Bringing Kiera Home Ch. 04


Keira woke the next morning, and although her nappy was dry, her body flooded with shame at the memory of the night before. Her sobs had barely subsided as she had fallen into a bone-weary sleep, and this morning she was still swallowing some residual strangled whimpers.

Jamie pulled her tightly towards him, cupped one of her deliciously pert breasts and gently squeezed her nipple. Keira curved into his body as if melded to him and relaxed into the sensation. She flinched as Jamie reached down, put his hands inside her nappy, and mirroring his action on her nipple, pinched her erect clit.

As he pressed down on her pelvis, Keira felt an urgent need to pee.

“Jamie, stop, I gotta go.”

“Don’t worry about it, sweetheart,” Jamie continued fucking her tight little cunt with his fingers, “you can go right here.”

But although Kiera had fully embraced wearing her nappy in front of Jamie, and in some ways even enjoyed it, today she wanted nothing to do with it. She wanted no reminder of her accidents, her urination, and certainly no suggestion of her subsequent arousal.

“Not today, Jamie, please” she pleaded softly.

“Okay,” he watched his defeated little girl make her way to the bathroom and felt terrible for his actions the night before. He wasn’t sorry he’d done it, she needed to be taught, but he didn’t want her to end up so sad, so miserable, so broken.

He waited a minute or two until he was sure she’d had time to remove her nappy and followed her into the bathroom. She was sitting on the toilet, her slender legs splayed in mid-pee.

“Jamie… what the hell… I’m right in the middle… get out,” Keira closed her legs and clenched her muscles, trying to stop the flow mid-stream. It slowed to a trickle.

Jamie kneeled down in front of Keira “firstly, I’ve seen you pee in your nappy several times, this is no different, so unclench that little pussy of yours and finish peeing. Secondly, I’m not sorry I spanked you because this is how you’ll learn, but I am sorry that you’re this upset. That was not my intention. Please, darling, don’t pull away from me.”

“Perhaps if I wasn’t concentrating so hard on not peeing in front of you right now, I could think more clearly,” Kiera quipped, with a mere hint of a smile showing through her screwed-up little features as she desperately tried to hold back.

Jamie couldn’t help but smirk “listen, darling, it’s Friday, how about we both call in sick today and enjoy a long weekend together.”

“We couldn’t, could we?” Kiera speculated. They were both workaholics and needlessly taking a day off was unthinkable.

“Think about it; wasn’t it Justin’s tirade yesterday that set this whole thing in motion in the first place? Think of it as revenge,” Jamie proposed, “and my office takes me for granted, perhaps if I missed a day, they’d appreciate what it is I do.”

“Or they’ll see that they can manage perfectly fine without you,” Keira giggled, “but what the hell, I deserve a day off, and Justin can go fuck himself today. And now will you please leave so I can finish peeing.”

Jamie stood up, “fantastic, I’m gonna bursa escort call my office now, but,” he grinned “I am not leaving this bathroom until you unclench that cute little cunt of yours and let go.”

“Bastard,” Keira laughingly grimaced, but she did as she was told and finished peeing while Jamie watched.

Jamie was lying naked on the bed when Keira exited the bathroom carrying a nappy in her hand.

“I guess I’m gonna need this if we’re staying home today,” she stated shyly remembering last night’s promise.

Jamie pulled her on top of him and kissed her firmly on the mouth, “did I tell you today how much I love you.”

“Nuh-uh,” Keira mock pouted as she shook her head.

“Well, let me try that again,” Jamie grabbed her hair, pulled her towards him and kissed her. His smooth, firm lips mashed against her soft, tender ones as if he was trying to devour her mouth. She hungrily pushed back, her tongue pushing into the moist space between his teeth. He worked his mouth against hers, their tongues wrestling each other as they vied for the passionate tension that was threatening to erupt between them.

They pulled apart, panting, their eyes locked in a fiery gaze.

Keira broke the tension first, as she leaned forward, and nipped him gently on the lips, “what was it you were trying to tell me again,” she smiled coquettishly.

He kissed her tenderly on the lips again, “I love you, you little minx.”

He reached over for the nappy that was still in Keira’s hand and chucked it over her shoulder, “you won’t be needing that now. I know wearing that makes you feel like a little girl, so first I want to show you what a big girl you are,” he pushed her off his lap, so she was lying on her front. He climbed on top of her, pinioning her, covering her tiny frame with his muscular body, “today you’re going to be my big girl as I fuck your tight little ass.”

Keira gasped. They had talked about it several times, and aside from Jamie occasionally sticking a finger up her butt while they fucked, they had never actually done anything about it.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’ll take it slow,” Jamie assured her, “and we can stop any time.”

With his body still on top of hers, she purred softly as he gently nibbled her ear, just on the lobe, which sent tremors down her spine. Moving slowly downwards, he trailed kisses downwards to the soft spot where the nape of her neck met her shoulders and bit down gently. She gasped at the sensation of pain mingled with pleasure. He reached around her, with one hand, massaging her breast and squeezing her nipple, as his teeth worked her neck, leaving a faint ring of teeth marks. She would be sporting a vivid love bite for the next few days.

Almost involuntarily, she spread her legs beneath him as her pussy dripped its inviting wetness. He smelled her desperate yearnings, his mouth kissing a path down her spine, each touch of his lips on her creamy skin eliciting a soft moan from her tender upper lips, and a weeping sigh from her lower ones.

His cock, red and engorged, wanted her desperately. He wanted to plunge into her mewling cunt bursa escort bayan and possess her the way she wanted to be possessed, but he didn’t answer the passionate pleadings of her pussy. He reached down, his fingers finding her gluttonous clit begging for attention. He circled her trailing arousal around her pink pleasure nub, feeling its desirous cravings responding to his ministrations. Keira sighed beneath him, silently begging for her cunt to be filled, for him to take her and fill her like his personal vessel.

His fingers plunged into her pussy, thrusting inside her, searching for her g-spot. His thumb pressed down hard on her clit, and she screamed out in a loud, clenching, squirting, climax.

He rubbed his cum-soaked fingers over her tight little puckered hole. Slowly he slipped one finger easily inside her, then quickly followed with a second. Keira gasped, the sensation unfamiliar, as her pussy clenched with the waves of a second impending orgasm. He stretched her hole with a third finger and felt her sphincter clench around his fingers as she exploded in climax.

He removed his fingers from her anus and coated her tight little entrance with lubricant.

“You ready, darling?” he whispered into her ear.

“Yes,” it was barely audible, but her vigorous nodding told him all he needed to know.

He pressed the engorged head of his cock against her opening and pushed gently. Keira gasped as Jamie slowly but surely nudged his enflamed cock further inside her anal passage. His fingers hadn’t prepared her for his girth. She inhaled deeply, as he inserted another inch or two, and then with a final thrust, his full length was buried deep inside her virgin ass. Keira exhaled the breath she had been holding and tightly grasped the sheet in her clenched fists.

Jamie lay on top of her for a minute, allowing her to get used to the sensation. He moved his hands towards the gaping, hungry void of her cunt, and then just as she shuddered to her third climax, he gently bucked his hips, fucking her ass.

Keira groaned, her pussy still quivering and pouring its libidinous gratitude, she arched her back, sticking out her stretched ass, moving her hips together with his.

Jamie felt his balls tighten and knew he was about to anoint her ass for the first time. He reached up, grabbed her hair with one hand and wrapped his other hand gently around her throat. Keira’s cunt responded immediately, just as Jamie knew it would, and with a victorious battle cry, he spurted his seed deep inside her.

With a final grunt, his sweaty body flopped on top of hers, as they fought to catch their breath.

“Fuck!” Keira broke the panting silence, and her simple expletive caused them both to erupt into a fit of giggles.

“Fuck, indeed!” Jamie laughed as he rolled her over and presented her with a dazzling smile, “well done my girl, that was incredible.”

A while later they meandered into the shower together, where Jamie shampooed Keira’s hair, and as he massaged her scalp into a lather, he nuzzled her neck and said: “see, you’re my big girl now.”

Keira’s insides glowed, and not escort bursa just from the multiple orgasms.

“Breakfast?” Jamie asked as they stepped out of the shower.

Keira stared back at him for a minute and burst into giggles. After what they had just done the thought of breakfast seemed so banal, but then she realised that she was quite starving.

“Mmmm,” she nodded.

“Okay, so get dressed darling, but before you do,” Jamie looked at his girl, “you know what this means.”

Keira opened her mouth in question, but then she remembered and nodded a quiet acquiescence. She lay down on the bed and allowed Jamie to put the nappy on her.

As he finished, he bent down and planted a soft kiss on her taut tummy, “good girl.”

It felt slightly strange wearing the nappy under her clothes, but in a funny sort of way, Keira felt protected, as if she was wrapped in a permanent hug. And then for no reason at all, she stood on her tiptoes and reached up to hug the man she loved.

Neither of them realised how hungry they were until they started eating. Despite not having much time to cook, Jamie was a dab hand in the kitchen, and the pancakes he served up for breakfast were delicious.

Sometime around midday, Keira felt the urge to pee and was suddenly gripped with doubt and indecision. She didn’t want to go in her nappy, it was there as a precaution, but did wearing one mean she would have to tell Jamie every time she needed to go? She felt like a little girl who couldn’t use the toilet on her own.

“Jamie” her voice was small and meek.

“What is it, sweetheart?” the shy blush that crept up on her cheek and her nervous shuffle from foot to foot made her look every inch the little girl she so didn’t want to be.

“I need to use the toilet,” she almost whispered.

Jamie almost burst out laughing. He was almost sure she was going to tell him that she’d had a little accident, but he didn’t want to embarrass her, so he suppressed his mirth.

“So go sweetie, you’re a big girl, you can go to the toilet by yourself, can’t you?”

Keira was so relieved she almost did have a little accident and ran to the toilet. When she returned, Jamie asked her if she needed help putting her nappy back on, and she shook her head, “no, I managed.”

“Well done,” he smiled encouragingly, “but that was really quick for your first time.”

Keira lowered her eyes, “actually it wasn’t my first time,” and she finally confessed to Jamie that she’d been nappying herself at home for weeks now.

“Oh, darling,” Jamie enthused, “I’m so proud of you for being so responsible and adult about this.” And once again Keira’s eyes beamed at his approval.

Later that evening, she and Jamie were relaxing on the couch. It was a big couch, and even without the stained cushion which had been sent off to be cleaned, there was still plenty of room for Keira to cuddle up to Jamie and rest her head in his lap as they watched TV together.

With daylight fading into lengthening shadows, and Jamie’s hands gently stroking her hair as she lay in his lap, Keira texted her friends to let them know that she would be forgoing their weekly drinking sessions for the foreseeable future. After all, she had something… or someone… much better to do.


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