Camp Fuckmiraw


I wrote this story privately for my new friend kinkycanucks. The concept, the sexual menu, and even the characters down to the waxed pussies were her contribution. After the story was finished, we both agreed that it was hot enough to share with the community here, and we agreed to publish. If you like this story, make sure you send kinkycanucks some kudos!


“Put your feet down,” said Eileen, swatting at Melissa’s knees. “Cops stop people for that.”

Melissa rocked her knees aside playfully, her stocking feet on the dash. “What cops? We haven’t seen cops for hours.”

“You’re right. I don’t give a shit about cops. It’s just…” Eileen smiled and rubbed the display hood beyond the steering wheel, “… so fancy!”

“It was nice of him to rent it for you,” said Melissa. “I mean, if the tent ends up sucking, we can always put a king mattress in the back.” She turned and looked behind her at rest of the cavernous leather cab.

“Kyle didn’t want me driving up into the mountains unless it handled. I said I’d only go in style. So we compromised.”

“You do know that camping is supposed to be dirty, right?” said Melissa, pushing her blonde hair back into a ponytail.

Eileen grinned, her cheeks rounding out in that too-cute way that made people underestimate her. “I’m counting on it,” she said.

The road was winding back and forth, narrowing by the mile, and the SUV seemed far too broad. They’d passed a Jeep not too far back, and Melissa had thought they’d sideswipe it for sure. It wasn’t much easier to look out the side window, either. While the evergreens at this altitude were picturesque, giving the impression that the mountains had whiskers, the lack of a shoulder and the sheer drop would make anyone feel a little uncentered.

Eileen said, “Hey, if you’re going to call Jack, you’d better do it now before the signal fails.”

“What do you mean, fails?”

“Excuse me. Does Miss Camping Is Dirty not realize there’s no cell reception in the mountains?”

“But we’re so high up… surely…”

“Call him or don’t. I don’t give a shit.”

Melissa pursed her lips as she pulled her phone from the pocket of her jeans. The phone rang only once before Jack’s voice said, “Homesick already?”

Melissa smirked. “You shouldn’t have bailed. Two sexy ladies in the woods can get up to all kinds of mischief.” Out if the corner of her eyes, Melissa noted Eileen’s wicked grin.

“We’ve been through this, though.”

“I’m just giving you a hard time. Sorry it didn’t work out. Look, I’m calling now because we might not be able to call later.”

“That’s why I sent you with the Garmin. Just remember, if you hit the SOS button, someone IS coming. So…”

“I’m the one that made you buy it.”

“Fair enough. Did you bring your sketch pad?” said Jack.

Melissa knew where he was going with this. She bit her lip before saying, “Yes, yes I did. But don’t count on anything. It’s not that kind of trip anymore.”

“But if it gets more interesting…”

“Then I’ll bring something back for you.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear. Hey, I gotta’ get back to work. Just be safe, okay?”

“Women have survived in the wilderness just as long as men have.”

“Sure, but it goes a bit easier when there are some strapping men around.”

“For whom?” laughed Melissa. “Get off the phone!”

“Love you, Mel.”

“Love you, too. See you tomorrow.”

And with that, Melissa opened the glove box and shoved her phone inside. Eileen looked sidelong at her. “What?” said Melissa. “If we’re off the grid anyway, let’s be off the fucking grid!”

“Let’s keep them charged is all,” said Eileen. “Trust me.”

After the pavement turned to gravel and then to dirt, they traveled an additional hour into the mountains, though that was mostly because their speed had dropped so significantly. Melissa found herself impressed that Eileen still seemed to know where she was going. Even in the bright afternoon sunlight, the little brown signs were difficult to spot let alone read.

The camp site was at the termination of a dirt road, although more accurately it marked the point at which the road narrowed to a trail. Adjacent to the transition was a grassy copse ringed by giant spruce, an area large enough to park three or four cars. There was also a fire pit, a picnic table, and a lopsided grill, the entire site threaded by a mountain stream. The fire pit was loaded with sticks set in a teepee configuration, and nearby was stacked enough chopped firewood to burn for hours, maybe a full day.

“Shit,” said Melissa as she slipped out of the SUV and walked around to the driver’s side. “I think this is someone else’s site.”

“Say thank you,” said Eileen. She hopped down as well and stretched in the sunlight. “Kyle arranged it all. He had someone set up and pay the fee and everything.”

“What fee?”

“Sweet, sweet Melissa. Camping isn’t free anymore, you know. Not at a site like this. Let’s just get the tent set up so we can go find that hot spring. It’s supposed to bursa escort be up this stream a bit.” She walked toward the gully, gesturing. “The guy on the phone said there’s a little waterfall that converges with the hot spring water, and it’s all lukewarm by the time it gets down here. But it’s really clean.”

“This is a really good spot,” said Melissa, looking around.

“I know, right? Okay. Tent.”

The tent setup quickly and easily, so they went ahead and pulled their sleeping bags and mats and pillows and duffle bags and made the inside of the tent nice and cozy. It was warm now, but it could get chilly after dark, especially at this altitude. While Melissa was reorganizing the cooler in the car, Eileen could be heard entering the tent.

“I think we could fit four grown men in here,” Eileen hollered.

“Too bad we don’t have any grown men,” said Melissa.

“That is too bad.”

When Eileen emerged, she was wearing a two-piece, mint green and sky blue which they agreed when she bought it complemented her hazel eyes. That wasn’t the only thing about the suit that work for her. Eileen was gifted with curves, everything about her positively flowed from one area to the next. From the arch of her large eyes and her cheeks, to her breasts and bum. This suit followed those curves as might the hands of a lover.

Melissa was the type of person that appreciated beautiful things, things that appealed to the senses. And Eileen happened to appeal to all of the senses, especially in that two-piece. Especially here in the mountains where the addition of clothing felt normal, and the subtraction of clothing felt scandalous.

Melissa shook her head in a weak attempt to clear these thoughts from her mind, but that was not so easily done considering what this trip was supposed to have been. Eileen and Melissa spent, as friends do, a certain amount of time trading bedroom tales and discussing intimacy. Over time, they admitted certain desires that included sharing a man, and in the case of this camping trip, that man would have been Eileen’s boyfriend, Kyle. This planned encounter was tenuously acknowledged and consented to by all parties, including Jack, who regularly fantasized about watching as Melissa was pleasured at the hands – and cock – of another man.

For the last week, any discussion of the camping trip made Melissa’s panties damp, but when Kyle discovered he had to work, the whole thing fell apart. So it was with bittersweet tightness in her chest that Melissa tried to breathe through the disappointment and regard Eileen’s two-piece as nothing more than appropriate hot springs attire.

“Are you coming or what?” said Eileen.

“Yeah, just finishing up. I think I’m going to plug in the phones.” She pointed at the SUV. “This thing has live outlets, right?”

“She have,” said Eileen, her hips swaying as she walked nearer, even in sandals.

Melissa pushed her phone cable into the glowing green socket. “If we get bored and want to watch a movie or something, I have a few things downloaded right now.”

“We won’t get bored,” said Eileen, placing her hand on Melissa’s arm. “Now finish up and change. I didn’t drive all the way up here NOT to sit in a hot spring.”

Of course Eileen was right about the tent. It was huge, not quite enough room to stand though, so Melissa had to do her share of butt scooting and rocking to get out of her clothes and into her suit. The rain flaps were down to keep the air flowing and blow away some of the synthetic scent of the tent, and it wasn’t until Melissa finished clipping her pink top in place that she realized Eileen had been watching her through the mesh. Melissa looked down and said nothing.

“Are you sure about this?” said Melissa, slipping her sandals on and zipping up the tent. She walked over to the picnic table where Eileen was sitting with a towel in her lap. “I feel like the woods are not a wise place to walk around without substantial clothing.”

“Hey. This is our trip. Clothing is optional, and I’m not letting anything take that away from me. I fucking deserve this, and so do you.”

“Maybe we should take the car keys at least.”

Eileen rolled her head back to sigh at the canopy far overhead. “Ffffine. Grab the keys.”

Once Melissa was in possession of keys, her towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and the sat-GPS, Eileen began to pick her way up the stream. She stepped on rocks where she could and into the pleasant, clear water where she had to. And sometimes where she didn’t have to. There was a technical challenge to making progress in flip flops, and that suited Melissa just fine. It was a good distraction was watching Eileen’s bottoms slip further into crevice of her ass. She just wanted to reach out and pick it but settled for keeping her own suit out of her own ass.

As she walked, trying to forget what this trip was supposed to have been, Melissa realized she was still moderately horny. If she didn’t get out from under the rising tide, it was going to be a rough night. Absently, she started making plans to slip away and bursa escort bayan masturbate, in fact, the sooner the better.

It took less than ten minutes, even moving at a veritable crawl, to reach the waterfall. It wasn’t terribly large, the entirety of the drop from jutted rock to splash pool was no higher than Melissa was tall. The basin into which the water fell had been a flat rock once, now beaten into a bowl, visible down through the crystal clear water. Feathery moss grew along the rim of the bowl in abundance, perhaps owing to the warmth of the water. Behind the waterfall, steam emerged from a half shell grotto. One day, the stream flowing overhead would cut a notch through the grotto ceiling, but for now, the hot spring was protected from the outside world by a curtain of water shimmering in the mottled sunlight.

“You can’t get this at a spa,” said Eileen. “And you know, the minerals…”

“Yes, I know all about the minerals,” said Melissa. “For at least a full hour I heard about the fucking minerals.”

Eileen stepped into the water of the basin as one must to get to the steaming grotto. “Wow, this is nice,” said Eileen. Melissa, a step behind her, had to agree. After Eileen found a flat slab of dry rock upon which to place her towel, she said, “Be free, ladies.” And with that, she reached behind her back and pulled the string on her top.

“What are you doing?” asked Melissa, nearly slipping in the basin.

Letting the green and blue top fall away, Eileen twisted, giving Melissa full visibility to her profile, the textbook model of a woman. “What did I say? Clothing optional. Look around, Mel! We’re the only two people for miles and miles. Commune with nature already. Feed your animal side.” And then she bent clean over, and her bottoms were lowered into the water.

From the rear, it was certain that Eileen’s business was waxed like Melissa’s, but that’s where the similarity ended. Where Melissa’s pussy was a delicate fold that opened like the petals of a flower, Eileen’s pussy was curvy like the rest of her body, full and luscious, her labia hanging low and dark.

Eileen said nothing as she stepped across the basin, shrieking pleasantly at the chill of the waterfall as she passed through the curtain and into the silvery steam.

Melissa swallowed and placed her items on the dry rock next to Eileen’s. Then she removed her top as well. And then her bottoms. Being naked in the woods did very little to calm her libido. Just for the record.

The water was a bit cooler than a bath, the invisible eddies of hot and cold swirling turbulently beneath the surface. Melissa had taken a bath plenty of times, but never had there been this degree of pleasure as the water kissed her sensitive bits. Her legs parted as she lowered herself to let the water rise above her breasts, and she could feel the cool and warm currents caressing her butterfly. It was too much not to let her fingers dance over her hardening clit for just a moment.

“Are you coming?” said Eileen.

Melissa jumped, her hand jerking away from her groin. “What?”

“You seriously have to get in here!” Eileen’s voice carried from the grotto, despite the incessant roar of the waterfall. “It feels fucking orgasmic!”

Squeezing her eyes shut, Melissa made her way across the splash pool and through the waterfall.

The change of temperature was instant. The fickle caresses of seconds earlier were but a memory. Instead, Melissa’s naked body was swallowed by the heat, intense and unyielding. Her muscles let go, and she melted into the water.

“What did I tell you?” said Eileen. “If we fucking packed up and went home right after this, it will still have been worth it.”

“Mm?” hummed Melissa. She let her blonde head sink back into the heat. Something was massaging her skin, little bubbles rising from a subterranean air pocket perhaps. Floating into the wall, she found there wasn’t really a place to set anchor.

Eileen was lounging against the wall, arms out along ridges to either side. “You good?”

“Just looking for a place to sit,” said Melissa.

“Oh, actually I think this is it. Just the one. I can move in a minute, and we can alternate.”

“No, it’s not a big deal.”

“Or you could just sit in my lap.”

Melissa felt the tingle start in her groin and spread all the way to her fingers and toes. “Ha,” she said, not producing any sounds or expressions close to actual mirth.

But Eileen’s lowered lids said what her smirk didn’t. “Is that a problem?”

“You know we’re both naked, right?”

“Are we?” said Eileen, raising a brow. “Stop being a prude, and sit that cute little bottom on my lap. What, do you think I’m going to finger you? Relax already.”

It was a stupid suggestion, sitting in her lap. There was no rationale for it, but Melissa found herself slipping into Eileen’s lap anyway. She ended up sitting pretty high out of the water, her nipples exposed to the steam and with no good place to lean.

There was some maneuvering before Melissa just stopped and let escort bursa her shoulders slump. “This isn’t working,” she said.

Eileen sighed and spread her legs, making room on the little ledge for Melissa’s bum to settle. “How’s that?”

And it was actually pretty nice. Melissa was able to lean back and let her head drop against Eileen’s shoulder, back arched over soft breasts. “Yeah, okay. Right.”

As the mineral rich water seemed to leave her body extra buoyant, Melissa found her muscles simply letting go. With Eileen the pillow beneath her, she might have fallen asleep that way. In fact, she began to drift off until she felt fingertips settle on the side of her breasts. Her eyes popped open for a moment, but those fingers didn’t move, and so she drifted off once more.

But she couldn’t ignore the stirring between her legs. It might have been anyone’s fingers on her breasts. The truth was, Melissa was completely and overwhelmingly ready to fuck something. She’d fuck an orange if that was a thing.

And then Eileen’s hands were at Melissa’s waist.

And then at her hips.

The tops of Melissa’s thighs.

No. Nope. No, no. Melissa sat up suddenly.

“What the fuck?” said Eileen as Melissa dropped her feet and stood.

“It’s too hot in here. I’m getting light-headed.” Melissa was at the waterfall curtain in just a few steps.

“Okay,” said Eileen, a drop of concern in her tone. “Do you want some water? We can go get some water.” And Eileen sat up as well.

“No!” said Melissa. “No, you don’t have to do that. I’m just going to head back to camp and lay out maybe. You just hang out here as long as you want to. Enjoy your minerals or whatever.”

Eileen rolled her eyes. “I’m not leaving you alone in the woods.” And she stood.

Fuck! Why was this so hard? Couldn’t a girl get a few minutes to masturbate already? But Eileen was pushing through the waterfall with a screech. Melissa sighed and followed her through. The cool waterfall was almost a respite from the heat of the spring as Melissa emerged into the open air that casually blew upon her nakedness.

Melissa sniffed the air. “Is that woodsmoke?”

Eileen just shrugged, donning her suit brusquely. “Could be.”

“Shit!” Melissa stepped rapidly into her bottoms and pulled them up.

“You don’t think someone found our site, do you?”

“Might be fun,” said Eileen with a wink. And she began to pick her way back down stream. Melissa scrambled to grab the rest of her items and followed Eileen.

The sun was falling in the sky, so it was probably best they were heading back anyway, but lengthening shadows also made the trek a little more treacherous. “Can you slow down?” asked Melissa.

“I don’t think you want me to slow down,” said Eileen up ahead.

“I asked, didn’t I.”

Eileen just laughed. “Keep up, bitch.”

When they reached camp, Melissa’s stomach dropped at the sight of the crackling fire and a second vehicle parked next to the SUV. Full on panic set in when she saw the third. Immediately she began to assess which of her items would make the best weapon until Eileen boldly strode into the campsite.

“What the fuck!” Melissa hissed. “Are you nuts?” And then she saw him.

Kyle’s megawatt smile lit his face as Eileen jumped into his waiting arms and wrapped her legs around him. Melissa tentatively stepped into the copse and watched as Eileen shoved her tongue into Kyle’s mouth. Well, at least someone was getting some action.

What threw her off completely was Doug, sitting on the picnic table. Doug was Eileen’s ex, a giant, barrel of a man with a mythical cum shot, or so she’d heard. When she and Melissa had first discussed sharing a man, Doug had been the subject of that discussion. Jack’s position hadn’t changed, no matter who was involved – he wanted to watch Melissa get fucked. So it hadn’t mattered to him when Doug changed to Kyle. The original plan had been to give Doug a blowjob together. His cock was apparently something to behold, and Melissa had masturbated plenty of times while considering what that cock might do to her.

But seriously. Why was Doug here?

“Someone want to fill me in?” said Melissa.

Eileen’s feet hit the ground, and she turned with a wicked grin on her face. “Oh this? This is how we’re spending our night,” she said, waving a hand at the scene. “Don’t worry. Jack already knows. He’s expecting a lot of video, though. Good thing you plugged everything in.”

Standing in a weird sort of limbo, Melissa attempted to process what was happening. “But… um…” She pointed. “Doug?”

“We don’t want to tire out poor Kyle, do we? One on, one off.”

“Or maybe all on,” grinned Kyle.

Holy shit. Holy FUCKING SHIT. Melissa found herself instantly wet, her pussy working overtime to soak the crotch of her bath suit. “Are you fucking with me?”

“Will be soon,” said Kyle, wearing the devil’s own smile.

Doug grinned and pulled a can out of the cooler to his left. “Want a beer?”

Melissa dropped all of her things on the spot and walked straight over to the picnic bench. She crawled up onto the bench, curled her fingers into Doug’s shaggy hair, and pressed her lips against his. He laughed warmly as he opened his mouth to press his tongue into Melissa’s.

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