Buying My Girlfriends Friend


Buying my girlfriends friend

A few years ago it was finally my turn, I hit the jackpot and won 34 million dollars. It’s fair to say my life changed a bit after that. All things got easier and my girlfriend and I could quit working and enjoy life to the max. Some things we did together, and some things we did on our own. This story is about something I had to do without my girlfriend.

You see, my girlfriend had a female friend Kate from long time ago that I really fancied. She was this petite girl with a fairly compact figure. She had nicely-shaped C-cup breasts that was firm and with just a little droop despite her being just over 40 years old. She had a nice, almost flat stomach and her legs were clearly honed and shaped by years of training. And that training did also give her the nicest ass I have ever seen. The perfect heart-shaped thing with the sexiest spring in it. Or at least I thought so. She usually had on long sweaters or tops that covered her ass, but occasionally she wore something different that showed more of the shape, and I was never disappointed. Sexy!

Her face is pretty with brown eyes and a cute little nose, all framed by long, dark brown hair, reaching down between her shoulders. She often put up a cute smile that she could turn into a sexy, inviting look that she (unknowingly?) teased me with. And I liked to be teased. All in all she was a sexy little thing if she wanted to, and it made me want to get to know her a little bit better. And I was going to tempt her with some of my money. And I didn’t think it would be difficult.

You see, she was living with this guy that no one really liked. Ken was a lazy bastard that didn’t work and spent most of his days playing computergames. He was also very jealous and did not like that Kate had any friends that she could talk to. She was to stay home after work and cater for him, using most of her own money in the process since he didn’t make any. Everyone thought Kate drew the short straw in this relationship. But I was going to help her a little bit, and get something in return…

I knew my girlfriend was going out of town in a few weeks and came up with a plan to get Kate for myself and maybe help her out of her bad relationship at the same time. I would make Ken and Kate an offer Ken couldn’t resist. I thought if I offered the right amount of money to have sex with Kate, then Ken wouldn’t say no. Even though he didn’t work he was very interested in money. So one day I took the few steps up the stairs to their door and rang the bell.

Kate opened and looked a little puzzled, she wasn’t used to visits from anyone, and not me without my girlfriend, but opened the door and let me in. She then walked in front of me, leading me into the living room where Ken was sitting, playing some game. She had just finished work, and today she had not chosen the usual conservative look. She had on a nice blouse with a lot of cleavage for her, but the jeans were absolutely fabulous. They were skin tight and with the blouse not being very long, her ass was soooo sexy. It was hard to take my eyes away to say hi to Ken. Of course, he didn’t notice, but quit the game when I sat down.

After a little chitchat I said a had a business deal to them. If Ken hadn’t paid much attention before, now he was more interested. They knew I had won the money and Ken had tried to make me give him some earlier.

“I have a proposition for you that can give you a lot of money,” I said.

“What kind of money are you talking about” Ken said, “I don’t want to break my back for nothing.” Positive as always this guy. Good thing I wasn’t going to give HIM any money.

“Well, I am thinking of something that would give you 100.000 dollars” I said. “And you Ken actually won’t have to do anything.”

He put on a smile, probably thinking he would get this money without offering anything back. Kate however looked a little more puzzled, “What do you mean? You can’t just give us the money?”

“No, that’s correct, I’m not just giving away the money. That’s where you come in Kate. I want to buy you for a night.”

I think Kates jaw almost hit the ground at once, but Ken was probably thinking too much about the money, it took him a lot longer to understand. “What do you mean ‘buy for a night’?” he asked.

“Ken, keep up. I want to take Kate somewhere and have an evening and night alone with her, and she will have to obey my every wish, so to speak.”

Finally Ken got the message and I thought for a second that he would hit me, but he quickly regained focus, which seemed to be the money. “Why would you pay 100.000 for her? She’s not worth that.” Ken was not being very nice, seemingly not caring that I wanted to have sex with his girlfriend.

“Well Ken, I don’t completely agree with you, and I am the one paying so you don’t have to worry if she is worth it or not. But, here is how I want it.” I told them about my plan for this. Pretty straight forward, Kate was to come to a hotel ataşehir escort bayan I picked out in the nearby town next Friday, and she had to stay with me until noon the day after. I could take her home if they wanted to. And I wanted her to wear the same clothes as now, she must have underwear of her own choosing, but surprises are nice! And some high-heeled ankle boots would set the mood a little bit.

I let them have a few minutes to themselves and took a quick smoke outside and a bathroom break. When I came back it seemed they had discussed it and that they really were understanding what was going to happen.

“How can I control what happens? I am having some concerns about this, and so does Ken.” Kate was a little worried it looked like, but naturally so.

“Don’t worry, we will probably get along just fine, and we’ll agree on how to spend the night. But that we can discuss over a glass of wine next Friday.” I said, and Kate seemed to accept my answer.

They both agreed to my plan, even though Ken looked more and more grumpy. He was really thinking about the prospect of someone else going to be intimate with his girlfriend, and the only thing that kept him from exploding was the money earned from it. Well, I didn’t like him very much, so I really didn’t care what he was thinking. What I did like was that Kate did not have the same look, but actually gave me a little smile when she walked me to the door. Maybe this would be better than I thought?

I had to get rid of a few things for next Friday and booked my girlfriend and her parents to a weekend trip with tickets to a musical they had wanted to see, and booked a suite for myself and Kate in a hotel about an hours drive from home. I made sure there would be both wine and champagne in the room.

The next week was one of the slowest I could remember, but finally Friday came. Julie sent off with her parents, I hit the showers and was ready. Drove down to the hotel and checked in early. Wanted to get settled in before Kate arrived later. The plan was adjusted a little bit and I had bought a videocamera so I could tape this and have some memories to enjoy when it was all done. I put it in a small bag that I left next to the small table in the livingroom part of the suite. I also had a couple other items in the bag that I would try to put to use. Then I got myself a beer and started to wait.

Kate was to arrive at four o’clock and it was just about there so I headed down to the reception and walked outside. Took a smoke waiting and felt good. Then she came, walking towards me, with a small bag in her hand. She wore the same jeans as last time and with some high heeled boots she looked sexy as ever. I winked at her and gave an approving look. She managed to give me a short smile, but I could see she was nervous. I gave her a nice hug and a kiss on the cheek, and I let her go first as we went up to the room, so I could feast on the sights of her beautiful behind. Oh, a dream come true!

Once in the room I took her coat, revealing a very nice blouse but not the same as last time. Didn’t matter, this was just as nice, hugging her curves in all the right places and also showing a bit of cleavage. I complimented her on this and she managed to smile back and thank me. I treated her to a glass of champagne and led her to one of the chairs, I took the other, sitting just a couple of feet away with a small table between us.

“So, how do you feel, are you starting to get regrets and want to cancel?”

“No,” she said, “we are not going to cancel, we need the money, but I beg you to be kind and treat me with respect. This is a very new and frightening situation to me, and it would not happen if it wasn’t you. I trust you, but this is still scary.” Well, I could understand that, the situation was new and strange. But she needn’t worry, all I wanted was for me to sample a bit of her, but also for her to have a good experience. So we chatted a little bit while finishing the champagne, and then I said I wanted her to come over and stand up next to me. I saw she stiffened up immediately, but she came over and stood next to me.

“I have changed the plan a little bit, but you can of course back out if you want.” I reached into my little bag and took out a blindfold. “You will have to wear this until I say you can take it off. You can take it off before if you like, but that will cost you 10 grand. I can promise you that the only effect will be that you don’t see anything. Do you understand?” She took a minute to process this, but eventually nodded, and slowly put it on. Her chest showed she was nervous, breathing heavy.

I watched her for a minute, then took out the camera I also had in the bag and started it, filming her like she was. I walked around her to film her from both sides before attaching the camera to a small tripod and placing it on the table aimed at Kate. I told her she looked very beautiful and asked her if she was feeling ok. She nodded escort kadıöy and said carefully yes.

I embraced her and hugged her, and kissed her slowly from the forehead and slowly down to her chin, without touching her lips. I could tell she liked it, she stiffened up at first but quickly relaxed. I put my hands on her hips and slowly slid them upwards on the sides to her shoulders and in to the top of the buttoning of the blouse, still kissing her neck slowly and tenderly. I gently caressed her collarbone and moved down to the first button, noticing she quickened her breath. I opened the first button revealing more of her chest and kissed the bared parts of her chest tenderly.

I wanted to make this a good experience for her and make her have as good a time as possible, and had decided to go slow. I unbuttoned the next one now getting low enough to show the bottom part of her bra, while kissing her between the breasts. I had not revealed anything more than what the unbuttoning did by itself and her shirt still covered most of her breasts as I worked my way down the buttons the same way, kissing my way along the buttons. It seemed to me she was feeling good, and I didn’t want to disturb her just yet. When the final button was off the shirt still covered most of her, giving her a sexy look of showing/not showing. I took the camera and made a few shots from a couple different angels and set it back again.

“I am going to take your shirt off now, is that ok?” I asked, almost whispering. She didn’t answer, but gave a slight nod. I kissed her tenderly on her cheek and gently moved her shirt to the sides and over her shoulders, revealing her bra-covered breasts and belly. I took it off completely and took a little step back to take in the view. She looked so sexy. She wore a black bra with laces, a bit low cut showing more of the swell of the breast than with a regular bra, but still in a modest way. The perfect choice for a girl like her. Again I had to do some extra shots with the camera, I had to have some permanent memories.

Once again I started kissing her cheek working my way downwards, and this time there was less clothing in the way. I kissed most of her chest while I rested my hands on her hips, just above her jeans, feeling her warm skin and gently rubbing my thumbs on the lower part of her belly. She was breathing slowly and had her head tilted slightly backwards. As I slowly raised my hands till they reached the sides of her breasts, she seemed to slow her breath a little until almost sighing when I stopped with my hands gently caressing her breasts on the sides. It looked to me like she was starting to enjoy herself, and I was not going to deny her.

I continued to kiss my way down with lots of small kisses on her belly until I reached the top of her jeans. I moved my hands down and unfastened the button. The zipper came down slowly and when pulling the jeans to the sides I could see the top of her panties, also black with laces. I told her to raise her right leg to take of her heels, then the left.

Then without pausing I started to peel her jeans down her legs, meaning that the panties appeared fully. Also these were modest, but with a sexy cut, not the highest but still giving good effect. Loved it. When getting her jeans all the way down I made her step out of them one leg at a time. I folded them and put them on her chair while asking her if she still felt comfortable. This time she answered a clear ‘Yes’, but not without clearing her voice first.

She was now in only her underwear and she looked so vulnerable standing there, with her arms innocently behind her back and the blindfold still in place, not being able to see, only hear and feel. I filmed her a little bit while telling her she looked absolutely stunning, and complimenting her on her choice of underwear. I asked her if she wanted some champagne and handed her a glass. She said “Yes please” and took a big sip right away, sighing with content.

I walked around her again and looked at the perfect shape of her ass. Her panties was doing a good job making it even more sexy, showing some cheek, but not too much. I couldn’t help myself but had to carefully slide my hand across her buns feeling the softness of it. I planted a few kisses down her back while resting my hands on the sides of her butt slowly lovering them to the top of her thighs from the back, thumbs halfway in between her legs without touching her in the special spot. I think I felt her tremble just a little bit and thought that she was ready to get fully naked.

I told her that it was now time to move to the bedroom and she nodded slowly and turned her head in my direction, looking ready. I led her by the hand in to the bedroom and placed her with her back to the bed, legs touching the foot of the bed but still standing. I put the camera on a bigger tripod and quickly checked that it got good pictures and then took her emptied glass and put it on the nightstand next to maltepe escort a new bottle that I put in earlier.

I then moved back in front of Kate, and I held her shoulders gently, kissing her softly on her cheek and neck. Then I reached behind her finding the clasp to the bra and unhooked it. Kate was surprisingly calm and I slid the bra off her arms revealing the breasts in the same time. They were gorgeous. She had passed 40 but her breasts had just a little sag, and they were perfectly sized for a girl her size. Her aureolas where medium dark and nipples erect, like I was hoping to find. I had to do a quick round with the camera and tape her a little extra, telling her to spin round slowly, catching all of her glory. “You are so pretty and sexy, and your breasts are the kind a man always love. They are perfect.”

She didn’t answer but I could tell she liked it, and she folded her hands behind her back, proudly presenting her chest to me. And I wasn’t going to let my chance pass me by. Putting my camera down I moved closed to her, draping her with small soft kisses. I started at her neck while I held her softly on top of her hips. Kissing my way down her neck and across her chest I slowly slid my hands upwards until they held the sides of her breast feeling the softness and warmth. I reached the swells with my kisses and finally kissed my way around the nipples, not quite touching them. She let out a little moan and obviously wanted to have her nipples get more attention, but I kept kissing the rest of her breasts, now finishing on the underside.

I continued slowly across her belly while stroking my thumbs on the sides of her breast, before sliding them downwards to the top of her panties again. I was ready to finally remove the remaining garment. I kissed her just at the top of her panties and hooked my fingers inside the waistband and started to slowly pull them down, letting my mouth follow the panties down over her pubic bone. She was hairless and smooth, clearly shaven not so long ago. As I bared her nether lips I moved my tongue along the slit in one quick, soft motion, hearing her give a soft moan and a little shake in her legs. I concentrated on the sides of her pussy and top of her thighs before sliding the panties all the way down and making her step out of it.

She was now completely naked and I had to take a deep breath myself. She looked so beautiful, so incredibly sexy and yet so innocent despite standing there without any clothing. Maybe it was the blindfold that did it, or maybe the way she was standing slightly turned with her hands folded behind her back and with her head just a little on the side, sort of waiting. I almost forgot to do some extra filming, but put in some good shots from different angles. This was almost too good to be true.

“John, could I have something to drink please?” I quickly poured her another glass of champagne and handed it to her. She took a little sip and reached out for me to take it back. “Is everything alright John?” she asked, “you are very quiet, I hope all is good?”

“Oh yes, everything is just fine, very fine. I am just trying to process the incredibly beautiful view I have right now.”

“Thank you John, I like what you say. I also like what you have done so far, even though it was scary to start with. But now I feel calm and secure. I trust you John.”

“Yes my sweet one, I will try to take good care of you. Just try to relax as much as you can.”

I had to get started again, and my own arousal made me want to loose my own clothes. I quickly shed them without ceremony and told Kate that I was also naked now. She just nodded quietly. She was still standing with her back to the bed and her legs touching the bed, so I told her to sit down on the bed slowly. I then helped her further down so she was lying on her back. I climbed in next to her and stroked her hair and chin a little before I leaned in and started kissing her chest while drawing small circles on her abdomen. I moved to kiss her breasts without touching her erect nipples and continued to caress her abdomen, but moving up to the underside of her breasts. She squirmed a little, trying to get me to treat her nipples. I really wanted to suck on her nipples, but not yet.

I started to move downwards across her belly and stopped just as I reached the top of her slit. I moved further down the bed so I was positioned beneath her feet. I leaned over kissing her on her shin and up to her knee. “Could you please open your legs baby?” I said to Kate. Slowly but without hesitating she pulled her feet up, bending her knees and the spread them for me, revealing her innermost parts. It was the first time I saw it from this angle, spread a little and it was beautiful. Lips swollen and glistening with delicious moisture between the folds. A lovely sight.

“It is the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.” I kissed along the insides of her thighs before reaching the inner part, and kissed her softly on top of the lips, making her twitch in the process. I liked the reaction and repeated this as I reached up to her breasts again and started tracing circles around her nipples, feeling the wrinkles of her aureolas. She moaned and moved her head back and forth, wanting more I guess.

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