming as Henry drilled his cock into her ass and Leander was howling as Catherine eagerly sodomized him with her thick strap-on dildo. Wow! If I’d known my girlfriends and their men were this freaky, I would have brought my camera. Can’t get to it now. Not with Mark’s hands holding me into place as he fucked me in the ass. Even though it hurt, or maybe because it did, I loved the feel of his dick in my ass. It felt really good, once I got past the initial discomfort. We fucked and sucked the night away. When dawn came, it found us lying on the living room floor, three naked men and three naked women. Passed out after the party of the decade!

On Saturday morning, I was the first one to wake up, so I made some coffee. I prepared breakfast for everyone. A gigantic omelet ( I used nine eggs ), six cheese sandwiches and six cups of orange juice. Then I woke the others. It was seven and we were leaving Brockton at nine. The others had trouble waking up, so I got myself a cup full of iced water and let it drip over various tangled male and female bodies. They all got pissed at me for such a rude awakening, but laughed when we started talking about last night’s events. Yeah, it was definitely a night to remember. By unanimous decision, we decided to have an orgiastic good time once we got to Atlanta. Then we all hit the showers where more naughty fun followed before we finally got dressed and hit the road. Atlanta city, here we come!

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