brother in law staring at sister, my wife.

brother in law staring at sister, my wife.My wife is a bbw Latina and in the process of losing weight. She’s already a sexy woman with large hips and butt. She’s also got some of the largest fat nipples I’ve seen on a woman. On a cold day her padded bra struggles to hide her headlights! My wife is very conservative when it comes to cloths. She covers up everything and will sometimes wear it loose fit. But she has an awesome body underneath.About 9 months ago my brother in law came to live with us due to no place to say. And he’s very vocal when he sees a woman in tight shorts, jeans, spandex, yoga pant and big tits. My wife, his sister, knows he loves staring at womens bodies as he doesn’t hide it. He’s always pointing out other women to me which my wife doesn’t really like him doing. I look but don’t make any comments.A couple of months back my wife began working out to loose some weight. She started off in baggy shorts and a tight shirt but with a loose t-shirt on top. As she’s already lost some weight she’s begun to feel confident about her body. She now wears tight spandex shorts which shows off her big fat ass and the tight shirt with out the baggy shirt on top. And thats when I began bahis şirketleri to notice my brother in law. My wife will walk around to cool off in the home and her nipples will be excited from the cool air and sweat in her workout cloths. She’s also showing off some cleavage too. That’s when my brother in law will get up to ‘start up’ a conversation with his sister. I’ll just watch him as he’s looking at her cleavage, nipples and fat ass walking around in the kitchen. She has no idea he’s checking her out. And she’ll bend over in front of him and her tits will drag down her shirt and he’ll see her tits hanging down nearly seeing her nipples exposed. He watches her all night.Two weeks ago I told my wife that he’s watching and she didn’t believe me. The other night he walked in on her working out as she sat down and he literally sat 4 feet from her talking and watching. I waited a few minutes and walked into the room to see what he was doing. She had her arms going up and down with her erect nipples and showing a lot of cleavage. I smiled to her and a quick look at him and then to her to suggest he’s looking down her shirt and tits. She smiled and lifted her shirt up to hide illegal bahis everything. But it doesn’t help as its a short tight work out shirt. He just sat there looking and looking at his sister. I walked out letting her know he’s staring at her tits. She didn’t believe me. Later that night she took a shower and put on blue cotton tights. They showed off her tight ass, gave her a wedgie and almost gave her a camel toe due to the tightness. I grabbed her ass and told her I liked what she had on. I sat down watching Tv with my brother in law and a few minutes later my wife came in. She passed by him and he was watching her tight fat ass. She sat next to me and adjacent to him. As we went to bed she stood next him getting water from the fountain we have. I stood back and he was looking at the shape of her pussy and the roundness of her ass in those sexy blue tights. He couldn’t stop looking! I told my wife about it a few minutes later. She said I was crazy.This weekend we went out of town and he made a comment about her putting on a bikini. She didn’t hear it but I told her about it later on. Now she’s self conscious about her brother getting turned on by her body. I want her to illegal bahis siteleri know that her brother is attracted to her. Maybe she’ll believe me that she’s got a hot body. Later that night we fucked and I told her she’s really sexy and hot and she said she wasn’t. As I started fucking her I asked if she wanted other men to finger her and fuck. She said no and that she only wanted me. I told her I’m brining over her friends to fuck her as they’ve made comments on her headlights before. She says no to everything I say. As she’s getting all wet and thick and fucking her from the back I tell her that her brother probably wants to fuck her good by they way he looks at her. I could hear him walking around in the house as we fucked. I asked her I can bring him in to fuck her and she said no. I expected her to get pissed off but she didn’t, she just said no. I told her to go and suck his dick and I can fuck her at the same time, she says no. I told her what about the both of us fucking her at the same time. She still says no. (Last year she said yes to me bringing strangers to fuck her but hasn’t said yes since then. I’m still trying!)It turns me on knowing he’s looking at every little thing on her body. And I know he’s thinking bad thoughts about her. And I have told her it’s a turn on knowing he’s looking at her. I’ve told her she can tell me if she ever changes her mind on any of my suggestions. I’ll let you know if anything new comes up.

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