BRAYSON – THE WINDOW CLEANER FUCKBUDDYThis is one of those stories I am sure your going to go oh great a long and tedious event however this is a relationship of two men that spans OMG yes it spans a period of 20 years believe it or not. For myself it has a lot to do with feelings not necessarily sexual but emotional however for Bray it was always about the sex.A little background here I had just relocated back home from Australia after a very strange and somewhat damaging relationship in which I felt threatened so returning to Canada seemed to be the perfect choice for me.About myself :- I had been working in the hotel industry for many years to which I had managed to score a wonderful opportunity of becoming a trained butler. Upon my return I felt the best way to seek employment was to join the hospitality industry. I stand 6 feet tall although not muscular certainly not bad to look at, had a full head of hair tinged prematurely gray, I to be honest never felt I was attractive compliments of my Turkish ex, but have been told by others I am handsome. Have a full chest of hair, and a great thick uncut cock standing at erection over 7.5 inches long. So here I am settled in Calgary working for a very upmarket chain earning exceptional money, certainly not looking for a relationship trust me it was totally the last thing on my mind. Where as I had mostly been a top with my last relationship I had bottomed mostly I was not planning on returning to that avenue very soon. Because of my job and the fact they where using me a publicity tool I was not very often out on the gay scene. Remember this was the early 1990’s and internet dating or hookup sights really were not around although there were a few 1-800 numbers around. So when I needed release I had found a bath house in town that was well lets put it this way not exactly what I was used to in Australia, kind of dirty and a dingy but it sure was able to help with the job of getting off. This one night I was in and well none of the guys were really doing it for me so I was not interested in hooking up, I was sitting at the coffee lounge having a coffee to pass the time chatting with the cute guy behind the counter wondering if I could ever get into his pants. He excused himself to buzz in some new guests to the bath house. As he was away I amused myself with watching the TV behind the counter. The security lock unlocked and I looked up to see two guys coming in. The first one was tall about my height but something about his attitude kind of irked me but the second one wow!He stood canlı bahis a lot shorter then me but was fucking hot! He was a muscled little stud his arms bulged under his blue work top yes he was wearing a company shirt but the real distraction was the muscled ass as he passed. His jeans contained the perfect muscled ass it was shaped like you would expect of a greek marble statue. He had bright hazel eyes that sparkled with excitement on top was the perfect mousy brown almost dirty blond with a mustache over his perfectly shaped lips. Damn I thought I want to know this fucker. He was in conversation with the other guy and glanced over at me smiled and nodded. However it was a per-functionary smile not hey I want you just a polite how are you doing kind of thing. I settled back thinking okay they are together no hope in hell….. and continued drinking my coffee. The attendant returned and decided to carry on the conversation. Taking an opportunity in the break of conversation I asked him about the hot little stud. The attendant told me yeah he comes in every once in awhile sometimes with different guys been in a few with the same guy like tonight but thinks he maybe married. Hmmm I think so he is married which means he wants a little action on the side. Time goes by and I gravitate towards the steam room which runs off the communal showers as I pass through there is my little muscular stud showering he has his back to me and I cannot help but check out this amazing ass.Damn I want him but I knew he was here with the other guy. So I just pass on through to the steam room where I can observe him showering, they had been gone twenty minutes in the back so I had thought they had been maybe in the hot tub enjoying the hot water. I play with my uncut cock getting hard the pre-cum is leaking making my cock head all slippery and wet the sensation of rubbing my fingertips over my head makes me stare at his ass in the shower wanting him more. As his friend leaves they have a quick chat and he taps him on the shoulder I keep a keen eye on him, wondering if he is going to meet his friend, he turns the shower off and grabs his towel drying off and leaves the shower area. Counting in my head to ten I get up and d**** my damp towel around my waist my semi hard cock very obvious as it is molded by it. As I come out he is no where in sight I think damn he has gone into a room with that other dude. But as I pass by the lockers there he is reaching in for his shirt his towel at the base of his feet. I look to the right and there is his buddy already bahis siteleri dressed leaving. I stop and without thinking reach out and caress that muscled object of desire.”Shame your leaving…” I state.He looks at me then glances down to my semi hard cock clearly displayed through the damp towel. Without taking his eyes off my cock he licks his lips and states…..”Sorry pal already played out maybe next time.”Shrugging I walk off thinking okay I missed my opportunity and look back, he is standing there staring at me. Shirt still not moving from the locker, I think oh well maybe I will see him again and proceed to my room. Leaving the door open I take my damp towel off and decide to rest when I sense there is someone behind me turning around I look and there standing is my handsome little muscle stud smiling, he glances down to my quickly expanding cock.”So this is the next time if that is okay?” I usher him in and he closes the door removing his towel letting fall to his feet. His cock is maybe 3 inches soft but handsome. I take him in visually, all in, his muscled abdomen with the light dusting of hair on his pecs. Wow for a short man he is perfect I mean handsome and everything about him is perfect.Dropping down he takes my hardening cock into his mouth and with his lips pushes back my foreskin, although I have to admit his sucking skills where not perfect but I had to give him an ‘A’ for willingness he sure was enjoying my cock. Reaching down I lifted him up and asked him to get on the bed ass up in the air to which he complied, I think he assumed I was going to fuck him but I had to enjoy the most amazing ass in its truest form I knelt down and spread his muscular cheeks with my finger tips and looked at his recently fucked (I assumed) puckering ass ring that was slightly red. With no hesitation I dove in and gently applied my tongue to his hole to which it twitched and started lapping at it enjoying the feel of his tight ring pulsing. He took a sharp intake of breath and pushed his head down onto the single pillow and in turn pushed his muscular ass out more allowing me easier access to his hole. Taking this an invitation I seriously attacked his ring with my tongue savoring every nuance of his taste and scent, my cock was dripping pre-cum like crazy pooling on the floor. I devoured that ass as I would a starved man for a hot baked dinner, I couldn’t get enough of it. Finally I lifted my head up for air, and asked him….. “Can I fuck you?”Looking back though his angled arms he asked me “Are you clean?””Yes” I güvenilir bahis responded reaching for the lube and condoms, he looked at the condoms and stated “Then you do not need those!”At first I was startled but lust took over common sense, and I just grabbed the lube. He reached out for the bottle of poppers on the bed side table unscrewing the top inhaled. I lubed up my cock slowly stroking it, wondering should I or shouldn’t I. I took a little more lube and applied it to his eager hole, spreading around his entrance and jabbing a finger in to test the waters it was tight, and his muscles contracted around my finger.I applied a little more lube to my cock and placed the bottle on the bedside table.Standing up I then leant down and slide my cock over his ass crack pushing a little to tease his ass ring finally when I felt confident I breached the barrier and slowly inserted my cock into him. As it slide into his depths slowly I heard him sigh then grunt as he pushed his ass back to make the connection. Goddamn it was hot and it was tight and I wouldn’t have thought he had just been fucked but the feeling was velvety smooth at the same time. I reached down and stroked his nipple asking him if he was okay as I bottomed out, my balls crushed to his and my pelvic bone meeting his muscular cheeks. “Ohhhh GAWD yes!” was his response, he shuddered “Your penis feels amazing in my ass!” At first I was really surprised did he really say penis not cock? It was the way he said it not guttural or porn like but just penis that had amazed me. “Oh yes it feels awesome!” he chanted arching back and forth on my cock!The muscle control if his ass was amazing it was milking my cock I swear to god it felt as if multiple fingers were massaging me at once. Although I tried to deep thrust his control of his ass muscles where incredible and before I knew it I was screaming out I am coming!”Oh yes!” he muttered into the pillow “Make me feel that penis shoot in me!”And with that I shot hard and deep into his ass shallow humping kissing the top of his shoulders and caressing and scrunching that amazing ass. Finally blown I grunted and slowly pulled out. I flopped out onto my back drawing him into my arms. Instead of small talk to begin with it was just caressing and sighs, finally as I came down from my orgasmic high I asked him about coming and he said he had with the other guy but wanted to feel my penis in action. I was amazed and asked him if it was good, he told me better then the other guy and sure a lot more full filling. I asked him if I could see him again and then that was when he told me he was married and he didn’t and couldn’t guarantee anything permanent. He would see me around and if possible maybe hook up.I didn’t see Bray for another two years……..

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