Camping trip

Big Tits

Camping tripOne summer weekend my best friend Heather, her boyfriend, my boyfriend and I went camping by the small lake up in the mountains on our Ranch. Towards night fall, we built a big camp fire and roasted hot dogs over the fire and made S’mores. As the hours past by and our boyfriend’s were pretty much drunk, Heather and I lay side by side on a blanket and watched the star’s that filled the warm summers night sky. The guys were sitting together, still drinking, and reminiscing about past hunting trips and just boring guy talk. A couple of hours went by and the guys were ready to turn in for the night. Somewhat disappointed because Heather and I were up for a all night fuck-a-thon, we reluctantly agreed and told them to go to sleep because Heather and I were going to stay up a while and talk. The boy’s staggered to there tents and settled down in there sleeping bags. Heather and I, still horny, started making out, covering each other with istanbul escort kisses and wild fondling, something we had done many times before. After several minutes we came up with a plan to get some dick. Muffling our laughter like two school girls skipping class we put our plan into action. We made our way to my friend Heathers and her boyfriends tent. It was a small pup tent with a narrow opening. Being about the same body size and hair length and color, it would be hard for the boys in there drinking state, combined with it being pitch dark with nothing but a dim glow from the fire, to tell us apart. Heather got on her hands and knees and crawled into the tent where her boyfriend was already snoring. She unzipped his sleeping bad and whispered to him that she’s wanted to give him a blowjob. We figured that him being so drunk, that was the best he could do. He came to enough to avcılar escort see that it was Heather then smiled and agreed and laid his head back down. Heather backed out of the tent and I crawled half way back in with my ass still on the outside of the tent. I reached and took out his still soft cock and put it in my mouth. He moaned slightly and muttered, ” Oh baby, feels so good”. Still thinking it was Heather that was sucking his cock. I started sucking. I could feel it grow hard in my mouth which was a big turn on. His cock was bigger then my boyfriends and it was all I could to shove the entire rod down my throat. Outside I could feel Heather sliding my cut of jeans down over my hips along with my panties. As my mouth worked on the dick that was in my mouth Heather buried her face between my ass checks, eating my asshole out. The more she licked the faster I sucked. It didn’t take long before I could feel şirinevler escort myself on the verge of reaching orgasm. Now using my hand and mouth on his stiff long cock, I was ready for him to cum. Heather now had two fingers in my cunt and her tongue in my asshole. I was trying so hard to keep from screaming. With a loud moan, Heathers boyfriend let loose with his warm, think load of man juice. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I reached around with one hand and pushed Heathers face deeper in my asks and started to cum. Mean while, I was swallowing wave after wave of cum that shot out like high pressure water through a hose. My legs started shaking as I reached orgasm and covered Heathers face with my cum and piss. She licked and slurpped until I finished. My stomach now full of cum, I crawled back out of the tent, gave Heather a warm cum kiss and embrassed her in my arms as the left over spunk from my mouth flowed into hers. After a few giggles and a five minute break, we moved to where my boyfriend was sleeping and repeated the whole thing except this time it was Heathers turn to suck cock. Under the moon lit sky, deep in the mountains by the lake, Heather and I pulled of the greatest misconception we ever tried. We talk about it often and laugh about what we did.

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