Boy’s First Time: Chapter 1


School was out and summer vacation was finally here. At fifteen, my best friend Adam and I spent almost every waking moment together. One June day while playing videogames, my mom called us upstairs and informed us that she had just booked a hotel room for a week in Florida, right on the Gulf of Mexico. Adam called his parents and after a great deal of hesitancy, they finally gave in and said that he could come.

The weeks grinded by until finally in early July we were packed in the car on our way to sunny Florida. It took us two days to get to our final destination but once we did, we all agreed that the long hours in the car were worth it. The first few days of lounging on the beach and swimming in the Gulf were pretty uneventful. Monday and Tuesday flew by and after a long day of tanning on Wednesday, we were pretty worn out by the evening. My parents left for Miami around six because my parents, small business owners, had a conference to attend and would not be back until Friday afternoon. Of course they wouldn’t take a vacation to Florida just for fun.

Adam and I, both extremely bored, were sitting on the couch watching TV. Maybe just to quell the boredom and in a completely joking manner, I started to move closer to him and then finally laid my body against his in the way that a girl would get close to her boyfriend. Instead of recoiling back in horror so that I could have a hardy chuckle, he waited for a few moments, yawned, and then put his arm around me. He slowly moved his hand downward, caressing my shoulder and side and then finally coming to a rest on my hip. Not wanting to be outdone, I quickly responded “It’s getting pretty hot in here. I think I’m going to take my shirt off.” With that, I raised my shirt over my head, exposing my increasingly tan body.

“It really is getting hot, I probably should remove my shirt too” Adam said as he removed his top. We then went back to cuddling somewhat with his arm around me. I don’t know whether it was from the bulge in his pants casino şirketleri or my half naked body rubbing against his, but I started to become attracted to my friend. Never having these feelings before for another guy, I was extremely conflicted. He was an extremely good-looking kid, pretty big but not quite fat. He was rather muscular and several inches taller than me. I was a 5’8, 130 pound skinny kid of average build. We both had blonde hair, mine somewhat lighter than his. With his large, muscular arm around me, I could not take it any longer. I got up and said that I was going to put my bathing suit on for some night swimming in the gulf. I walked into the bathroom and got my suit and with the door still half open and him watching me, I undressed, put on my trunks and walked out to the beach.

The sun had already set as I laid down on the white sand. It was a resort community with mostly older people and I had the beach to myself. I dove into the 85 degree water and swam around for a bit before I saw Adam walking down from the hotel towards me. It was extremely dark, but I knew from his strut that it was him. I also noticed that he was still dressed in his regular clothes and not a bathing suit, like I had hoped. “Hey, you forgot your towel,” he informed me, as he threw the object down in the sand.

“Aren’t you going to join me for a swim? If you don’t want to go back and get your bathing suit, you can just swim in your boxers or something, I guess.”

“Yeah, that sounds good,” he replied. My cock was rock hard when he pulled down his pants. He stepped into the water before getting right back out again. “I really don’t want to get my boxers wet and I know it’s dark enough, so why not?” I could not contain my glee when he slipped off his boxers, exposing the silhouette of the longest, thickest cock I had ever seen. By now I knew that he was horny as well. He dove into the shallow water next to me and before I knew it he had flipped me around so he was facing my back. I didn’t casino firmaları even realize what he was doing until my shorts were down to my ankles in the water. I kicked them off and threw them back on the beach. I swam away playfully, kicking water at him when I realized that this was my chance. I was going to brush up against his dick, accidentally at first but then actually getting into it. Right before I put my plan into action, he took the first step and grabbed my hard cock and pulled me towards him. He lifted me out of the water and threw me down on the beach. We were both giving each other a handjob at that point when I said that we should probably take this inside.

We put on our towels and dashed inside and were back in the room in no time. Kissing and rubbing each other as soon as entered the door, he led me to the spacious bathroom where he turned on the shower. Our towels were already gone by the time we were in the shower. My still developing five inch dick was nothing compared to his seven inch long, thick cock. I was down on my knees in no time sucking him. I wanted to and probably could have worshiped him and his enormous cock for hours, but alas he stopped me. He left the bathroom and came back seconds later with an unopened container of Vaseline petroleum jelly. I wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do until he bent me over the side of the tub and lathered up my hairless rear end with soap. He told me to relax as he slid one soaped up finger inside of me. I yelped a little but he continued to probe around my asshole until he felt that it was thoroughly clean. He then removed his finger and took down the extendable showerhead and sprayed around and inside my butt, clearing off all of the soap.

He dried both of us off, shut off the shower and carried me to the bedroom. His muscular body rippled as he tossed me upon the bed and opened up the Vaseline. After giving his magnificent cock a little kiss for luck, he bent me over and thoroughly greased his fingers in Vaseline. He güvenilir casino then slid one finger inside of me, then two, and then finally three. My face contorted in pain but eventually it died down as he held his fingers in my butthole. Finally, feeling that I was thoroughly prepped, he wiped his fingers off on my back and rubbed his cock in the Vaseline container. “Hold on to the headboard because this is going to hurt a little bit” was my only warning before he entered me. I felt his head pressing against my anus and then slide in with a pop. I told him to wait so my asshole could adjust and he gave me a minute so that pain would die down. It was one thing for a three inch finger to be inside of me, quite another for his seven inch cock to slide up my rear end. It was all I could do to hold on while he worked up momentum and really started pounding me. I buried my face in the pillow but summoned up enough strength to turn my head back and see his powerful, beautiful body smashing into me. Over and over his cock prodded me, I pushed down hard on my bladder area right above my pelvic bone and felt his cock going in and out. Finally after a half hour of feeling his neatly trimmed pubic hair press into my ass cheeks over and over, he came inside of me. I felt his hot cum squirt out against the inside of my butt, letting out more than ten shots of cum before he was done.

I laid on my side there until I could utter the word “wow.” It was amazing, but not done yet. I still had a rock hard dick in my hands and was just about to start jacking myself off when Adam buried his face between my legs and started sucking me off. He took in my entire cock and after maybe fifteen minutes of oral, I was almost ready to cum. He sucked me until I shot out cum right into his mouth. At the same time, I released his cum that had accumulated at the exit of my butthole. Cum splattered all over his face and when I was done I got up with the intention of going to the bathroom to clean up. His cum ran out my rear end, down my legs and to my feet.

He grabbed me as I started walking away, pulled me back against his newly rejuvenated rock hard cock and said “hold on, we’re not done here yet.”

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