Breaking in the New House II

Breaking in the New House III guess I fell asleep after Chris had fucked my brains out- again. When I woke, I was the only one still in the den. Someone had covered me with a blanket sometime during the night. I lay there thinking about when Chris and I first met. My first experience of sex with another man some had been some 28 years earlier and was, well let’s say less that totally satisfying. I had crossed the threshold, and that part was good. But, it happened and it was over and I never saw Micheal again. I went back to my straight life, but had a lot of thoughts about what had happened that night and if I would ever try it again. Time passed and the thoughts began to be more frequent, even turning in to dreams at night. So, I finally decided that i would see what might happen if I tried to find someone. I met Chris at our local Starbucks. I had done some reading about preparing for anal sex, so I went prepared for what I thought I wanted to happen. I certainly didn’t know how to attract a guy, but I hoped something would just happen. Chris came in and saw me and sat down beside me after he had gotten his coffee. Honestly, when he set down I got butterflies in my stomach. he was such a good looking man! I am sure he saw the heat in my face, or felt the heat. LOL! He started making small talk about who knows what, then finally introduced himself. We talked a bit more. I was trying to keep my composure, but my lust was building. I think I must have felt like a school girl in heat. Finally, he asked if I would like to go to his house and have another cup without all the noise. (They were pretty busy that night.) Hell yes, I thought. But all that came out was a “sure.” Little did I know how much my life was going to change that bornova escort night. All I wanted was just to get fucked. So, I followed him home.Once at his house, it didn’t take long for for the conversation to turn to sex and before I knew it, I was naked, on all fours with him working to get that big sweet cock in my ass. He was so patient and took his time, trying not to hurt me anymore than necessary. It did hurt, but I didn’t care. He filled me up and then some. He fucked me all night. When he wasn’t buried in my ass, I was nursing like a baby on his dick. I felt like I had drank a gallon of cum. In fact, it was the first time I had ever sucked a cock. I had imagined how it would be, but had planned not to swallow. After the first time he deposited a load in my mouth, I was hooked. I went home the next morning, barely able to walk to the car with my well stretched ass hurting. But, he had invited me back to spend the night and I was back before dark. It was a life-changing weekend, for sure.I came back to the moment and wondered where Chris and the girls were. I got up and walked to the bathroom, feeling a little tender in my backside, but made it OK. Once finished pissing, I went to the bedroom and there the three of them were asleep on the bed together. From the looks of things, they had some fun together before they crashed. I went back and put on some coffee then went and showered and cleaned myself out and got ready for another day of unbridled passionate sex with the 3 people I loved being with the most. I slipped on a pair of satin panties and went back to the kitchen for some coffee and to make some breakfast for everyone. I was standing at the range cooking some bacon. i had put on an apron to keep the hot escort bornova splatter off my bare skin. My thoughts were lost in thinking about the night before when I was jolted back to reality by the feel of a stiff cock poking at my ass and fingers playing with my nipples while a hand stroked my dick. I damn near burned myself on the hot range! Chris whispered in my ear “I can’t wait to take you again.” I responded “nor can I” as a wiggled against his hard manhood. When I finished cooking, I went to wake the girls. They were already more than awake. They were in the shower together, making out and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. I just couldn’t disturb them. There is just something special about 2 women who love to love each other. Terri and Sandra loved each other, no doubt, and loved being together. And, I loved them both and loved watching this beautiful expression of love and lust. They finally broke their embrace and saw me watching. The turned the water off and came out and dried off. Terri came over and wrapped her arms around me and planted a deep tongue kiss on me as she grabbed my barely covered ass. I knew that I would get some of her, too, before the weekend was over.As I turned to go back to the kitchen, she slapped me on the ass and laughed. So, there we were eating breakfast together, all in the au natural.(Since they were all going with no clothes, I had to remove my panties and apron.) The sexual tension was high. Without any fanfare, I slipped down to my knees under the table and took Chris’ semi hard cock in my mouth. It didn’t take long for him to be fully erect. Terri, stood up and took Sandra by the hand and they went to the bedroom. I pulled off of Chris and took his hand and led bornova escort bayan him to one of the spare bedrooms, and laid him across the bed and went back to sucking his cock. He pushed me off and re-positioned us into a 69 position and began to suck my cock as I went back to working on his. I was in heaven! I held off as long as I could, but lost my load in his waiting throat. That was enough to take him over the edge and he rewarded me with a delightful and large serving of his man milk. After we both recovered, we lay there together talking about how our relationship had blossomed and how great it was since Terri had turned Sandra onto loving lesbian sex and had given her blessing to Chris and I to continue our relationship, All of that talk had gotten us both hard again. Chris rolled over on top of me and raised up on his knees. “Do you have some lube hidden in this room?’ he asked.”Of course. Look in the night stand.” He grabbed the lube and lubed his shaft, then pulled my legs up and put my ankles on his shoulders and put some on his fingers and into my love hole. Then, he drove that big piston all the way in with one thrust! It hurt for a second, but then felt so good, like his cock was custom made to fit my ass. He began his long, deep strokes and must have fucked me for 30 or 40 minutes before I felt him begin to spasm. I had cum pretty early on, and had never stopped flowing cum as he stroked continually across my prostate. His spasms quickly turned into him erupting with stream after stream of hot cum in my aching bowels, totally filling my insides. I so love the feel of him shooting his seed up my ass! He collapsed on top of me, totally spent. We lay there for a bit until I felt his shrinking cock sliding out. He rolled over and fell asleep. I got up to got to the restroom with cum oozing out of my ass and running down my legs. As I went into the toilet I could hear the girls moaning in ecstasy in the bed room. What a nice way to start the day!More to cum….

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