Boudoir Interlude Ch. 02


Continuing the Boudoir Interlude story, a fantasy shared by husband and wife.

Hi, this is Jane, I’m going to continue the story with Ben this time… I haven’t set up the actual boudoir session yet but when I do, I hope it goes something like this.


I love my husband Ben, he’s gorgeous, kind and generous to a fault. I worship his thick 8 inch cock and what it does to me. And I love that he enjoys sharing me.

It had been a week or so since my boudoir session, when I had been pounded by Raymond’s beautiful black dick and made out with the photographer, Maria. Tanya (My friend and inspiration for the boudoir session) came over for coffee.

I had sent her a couple of the tamer photos which was only fair as she had shared a couple of hers with me.

“Tell me about your photo session,” Tanya asked.. “I showed your pictures to James and he got instant boner! He had to fuck me straight away, so thanks for that,” she grinned.

“Oh my God, you showed James?!” I replied.

“Was that not Ok? Oh God I’m so sorry, I just assumed it would be ok, didn’t you show Ben the pictures I sent you? I totally thought you would have,” Tanya apologized.

“No, I didn’t show Ben anything,” I giggled as I thought about James taking in my lingerie clad body from the photos I had texted over. “Well I guess James knows me a bit better now! And he liked them?” I asked.

“Yeah, like I said, instant boner and some fucking hot sex!” she smiled. “You have to show Ben my pictures soon, it’s only fair. Maybe he will have the same reaction… I hope so,” she suggested.

“He’s going to love that, he sure loved mine,” I teased.

“Ooh, yes, tell me more. Didn’t I tell you Maria was great?” Tanya pushed me for the scoop.

As Tanya sat in disbelief I told her the whole story of my boudoir session. How Maria had asked for her assistant, Raymond, to help with the session and how as things got steamy he had joined in the shoot leading to him fucking my married pussy while Maria took photos, and then Maria joining in while the action was filmed.

“No, fucking way!” Tanya exclaimed with doubt in her eyes.

“I know, it was completely unexpected but I got so carried away. Ben and I have dabbled a little bit with other partners, so I knew he would get a kick out of it, and he loved the photos and the video even more!” I explained.

“Oh my God, I love it, you are a naughty little thing. I had no idea,” she grinned at me salaciously. “And Maria! how come I wasn’t offered any of these extra services when I had my shoot?” she asked rhetorically.

“I know, I think it just happened. It was so hot,” I repeated, visions of that afternoon dancing in my head.

“Well, no fair.. I want to play with Raymond’s big cock, he sounds so sexy.” Tanya playfully whined.

“I’m sure you could ask for him to ‘assist’ if you set up another session,” I suggested.

“Ooh, yes, I should do that. Oh, we should do a naughty session together and then send all the photos to Ben and James, that would be so amazing. James’ mind would explode!” Tanya said, planting the seed of the idea.

My mind span. I knew Tanya would be tickled by what had happened at my session, but she was suggesting we do a joint session, getting naked together.. with Raymond!

Tanya is super hot, almost 6 feet tall with long blonde hair and a yoga instructors body, but with really nice curves. I’ve always found her attractive but never thought of messing around with her.

We continued scheming, my pussy getting wetter as I imagined what we were planning. God I’d love to get hold of Raymond’s big black dick again, and there was so much more fun to be had with Maria, and throw Tanya in too. I was beyond excited.

“We should run this by James and Ben, but I know Ben is going to be on board,” I proposed.

Tanya messaged me the next day with the green light from James, apparently he was very excited at the idea. Of course Ben was only interested in how soon he would be able to watch the video and reclaim me!

We scheduled a joint session with Maria and specifically requested that Raymond assist with the shoot again. Maria confirmed a date that was available and we were good to go.

The morning of the boudoir shoot deux (as we were calling it) I drove to Tanya’s house to pick her up. She looked exquisite in a plunging sheer black top through which I could see a frilly black bra, yummy, and yoga pants showing off her legs that went on for days.

She was fully made up and looked gorgeous, her cat eye look alluring, intoxicating. Now that I had imagined what might happen with her, I was really starting to want her.

As we drove there was a little tension in the air. It was Tanya who broke the silence.

“Ok, elephant in the room. We’re about to see each other naked and hopefully a whole lot more. How about we get the first bit over with and just get our tits out?” she suggested.

“What, now? In the car?” I asked.

“Yep, let’s just do it, let’s get them out and have a look at each other so it’s less weird later,” she replied.

And that’s what we did. I erotik film izle pulled my shirt, and bra up and over my double D’s, and Tanya pulled the opening of her shirt to both sides and pulled her bra down exposing beautiful tanned C cup titties for me to see. We drove for a couple of minutes, while checking each other out, giggling and smiling at each other.

“Yummy, those are some sexy big titties, I can’t wait to see what Raymond does with those.” she said.

“Yummy yourself! I know he is going to have fun with yours, they are perfect. I might have to suck them myself,” I admitted, hoping she was thinking the same.

“Girl you’d better. I’ve been playing with myself all week thinking about you using your pretty little lips and tongue on me,” she replied as she reached over to brush a finger down my cheek, sending electric shockwaves through my body.

Maria greeted us at her studio, and I spied Raymond behind her setting up as the door opened.

“Well, hello… my two naughty MILFs back for another session!” Maria said with a knowingly mischievous smile on her face as she embraced me with a warm hug.

“After Jane told me about her amazing time with you two, I had to come back and meet Raymond for myself.. hello Raymond, I’m Tanya,” she said as she looked past Maria and locked eyes with him.

Raymond stepped forward and took Tanyas offered hand in his own, lifting it to his lips for the briefest of kisses.

“Hi Tanya, I’m really looking forward to our session today. Maria and I have had several ideas for what we can do,” Raymond explained as he drank in this vision of beauty before him.

“I’m sure you do, I’ve had a lot of ideas of what I want to do with you too,” she brazenly replied, noting his gaze lingering in her cleavage.

I stepped forward, wanting to greet Raymond myself.

“Raymond, yum, so good to see you again,” I purred as I put an arm around him, my hand on the back of his neck, turning his face to mine and moving in to kiss him full on the lips, my tongue pushing forward into his welcoming mouth, tasting this gorgeous man again.

“Jane, damn you look good. We are going to have a good time… again,” he grinned as we separated.

“It looks like you girls don’t want to waste any time. How about you both choose the lingerie you want to wear, and then I’ve laid a couple of outfits over there behind the screen for you to try on, then come over and and we’ll start here by the couch,” Maria instructed, moving easily into photographer/director mode.

Tanya and I moved over to the dressing area where she immediately undressed, her beautiful tits uncovered in seconds again and almost instantly her panties followed, as she faced me her full blonde bush displayed for all to see. I was almost salivating with desire as I took in her naked form while she looked through her bag to choose her lingerie.

I undressed too, eager to bare my body for Tanya to see. I had fully shaved earlier that morning and as I removed my panties my lips glistened slightly. I was wet already, so horny!

We both choose black lingerie, Tanya’s was more transparent and I could clearly see her nips poking out through her bra. Her matching thong framing her bush and a garter belt clipped to her suspenders. Mine was less revealing on my titties but the delicate one piece was crotchless and I felt like a goddess. Damn, I couldn’t wait to get a tongue or a cock inside me.

The outfit Maria had prepared for me was a grey skirt and a white almost sheer blouse that gave a hint of what was underneath. Tanya was putting on her outfit, similar to mine but a black skirt and a red blouse which really complimented her blonde hair, she looked electric.

“Fuck, you look so hot,” said Tanya as she approached me. She placed her hands on my hips and leaned in to kiss me fully on the lips. They were so soft, her tongue pushed out and my lips parted willingly to allow her to probe my tongue delicately. I moaned slightly at her oral attention.

Her hand slipped round onto my ass cheek as she broke our kiss, giving me a slight squeeze.

“More of that soon!” she promised as she skipped away from me, in her heels, to join Maria and Raymond across the room, I followed dreamily in her wake.

Maria turned as we approached and appraised us with approving eyes.

“Wow, you two look so beautiful. Ok. Raymond and I had an idea for this shoot. You gal pals are sitting on the couch drinking wine and start getting flirty, we’ll take pictures of you maybe kissing and then taking clothes off, then as things get going we’ll move over to the bed and one of you will get on the phone to make a booty call and have Raymond here come over to join in the fun. We’ll make it like a photoshoot of your own little porno. What do you think?” she asked.

“That sounds totally hot, I love it,” agreed Tanya instantly.

“Definitely, that sounds amazing, let’s do it,” I eagerly agreed too.

Raymond had prepared a number of cameras to record video of the session this time, he had lights set up everywhere too. It looked like a movie set.

We sat on the couch and grabbed film izle the chilled pinot grigio on the table in front, posing for Maria as she took shots of us smiling, clinking our glasses together and pretending to chat.

“Great, now Tanya lean in to Jane and pretend you are tell her something steamy, but quietly so no-one else could hear,” Maria instructed.

Tanya leaned in.

“I’m so looking forward to eating your pussy Jane, I’ve always wanted to, and today I’m finally going to do it. I’m going to make you cum all over my tongue, beautiful,” she whispered breathily to me.

I hadn’t expected her to follow Maria’s instructions to the letter, but my heart pounded a little more and my cheeks blushed from the excitement of what Tanya was saying to me.

“I couldn’t hear it but you must have said the right thing Tanya! Now I want you to reach over and brush Jane’s hair back, stare into her eyes.. thats it, do that a few times for me.. perfect,” Maria fired off shot after shot with her camera and Tanya followed her instructions while gazing into my eyes.

I returned her look of pure lust. I wanted to fuck my friend and I thought briefly of Ben’s excitement when he would see these photos and video.

“Jeez, the sexual tension between you two is off the charts! Now Tanya, put your wine glass down, and I want you to kiss Jane on the lips, put a hand behind her head.. yep nice, now tilt your head.. good,” Maria continued to direct us.

As Tanya kissed me deeply, Maria had her unbutton the front of my blouse and then pull aside the front of my lingerie, freeing my left breast which she then grasped tenderly with her left hand, massaging and then tweaking my nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She licked her lips as we broke away and her gaze drifted down to my exposed titty. Next she pulled aside the other side of my lingerie so both boobs were now free.

“Gorgeous.. ok Tanya now lets have you lean in and suck on her nipples, can you pull your hair back please so I can get your mouth in the shot? great.. thank you. Beautiful,” Maria continued to guide the session.

I set my wine down on the table and leaned my head back as I enjoyed the attention Tanya was focusing on my boobs. As I turned my head I looked over to Raymond and we stared into each others eyes, he was obviously enjoying the show. Looking down I could see that python in his loose fitting gym shorts, straining against the fabric. This was every bit as delicious as Tanya and I had imagined, I couldn’t wait for him to join in the fun.

A gentle bite on my nipple brought my attention back to my blonde friend as she then let go and sat upright, the naughtiest of grins on her face.

“Whew, that was hot, now it’s your turn Jane, I want you both to stand up and then I want you to take off all of Tanya’s clothes, but do it slowly piece by piece and I want you to kiss her body all over as you go,” Maria continued to bark our her orders, who was I to complain?

I did as she instructed, first lifting her blouse over her head, caressing her breasts over her bra as I brought my hands back down, then kissing all over her beautiful globes. I could feel her stiff nipples under the fabric, yearning to be freed. Then I slid her skirt down and off as she stepped out of her heels. As I made my way to stand back up I kissed up her leg, and her inner thigh before planting some kisses and licks on her mound, licking her slit through her soaking wet panties. Jesus, now I could tell just how horny this slutty friend of mine was!

Raymond continued to circle, adjusting lights and cameras which were taking in the action. I could feel how eager he was to join in. The desire evident on his face. I caught Tanya checking him out as I again paid attention to her perfectly pert boobs, teasing her nipples through the thin sheer fabric.

I reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, slowly removing one strap at a time and allowing the sexy garment to fall away, unveiling her treats for us all to see. I didn’t waste a second before I devoured them with my mouth, sucking a nipple in and flicking it with the tip of my tongue quickly. As I sucked I dropped my hand and felt for the top edge of her thong, before slipping my hand inside and pushing my fingers through her thick bush, down to her moist entrance. I slid two fingers along the length of her slick opening and then back up, circling her clit with the tip of both fingers. She shivered in response, desperate to have them inside her, but she would have to wait.

“Is it about time for them to call the handsome, black fuck buddy yet?” Raymond interjected hopefully.

Maria giggled. “Ok, ok, you’ve been very patient Raymond!” she replied.

“Jane, how about you grab your phone and pretend to call Raymond.. ok.. and look at Jane while you are on the phone, uh huh. ok, with a naughty look on your face. Great, oh you bad milf,” Maria continued to encourage me.

“Right, let’s head over to the bed. Jane you leave your lingerie on, Tanya you can leave your panties and garter belt on, let’s have you lie on the bed, and Jane you can hold Raymonds hand seks filmi izle and lead him into the bedroom. Great, you guys are so good at this,” Maria said, setting up the next ‘scene’.

Tanya was laying on the bed and uninstructed had pulled her thong to the side, and had a couple of fingers deep in her pussy, sliding slowly in and out.

Maria took some close up pictures of Tanya masturbating and then pulled out to focus on my leading Raymond toward the bed and Tanya.

“So perfect. Right, now Tanya if you can sit on the edge of the bed and Jane you sit next to her. Raymond, you lift your shirt off.. good, good, slowly, let me get your body. Delicious,” she purred.

She wasn’t wrong, Raymond’s body was gorgeous, he must have been working out in the few weeks since our last session. He was thin and taut then, but he had added muscle and was now ripped, his abs a sumptuous six pack.

Maria had Tanya and I each grab a side of his shorts and lower them to the floor, our faces both rubbing against his crotch as we did so. Tanya opening her mouth, gently biting his hardening penis through the fabric of his tight white boxers as we sat back up. Then we repeated the same move and pulled those boxers off too, his big black dick springing up erotically, directly into Tanya’s face.

She could hardly resist such an invitation and needed no instruction as she grabbed a hold with both hands and began to work it back and forth as Raymond grew visibly in her hand, hardening with each stroke. I loved watching my friend pumping that monster cock, a hunger in her eyes, my pussy was burning hot and I began to rub myself as I watched them.

Maria had stopped with her instructions now and was focusing on capturing these moments on film while the three of us got busy in front of her.

I stood and pulled my lingerie from my shoulders, dropping it to the floor. Raymond reached out to me and I parted my legs slightly allowing him entry as he slid a big finger into my waiting pussy. My lips and slit soaked, hot, inviting, his. He pushed deep inside rubbing my clit with his thumb and inside me simultaneously, adding a second and third finger, filling me as I squealed.

Tanya now had the head of Raymonds big bulbous cock in her mouth, she sucked on the head of his shaft with wild abandon his balls in one hand, the base of his shaft in the other, she continued to firmly wank him off as she sucked. Then she started to fuck his dick with her mouth, taking as much of his length as she could over and over, fast, hard, up and down, over and over. Her lips tight around his girth, willing him to explode.

Raymond’s attention on my pussy had paused as he took in Tanya’s full on assault on his dick. He stared at the back of her head as she continued to gobble him. I held my titties in my hands and pinched my nipples as I watched my beautiful friend suck that dick with wild abandon. I could tell Raymond was right on the edge of cumming, how could he not be? I made a mental note that I needed to try out this technique on Ben next time.

“That’s right Raymond, fill that hot wife slut’s mouth with your cream, give her your load to swallow,” I demanded.

Tanya’s eyes flickered in my direction with appreciation. “Thank you” her eyes said, and then she locked eyes with Raymond just as he erupted into her mouth.

Tanya opened wide as Raymond squirted rope after rope of cum. Her tongue was covered and as Raymond pulled back slightly and took over rubbing the length of his dick, cum continued to cover her lips and then her nose and chin.

I got to my knees and took Raymond’s black mamba into my mouth to finish him off, swallowing the last drops of cum from this delicious meat toy. Then I turned to a shell shocked Tanya and began to lick the cum from her face. Her mouth still open, a pool of Raymond’s jizz on her tongue, we kissed and swirled our tongues together, sharing that white liquid gold between us, eventually each of us swallowing his load.

I sat next to Tanya again and the two of us slowly licked and sucked that black python with glee. Urging Raymond back to full hardness as he grabbed one of each of our titties to play with.

Maria’s phone binged.

“Oh shoot, sorry guys I need to take this, I’ll be right back. You guys keep going, the video is rolling,” she said as she turned to go to her office.

We needed no prompting.

“Jane told me how amazing your dick is Raymond, and now that I see it for myself I know she was right. I really need you to fuck me with it please. Now!” demanded Tanya, this girl was not afraid to get what she wanted!

“And Jane, it’s time to eat your pussy too, I want to eat you while Raymond fucks me,” she continued.

We all three got onto the bed and I laid down at the head of the bed, against the pillows, opening my legs wide to Tanya who got on hands and knees, her head bowing down to my wet needy pussy, ass pointing up for Raymond. He moved in behind and placed the end of his cock at her gaping cavern, this pussy was primed for sex and he wanted nothing more than to shove his entire length in, but he made her wait, rubbing the tip of his dick against her lips, into her bush which was now covered in a sheen of our combined juices, than back and up to her tight puckered ass hole, teasing that forbidden entrance, then back to her waiting snatch.

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