Bumps wild night

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Bumps wild nightMaxine texted me, need some fun this weekend, what are you up to? Promised I had plans for her…..a bit more than she expected, even though she wanted to let off a lot of steam.Friday night, we met up then I drove her off to Dave’s. Dave had split up from his missus over the sex parties he was becoming obsessed with, I’d been to a couple, even fucking his ex during one while he joined in a gangbang. Dave’s was a carpenter and had a great house on a secluded lane, perfect for these parties.Maxine and I went by his, I’d pre-arranged this and Dave was well up for it, like me, he was well built, fit and with a thick cock, plus a whole host of kinky ideas, he said he had something new to try out……more to surprise Maxine with.The night was warm and dry so Dave suggested Maxine strip and get comfortable in the outdoor hot tub, a few minutes later we went out to join her. She stood up, water beading down her curvy body, long hair dripping wet, smiling naughtily at us…..mmmm….two cocks to enjoy, bring them to me guys she begged.She began by taking me in her mouth, giving the great wet, enthusiastic blow jobs I enjoyed so much from her, while we climbed into canlı bahis the water, standing so our cocks were just above the water surface, watching small waves lap over her breasts as she sucked me than Dave. I started spanking her as she sucked Dave, she stopped and grinned back at me “are we getting kinky tonight yummy”Dave said lets dry off and go inside before it turns cold.We grabbed towels and wandered back inside, drying ourselves off and admiring each others bodies as Dave let us downstairs towards a room I hadn’t seen before…..my new pleasure room Dave smirked, opening the door and letting Maxine enter first. As he turned the light on, she backed up and tried to turn to leave, she’d spied the table and harness inside….’my new fucking bench’ said Dave and your the lucky girl getting it first. Seeing what was planned I pushed Maxine forward as she asked what was happening, we’ll strap you to this padded bench then fuck you from both ends grinned Dave, bending her forward and strapping her wrists down.Go round the front and put her head in place for face fucking said Dave, strapping her thighs down. Your magic word is release Maxine, say that and we’ll take bahis siteleri you off.Having strapped her legs, Dave stepped between them and the sudden judder and gasp suggested he’d just pushed his dick hard inside Maxine who started to groan with pleasure. I moved my cock closer to her face, teasing her as she tried to take it in her mouth while Dave began a fast, hard rhythm from behind. He spanked her as I slapped my dick on her face, taking advantage of the fact she couldn’t move too much before opening her mouth wide to take my thick cock, feeling her rock back and for over it as Dave slammed her from behind with little mercy.She was starting to love it, encouraging us to do her harder as I took my turn, pushing hard against her as felt the bench squeeze her body under our pressure.The only problem with this bench grinned Dave is that we can’t DP her, Maxine, shall we set you free…..if, of course you can be a good girl and take it in both holes. She nodded back and we took her back upstairs, this time to the bedroom.Dave laid back on the bed, stroking his cock back to life as Maxine leant forward to suck him, turning to ask me to ease into her ass before she güvenilir bahis did. I played with her ass until she felt ready to take my whole cock, building up slowly as I felt her gasp with the tightness around me. Come on girl, time to get stretched by two thick cocks at once I said, moving her forward so she took Dave’s cock in her pussy, while I eased into her ass once more.After a few minutes letting her warm up gently we started to take turns to work her a bit harder, by now Maxine was in a world of her own and heading towards a wild orgasm…..fuck me hard she said, as the excitement and feeling got hotter. I felt Dave build up a rhythm below her and worked along with this, all three of us starting to go mad as we build towards a wild orgasm…..Maxine started screaming almost breathlessly, fucking hell you bastards, I’m going to come, Dave grunted me too and this set me off to losing it, we began fucking like crazy as first Dave then Maxine, then me came hard, shuddering and shaking as we all released against each other.After few moments we managed to move before we got too still, Maxine rolled onto her back and promptly started licking Dave clean. She finished, smiled and said you two are fucking bastards and I need a stiff drink!As I took her downstairs for a drink she put her arm around me and said ‘next time, warn me how wild it will get, I’m going to be so fucking sore tomorrow’!

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