Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Looking after Dawn


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Looking after DawnBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Looking after DawnIt was two years since Buffy Summers had sacrificed herself for her s*ster. At first Dawn had grieved inconsolably, and her friend Willow had worked herself into the ground trying to bring her back. The slaying duties in Sunnydale were divided up between the friends they knew and loved. With the exception being those who were too young to hold their own against the undead.But all the attempts had failed.With Dawn’s Mom dead, as well as her s*ster, Willow and her girlfriend Tara had moved into the house to act as surrogate parents and to look after the teen. Gradually they had grown into a loving f*mily. At times they still all missed Buffy, Dawn missing her with every passing day, but with the passage of time the soul-destroying hurt of loss, had been replaced. And now the memories of her were nostalgic, rather than painful.But Dawn still missed the s*ster that looked after her.Dawn had grown up in the meantime and was now a beautiful sev*nteen years old, on the cusp of womanhood. Her looks, once ch*ldlike innocence, had become those of a sultry teenager, and her breasts had expanded from the pancakes of a young teen girl to the fuller mounds of adulthood.Suddenly Tara’s thoughts were interrupted as Willow snuck up behind her, enclosing her with her arms and gently lying her head on the blondes shoulder, “Whattya thinking?” she asked and then looked to where Tara had been gazing.In the back yard a bikini clad Dawn was lounging on a seat, letting the sun pour down on her beautiful skin, reading a book about romance and adventure. The skimpy garment just about covered her choice bits, though if you looked hard you could see the brown of her nipple rings just peeking above the cotton. Dawn didn’t know this however, but those who looked on couldn’t help but to be transfixed by her areola.Tara blushed, “I was just peeling the potatoes,” she said.Willow chuckled, “You, my love, are such a bad liar.” She paused and took another look at Dawn, “Still I can see why you’re staring. Dawnie is certainly filling out. And nicely, I might add. I wonder if she’s a virgin.”Tara snorted, “I hope so.””Why? She’s old enough. I had my first boyfriend at her age. And I was a slow starter.””But she hasn’t got a boyfriend or anyone outside this house who cares for her,” Tara replied, “It’s just for her first time it should be with people she loves.””People? Not person?” Willow enquired smiling.Tara blushed. Struggling to say something that wouldn’t come out.”Don’t worry, Tara,” Willow continued “I’ve been thinking the same thing myself.”* * *That night Dawn lay on her bed with a magazine, with Willow and Tara having gone to bed canlı bahis earlier. Normally by now Dawn would have heard them crying in passion through her walls. She liked that; it made her feel safe and comfortable that her two friends were still very much in love. But all was silence.Dawn hoped they hadn’t had an argument. They very seldom did, but they scared her. Each time they argued she worried it was like her Mom and Dad, and that they’d split up and she’d be left on her own again. Willow and Tara always made up, but there remained a nagging fear at the back of Dawn’s mind that one day they wouldn’t. And she would be left alone again.She looked at the magazine, but she couldn’t concentrate enough to read. She really wanted to hear some love making going on in the house.There was a knock at her door. “Come in,” Dawn called as she closed the magazine and placed it on her nightstand.In the doorway stood Tara. Her negligee was see-through and Dawn and beneath the gauze material Dawn could make out her erect nipples and her smooth snatch. Despite what people may think Dawn knew that she was looking at one of the most beautiful women she would ever know. Second only to Buffy and her mother.”Hi Dawnie. Willow and I just wondered if you wanted to share our bed tonight?” Tara leaned seductively against the doorframe, hoping the answer to her question was favourable.Dawn stared at the blonde, or rather she tried to look into her eyes hoping to notice if this was some kind of trick or not, but found her gaze captivated by Tara’s sweet, shaven pussy. “You mean like some sort of sex thing?””Something like that… If you want to, of course…” Tara purred as she looked at Dawn’s young body.”Hell, yes!” Dawn found herself saying without thinking about it.Dawn leapt off her bed and made her way towards her. Tara took her hand and led her to the master bedroom. As the two of them entered Willow was lying on her side, naked, on top of the covers. She was lightly rubbing her pussy.Dawn slipped out of her nightie quickly, eager to join in, and made to remove her panties, but Tara lightly took hold off her arms.”Let me,” she said in a seductive whisper.She knelt before Dawn and pulled down the teen’s panties. She looked at Dawn’s gorgeous twat, almost smooth, but with a tiny bush of hair at the top. Then she began to kiss at the labia lips. Small tiny kisses at first, but soon they became more passionate. Her tongue would shoot out and slurp away at the hole. Then finally she stopped with the kissing and just kept her tongue between the quim lips and licked away at the pussy walls, her face buried deep.Dawn had never felt anything like it. A burst of sexual pleasure coursed through her, and she felt her legs bahis siteleri go weak. She leant her hands on Tara’s shoulders as the blonde expertly hit the spot. On the bed, Willow was looking at them, rubbing herself harder as she watched her girlfriend snack on Dawn.Finally Tara pulled her head back.”My turn,” said Willow. She sat up and patted the bed beside her. Dawn tottered over and sat down. Willow stood up and spread Dawn’s legs, and then she knelt in front of her and began to gently nibble at the edges of her pussy lips.Dawn felt little sharp pains as Willow’s teeth dug in. But those pains were soon washed away as Willow’s tongue began to probe deep and lick against Dawn’s clit. Dawn gasped in pleasure and closed her eyes. She could feel Tara move to kneel behind her. Then Tara wrapped her arms round Dawn and began to fondle at her titties, before starting to nuzzle at her neck.Dawn entered heaven as the two young women played with her body. It was all over too soon though, and Willow broke away and stood up, “Do you want to give it a go?””What?”Willow lay down on the bed and pointed at pussy, “Eating me out.”Dawn blushed, “I’ve never tried it. I’m not sure I’ll be very good.”Tara laughed, “Don’t worry Dawnie. It’s easy and everyone has to start sometime.””Okay,” said Dawn hesitantly. She pushed her hair back and squatted so that her face was just above Willow’s naked cunt. It was damp with juice.Slowly Dawn lent down and gave a slight lick at the outside. The juice tasted strange, but not unpleasant. Dawn licked again, then again and gradually began to lick at the sides of the labia quicker. Feeling more daring, she began to move her tongue over the lips and into the pussy. From the sounds that Willow was making she appreciated the teen’s care.Dawn lapped away happily, as Willow moaned and groaned. Behind them Tara’s spoke, “Dawnie, I’m going to start stuffing a dildo up your cunt. Are you alright with that?”Dawn’s mouth broke contact with Willow just long enough to squeak, “Yes” and then bobbed down again.Seconds later she could feel Tara begin to spread her pussy lips, with one hand before pushing in a rubber cock with the other. She began to push it in and out, moving her spare hand from Dawn’s pussy, to rub lightly against her ass cheeks.”Okay, Dawnie, I want to fuck you properly now,” said Tara, “lie on your back and spread your legs.”Dawn complied. She noticed that Tara had equipped herself with a strap-on, which was dangling in front of her. Tara dropped the sopping wet dildo from her hand and shuffled over to Dawn. She first of all kissed Dawn’s titties, whilst Willow lightly stroked her forehead. Then she positioned herself over Dawn and lowered herself down.The strap-on glided güvenilir bahis into Dawn gradually. Once it was fully in place Tara, paused for a second and smiled reassuringly at the teen. Still smiling she pulled back slightly and then thrust again. Dawn smiled back. Tara began to move faster and faster. Dawn groaned and the toy smacked deep into her. She was aware Willow had moved, but off little else but Tara’s face above her, the crush of Tara’s large tits against hers and the thrill of the plastic phallus splattering in and out of her hole.”You think you can take us both together?” Willow asked.Tara paused and withdrew her cock, and Dawn turned her head. Willow was standing by the bed, but a black, plastic, cock hanging from a leather thong had now enhanced her previous nakedness.Dawn nodded, “I think so. I can try…””Okay,” said Willow and lay down on the bed. “Dawnie slide your ass down on this. It’ll hurt for a bit,” she warned.Dawn did as she was asked. Willow and Tara helped to guide her so that she was sitting with her asshole just above the plastic phallus. She lowered herself down onto it, Tara helping with a push and Willow with a pull. Dawn squeaked in pain, as the cock entered her. But she continued to lower herself down, and the discomfort was replaced by a feeling of contentment.Once she was firmly in position she lay back and felt herself safe in Willow’s embrace Willow lightly kissed her neck, “Good girl.””You ready?” asked Tara.Dawn nodded.Tara again entered Dawn’s pussy. This time Dawn squeaked in discomfort. Whilst the two cocks couldn’t literally have been banging against each other, it felt as if they were and the whole bottom of her body felt filled. However, once Tara began to fuck her Dawn forgot the pain as the most intense orgasms began to fill her.As the three of them bucked in unison, Willow began to grope at Dawn’s tits and the teen gave a cry of contentment. The two cocks continued to hammer into her holes, and juice began to flow from her pussy allow lubricating Tara’s cock and allowing it to slide in faster and quicker.As the excitement grew more juice trickled from her pussy and further lubricated the strap-on. Tara thudded away excitedly, as Willow pushed upwards, driving her strap-on deep between Dawn’s ass-cheeks.Dawn screamed in pleasure as she had the most mind-blowing orgasm she’d ever had. Tara paused for a second and leant down and kissed her.”Good isn’t,” said Willow, as she fondled Dawn’s tits some more, “Want another one – we’ve still plenty of energy.”Dawn nodded weakly. And both girls resumed their thrusting, slowly at first and then faster and deeper. Dawn bucked in pleasure as she felt the two toys bang in and out. Eventually she could hold on no longer and she gave another scream of pleasure as an intense, warm feeling of joy whacked her.The three of them lay naked, in each other’s arms, under the covers.Dawn knew they’d be a f*mily forever.

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