Cameron (First installment)


First let me introduce myself I have just turned 18 one month ago. I am 5’10” 180 pounds. I was over at my best friend’s house, who was a year younger than me. His cousins and uncle were going to be spending the week at his house. This is where I met Cameron, the coolest kid I have ever seen.

Cameron was the most beautiful boy that I had ever laid eyes on. He was only two weeks from turning 11 years old. Cameron stood no taller than 4’10” and maybe weighed 85 pounds, but he was amazingly cute with his dark brown hair and a speckling of freckles right below beautiful brown eyes and across his nose. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a pair of red GAP mesh jogging pants that had two thin sky blue stripes running down both legs and a sky blue 2 on the left leg right below the pocket. He is a skinny kid but he has the greatest ass ever.

Cameron and I instantly began to take an interest in each other. He kept sitting down next to me and wouldn’t stop talking to me. Later that afternoon we were in the pool in my friend’s backyard when we began to horseplay. At one point I had a foam noodle wrapped around his arms and chest. I kept holding him against me trying not to let him get free. After a couple minutes of trying to get loose Cameron began threatening to pee on me. I don’t know why but the thought of this boy peeing his blue camo swim trunks underwater while up against my stomach really turned me on. I looked over at my friend’s little brother, Austin, who was about 5 feet away who said that I should listen to him because he probably would pee. Of course I didn’t listen and then Cameron made a relaxed looking face and said he was peeing. Now wither or not he really was I didn’t know but I took my hand and grabbed his ass and pressed him tightly against my stomach.

About an hour later my friend had to go to work for an 8 hour shift, but he said that I could just hang out there until he got back. So I figured I would just hang out with Cameron and my friend’s 13 year old brother, Austin, and 12 year old sister, Alaine. We were playing Super Smash Brothers on Gamecube and there were only three chairs so Cameron just decided to sit on my lap. I spread my legs so he could sit between them mainly because I figured he would be less likely to notice if I stared to get a hardon since this way it wouldn’t be poking straight up at his ass. After about 30 minutes he had switched spots and was sitting on the top of the recliner with his feet draped over my shoulders and my head between his legs. I got tired of him beating in the game, so I reached back and grabbed him and pulled him down over my head to where his head was on the ground between my feet and his legs on top of mine and his ass between my knees facing up. I began to lightly spank his ass like bongo drums. At one point I gave both butt cheeks a big squeeze. This made him jump and come back down on my knee which hit him right between his legs. He instantly slid off me and laid on the floor with his hands between his legs in a small amount of pain although it was hard to tell if he was really hurt or just being silly. I told him I was sorry and I rolled him on his back I began to tickle him as he laid there to take his mind off of it. Cameron began to cry out ”Please stop your gonna make me pee” but I continued and he continued to beg. After about 15 seconds he yelped out ” I’m peeing!” I stopped tickling him and a couple seconds later to my surprise I could smell a faint hint of urine in the air. At that moment we were called up for dinner.

Right after dinner we headed downstairs again where my friend’s little brother and sister and I decided it would be fun to tie Cameron up using karate belts from their karate classes. Now I’m not really into bondage but I have to admit I got quite turned on seeing him tied up there and looking do helpless. We tied him up then their parents asked us if we wanted to go for a swim again and the kids all said yes. The brother and sister ran upstairs to change I told them I would untie Cameron then we would be right out. As I sat there looking at him I got really hard thinking of all the thing I could do to him while he was so defenseless. I made small talk with him for a few seconds while I undid the knots that bound him pretending like I was having trouble with the one right between his legs so my hand could rest against he warm crotch.

“So did you really pee your pants when I tickled you earlier?”

“Ya a little slipped out. I have a really hard time controlling my bladder and have to wear diapers at night incase I wet the bed but I don’t like to tell people that.”

“Hey don’t worry I know its not your fault and there is no way I’d tease you about it.”

After I got him untangled we stood up and he noticed the tent in the front of my dark green mesh shorts from my freshman PE class. We headed upstairs to change back into our swim trunks. I closed the door behind us and that’s when I noticed Cameron was staring at my crotch in the mirror but I didn’t say anything until.

“I have a favor ask.” Cameron said while still dazing off still looking at my crotch in the mirror. “Will you go ahead and change so I can see your… you know.”

I didn’t think much of his request I figured that he was probably just curious. As I lowered my shorts his eyes just sat there fixed on my cock, balls and pubic hair.

“Wow that’s so big and it looks so cool with all the hair around it! It makes mine look really small!”

“Thanks buddy but I promise you that in a few years yours will be just as nice.” I loved the fact that he thought my cock was so big when it was just average. I went ahead and pulled up my trunks and told him that I would step out of the room while he changed.

“You don’t have to I’m ok with changing in front of you plus I can just turn my back to you.” Cameron started taking off his shirt “I liked it when I was playing drums with my butt earlier it felt really nice.”

At this point I figured what the hell I might as well be honest with the kid. “I liked touching your butt and the way it feels in my hands because it was so nice and round giving me plenty for me to grab.”

He just smiled in a real coy manor. “Thanks but I’ve never really paid attention to it to tell the truth.”

“It is by far the cutest butt I’ve ever seen much less felt. Oh and I want to know did you really pee on me in the pool earlier?”

He laughed “You bet I did and I would do it again too.”

That reminded me that I actually needed to pee so I walked over to the toilet to go. As I pulled the front of my trunks down ant took out my dick out Cameron took me by absolute surprise when he asked, “Any chance you would let me hold it for you?” I stood there holding my penis in absolute shock by what this absolutely adorable preteen boy had just asked my permission to do. I decided to act like I just misunderstood him. So he said ”I just wanna see what it feels like to hold one that big and I cant wait a few more years.” I mean who was I to deny him such a harmless request, right? So I told Cameron that he could hold it for me if he wanted to so at that, this little boy walks over and takes his small soft hand and grabs my cock. All I could think was that I better focus on peeing and not the fact that this cute little almost 11 year old has my shaft in his hand, otherwise he would be hold an even bigger hardened penis. Just then a thick yellow stream begins to flow from the head of circumcised penis. I stood there watching as this small hand directed the stream of piss. As I finished up I put my hand on top of his and shook the last few drops off. Then I let go and so did Cameron allowing me to put my tool back in my blue boarder swim shorts.

“Man that felt so cool to hold one that big and heavy! I can’t wait to do that every day in a few years!” The excitement was really obvious in his voice.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Cameron acted a little embarrassed before asking, “Have you ever just peed your pants for fun?”

“Ya I did one time right before taking a shower just to see what it felt like.”

There was a pause for a couple seconds then Cameron asked “Have you ever thought about peeing on someone else?”

At this point I was beginning to wonder just how far this conversation was gonna go. “I have never really thought about doing that no.”

“After peeing against you in the pool earlier I just can’t stop thinking about peeing on you again.”

I was rather flattered in a strange sort of way. I mean being pissed on may be found degrading by some, but hey the kid was obviously obsessed with me. So I figured that I would go along with him for a little while. “I was actually kind of turned on in the pool earlier when you said you were peeing on me and that’s why I held you tighter against me.”

Cameron’s eyes got real big when I said this, “I was afraid that you might think that I was weird after asking! Wait would do you mean by turned on?”

“I tell you what ask me later because we really need to head outside before anyone starts to wonder where we are.” Cameron turned his back to me as he removed those red pants that I loved so much and to my delight he didn’t have on any underwear. I sat there admiring his cute white butt, but was quickly snapped back to reality when he finished pulling up his trunks. I wiped the drool from my mouth and we headed outside to swim around for a couple hours but once outside the parents headed inside because they were going out to eat dinner and catch a movie after they dropped Cameron’s two little brothers off and their grandparents’ house. My friend also had to work till 10pm so I had agreed in advance to hangout with the little ones. The only thing they asked before they left was to make the kids take a bath before they got back. I thought well that won’t be to hard they aren’t like 5 years old so I won’t have to do anything.

About 7:30 I asked them if they wanted to go ahead and start getting the showers out of the way problem was there are only two bathrooms with showers so I figured two of them would go first then the last one would go and I thought I might as well take one also to wash the chlorine smell off at least. Well Alaine and Austin said that they would just shower together so Cameron could use the other bathroom. This didn’t surprise me because those two slept in the same bed which I always thought was strange but who am I to judge.

After the siblings ran upstairs Cameron turned to me, “If they are gonna shower together that we might as well too.”

While I liked his idea I responded with, “I’m afraid they might be curious if we both have wet hair when they got out.”

That’s when this little 11 year old casino şirketleri looked up at me with a huge grin on his face and said ”Why to you think they offered to take a shower together?….I told them I wanted to shower with you.” I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that this boy had just set me up.

We went up stairs and the whole time I stared at his cute butt in those red pants. As we got upstairs we went through the master bedroom into the master bath. That bath had a toilet and a shower stall big enough for three people. As we walked in Cameron looked back at me as I closed the door and by this point I was totally infatuated with this boy, so I grabbed him and started kissing him all over his face and when I started kissing on his lips he returned the favor. Cameron had obviously never done this before but learned pretty quick. I also noticed that my hands were squeezing Cameron’s round butt cheeks. After about a minute of that I just stood there looking at him. I reached forward and removed his shirt, so that he stood there in nothing but his red pants that had a small bulge in the front from his small boy package. To be honest at this point I didn’t care wither or not he took his pants off because he look amazingly cute with them on. By this point I have already pitched a nice tent in the front of my shorts. We stepped into the shower with our clothes still on because we hadn’t turned on the water yet. I took off my shirt and threw it outside the glass doors. I then slowly slid my shorts off. I wasn’t wearing any boxers after being inspired by Cameron’s lack of underwear earlier. My six and a half inch erection stood strait up in the air as Cameron stared at it. After about twenty seconds he slowly put his fingers in the waistband of his pants and slowly started to slid his pants down.

As Cameron’s pants slid down allowing me to see his penis for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had a little two and a half inch boner. It wasn’t sticking up but straight out pointed toward me. I looked at his beautiful circumcised tool with no pubic hair. I was so caught up in the sight of his hairless area that I didn’t notice Cameron’s small little ball sack that was tightly held up between his legs.

“Now your stiff little wiener sticking out is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.” I told him.

Cameron informed me, “It always got hard when he needed to pee.”

“Well then go ahead and pee before I turn on the water.”

As he tried to step out of the shower stale and head for the toilet I grabbed his arm and said, “I have a better idea. Remember how you said you wanted to pee on me again? Well now is as good of time as any.” I sat indian style about a foot in front of him so that my face was right in front of his stiff penis.

“Are you sure you want me to?” Cameron asked.

“I have fantasized about it all day so get to it!” With that he took his right hand and held his little boyhood while a yellow stream shot out. He was aiming for my chest and I told him to go higher. Without hesitation he began spraying my neck and then moved to my mouth which I kept closed. Next Cameron took aim on my forehead and eyes which were open. After about 10 seconds he decided to piss on my head soaking my hair. Toward the end he aimed at my mouth again and I opened it to taste pee for the first time. After Cameron shook the last few drops off, I just sat there enjoying the warm piss that just came from this boy. It didn’t take but a few seconds before the piss became cold. Cameron squatted in front of me and started licking his cold piss off my face.

I was so wrapped up in his little tongue on my face that I didn’t notice that my hardon was poking Cameron in the stomach. As he leaned away he noticed a slick wet precum spot on his tummy. I think he was totally shocked and curious about what it was. He looked at the head of my penis and noticed a clear droplet at the opening. I took my finger and wiped it off.

“Here have a taste.” I told him. He took his tongue and licked it off my finger.

He stopped for a second before asking, “What that was and why does it taste so good?”

“That is called precum and it can be used as lube for jacking off if you can make enough of it.”

Then Cameron looked at me and I could tell he was confused, “What is jacking off ?”

I realized that he was only getting ready to turn 11 but I thought that he would have at least heard about it. So anyways I told him all about jacking off as well as what an ejaculation is.

“Do you ever jack off?” he asked me.

“I do it at least twice a day but have started doing it a lot more since I met you. Would you like me to show you?”

Cameron’s eyes got the widest I’ve ever seen them, “Of course I wanna see you do it!!”

“Ok but only on one condition, you have to let me cum on you.”

Cameron immediately agreed, so I started wanking while Cameron stood there watching. As I got close to my climax I told him to get on his knees so that his face was at my crotch level. Right before I was about to explode I told him, “Try and keep your eyes open so that he can see it shooting from my penis.” As I stood there beating my meat and looking at Cameron’s adorable freckled face just inches from my penis I just lost control and shot four ropes of cum all over his face. The first rope landed on his forehead and right eye the second landed in his hair, which is a major turn on for me. The third blasted his freckled nose and the fourth just kind of dropped on his chest. Cameron was kind of stunned at first but then he got this big smile that came across his face.

“Man that feels really warm!” and then took two figures and wiped my cum off from around his right eye. He then preceded to stick the cum covered fingers in his mouth. He acted surprised by how it tasted. After a couple seconds of sucking on his fingers Cameron stood up and began to kiss me. His still cum covered nose was rubbing against mine. I then noticed a little poke on my left leg. Having a pretty good idea about what was poking me, I broke off the kiss and looked down to see Cameron’s little boner sticking straight out again. I chuckled as I said ”It only gets hard when you have to pee, huh?” With that I turned on the water and stood there in the cold water making out with him again while my hands were lightly squeezing his butt cheeks. As the water warmed up I asked Cameron who was gonna wash who first.

“It would be more fun if we washed each other at the same time.” he said.

I started by taking my fingers and try to get as much of my cum out of his hair as possible, then he rinsed the rest of the cum from his face and chest. Cameron and I massaged shampoo into each others hair and I took the bar of soap and rubbed it until I had a nice lather of foam on my hands and I began rubbing it on Cameron’s chest, arms, and back. As I was washing his upper body he had soaped up his hands. Cameron went right for my penis and started rubbing my balls and shaft. He took the palms of his hands and started making a circular motion on the front and back of my cock. After about 30 seconds of that he stopped and asked me to finish washing him.

I began to lather up my hands with soap so that I could finish bathing Cameron. I squatted and began washing his ankles first. I slowly began making my way higher trying not to seem to anxious about what was up further. Seeing as how I was trying act like the whole situation was no big deal and completely normal. I decided that I wanted to clean Cameron’s perfect round butt before moving to the front. I relathered my hands before gently slapping them on to each butt cheek. This caused Cameron to sort of thrust forward. He just looked up at me and smiled. I just started rubbing his butt cheeks, then I took my index finger and started rubbing it in that little crack between cheeks on top of his tailbone. I don’t know why but I enjoyed that area, but I figured I needed to continue so I took my right hand and put it between his legs and used my middle and index fingers to clean around his little boy hole. Once I was sure that the surrounding areas were clean I took my index finger and started rubbing in a circular motion on his little hole. Cameron was obviously enjoying this because he had this look of great relaxation on his face as he let out a long soft moan. He might have been a little too relaxed because all of a sudden I felt his little asshole vibrate as he let out a little fart. Cameron got a worried look on his face, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to fart on your hand I just felt so relaxed it slipped out.” I didn’t want to ruin the time we were having so I just told him that I understood that it slipped out and that it was really pretty cute knowing that it gave him so much pleasure that he lost control of his bodily functions.

I told him, “Well if you enjoyed just having me rub your butt hole than you are gonna love the next step.” On that note I took my finger and applied more force to his ass hole. My finger started to go in but hit a road block because Cameron was so tense that his muscles wouldn’t let me in, so I told him to relax and just spread his feet a few more inches apart. He quickly did so and I tried to shove my finger in one more time. It still wouldn’t go in and I noticed that Cameron’s butt cheeks were still squeezed together so I told him to relax and act like nothing is going on and to pretend I wasn’t even there. Cameron took a couple seconds then I noticed the dimples in his butt cheeks disappear, so I gave it one last try and to my great satisfaction my index finger finally slid right in. Cameron let out a huge sigh as I started to slowly move my finger in and out. I was making sure to get close to having my finger come almost all the way out because I knew that it was a huge tease to Cameron’s little hole. I continued doing this for about 2 minutes until Cameron said that I needed to stop because he felt like he was gonna poop if I didn’t. I was afraid that he was freaked out by this so I quickly pulled my finger out and rinsed it off and washed it. Then I realized that I still hadn’t washed his little package yet, of course I only noticed it because it was once again erect. I started smiling at Cameron as I took my soaped up hands and started rubbing his little ball sack which was small and warm. I couldn’t take it anymore I started kissing Cameron again, I just loved the way that it felt to kiss this little boy. I started letting my hand make its way to his erect little penis and started rubbing it. Cameron couldn’t ask for more as far as his tool was concerned, especially for a boy that hadn’t even turn eleven yet. It was probably about two and a half inches long when erect casino firmaları and had a perfectly cut mushroom head on it. After about a minute and a half I told him that we probably should get out and head downstairs before the adults got back.

As we stepped out of the shower and dried off I got a hardon again just watching him dry off, but hey can you really blame me? We slipped our clothes back on and walked through the master bedroom headed for the stairs, but I had to grab him once more to make out with him and take the opportunity to grab on that perfect ass again. That lasted a few seconds before we went down the stairs and into the family room where Cameron’s cousins were sitting. The two of them just smiled and asked us if we had fun. I really was afraid to say anything about what went on, but Cameron said that it was the best time he had ever had. On that note Alaine, the 12 year old sister, said that she and her brother Austin, who was 13, always love showering together and with that she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, then he turned and they made out for about fifteen seconds.

I whispered to Cameron asking, “Did you know they did that?”

“Ya I had a feeling that something was going on between them because I have been sleeping in Austin’s bed because Austin volunteered to sleep in the same bed with his sister. There are also some soft noises coming from their bed at night.”

After this whole display Cameron and I sat down on the other half of the sectional. We were all sitting there watching re-runs of Lizzie McGuire, which was always a show that I enjoyed watching with my little sister just because I thought Lizzie was hot and fantasized about her little brother on the show, Matt, just fucking the shit out of her virgin pussy. Anyways, after a couple minutes Austin asks Cameron, ”So did you get to see it?” With that I thought oh shit this is going to get interesting. Having just heard Austin ask Cameron if he got to see my cock I thought that I was gonna loose my mind.

Cameron responded, “Heck ya it was even bigger then you said it would be Austin.”

Austin happily chimes in, “Oh by the way the three of us had a discussion about how Cameron has a crush on you an about how you let him see your penis when you peed earlier.”

I thought to myself why in the world are these little kids talking this way about me. Then I asked Cameron, ” So why didn’t you tell them about how I let you hold my penis while I pissed earlier?”

He said, “Oh I did tell them but I also told them I saw it sticking up in your shorts earlier when you untied me and Austin was asking if I got to see it all hard like that again.”

At this point I whispered in Cameron’s ear asking him to keep the rest our little secret for the moment.

Alaine looked over at Austin and said, “So I wonder if it is a lot bigger then Austin’s.”

Austin stood up, “Well lets see then!” he yelled before pulling down his shorts and undies all in one swoop. Out popped his four inch boner, which still had its foreskin.

Alaine said, “See Cameron isn’t it huge!!”

Cameron just blurted out “My guy’s is a lot bigger”.

So apparently I am now the possession of an 11 year old. Alaine looked at Cameron and said, “Then let’s see it.” Being the guy I am I didn’t want to disappoint the kids, so I stood up but the sight of Austin’s little hardon didn’t quite help me get it up seeing as how he was a little on the chubby side and uncut penises aren’t my thing, so I asked Cameron if he would give me a hand. He quickly jumped to his feet and said yes. I had Cameron turn around so that I was behind him and used him to block the view of Austin and Alaine. I slid my shorts and boxers down and reached around Cameron placing my hands on crotch gently pulling him back against me. I took one hand and used it to tickle his side. I knew that it would cause him to grind his little boy ass against my cock helping me to get an erection. It didn’t take him long to realize that my penis was fully erect against his ass. Cameron just looked at me and blurted out ”You really do like my butt don’t you.”

I asked, “How could I not it was the best little butt I had ever seen.”

By this point Austin and Alaine were just staring at us until Cameron said ”Well are you ready to see it?” Austin shout yes as Alaine just nodded her head real fast.
Cameron quickly stepped to the side revealing my six and a half inch hardon. Now I know that’s just average but to Austin and Alaine it must have looked huge because Austin said ”You’re right Cameron it is bigger than I thought” while Alaine just stood there staring. Just then we heard the garage door open. So Austin and I quickly stuffed ourselves back in our shorts and all four of us flopped on the couch. Knowing that we still had a few seconds before anyone made it in the door much less to the family room I told them, “We should all meet in the pool table room tonight after everyone else falls asleep.” I knew this was a great place because the billiards room was upstairs above the garage down a little back hallway that connects to the kids rooms so basically it was on the complete opposite end of the house from where the adults slept. I had always had a thing for Alaine and there were some outfits she had that really turned me on. So I also asked Alaine to bring some of my favorite clothes of hers. She asked me which ones I was talking about. I leaned over to whisper in her ear, when I was done she just grinned and said ok.

Well my buddy walked in from work and we went to play video games in the basement for a couple hours and he fell asleep around 12:30. I stealthily went up the stairs to the main floor and had to walk through the family room in order to get to the stairs that led up to the room above the garage. I was afraid my plans might have been ruined when I saw my buddies other little 15 year old brother Andrew there on the couch, but to my great delight he was fast asleep. So I made my way through the family room and kitchen and started up the small wooden staircase that emptied into the hallway behind the bedrooms and next to the pool table room. I walked into the room and saw all three of the kids sitting there in their pjs, with the exception of Cameron who was still wearing those red pants and white tshirt. I asked them how long they had been waiting and Alaine blurted out, “About an hour but I brought all the clothes you asked me to bring.” I dumped out the backpack, everything was there but there were two articles of clothing that I didn’t ask for; a yellow pair of polyester basketball shorts that belonged to the 15 year old brother and a pair of silk Sylvester boxers. Cameron smiled and said that he picked those out for me to wear. I just laughed and told him it was a nice choice. So with that I dumped the rest of the cloths out onto the pool table. There was a pair of light blue jogging pants that had the most amazingly soft feel to them and had a cotton inside so they would be nice and warm. Then there was a white, a navy, and a pink leotard all with matching tights that belonged to Alaine. I threw the navy ones to Austin, the pink to Alaine, and gave Cameron the white set.

There are two little closets in the room, so we split into what was now our usual pairings. As Alaine and Austin stepped into their closet, Cameron handed me my yellow shorts and silk boxers that he picked out and we stepped into our closet which was very small, I heard Cameron begin taking his shirt off while I was taking mine off as well. I told Cameron that I had a really hard time deciding weather I wanted to see him in the white or the pink leotard. He said that he liked my choice and then asked if I liked the shorts he picked for me. I told him that I did and had always liked seeing Andrew (the 15 year old) wearing them. I slid my shorts and boxers off while telling Cameron that I was gonna wear just the shorts and save the boxers for later. He said that it sounded like a great idea. We changed in the dark without much interesting happening and went to step out of the closet. When we stepped out we saw Austin sitting on a stool with Alaine on his lap and her legs wrapped around him. Alaine heard us and got up before turning toward me and Cameron. The first thing I noticed was the cute little cameltoe that Alaine had in that pink leotard, but Cameron pointed out the outline of Austin’s hard cock in his navy outfit. I then saw the nickel sized precum spot at the tip of his cock.

Austin saw me looking at it and asked, “Well what do you expect? She would make you wet too.” I looked at Alaine and simply had to agree. I then told them that I had thought of a fun game to play.

Cameron got all excited, “As much fun as I had in the shower I can’t wait to hear what you want us to do know!”

“Ok so here’s the deal we each have five minutes one on one with each other and have to grant the other person one wish.” I told them.

All three kids got excited and asked me who got to go first. I said that Alaine and I would go into the hallway and leave Austin and Cameron alone in the pool room. Everyone seemed ok with that match up so Alaine and I headed into the hallway. Once in the hallway I told her that I was afraid we would wake the parents so she suggested stepping into the ridiculously large closet where her mom kept all of her out of season clothes. There was plenty of room in the closet so I was fine with it. I decided it would be best to let Alaine name her wish first just to see what her mindset was, but she refused and told me to make my request first. So I started thinking of things that I could ask for that wouldn’t be too extreme of a request. I ultimately told her that I just wanted to have her sit in my lap and let me cuddle with her. She said that sounded like it could be fun so I went and propped myself up in the corner and Alaine came over and wedged herself between my legs. That’s when I noticed that she didn’t have on the tights that matched the leotard and when I asked her why she said that the seam in the tights ran right up the middle and kept us from seeing her ”crotch crack”. I grinned as I started kissing her neck and shoulder. I wasn’t real sure why I was being this romantic with a 12 year old girl but I could tell she was enjoying it. I started looking at her beautiful little body and noticed that there were little buds on her chest with tiny little nipples pressing against the spandex material of her leotard. I took my left index figure and licked it then started to rub her left nipple. I guess that wasn’t good enough for her because she grabbed my right hand and placed it between her legs and that was a big enough hint for me. I began rubbing this apparently very güvenilir casino horny girl’s pussy through the thin leotard. Alaine let out small moans as I massaged her pussy in a slow circular motion. I loved hearing her small cries of pleasure as I began to feel the crotch of her leotard become wet. This only made me apply a little more pressure and quicken the pace. Alaine lasted about another minute before letting out one long moan. After letting her catch her breath I told her that it was her turn to decide what she wanted me to do. Alaine said that she really just wanted to play with my penis because she hadn’t seen one that big before. To be honest I wanted to take her virginity but I realized that would be a little too much. After I said ok to her request she took both hands and began removing my shorts while I was still propped up in the corner. I was still hard from rubbing that adorable little mound between her legs, so once she had my shorts off there was nothing hiding my erect penis from this 12 year old. She started by just touching the base of it but it didn’t take any time before Alaine had her whole hand wrapped around it. Then she began to lower her face toward it. Once down next to it she kissed it several times and then I felt her little tongue begin licking the shaft. When Alaine noticed the precum at the tip she asked what it was so I told her and said she should taste it. Without hesitation she licked it up in one quick swoop. I watched as she pondered for a second before blurting out ”WOW how do I get more!” I had to laugh and then told her to try giving me a blowjob. Alaine looked puzzled and I told her what a blowjob was. She said it sounded fun and proceeded to put her face between my legs. It felt so good having her moist preteen mouth close on my erect cock. I just placed my head back against the wall as Alaine gave her first head. I was trying to get as much out of the experience as I could without ejaculating. After about two more minutes I had to stop her because I was gonna bust. She asked what I meant by bust. I told her that she would have to do the same thing to her brother if she wanted to find out. On that note I stood up and pulled my shorts back up, Alaine and I went back in the pool room to meet Austin and Cameron.

We decided Austin and I would go and Alaine and Cameron would do there thing together. Austin and I went back into the hall closet and all I could think about was lets get it over with because I get Cameron next. Austin said that he wanted me to teach him how to masturbate. I spend a few minutes telling him all the different ways to do it and what to expect at the end. After I was finished he asked me for my request. I had to think for a second because I didn’t really find Austin attractive so I told him that I just wanted him to tell me what all Cameron had said about me.

“Well basically he just said that you are cute and he has a huge crush on you. He also claims he’d do anything to make you happy and spend time with you.”

Well at this point I couldn’t take it anymore I wanted to get my hands on that cute little boy, so we went back to see if Alaine and Cameron were done yet and much to my great delight they were. I wasted no time grabbing Cameron and making my way to the closet. When we got there I started making out with him while groping his butt cheeks. After we broke apart I asked him what he wanted to do.

Cameron got red in the face and said, “I secretly got on the computer earlier wanting to look up what boys in love do and I saw one guy with his wiener in the other guys butt. I thought that it looked like fun and since you like my butt so much that we should try it.”

I was excited as hell at first then I realized that we were missing one important ingredient. “We couldn’t do without it because it would hurt way too much because my penis is big and you have a very tight small hole for me to work with.”

“I know that and the site also told me how to make it less painful the first time.” he stepped out of the closet and came back with a half empty bottle of KY. “This should help and don’t worry about the size I know you will be gentle and I trust you.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears. “Where does a 10 year old get a bottle of lube from?”

“Hey I preferred to be called 11 since it is almost my birthday and my dad keeps this in his bag when he travels. I didn’t know what it was until I saw them use it online. He also has condoms in there too but I didn’t think we needed them.”

His dad is divorced so I guess that made sense. “Don’t you think he will notice its missing?”

Cameron responded, “I don’t think so and that I could just say I stepped on his bag and some squirted out.”

At this point it was clear to me that Cameron had put plenty of thought into the whole thing. It just amazed me how a boy that was so uneducated and innocent a few hours earlier had gotten to the point of asking someone to butt fuck him. Cameron went ahead and removed his leotard which I had actually kind of forgot he was wearing for my benefit. I then began removing the yellow shorts that I was wearing. I was already hard from all the anticipation and by the time I remove my shorts I was able to look up just in time to see Cameron’s little shaft of boyhood spring to life from the leotard.

Cameron handed me the lube and said, “Here you had better put it on because I don’t know how much to use.”

As I started lubing myself up I made sure that Cameron was aware of what was to come, “You know this is gonna hurt at first but hopefully you will get used to it after a little and be able you enjoy it.”

“Ya I figured that it might but it will all be worth it to show me just how much I love you.” Cameron said.

It was amazing just how much this little boy has taken to me. I took a little left over lube and used it to start loosening his little hole with two of my fingers. Cameron enjoyed that for about thirty seconds before telling me, “I think I’m ready for the real deal now.” I decided that the best way to do this would be for him to straddle my lap so that we could look at each other and help him feel more comfortable. Cameron said that that sounded great. I sat down in the same corner that Alaine and I had just had our fun in few minutes earlier. Cameron walked over and stood in front of me to where his little erect penis was right in my face. I gave it a quick lick and kissed the tip before placing my hands on his waist. He began slowly squatting causing his ass to head straight down toward my awaiting cock. I felt myself make contact with his butt cheeks and Cameron placed his hands on my shoulders. As I felt my penis line up with his little hole, I realized that he needed to loosen up his muscles a little, “Cameron just relax and just pretend like you are just sitting on a stool.” The moment that I felt his body starting to place more weight on my penis I went ahead and gave one big push downward on his hips. Just like that I was in and Cameron let out a quick yelp. He sat there for a minute in complete shock at what had just happened. I apologized to him and told him how I thought that getting in quickly was the best option. Cameron still didn’t say a word but instead I saw him start to tear up and one stream rolled down his adorable freckled face. I began feeling really bad, “I’m sorry Cameron I didn’t mean to cause you pain. Here I’ll gently take it out and we can do something else.”

Before I could do anything Cameron leaned forward and started making out with me. When he broke off he said, “I love you and I’m just amazed how good it feels doing this with you.”

“I’m sorry it hurt so bad that it made you cry.”

Cameron then corrected me saying, “I’m not crying from pain but just from how this whole thing makes me feel.”

Now knowing that he was not in pain I told him that we are only getting started. I began to lift him a little letting my cock slide almost all the way out leaving just the head in before I slid it back in. Cameron let out a moan and whispered that it felt so good.

“So what does this feel like for you Cameron. I mean does it feel good?” I asked him.

He began saying, “It feels like I’m taking a really great feeling poop after holding it for hours put instead of falling out the turds just go back in.”

It wasn’t the romantic answer I was looking for but hey it got the point across I guess. I continued teasing his little butt hole for about two more minutes before the feeling of his tight hole squeezing on my penis began to get to me. By this point Cameron was using my shoulders to lower and raise himself on my penis. I was moments away from blowing a huge load in his bowels. About five seconds before eruption I grabbed the back of his head and started kissing him and then the inevitable happen. I tensed up and them shot about five big streams of my cum into Cameron’s little body. My pleasure lasted for maybe all of fifteen seconds the whole time Cameron never stopped kissing me. After I was all used up I started to lift Cameron up off my lap and he smiled as my cock slid out in one continuous motion. Cameron stood back up with that smile still on his face and his little penis still erect as he put his white leotard on. I just went ahead and put those yellow shorts back on because I used the silk sylvester boxers to wipe my cock off with.

We started walking out of the closet and back into the pool room. When we walked in we noticed that Alaine and Austin had gone and gotten two sleeping bag and laid them on the floor. The two of them were sharing one so I told Cameron good night and that I would see him in the morning. As I proceeded to head out the door he told me to wait. Cameron asked me to stay in there and sleep with him. I figured what the hell I’ll just set my alarm on my phone so that I can get up and sneak downstairs before the parents wake up. I unzipped the sleeping bag and laid down. Cameron came and laid down on top of me and I began to zip us up together. Granted it was a tight squeeze but it felt amazing being cuddled up with him. Cameron feel asleep real fast and I followed shortly. At about seven my alarm went off which also woke Cameron up I unzipped the sleeping bag and we stood up. We realized we should probably change back into our clothes before anyone caught us. When he bent over to pick up his red pants up off the floor I noticed a stain on the leotard. It was a slightly light brown spot. I went over there and felt it. To my surprise it was crusty. I remember feeling him fart a couple times before I feel asleep and I guess when he did a lot of my cum came out with it and dried on the leotard. After he took it off I took it from him and said that I was gonna keep it to remind me of the night we had together. We went downstairs and watched TV with Cameron laying down and his head in my lap until we heard other people begin getting up.

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