Bound and used

Female Ejaculation

Bound and usedThat night Dee and I watched a weird porn where the girls were in boxes like glory holes. So Dee bought one and put it in his apartment where he locked me in it. So I’m spread eagle with my feet in locks towards the ceiling. And you told me that you were having friends over and that you were going to leave me in there for a while. But you left music on and put a mask on me. So as you leave the room you quickly get me off once and then I hear you leave but the door doesn’t click shut. So I start panicking a little wondering if you didn’t know that it wasn’t shut or if it was on purpose. After what feels like ages I start to hear you and your friends and it sounds like your in the room next to me. Then I hear you come in. But I can’t see you or know what’s going on. Then I hear the others come in. I’m excited and nervous because we haven’t shared before. So none of you say anything to me. So I say sir what is going on. You tell me to hush that we are going to play a game. The rules are simple. I am to be quiet unless you have asked me a question. If I make noise you will issue one lash of a riding crop. I’m only to answer to you. beykoz escort And I’m not allowed to come without your permission. You tell me that you and your friends are going to play with me and I have to guess who it is at the moment. So you lightly stroke me for a few moments and you don’t ask me who it is yet. But I know it’s you because the way you work my clit. Then I moan and you swat me with the crop. But it’s a little swat. Then one of your friends gets really close and runs his hands down my thigh and ass and sinks two fingers in my pussy. He’s rougher than you are but it still feels good. Someone else steps up and goes down on me and I have a hard time deciding who it is. After a few mins I’m getting soaking wet and I can’t help but moan loudly. Abruptly the guy pulls away and I feel the sting of the crop on my inner thigh. You tell me no matter what I am not to come. Unless you say that I can. So I clamp my mouth shut. You ask me who that was who went down on me. I respond by saying it was your friend. You say good girl. And then you reward me by sucking on my clit and plunging sancaktepe escort two fingers in my soaking wet pussy. I cover my mouth so I don’t make any noise and you still haven’t told me I can come so I tense up and try to fight it. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore you say the word and I moan your name. Before I’m done you flick the crop three times on my clit, which prolongs my orgasm. And has a bite of pain. You growl at me and threaten to gag me if I don’t be quiet. I’m so revved up and excited to know what’s going on but I’m at your mercy and you and your friends have the rights to use my body however you want. All three of you fuck me with your fingers and tongues. I can’t control the moans that escape my lips and I pay the price. I have warm stinging bites all over my legs and pussy from the crop and bite marks. You stop just long enough to ask me if I’m ready for more. When I answer yes sir, someone slams into so deep and so fast that I take a deep breath and I hear someone hiss through their teeth. I’m so close to coming that I hold my breath and you demand that şile escort I tell you who’s fucking me. As I go to answer my clit is being rubbed so softly that I  say it’s you but I’m wrong so you swat me with the riding crop. Someone else is sliding inside of me now and pounding into my tight pussy. I’m so wet that he dips inside and drags his finger against my tight ass hole. Slowly he slides his finger into my ass. I’m pulling against my restraints and trying to find some relief and you swat me again knowing that I’m close to coming again. You then ask me who it is that is fucking me now. I say your friends name and feel him quicken and harden inside me. I feel him start to come inside me and I wait for the feeling of his thick cock to burst but he pulls out and comes all over my thighs and pussy. I have a hard time deciding who it is and trying to hold in my own orgasm at the same time when your other friend drives his dick deep in my ass. It’s so overwhelming that I whimper and moan and I don’t even care about the crop and bite marks anymore I hear him moan and he explodes in my ass. The you drive into my pussy and I know it’s you because of how you feel and the way you grip my hips and drive in. You angle your hips and and hit my gspot instantly. I don’t want to be quiet and I beg for you to let me come. And right as your thumb slides across my clit you tell me to come for sir and I detonate around you. I feel you spill inside me and it makes me come again.

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