Breaunna’s Family Initiation Ch. 02


First of all, I want to thank someone who helped me to finalize my first chapter before it was submitted. Couture…Your a Doll!!! I also want to thank everyone for their positive feedback. I’ll continue Bre’s adventures until everyone tires of it…lol. Thanks again. Now enjoy…… My_Owww_My


Anticipation. That’s what I was feeling as Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Jim and myself drove to the restaurant. There was definitely a hush that fell upon everyone as we drove in silence. I took this quiet time as an opportunity to refect upon my day. I closed my eyes and began to drift off into my own world. There they were again, Uncle Jim’s big hand’s roughly pawing at my breasts. His wet mouth sucking them. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter trying so hard to push these images out of mind but they kept coming back. What had happened to make my Uncle do this to me? Did I do something that led him to think I wanted it? It? What is it? Why didn’t I tell Daddy right after it happened? Those questions kept scrolling across the front of my brain like a damn ticker. I decided that, when I got the opportunity, I was definitely going to tell Daddy. I’ll let him handle Uncle Jim anyway he sees fit.

We arrived at this very expensive restaurant. Daddy and I had been here several times before but only when there was an occasion that we wanted to celebrate. I started to open the passenger car door when Daddy covered my hand with his and told me to sit still. He then came around and opened the door and extended his left arm to me. I took it gladly. He knew that I beamed when he treated me like a lady and I guess that this evening shouldn’t be any different. Afterall, I am officially a High School Graduate now!

Daddy had made reservations ahead of time and so we were escorted to a private corner of the restaurant. It was dimly lit with flowers and candles on each table. What a beautiful restaurant this was. Daddy pulled my chair out for me and helped me to settle in at the table. He then took the chair beside me. Grandpa sit across from Daddy and Uncle Jim sat directly across from me. I felt like someone was watching me and, when I looked up, I saw Uncle Jim staring at me. I felt myself start to flush. Daddy must have noticed this because leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Are you alright Breaunna?” “I’m fine Daddy.”, I answered as I looked across the table and saw Uncle Jim smugly smiling.

“You’ve had a long day sweetie. Perhaps we can cut this evening a little short and go home after dinner.”, Daddy said out of concern.

“I’m ok Dad, Really.”, Smiling weakly as I looked up, his blue eyes watching me closely.

Just then the waiter brought our menu’s and glasses of water. I suddenly felt parched and began to more then just sip my water. I could already tell that this was going to be a very long dinner. I wished now that Daddy hadn’t planned such a extravagant evening and I was back in the comfort of my own bedroom away from Uncle Jim.

“So what will you be having Ms.?”, the waiter politely asked, pulling me back from my thoughts.

“Chicken with the steamed vegetables.”, I answered turning slightly red.

The waiter took everyone else’s order and left us saying he would bring the champagne back in just a few moments.

“I ordered a bottle of champagne Bre, because this is a very special day for you. I think a little bubbly is called for, don’t you?” Daddy said more as a statement than a question.

“Yeah, I guess it will be alright.” I said with a few reservations. I had never drink champagne before and I didn’t know what kind of effect it would have on me.

“Don’t worry Bre, a glass or two won’t hurt anything.”, Dad said as he smiled and winked, assuring me it would be alright. I blushed as I smiled back at him.

“So how does it feel to be a High School graduate?” Grandpa asked, smiling brightly. I look at him and see what my Daddy will look like when he gets to be that age. Grandpa is very good looking for a man that’s 72. Grandma passed away five years ago and he had a really hard time recovering from her death. What do you expect though, they had been married 48 years when she suddenly died. He threw himself into his farm for a while, trying to stay busy. We all knew that he was grieving. The past year has been good for him though, he’s starting to act more like his old self and sporting that familiar gleam in his eyes. He claims it’s all that good, clean living he’s been getting on the farm. I, however, disagree. I say it’s all in the genes.

“I don’t know that I feel any different, but it sure feels good to be out of that place though.” I said lightly laughing.

“I know what you mean. It’s always a good feeling when you know you’ve accomplished something and can put a close to it.”, Grandpa said still smiling.

The waiter was sitting the glasses on the table and popped the cork to the champagne. He then filled each glass with a nice serving and quietly withdrew from the table saying that our dinner will be served shortly.

“I would casino şirketleri like to make a toast.”, Daddy said as he raised his glass. “Here’s to Breaunna’s graduation and wishes that she achieves all of her dreams.”, Daddy toasted happily.

“Here!, Here!”, came replies from both Grandpa and Uncle Jim.

We sat drinking the champagne and talked quietly back and forth when our dinner was brought to the table.

“This place sure serves a mean chicken.”, Uncle Jim stated.

“Yes. It’s all quite good.”, Grandpa chimed in.

“We have always been served with very good food and service each time we’ve come here.” Dad stated as he sliced off another piece of steak to put into his smiling mouth.

I ate my dinner quietly. Every once in a while I would feel something touch my leg and it would make me slightly jump in my seat. I would then look up to see Uncle Jim smiling and it seemed that he was undressing me with his dark brown eyes. Uncle Jim is also a very good looking man. He’s the eldest of the two by three years so that would make him 48 now. They are built about the same with the exception that my Dad is probably a couple inches taller than him. His hair has a slight wave to it which is why he probably keeps it cut short. Uncle Jim has not had very good luck with his love life lately. Apparently, his wife found out that he was having numerous affairs and she left him high and dry. I think that could be part of why he’s been acting so stange.

“So Breaunna, What are you plans now?”, Uncle Jim’s asked as his foot was moving higher onto my thigh, causing me to jump again. Immediately, I looked up and saw his brown eyes staring at me.

“She is going to the local college here this fall and take her prerequisites before attending the State University.”, Daddy answered, sensing my discomfort.

“That’s good. We need more educated women in this family.”, Uncle Jim said with a smirk as he glared at me.

“There’s nothing wrong with having educated women in the family Jim.”, Grandpa chimed in. “What’s wrong, having regrets about not sending Deidra to college?” Grandpa asked chuckling.

“Deidra didn’t want to go to college Dad and you know it. All that damn girl thinks about is her looks and how many men she can snare with them.”, Uncle Jim retorted.

“Well, I want to make sure that Breaunna get’s her education so that she can take care of her dear old Dad when he retires.”, Daddy said as he caught my eye and winked.

“I will always be there to take care of you Daddy. No matter how old you are.”, I said smiling at Daddy as I joked back.

Finally, the mood was starting to change. I was able to push Uncle Jim’s lewd acts from my mind and begin to enjoy what was suppose to be my celebration dinner. Too bad it was toward the end of the evening.

“Well, I’m stuffed!”, Daddy said as he stood up from the table. “Is everyone ready to get back to the house?”, he then moved to the back of my chair.

“Yes, I’m feeling kinda tired and would like to get home and put my feet up.” I said, feeling rather light-headed as I stood up. I didn’t know if it was the champagne or the fact that I was tired but non-the-less, I was ready to go.

“Now don’t forget that you have three gifts that you need to unwrap when we get home sweetie.” Daddy reminded me, entwining his hand into mine.

“Oh, I almost forgot about the presents you guys got for me.”, I said as I put my free hand onto his arm to steady myself. “I can’t wait to get home and open them.”

“Shall we go then?”, Daddy said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the bills needed to pay for dinner. We then began to make our way to the restaurants exit.

I held onto Daddy as if he were my only life line as we strolled from the restaurant to the car. I think the champagne had gone to my head causing me to feel this way. “I’m definitely going to lie down when we get home!”, I thought as Daddy helped me into the car. He was making his way around to the driver’s side when he was stopped.

“Have you told her yet?”, I heard Grandpa almost whisper to Daddy as all three men stood outside of the car.

“No. I didn’t tell her Dad.”, Daddy said, looking down at the paved parking lot.

“Damn it Tommy, Do I have to do everything in this family?”, Grandpa said angrily.

“Well, how about we all tell her on the way back to your house?”, Uncle Jim chimed in.

“No. We’ll wait until we get there.”, Grandpa huffed. “That way it will all be done behind closed doors just where it should be kept.”

The three of them got into the car and we were on our way back home. It seemed that everyone was lost in their own thoughts. I couldn’t help but think about the conversation that I had just overheard between Grandpa, Uncle Jim and Daddy. What was Daddy keeping from me? Why was Grandpa talking in such a hushed voice and why did he get angry with my Dad? I guess I will learn about it soon enough because I overheard them say that they would tell me when we got home. Still, something about their conversation casino firmaları made me feel very uneasy.

As we pulled into the drive of our house, I felt a hand cover mine. It was Daddy’s hand. He looked at me and smiled. It seemed as though he was trying to reassure me about something. “What is going on?” I thought as I stepped out of the car.

“Breaunna, we need to talk.”, Daddy said as we walked into the foyer of the house.

“I know Daddy. I have something that I need to tell you too.”, I said with pleading eyes.

“Can it wait Bre? I think what I have to tell you is more important at this moment.” Daddy asked, taking my hand in his.

“Sure Daddy. Is it about my presents?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, it is.”, Daddy said as he led me into the living room, turning me to face him.

“Oh Hell Tommy! Tell the girl what’s going to happen for christ sake!”, Grandpa said as he turned to look me in the eye, ” We are your presents Breaunna!”, he said, sounding like a lion as it roared. I didn’t realize, until that moment, that Daddy and I got our eyes from him.

“What does he mean Daddy?”, I asked, looking up at him with questioning eyes.

“It’s just what Grandpa said it is.”, Daddy said, holding onto me by both of my arms. “We have a tradition in this family that is to be fulfilled tonight.”

“What kind of tradition is that?”, I asked on trembling legs.

“It will all be fully explained in time but first I must ask you something and have you answer me truthfully. Ok?” I nodded with understanding as he continued. “Are you still a virgin?”, Daddy finally asked.

“Yes”, I answered blushing bright red with embarrassment.

“No need to get enbarrassed sweetie. I needed to know this because of what is about to happen.”, Daddy said as he led me to sit on the sofa. “In this family, the male elders take possession of the females on the day they graduate from High School and are officially of legal age.”, he said looking down at me. “You are to willingly give your virginity to us and do whatever we ask of you from now on. No questions and no hesitations. Do you understand?”

“No! I don’t understand!”, I lashed out, defiantly looking at my Dad. “This is sick and I won’t have any part of it!”

SLAP! I felt my head being tossed to one side as my body fell over onto the sofa. I looked up with tears streaming down my face and saw Daddy angrily looking down at me. I raised my hand to feel my face. Heat was rising from my skin as I realized that Daddy was the one who had struck me.

“You will do this Breaunna!”, Grandpa said as he brushed past Uncle Jim to stand beside Daddy. “This is your destiny!”

“Do you understand now?”, Daddy asked, his face still red with anger.

“Yes Daddy.”, I said as my lower lip quivered with fear. I wanted to get up and run away from this nightmare but where would I go? How would I live? I didn’t have a car or any money. I had always been supported by Daddy and he made sure that I had all that I wanted and needed. I felt so trapped!

“Good.”, Daddy’s response bringing me back to this hellish reality. “I should have told you this several months ago but I didn’t because of all that you’ve been though in the past two years.”, he said as he began to regain his composure. “With the passing of your mother, I had to turn to strange women to fulfil my sexual needs knowing that I had to wait until you had graduated before taking you into my possession. I immediately threw my face into my hands and began to cry like a baby. “Why is this happening?”, I asked myself.

“Now the time has come for you to submit to me and the other elders of this family.”, Daddy coldly stated. “Soon we will find out if you have been truthful with me.”, he said as his eyes bore into the very core of my being.

“Stand up child and take your clothes off.”, Grandpa demanded, moving aside so that I could stand up. I hesitated.

“Do what your told Breaunna!”, Daddy said, almost screaming, causing me to jump.

I stood and, with shaking hands, slowly began to disrobe. My pink dress was soon falling around my ankles as I lifted my foot to push it aside.

“Fuck, Do you think we have all night?”, Uncle Jim sharply asked. “Get those fucking panties and bra off too!”, he demanded as he moved closer. I began to slide my pink panties down my slender legs, trying to cover myself as they fell around my ankles. I was so ashamed of what they were making me do.

“Damn Tommy! She’s got one hot pussy!”, Uncle Jim was saying as he tried to touch my private area. “I can tell just by looking at it.” I pushed away from him before he could touch me.

“No need to fight this Bre.”, I heard Daddy say. “This is going to happen whether you like it or not.” I looked up to see where his voice was coming from and saw him sitting in the chair across the room. I didn’t realize that he had even moved.

“Quit trying to hide that pussy Breaunna.”, Grandpa said with haste as he grabbed my arm.

“Yeah baby, we’re all family here.”, Uncle güvenilir casino Jim said laughing, as he rubbed his cock through his pants.

I had started to put my hands behind my back to unclasp my bra when I felt a hand pushing my hands back down to my side. I turned to look and Uncle Jim had moved to stand beside me. He turned me around and in no time he had unclasped my bra and my breasts fell free. Here I stood completely naked, in front of the three men that I had once adored so much, and all I could do was stand there as if I were frozen. I quit fighting it and surrendered to the fact that these men were going to do with me as they wished.

“Oh fuck Tommy, This hottie of yours has some fine tits!”, Uncle Jim’s words bringing me back. “I can’t wait to see how they bounce when I am fucking the shit out of her!”, he added.

“Well, Let’s find out how good of a cock sucker she is.”, Grandpa inpatiently said.

“I will almost bet she’s sucked a few of those boy’s cocks at school and is probably quite the expert at it.”, Uncle Jim said with excitement.

The words weren’t hardly spoken and Grandpa and Uncle Jim were stripped naked. Their Cocks springing to life with the anticipation of fucking their niece and grandaughter. Then Grandpa was standing in front of me holding one of the biggest cocks that I had ever seen. I would say it had to be at least 10 inches long and as big around as a beer can.

“Get on your knees Breaunna!”, Grandpa demanded. I quickly obeyed and then he put his big monster up to my lips. “Open up that mouth of yours and let ole Grandpa give you a few lessons in cock sucking.” I opened my mouth and felt him begin to stuff his monster cock in. I felt my mouth stretch as he inched more and more into my mouth. “She’s got a hot mouth I’ll tell ya that now.” Grandpa said to whomever was listening. More and more of his cock began to disappear into my mouth as I then felt it hit the back of my throat. “Looks like I’ve hit a wall, let’s see if I can break through it.”, Grandpa said pushing past the blockage that hindered his passage into my throat. I began to gasp for air, flingling my arms, as I felt his cock pushing further inside my mouth. I heard someone say to breath through my nose. Realizing it was Daddy coaching me, I tried to relax as Grandpa continued his journey into my virgin throat.

“Get on your hand and knees Slut.” Uncle Jim demanded as he pushed me forward onto my hands and knees. “I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours.” The next thing I felt was something wet touching my pussy. Grandpa’s cock fell from my mouth as I moved my head to the side and saw Uncle Jim kneeling behind me with his face in my twat.

“Now get that fucking throat turned back around here little girl so I can finish what I started.”, Grandpa said as he pushed my face back toward him. Back into my mouth went his hugh cock and within seconds he was filling my throat with it once more. It was like the gurgling sounds, coming from me, was getting him even more excited.

“Tommy, you’ve got to taste this sweet pussy of hers.”, Uncle Jim cooed as he briefly took his mouth from my pussy. “It tastes like sweet honey.” Suddenly, I felt a new sensation deep inside of me. I couldn’t stop what was happening to my body and, then as if I had become someone else, I began to push back again the tongue that was causing me to feel such pleasure. “The Slut is fucking cumming on my tongue.”, Uncle Jim said laughing. “She’s cumming so much I might drown in her juices.”, he said as my whole body shook.

Not once did Grandpa let me forget that he was still fucking my throat. His constant in and out motion only confirmed that he was achieving his goal. Everytime he would push back into my mouth, I felt his big balls slap again my chin. “I’m going to cum very soon, so you had better get ready to drink what Grandpa is about to give ya.”, he said as he slammed back into my throat. I felt it begin to twitch and then a rush of thick fluid begin to slide from my throat directly into my stomach. “Suck me dry!.”, Grandpa groaned as he cum. I was struggling to get air into my lungs but how could I with him holding my head still while he used my mouth as his sperm dump. I was about to pass out when he pulled his cock from my mouth, allowing me to breath again. I began to cough as what was left of his cum spewed from my mouth. I looked around for Daddy and saw him still sitting in the chair rubbing his cock through is pants. He just smiled at me and then winked.

“Fuck, that was some fine pussy Breaunna!”, Uncle Jim said, catching my attention. “Talk about some good dessert!”, he continued as he walked around to stand in front of me. I was then confronted with yet an even bigger cock to suck on. It wasn’t as big around as Grandpa’s but it was definately longer, probably 12 inches long. “Open up and say ahhh.”, Uncle Jim said, laughing as he begin to push his big cock into my mouth and once again my mouth was filled. Only, he wasn’t as gentle as Grandpa was. He was merciless as he plunged his big cock down my young throat in one thrust. He didn’t seem to care that I was trying to breathe. All he wanted to do was see how much pain he could inflict upon my poor throat. “Oh yeah Bitch, Suck on my big cock.”, he said as his balls bounced off my chin.

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