Boss Finds Out My Secret


Boss Finds Out My SecretAbout six years ago I was working for a Texas computer networking firm. We installed equipment all over the state and maintained equipment for our clients. My boss Rick was horny he sexually harassed almost every female tech at one time or another. He had also made some comments to a couple of the techs who might bend to his strong will. I did my job but I also did not take his crap. One evening I was in the office completing my maintenance report for a client and Rick came in to borrow my laptop to run a diagnostic on a switch we had brought in from a client. I finished my paper work and Rick told me I could pick up the lap top in the morning on my way out to my run for the day. What I didn’t know was that Rick was looking at my laptop for more than diagnostics. He found sights I would look at during my down time while waiting on uploads or a switch to complete it’s BIOS update. I looked at a lot of porn but I really like the submissive bi male role. I had found myself in that role several times. The next morning my laptop was not in the work area. I went to Rick’s office and he handed me my laptop and told me after my run today he needed to meet with me. I told him ok. I spent my day doing maintenance. About 1 that afternoon I got a personal email with an IM fethiye escort link. I started chatting with this bi male who was all about being dom and was seeking a sub. We shared quite a bit of what we liked and did not like. What we were looking for. At about 5 I had finished my maintenance and signed off. I headed to the office thinking about the guy I had been chatting with. I hoped Rick’s meeting would be short and may the guy would want to chat some more or maybe meet. I got into Rick’s office about 6 almost everyone was gone. As I made my way to Rick’s office I heard him tell the engineer to leave and lock up as he left. The other tech that was working with the engineer also left. I walked into Rick’s office. He was sitting behind his desk so I sat down opposite. Rick said John I don’t know what I am going to do. What’s up I asked. He said that he had found my porn on my laptop. He said since it was my personal laptop I could have all the porn I wanted but that I could not use client Internet to download porn or participate in adult chat during working hours. Oh shit how much did he know. Rick said he found my taste in porn stimulating. He asked if anyone else at work knew about my tendencies. I shook my head. Rick said I only see one solution. He swivelled his chair behind escort fethiye his desk and asked me to move around to the side of his desk. When I got around to the side of the desk I could see he had no pants on. Just his shirt and socks. His cock was semi hard as I looked at his cock it started to grow. He called me by my IM handle and told me to suck his cock. I moved and was taking his cock into my mouth when I realized I had been chatting with Rick all afternoon. I fell into the role of my bisexual fantasy. Soon his cock was wet with my saliva. He told me that since we had no way to clean up that I would have to service his cock with my mouth. He finally came in my mouth and I made sure to suck down every drop. Rick told me around the other employees it should be business as usual but when we were alone that I was his sub. Rick was rubbing my ass and saiid that he would like to fuck me soon. I told him I could get to the house and clean up and meet him back here if he wanted. He said that I should come to his house. He handed me a pair of panties and told me to wear them to his house. He said when you get out of the car remove everything but the panties and ring the bell. He lived in an isolated neighborhood and you could not see his front door from the street. I arrived about fethiye escort bayan an hour later and pulled off my shorts and tshirt and walked to the door in my panties. I rang the bell. Rick’s wife Susan answered the door. I was mortified until Susan yelled that Rick your fag’s here. Susan squeezed my cock through the panties. She told me that she wanted my tongue in her cunt while Rick fucked my asshole. The panties Rick had given me were ass less instead of crotchless. I heard Rick coming down the hall into the living room. He was naked and immediately Susan stripped her clothes off. I walked over to Rick and knelt and kissed his cock and tongued his piss hole. He told me to bend over the arm of the couch. He bent down and started rimming my clean hole. He was soon tonguing my hole and I felt his spit running down my ass onto my balls. Rick stood up and told Susan to get the chair. I did not move but waited for Rick. Susan brought in a chair that had a linen weave bottom and steel frame but the chair was leaned back and so your legs were up and there were two padded cushions on each side of my head as got into the chair. Susan stratled my face and lowered her wet pussy onto my face. Rick pushed his hard cock into my ass. He started talking about what a good ass pussy I had and how hot it was making him watching his slut enjoy a fag’s mouth. Soon Susan was bucking on my face as she orgasmed. I felt Rick pick up the pace. It wasn’t long before he filled my ass with cum. Things are definately going to be different.

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