Careful, I Am a Virgin


It was a beautiful Monday morning in mid April, the last snow on the ground just melted away. I woke up in a good mood, unusual for a Monday, so I decided to leave early and have my coffee at the Starbucks near my office.

Our city has more than 4 universities attracting students from everywhere in the country and the rest of the world as well. In fact, the campus of one of the best universities in the country is around the corner from my office.

The Starbucks was packed at this early hour. Mid April is the start of exam season and you can see that clearly on the faces of the student crowd at the place.

After waiting in line for 10 minute, I got my latte and Danish, now to try to get a place to sit, that was a challenge. I found a seat sharing with a group of students. I took my seat and started on my coffee. Obviously they were foreign exchange students and the language they spoke was very familiar to me. It is the language of my native country where I was born.

Maybe I should have introduced myself first. I am Ben, a 48 years old accountant, immigrated to this wonderful land over 25 years ago. I am a junior partner in an accounting firm downtown, a father of two young adults and divorced.

I was able to pick-up most of the conversation from the student group next to me, they were obviously very anxious about the exam later in the day. Most of them spoke in the same accent which meant they all come from the same region.

One girl in that group stood out and really attracted my attention. I would say she is in her early twenties. She had attractive wide dark brown eyes and one of the sweetest smiles I have ever seen. Like most of the people born to our homeland, she had wavy black hair and smooth light olive skin. Very lively, her sweet giggle filled the place and was very distinct although there were almost 70-80 people in the place.

Our eyes met few times across the table, she did not hold a long look; I could not stop staring at her. Her baby face was engraved in my memory. I really liked what I was seeing. Amazingly, not once did anyone from her group call her name, so I never get to know it.

A glance at my watch told me I must go, it was almost 8:45 and I had to be in the office. As well it made me realize the huge age difference between myself and this group of young people, especially that beautiful girl.

Ohhhh GOD, what would I give to be in my twenties again.

It was extremely busy in the office. We are in the midst of tax season for both corporations and individuals. The day flew-by; I did not get time for lunch, just had a fruit at my desk. Round 8 pm I was closing my computer and packing my things calling it a day. While driving away from the building I passed by the Starbucks and could not help remembering that beautiful girl.

On Wednesday, the same week, I remembered that this was a “no-car day” for downtown, so I decided to park my car outside downtown and take the Metro. 2 stations exactly before my office, the beautiful girl from Monday came on. She did not notice me, she was completely concentrated in a discussion with her friend.

We both left the Metro at the same station. I was able to get a better look at her body. She had a really nice body, 5’4″ tall with at least a C cup breasts. The thing that stood out the most was her bulbous ass that swayed when she walked. Her friend in contrast was very thin and had a kind of a military marsh.

They took the exit closest to the campus while I continued to the exit inside my office building.

All day I could not take my mind off of her, neither could I dismiss the image of her delicious swaying butt.

Day after long day passed by, the tax season came to end. Only the late filers are calling now. Like every other beginning of May, the CVs for internship started coming in. we receive 20 on average. Each partner of us five, can take only one. We went through the CVs and decided to invite 10 to interview so we can choose the most suitable 5. Most of the CVs we got were for students who were graduating or going to post graduate studies.

We decided on the 10 that we shall invite, of which 3 were foreign exchange students.

On the day of the interviews, I was getting out of my office to go to the meeting room where interviews were conducted, when I saw her.

It was the girl from Starbucks, she was there sitting in the waiting area in front of the reception desk. She was totally engulfed in her thoughts and did not even notice me pass by.

In the meeting room, the internship candidates came in one after the other, she was the seventh. During the interview process, she was looking at me trying to remember where she would have seen that face prior.

The interviews went well and we decided on the 5 we shall take in, she was one of them. Usually, we accepted internships that have the potential to be recruited and would be part of the team of the firm. That meant local persons that live in our city. On that day we made 2 exceptions an exchange student from China and casino şirketleri the young lady from Starbucks. They were both very sharp and we believed they had a bright career ahead of them.

Her name is Dina, she is 22, as I learned during the interview. She was assigned to me for training, meaning she will be here everyday working with my team until August 20.

We learned, as well, that her plans are to go back to her country and marry a distant cousin she was promised to, as the traditions of that culture. That was her response to a question from one of the partners if she intends to stay in this country and build a career.

In the following weeks, she was working with my team and myself very closely, I was really fascinated by her intelligence as well as her beauty. I have always been aroused by a female’s intelligence.

My admiration towards her grew and I felt that she was a bit attracted to me. All the time I kept reminding myself that she is young enough to be my daughter and that it was not conceivable to expect anything to happen. Yet, I remained hopeful or wishful, whichever way you might want to look at it. Every day brought us a tiny bit closer. We shared a cultural similarity, as well as the language although we did not speak much of it, but it made her feel closer to home, especially that she had no family here.

I completely took her under my wing and attempted to teach her all the secrets of the trade that I posses.

Late June, it was the deadline to submit the periodic sales taxes reports on the next day. We were working late on one customer’s messy account. Most of my staff left, I was staying behind along with Dina. I ordered some light foods that she also likes and we continued working late. I was really enjoying it and was not in a hurry to finish work. While working on the file our eyes met several times, in one instance, we had a very long deep look into each other’s eyes. The looks told many things that we both felt would not better be unsaid in words.

Round 10:00PM we finished the file and were ready to leave. It was very late, so I offered to drive her home. She accepted immediately; in fact I saw what I believe was a spark in her eyes.

During the short drive to her place, we both were silent. My hand was on the gear shifting stick when I felt her hand touch mine. I looked towards her; she had this deep, tender look in her eyes. I was taken a bit but did not attempt to move my hand. Neither did she.

When we reached her place, she did not attempt to open the door to leave the car or even move her hand away from mine. I turned in my seat to face her. She managed a smile and said she is not looking forward to see her roommates. They are always negative and jealous of her success.

“Would you like to have a coffee or a juice somewhere?” I asked.

“That would be great” she instantly and shyly answered.

I drove away.

We drove to a nice place I know in the old part of the city where they play live music. After we sat down she ordered an apple juice and I ordered a scotch with cola. The discussion was very interesting and it lead up to talking about personal lives. I told her that I am divorced with 2 young adults’ daughter and son, who are studying in another city and had no girlfriend for almost 18 months. I learned that her parents are from the working class, they work hard to put her through the best education possible. Sending her overseas for a better education had cost them a fortune. She has an older loving brother, he is very supportive of her quest to become a successful professional.

She was engaged to a distant cousin, as customary in that culture, she was promised to him when they were both very little.

It was getting very late so we decided to go. I helped her into the car and we drove away. At a traffic light, I turned my head to look at her, she was already looking at me. Spontaneously, I neared my face to hers and kissed her on the lips. She did not attempt to move her lips away and she kissed me back.

I came out of the stance on the sound of the car behind me, honking to alert me that the lights have changed.

“Would you like to come to my place for a juice or soda”

There was no immediate response, as if she was weighing the idea. Obviously she was not closed to it.

She nodded her head and managed a whispering “OK”

We got into my house and I lead her to the living room, she got comfortable on the sofa. Off to the kitchen I went and returned with 2 apple juices.

I sat close to her on the sofa looking deep into her beautiful eyes. My fingers could not stay idle, I started playing with her hair. She closed her eyes. Then I proceeded to trace the contours of her face, her jaw, her cheeks and her lips with my fingers. When my fingers touched her lips she kissed them then took them in her mouth.

At this moment I came closer, pulled my fingers out of her mouth, brought her face very close to mine and kissed her fully on the lips. It was a very deep kiss, my tongue casino firmaları managed to part her lips and go darting inside her warm mouth. I like kissing a lot, it helps me get into a very passionate mood. Clearly she was inexperienced but very eager to kiss.

She tasted so delicious and sweet. Closer and closer she came, and was now completely in my arms, while we continued our heated kiss.

One hand continued touching her face, neck and play with her hair while holding her with the other. She was not tensed as I would have imagined, in contrast she was very relaxed.

The very long deep French kissing had its toll on me may manhood started to stir in my pants. It must have poked her in her thigh, because she opened her eyes that were closed during our kiss. She reached with her hand and squeezed my stiffening pole.

This encouraged me and I started touching her breasts. They were very soft and full. The nipples were starting to get hard and could be felt through the material of her top.

When I touched her breasts, her breathing got a bit faster; I started unbuttoning her blouse. When all the buttons were off, I broke our kiss to look at her chest. She was wearing a laced bra that showed her lovely tits and the shadow of her pinkish brown nipples. I removed her top completely and reached behind her to unhook her bra.

Pleasantly her tits remained standing up holding once the bra was completely off. Her nipples were hard and stuck out, there light brown almost pinkish color was breathtaking. I leaned forward and started kissing her nipples, took one in my mouth and started to suck on it.

“ahhhh, harder… ” I heard her moan.

Harder I continued to suck on her nipple and pull it with my lips. That solicited more moaning from her. On and on I sucked and nibbled on her nipples that became as hard as pieces of marble. I even dared to graze them with my teeth at one point.

My hands were caressing her torso, her back and squeezing her boobs. God, her skin was so warm, so smooth and so tender.

No force could have taken me away from those delicious globes and the pinkish brown cherry on them, except the need to explore more of her exotic beauty.

I managed to remove her top completely and unbutton her pants. Next her panties were off and she was completely naked.

Gently, we both slipped from the sofa to the thick carpeted floor. She was on her back fully naked and looking at me with looks full of lust and need.

Dina was now very hot and she started to undress me. She started with my top and played with my hairy chest, yet did not waste too much time there. Her nest step was to remove my pants and boxers. At that point she smiled and started touching my hard throbbing cock.

“It’s so hard…. Yet I never imagined the skin to be that smooth” she was shy.

“Is it the first time you touch man down there?” I asked.

She nodded, Yes.

Now that I am completely naked, I came down and started a long trail of wet kisses and licks from her breasts, heading very slowly south to her flat smooth stomach where I had a brief stop at her belly button. My kisses kept coming with short licks while poking her navel with the tip of my tongue. My fingers were gently caressing and fondling her love handles. This made her fidget and moan while her hand started guiding my head towards her soft and fury pubic area. There, I spent what seemed like forever rubbing my face in that soft patch of hair, while my fingers went to her pussy on a discovery mission.

“Careful, I am a virgin” she said in panic, when my fingers started probing her pussy folds.

This came as no surprise to me, it is very customary for the part of the world we both come from. It only got me more eager to taste her virgin pussy and see her sweet hymen.

“Ben, you understand that I have to remain a virgin or else…”

“Don’t worry baby, you will have all the pleasure and I promise that you will remain a virgin” I cut her off.

Feeling how wet she was, I went and positioned myself between her soft and very sensitive thighs. I started by kissing them and licked all around, every once in awhile I breath heavily over her vulva. I was in no rush, I wanted to take my time to satisfy her and give her the utmost pleasure. As well, I wanted to enjoy this experience to the maximum.

I parted her legs further and now, her beautiful pussy is completely exposed to me and I found myself closely looking at God’s greatest creation.

Her pussy has long lips that twirled, and a hooded clit that was to die for.

“Oh my God Dina, your pussy is gorgeous” I told her.

A small shudder in her body was the only response she managed.

I decided to take it easy and not attack her sweet clit as yet. I continued my kisses and licks of her outer, hair covered lips. Kept my trail of kisses down her perineum and circled her anal ring with the tip of my tongue. She kept fidgeting and moaning trying to close her wide spread bum cheeks.

First one inner vaginal güvenilir casino lip and then the other, then both of them, I gently licked the whole pussy from bottom to top, with lazy tongue strokes. I paid special attention to her hymen’s skin with few homage stops at her piss hole.

She was very wet and getting wetter by the second, I could not let any of her sweet nectar go to waste, I lapped, licked and swallowed every drop of that heavenly juice.

While she was in her trance, I pushed the skin of her clit’s hood until it was fully exposed. I started licking and flickering it with my tongue until it was hard as a little rock, then I actually began to suck it like a small nipple.

As she watched me from above with a half opened eyes and a tongue peaking from between her parted lips, I continued eagerly to make oral love to her pussy.

“Do it more baby, I am very close” she said to me at one point and I obliged, my tongue running across her pussy as she pressed my face more into her groin.

She was now into it whole hearted, her pelvis was pushing upwards and her luxurious butt would not stay on the thick carpeting more than few seconds.

Then I varied my technique and took her butt flesh in my right hand while pushing only one knuckle of the middle finger from my left hand into her brown star.

The shy, inexperienced girl, eventually seemed to grow bolder herself as she yelled.

“Ben, please don’t stop, pleeeeaaasseeeee” and proceeded to literally ride my face.

I had never experienced this before, the sweet taste of a virgin, I kept up my efforts as she was reaching her climax.

From my vantage point I looked up at her, brave girl, she still managed to keep her eyes half opened and watching me.

Suddenly her body tensed, her mouth opened yet no sounds came out.

A second later, a slow pitched scream came out and she started climaxing.

Her pelvis kept bucking and pushing upwards while she rid her orgasm. Her head flew from one side to another. All the time trying to muff her screams and moans.

“Ben, Ben …. Oh my God … ” came her feeble sound as music to my ears.

Oh, I can tell you this, it was I who was in heaven at this moment. I was still lapping at her pussy and savoring her love juice.

She could not take it anymore, she became too sensitive; she pushed my head away.

I obliged and started a reverse trip all the way north to her breasts, her neck then her lips.

We engaged in a deep passionate kiss and she was able to taste her love juices on my lips.

My cock was hard as a rock. It was poking her thigh, she reached down and massaged it.

“Ben, I want ….” she did not finish her sentence yet looking at me with pleading eyes.

She was still very weak in the knees, so I stood up on my own knees and brought my cock to her face. She stroke it with her hand and started kissing the head.

Her virgin lips surrounded the head and her tongues ventured out and started licking around the contour of the head.

Wow, what Dina lacked in experience, she sure made up for in enthusiasm.

The tip of her tongue now pushed inside the hole in the rubbery head of my cock. Pre-cum started oozing from my cock, not thick and translucent, Dina was sucking it out and obviously enjoying its taste.

“Dina, baby, it feels so good, pull my balls baby, pull hard” I moaned.

Her hand moved to my sac and pulled it down. She proceeded to massage my very big testicles and squeezed them. The poor girl tried to hold both nutts in one hand but they were too big to fit. She proceeded to massage each one separately.

“Oh my God, Dina, I am getting so close” .

She raised her head to look me in the eyes, while still sucking on my cock and massaging my testicles.

The tip of her tongues was licking and scraping the underside of the head of my cock.

Flashes were shooting in my head, I was very close and felt the cum rising from my balls.

“Dina, Dina…. I am cumming…..”

I pulled my cock from her mouth, being a virgin, I was not sure she was ready to receive my cum in her mouth. She reluctantly let my cock slip and proceeded to pump it with her hand.

It was not possible to hold back anymore, I started shooting my juice allover her face and boobs. Like a brave girl she continued pumping and receiving my jeez allover her beautiful figure.

“ahhhhh, Dina, don’t stop baby, please, don’t stop,,, don’t”

Rope after thick rope was flying out of my cock, giving me immense pleasure.

The cum trickled away and I stopped cumming. Dina gently continued massaging my cock coaxing the last drops of juice out of me with her left hand and with the fingers of her right hand, rubbed my semen in the skin of her breasts. Her fingers were all covered with my juice.

Astonishingly, she brought her fingers to her lips and licked her fingers clean. She raised her eyes and looked at me, she wanted me to see her eat my cum.

I was completely spent, I had to rest and leaned backwards to rest, stretched fully on my back. Dina stood up and made her way to the bathroom. I could not help myself feel in awe looking at her lovely ass sway while she walked. My spent cock managed a throb at that beautiful sight.

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