Calliope’s New Life Ch. 05


Authors Note: A small section of this story contains some harsher elements of the Daddy-Dom and little girl relationship. Some readers may find it not to their liking so I am leaving this small warning. For regular readers of Calliope’s story, I hope you enjoy. Thank you once again to Mrs Wolf for her proofreading skills ~ellie


In the days following the night in the playroom Padraic became very introspective. He did not question his love for Calliope but was questioning how he had gone about her training and the training he had put in place. He compared his past relationships and the things he had so enjoyed with them and looked at his relationship with Calliope critically. He stayed up late often after he had put her to bed thinking about how shut off from the world they were and while he had his work and his friends; he had made Calliope totally dependent on him all the while. True, that is what he wanted, but he also wished her to have friends like every other girl her age and enjoy her life and all it could offer her.

Padraic realised just how much damage Shelly had done to his ability to trust Calliope. The hurt and pain she had inflicted on him was gone, and he could look dispassionately at the spoilt girl who had come to him and begged him to teach her, train her and love her. In truth, she had done very little to deserve his love always flouting his rules and pressuring him to attend fetish parties and family gatherings. His greatest pleasure came from punishing the brat. She was so unlike Calliope, who dreaded breaking his rules and being punished, he realised that generally he did not enjoy punishing her in the same way he had with Shelly.

Being in that room had made him realise how much he had changed and how different his relationship with Calliope was to any other he had before her. He began trawling the internet and talking anonymously with other Dominants who identified with the Daddy role in their little one’s life and developed some guarded friendships with one or two. In his day to day life, he was more exacting in what they did, slowly changing the deep-seated ideas of what truly aroused him and what he found was no longer appealing in his use of his baby.

The extreme sadism he had once enjoyed was now distasteful, but he still enjoyed the tears of a spanking or rough, hard use. He found that her humiliation and shame at being reminded of her days as a whore gave him the thrill of dominant control over her that his extreme abuse of Shelly once had. As he did more research the idea of pimping her out at family gatherings and Sunday school so to speak and being a voyeur of her whorish ways aroused him deeply as did the after effects he could enjoy by shaming her with her own enjoyment of being a little whore.

He found that the idea of leaving her to develop close, intimate bonds with another in a one on one situation was still outside his comfort zone, but he continued to imagine her at the family orgies that generally ensued at any of their celebrations and gatherings as it had when they had welcomed her to the family. He knew he could trust the family not to overstep the boundaries between a Daddy and his little one and he was surprised at himself that he had resisted the constant invitations from each of his friends as they tried to welcome him back into their swinging lifestyle.

Padraic was obsessive in the way he lived his life and as such was slow to change his thought patterns and ideas. As time went on and Calliope’s training and her adherence to his rules was nearing perfection with only small lapses that he truly didn’t mind but rather enjoyed the look of shame they produced he knew it was time to make the changes that would make their relationship even better.


Calliope worried over Padraic’s late nights and quiet introspection after the night in the playroom. She worried, despite his reassurances, that he was disappointed in her, and it gnawed at her driving her even harder to do all things she knew he liked and try to follow all of his rules without complaint. She found that, in time, she was left more often helping Mama Bea in the kitchen while Padraic and Jamie talked about men’s things, and she found herself becoming jealous of the time they spent together and the fact that Jamie began treating her more like a little girl than a friend.

As if coming out of a deep funk Padraic suddenly became more animated, and work began on the playroom with tradesmen arriving, all the furniture being removed, and the room being left bare for a few days as new carpeting and fixtures canlı bahis were installed. While the work went on, Padraic put in place a new schedule to keep Calliope busy while his obsession with details kept him monitoring all work being done in the new playroom.

She still spent the morning in the study reading articles Padraic sent her and attending to her journals. After lunch, she was allowed playtime for an hour in which she was could use any of the toys in Paddy’s cupboard in her room if she asked and she was able to touch and play with Paddy’s cunt without his express supervision for the first time in their relationship. Then she was allowed to take a nap or watch a movie that Padraic had downloaded onto an iPad for her. The iPad had been a gift when the work had begun on the playroom, Padraic realising that he would be too busy to supervise her as he always had.

He reasoned that he would have to return to work soon and to give her this time to adjust to his absence while still being close by would be beneficial in the long run. In the first few days, he checked on her regularly but started checking less and less as time went on. It was early November, and he wanted the playroom ready for the holiday season as he had an idea for a wonderful Christmas party for the family involving the new playroom.

Left to her own devices Calliope made good use of her pony and the life-sized teddy bear that sported a huge strap on dildo. It was as she lay down playing with her iPad after one such session where she had cum deliciously slow and long that she had an idea for a Christmas present she could give Padraic, and she set to work planning out the idea and how she could make it work.

Calliope waited for a day where there seemed to be more tradesmen than usual, and Padraic was more than a little distracted by the goings on in the playroom. He had unlocked the cupboard and left her to choose her toy knowing that she understood the rules about what she was allowed and what he deemed unsuitable to play with alone.

“Thank you Paddy,” Calliope said smiling. She kissed and cuddled him before he left her to her playtime. Sure he had gone Calliope worked quickly and sat her iPad up on a small desk framing her small bed that Papa-Bear lay across. Satisfied she took three toys and some lube from the toy cupboard and lay them out on the end of her bed. Satisfied she went back to the desk and pressed record. Realising the first shot would be of her dress she quickly pulled it off exposing her naked cunt to the viewer and slowly walked backwards to sit on the end of the bed.

Leaning back on Papa bear with the elbow of one arm, she drew her legs up widely placing her feet on either side of her ass, exposing her cunt and ass to the viewer. Picking up a small egg and turning it on with a small twist, she ran it over her clit purring softly. A small smile tilting her lips, she pushed it into her cunt and closed her eyes enjoying the sensation. Letting out a breathy aroused sigh Calliope sat back up and took the tube of lube squirting a liberal dollop onto her fingers and the plug, rubbing them to coat both her fingers and the toy liberally, she leaned back against the bear once again.

Pulling her knees up along her body, she felt her ass cheeks widen, and lowered her shining fingers to the tight little hole Padraic enjoyed using so much working at the tight ring to loosen it and slip her finger inside. Her breath quickened she continued to work a finger in and out until she was able to add a second finger. She lifted her head slightly gazing into the camera as she violated her tight hole knowing he would see it. Her eyes glazed and her breathing was close to panting in her doubled up position. In her free hand she took up the plug, pulling her fingers from her ass and began wedging the plug into the slightly stretched hole.

Trying to keep her head raised she looked into the camera as she forced the plug into her ass grimacing and letting out a small whimper as the largest part entered her and she felt her tight ring settle around the neck of the toy. Calliope let out a deep breath and closed her eyes savouring the sensation as the egg continued to buzz within her. Her fingers played idly with her clit making her whimper and purr in her heat.

With slow movements, Calliope repositioned herself to straddle Papa bear’s strap on dildo. The large dark brown fake cock stood up proudly from his groin as if it was meant to be there. With wet slurping sounds, Calliope pulled the egg from her cunt and lifted it to her lips licking it clean bahis siteleri before holding it between her lips as she lowered herself down onto the big fake cock with a groan.

Leaning over she took up the last toy. She held the tweezer-style clamps in one hand as she gently fondled her nipple as if apologising to it for what was about to happen. She attached the first of the tweezers to her nipple tightening them hard enough to grip without falling but without the intense pain Padraic often made her endure. Her nipples throbbed as she attached the second of the tweezers. The tight feeling flowed into her breasts as she gave the chain a small tug to ensure they would not fall off.

Rising and falling slowly on the big fake cock at first, she was soon fucking with abandon. She bucked up and down, her breasts being pulled and pinched by the clamps as her breasts bounced with her movements. Incredibly aroused by the idea that Padraic would see this movie she was making for him it seemed her orgasm built even more rapidly than usual, and she threw her head back, her howl muffled by the egg still wedged between her lips.

Slowing her movements and grinding down onto the dildo Calliope took the egg from her lips, breathing heavily and whimpering as she recovered. She gazed at the camera imagining Padraic watching her and slowly knelt up pulling her cunt off the big fake cock leaving it glistening with her cum. Twisting the bottom she turned the egg back on and lowering her hand pushed it inside her making her shudder and gasp with the sensation.

Crawling over the body of the life-sized toy Calliope changed her position until she straddled Papa bears furless hard nose and mouth that rose from the rest of his face. Rubbing against the snout purposefully slow and gentle, she then leaned over the fat belly to lick the dildo clean of her cum. Closing her eyes and making herself believe it was Padraic’s cock despite its plastic hardness, Calliope licked it lovingly and took it into her mouth sucking as she would for him.

All the while as she licked and sucked the big fake cock Calliope rolled and ground her hips over the snout of Papa Bear letting another orgasm build deliciously slowly. It hit her suddenly, and she arched her back forcing her cunt against the hard snout of her pretend lover as she howled around his cock. The first shuddering ripple faded and she sat up letting the egg and the pressure of the snout on her clit continue to feed her arousal as she pulled the nipple clamps off. Whimpering loudly and biting heavily on her lip to keep from crying out, the pain of the blood flowing back into the compressed nipples caused another orgasm bigger than the first to slam into her body rocking her in her perch on Papa bears face.

Calliope fell to the bed beside her toy lover and snuggled up beside him pulling the sodden snout to her mouth cleaning him of her cum as best she could. Exhausted from the work out she had given herself and uncaring of the still recording iPad she closed her eyes savouring the last waves of her orgasm and purring happily.


Finally getting a break from supervising the placement of some of the playroom’s new features Padraic checked his watched and cursed that it had been too long since he had checked on his baby. Usually finished by mid-afternoon the men had stayed longer today to finish the section of the room they were working on so as to keep to the strict schedule the client had them working on. Padraic, being the client, was an exacting man who had been hands-on in all facets of the installation. While the men, usually preferred to work to their own schedule from plans, the man who ran the business liked Padraic’s attention to detail because it meant things were done right the first time and once it was complete they would not have to return for any minor adjustments or repairs.

Farewelling the men for the day and leaving them to pack up their gear Padraic went to check on Calliope. Opening her door, he found her curled up on her bed with her arm and a leg wrapped over Papa bear much in the way she did when sleeping with him. He smiled and moved closer to her. Noting the lube on the edge of the bed he looked closer and saw she still wore an ass plug. A quick glance showed him the discarded nipple clamps and egg loosely held in her hand.

He chuckled, realising that he had not spent enough time with his needy little nymphomaniac lately and turned to run a bath for her knowing she had played hard and would need it. It was only then that he saw that she had moved her desk and that bahis şirketleri the iPad was still propped up on it recording her as she slept. He picked it up pressing stop and sat in a comfortable chair. He located the video she had just made and pressed play.

Unbelievably aroused from even the first few minutes of the video she had made, he continued to watch unable to look away as the girl he loved so deeply created her own porn for him. So engrossed in watching her he did not realise she had woken up and was startled when he heard her plaintive cry.

“Oh, no! Don’t watch that! It was supposed to be your Christmas present!” Calliope had wailed.

“Stay there and be quiet,” Padraic growled at her, arousal thickening his voice. His eyes almost immediately drawn back to the image on the screen of his beautiful girl fucking and sucking a life-sized toy bear.

Believing herself to be in trouble Calliope immediate sat back down on her bed quietly looking contrite watching his stony face. She wondered how long he had been watching it and her as she had slept with her pretend lover. Her hand sought out a stray curl in her hair, and she wrapped it tightly around her finger when she saw him turn off the iPad and stand to face her.

“That was unbelievably hot and has made my cock very hard as you intended it to,” Padraic’s voice was still a growl, “It was a very clever idea for a gift but having such a hot needy slut as my own little girl is all I need.” He had closed the gap between them and Calliope trembled slightly from the tone in his voice expecting a ‘but’ and it came moments later.

“But,” he said loudly grabbing her leg and pulling her ass to the edge of the bed. “That was not the gentle play we agreed upon, that was hard use of MY property,” he forced her knees apart and spanked her cunt. “Who’s your Daddy?” Padraic growled. “Who owns this little cunt?” he spanked her again several times.

“You do, you do! You’re the Daddy!” Calliope wailed. He rolled her over to her stomach and began spanking her ass.

“So many orgasms, you needy little cumslut. Gentle play, one orgasm, that was the rule!” Her ass was bright red now, and he could not wait any longer, he kicked off his pants and entered her roughly. “You seem to love that fake cock so much suck it while I fuck you, beg me to let you fuck Papa bear again, you loved it so much, like the dirty whore that you are. Beg me to let you fuck other people like a little whore in the club where you were arrested.”

Calliope was sobbing; her lips wrapped around the big fake cock distorting her begging as she tried to please the angry seeming Padraic as he pounded into her with force. He seemed driven and continued to berate her and call her names as she gurgled on the fake cock his hand reaching out to her head pushing it down on the dildo further.

“Take it you little cock-sucker. Take it like the little nympho you are,” he growled. “Fucking a toy bear until you pass out from pleasure, what a fucking slut of a whore!” Padraic grabbed her hair and pulled her up and around to face him his cock in his other hand. As soon as she had moved he painted her face with cum.

Padraic did not release her but looked down into her flaming face. Covered in tears and cum with her cheek brightly flushed and he knew how desperately he loved her. The video she had made, though amazing, broke his rules and she had deserved his harsh words and fucking but in truth he had loved that she had tried to make something for him on her own. He regained his composure and picked him up cuddling her to him.

“I love the video baby,” he said softly, “It made me just want to fuck you all night, but you broke my rules didn’t you?”

“Yes, Paddy,” she whispered. “I didn’t really mean to…” she started to protest but was silenced by a look.

“I adore you Callie. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love that you are a nymphomaniac who can’t get enough fucking and sucking. I love that you tried to make me something as a surprise, and it was,” he said with a small smile. “But you must obey the rules, they are there for a reason, you could have hurt yourself with this big plug,” he smacked her still red ass lightly. “Especially when you added that big dildo Papa bear wears,” he looked at her face for understanding. “We need to keep you nice and tight not all stretched out because you didn’t take enough care.”

Calliope nodded, and he put her down, running a bath for her. Waiting for it to fill he bent her over the bench and removed the plug from her ass, noting that it was not as big as it had looked on the video and pleased about that. Padraic placed her in the bath and warned her to think about the playtime rules. “If you break them again, there will be no more playtimes on your own.”

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