‘Caleb and Daniel


Hi, my name is Matt Bennett. And last week I turned 15. And for my birthday present, my mom is taking me to a “secret place”
My mom is 31, and really beautiful, not hot, beautiful. She has long straight black hair that reaches down to her lower back. Her eyes are small, but she makes up for it with her dark eyeliner. And her lips are large, round, and full of collagen. She’s slender, has a large (silicone) rack, and an ass to kill for. Just in case you’re wondering I’m not attracted to my mother, she’s not my type, I prefer my girlfriends to be more natural.
My mom got pregnant when she was 15, and then was kicked out of her family. All I know about her family is that they’re a bunch of religious nuts. That’s all she’ll tell me about them. After she was kicked out my mom ran with her boyfriend. And when I turned 2, it was time for her boyfriend felt the need to run out. She remarried a couple of years later to an old man named George. George wasn’t much of a dad, he was the type of man who would rather spend time at work or bang my mother, than teach me how to play catch. George died in less than a year after mom married him, leaving us with a fortune that ensured neither of us would have to work again.
I took after my mom’s in the looks department. I had black hair that I liked to keep messy. My skin was pale, almost white. My eyes were small and grey. And I didn’t have to work out to stay fit. But my favorite part about my body was my cock. It was seven inches long and thick.
I was an only child. I never cooked or cleaned, we had housekeepers for that. Instead my mom preferred that I stay indoors and read which I happily obliged too. I hated the outdoors, and getting messy.
On my sixteenth birthday my mom took me to Leonardo’s, our favorite restaurant. After I had finished eating my lobster my mother turned to me with a serious look in her eyes. “I need to get out of here, I’m too stressed out to live in New York anymore, and it’s time for me to move.” This wasn’t unexpected, mom usually got “too stressed out” after we lived in any place for more than six months. “I think I want to move out of New York by this Friday, do you think you can say goodbye to your friends by then?”
“Sure I said.” It’s not like I had friends, I knew better than that. Every time I started fitting in with a group of people my mom got “stressed out.”
“Maybe I should take you somewhere secret” mom added as if this were an afterthought, then she winked at me.
So Friday rolled around. And I was getting anxious as to where my mother was taking me. My mom and I had boarded a plane to Massachusetts. Is this were we would be living next?
When we arrived at the airport my mom rented a car and drove us to a town called Washteck. We had to stay the night in a motel six, as it was the most decent hotel around. We fell asleep on our lumpy beds, though I don’t know how I slept with my mother complaining all night.
A loud banging broke the silence of my sleep. Who the fuck is knocking at my door at 4:30 in the morning, I had checked the bedside alarm clock. I stumbled over to answer the door.
I pulled the door open, about ready to give the asshole an earful. But when I opened the door, the most beautiful man I had ever seen was facing me, He was a blonde, tan, and had a body that could only have been acquired by hours of working out each day. His hair went down to his shoulders, and his beard matched the length of his hair. But the most surprising quality was his choice of clothing, he wore a pair of gray sandals and a pair of grey slacks, and that was it. No shirt. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his barging chest. I suddenly longed to be held by that chest, and to place a dozen little kisses on it. WAIT what am I thinking about, I’m not gay!!?
The man looked at me with his grey eyes and said, “I am your Uncle Bartholomew, It is so nice to finally see you, Daniel.”
I looked at the man with a dumbstruck face. “I think you have the wrong room, my name is Matt.” I turned around to look at my mom, and saw she looked scared and had been crying. Had this big man scared her?
Bartholomew turned her and said in a monotonous voice, “Sister Ruth, it’s good of you to do this.”
“Listen mister, you have the wrong place,” I said and reached for the door, I was sorry that I had to bahis firmaları say goodbye to Bartholomew, but what else could I do?
My mom suddenly became fierce, “wait,” she cried.
I turned to look at her, did she know this man?
“This is your Uncle Bartholomew,” she said very quickly, “He’s going to take care of you for the next few months. I decided that this is your birthday present.”
What the fuck, this had to be some kind of joke, I knew my mom was flakey, but she had never gone as far as pawning me off to a relative.
“Bartholomew, will you take him now, I want to finish sleeping.” My mom said in that same fast voice then put her eye mask on and turned her face into the pillow.
Bartholomew turned to me and said in a soothing voice, “the car is downstairs, don’t bring your suitcase, I have clothes set aside for you at home.”
I was too stunned to argue, but I obediently followed Bartholomew to the car. It was a grey minivan. I crawled in the back seat and fell asleep. Maybe this was all a dream. I awoke when we reached the house, it was a wooden house with white paint, and it was surrounded by acres of farmland.
We walked inside and were greeted by a line of blonde people.
Uncle Bartholomew turned to me and said in his soothing voice, “Daniel, this is your family. This is my wife Merriam. Bartholomew gestured to a woman about the same age as him.
He introduced me to his children and my new sisters and brothers and stated their ages. Martha 6, Sarah 8, Abraham 11, Rachel 14, Luke 16, and Caleb 17.
The family wore nearly identical clothing, the girls wore grey dresses that looked like potato sacks, and had their hair done neatly into a tight bun. The boys on the other hand wore clothes like their father. No shirts. And they all had an amazing bodies, even little Abraham had a muscular chest, just not as defined.
“Caleb, will you take Daniel to shower to change?” Bartholomew said with an austere tone.
“Will you stop calling me Daniel, my name is Matt.” I blurted out
“I have prayed and that is the name God has given to you.” Bartholomew responded with a tone that said do not to say more.
Caleb glared at me, and when my attention shifted to him he stalked down the hall and I followed. I watched Caleb’s back as we walked down the hallway. It was sculpted into something a Greek god would be envious of. His muscles shifted slightly as he walked and I couldn’t help but be memorized by the rhythm of it. Too soon we reached the end of the hallway, and Caleb stopped short of the door.
“This is where the boys sleep.” He said still glaring.
Caleb was tan and blonde like his father. His hair was straight and hit just below his ears. His eyes were wide and green with hints of gold. I could have looked into his eyes for hours.
He went inside the bedroom and came back with a pair of pants and underwear. He shoved them in my chest and walked back past me. We stopped at another door and Caleb went inside. This time I followed. We were in the bathroom and Caleb was gone to turn on the shower. I couldn’t help but notice his ass as he leaned to turn the shower on.
“Listen Daniel, if you need help with anything, don’t ask me. I’m not one of your servants, so this is the last time I’m ever going to help you with anything. Now take your shower and get dressed, then Father Bartholomew will assign your chores.” Caleb said with acid on his voice.
I started shaking then, maybe it was due to the stress of this whole transition, or Caleb’s bad attitude. But I suddenly yelled out, “No, Why should I listen to anything you say, I don’t want to be here just as much as you don’t want me here! And my name is Matt.”
In a second I was pushed against the wall. “Listen Daniel, if you don’t do what I tell you you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.” Caleb said his hand around my collar. I squirmed a little trying to get free. Caleb used his other hand to pin my arm to the wall. I stopped squirming because a thumping pain was going through my arm.
Caleb released his grip on my arm and slid his hand to the bottom of my shirt. My body went numb, I was shocked and maybe a little excited. I am NOT gay! Caleb did the best he could to unbutton my shirt only using one hand. I could stomach felt hot in the places where he reached under my shirt and touched kaçak iddaa my skin. Then he reached down to my jean buttons, I was suddenly filled with longing. Caleb was having trouble undoing the buttons so he let go of my arm and got down on his knees to get a better look. After a minute of fiddling around Caleb had undone my button and pulled my pants down. Now I was left with just my boxers, which I was going to pull down myself, I was too scared of what my reaction would be if Caleb pulled them down for me.
I slid them down past my ankle, and now it was Caleb’s turn to be surprised. He stared at my cock for a few seconds. Then he realized were he was looking and turned his eyes away. Still looking at the floor, Caleb grabbed my shoulders and shoved me into the shower. I slid down to the floor and held my knees to my chest. Caleb took one last glance at me then stormed out.
Why did my mom leave me? Why was my “new family” so weird? And why was I attracted to Caleb? No wait, I’m not attracted to him, IM NOT GAY!
I left the shower and let my towel hang loosely around my hips and I took another towel to dry my hair yet. I didn’t feel like getting dressed yet so I walked into the boy’s bedroom dressed like that. I was secretly hoping that Caleb would be in the room, but no such luck. I got dressed in my new grey pants and old boxers. No way was I going to wear the boxers they gave me.
I looked so out of place here. I didn’t have the chest muscles to match the other boys in the house. But whatever, maybe Bartholomew would realize I didn’t belong here and send me back to my mother.
When I came outside Bartholomew was waiting for me with a pair of gloves.
“Since you aren’t used to picking grapes yet you should use these gloves.” He said
I grabbed the gloves from him, “Grape picking, you have to be kidding me. I’ve never farmed before.”
“Farming is god’s gift to the man. Only when a man farms can he truly be close to god.” With that, he turned around and walked into the orchards. I had no choice but to follow.
The third day of grape picking I was partnered with Jacob to fill our buckets of grapes. We were stationed in the far end of the grape fields, far out of eyesight of anyone else.
“Why don’t you run away?” Caleb said, though I was grateful for the silence to be broken, I wish he had asked me something more relaxed.
“Um well, I don’t have anywhere else to go.” I replied
Caleb looked back at me with an indiscernible expression on his face, but said nothing. He instead turned back to the grapevines and picked clusters grapes and put them into the buckets I was holding.
At about noon it was getting really hot, I was glad I was wearing just pants, and I was glad Caleb was too. Beads of sweat rolled down Caleb’s back. I couldn’t help but stare as they streamed down the muscles.
“That’s enough grapes for now,” Caleb said.
He started walking back and I followed closely behind him.
“Caleb, Daniel” We heard a voice shout from far away, “Lunch is ready.”
Caleb turned stopped and turned his head in the direction of the voice. I kept on walking with my face turned down, trying to hold the buckets of grapes while maintaining my center of gravity. And just like that I bumped onto him, hard. We both fell to the ground, me on top of him. Owe, that hurt. He was like a piece of rock. My body was pressed on top of his. I was too exhausted to move out from on top of him. I wanted to lay on top of him forever. I began to have thoughts about his body really being on mine. I wanted to feel him, and kiss him, and make him grunt with satisfaction. I felt my cock begin to twitch, and I sprang up from on top of Caleb, No way was I going to let him know what I was just thinking.
“Are you okay?” I asked and extended my hand for Jacob to grab. Which he did, while looking me straight in the eye, and then he did something I didn’t expect.
“Thank you,” Caleb said, then looked away and blushed.
The next few weeks were spent shirtless, grape picking, and stealing glances at Caleb. The good thing about farming is that my body was becoming more built. On the other hand, my skin didn’t get any darker. I hadn’t seen much of Caleb since the last time we farmed together. He was spending more time in the fields than usual, Even Bartholomew commented on it.
The kaçak bahis following Sunday, Caleb was suffering from dehydration so that he couldn’t go to church. Bartholomew shook his head in disapproval and berated Caleb to be more careful in the fields. Miriam offered me the task of taking care of Caleb and told me to bring him lots of water and keep him from walking around too much. She explained that usually the mother should take care of her children when they are sick, but since the women of the family will be catering this church service, Miriam needed to be at the church.
Church service is supposed to last all day, Caleb grinned to himself.
At about noon I went into Caleb’s room to and refilled his glass of water .Thank you was all Caleb said. I reached over and placed my hand on his forehead. Maybe he had a temperature. Caleb reached out and grabbed my arm. Don’t go, he said. He pulled me into his chest, and held me tightly with his arms. I don’t want you to go, He said again. I was shocked, but somewhat relieved. I didn’t want to go either.
“I was playing sick,” Caleb whispered in my ear, and then he kissed my ear, and then kissed down the side of my face till he reached my mouth. We kissed for what seemed like only minutes, but it was probably longer. Our tongues darted in each other’s mouths. His mouth tasted good, like wine.
The brushing of Caleb’s chest on mine soon became unbearable. My prick began to stand, I needed Caleb soon. I moved my mouth down Caleb’s chest and paid special attention to his nipples. I sucked them and rolled my tongue around them till they became hard. I continued to move my mouth down his stomach till I reached the lining of the gray pants. I looked up at Caleb and he looked down at me and nodded. I pulled his pants down slowly to reveal his light brown pubic hair and a large cock; it must have been at least 10 inches long and very thick. I wanted it, like a kid wants a lollipop. I put the head of his dick into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it. I pulled it out of my mouth and began to lick it. With each lick I could feel it getting harder and bigger. I stuck the head back into my mouth, and rolled my tongue around it. I knew it was too big to put it all into my mouth so I began to massage the base of his cock with my hand. I bobbed my head up and down in the same motion as my head. When I felt his balls begin to tighten I took it out of my mouth and squeezed his shaft with my hand.
Caleb took this chance to pull my mouth back to his and rolled his tongue around mine.
“Your mouth tastes different,” Caleb said.
I smiled and continued to kiss him. Caleb reached down into my pants and started massaging my rod. I reached down and pulled my pants down so he could have a better reach. I straddled his chest and put my cock within his mouths reach. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled his head up and stuck his mouth on my head. He started bobbing his head slowly, and then increased his speed with the velocity of my grunts. He moved one hand down from my ass and started to massage my balls. Towards the end he was swallowing my entire cock. It felt so good I wanted to scream. When he felt my balls begin to tighten he took my entire cock and shoved it down his throat. I struggled to move my cock out of his mouth, but he pulled my ass closer to him, and I came down his throat.
“Why did you let me cum down your throat?” I asked him shocked.
“I’m dehydrated remember? I needed your juices.” He replied.
“You swallowed it!”
Caleb smirked and threw me under him. He grabbed me by my thighs and lifted my ass up. He moved in between my legs, and I could feel my cock start to harden again. Caleb leaned down and kissed my cock then moved back up. He placed his cock on my ass and started to move it around my hole. He shoved his head in and I grunted loudly. It hurt so badly.
“It’ll feel better in a minute.” Caleb said.
Caleb moved his cock slowly into my ass. Once again he started off slowly and increased his speed. I started to breathe loudly. I was getting close to the brink.
“I going to cum,” Caleb told me.
I came first. My hips raised higher and my all my muscles clenched together. Cum squirted from my cock in four squirts. Celeb took his dick out of me and cam e all over my back.
We both lied their breathing heavily. “So when do you think it’ll be safe to do this again?” Caleb asked.
“Depends,” replied, “When are you going to be thirsty again?”

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