Carnal Knowledge


I shift the weight of my backpack on my shoulder as I walk out of my history classroom, glancing at the priest sitting behind the desk. I want to stay and speak with him, but the other girls would notice. So, I continue, leaving the room and turning left toward the gymnasium. I pull open the door of the change room and head toward my locker. Pulling off my blouse, I glance around at the other girls. Emma is undressing as well and I can see her nipples through her lace bra. She catches my eye, and I look away, my cheeks flushing. I feel a throbbing between my legs. I don’t understand what is happening. Quickly, I tug my gym shirt over my head and proceed to change into my shorts.

Bare skin flashes to my right. Mandy is bending over her bag, rummaging through it. Her thong exposes her butt, round and soft. I want to lick it. I glance down and tie my shoes, sneaking a peak every few moments.

I stand and head toward the gym. The throbbing between my legs is intense. Too much. I stop in the bathroom and lock myself in a stall. Reaching under the band of my shorts, I begin stroking myself. I discovered my pleasure button, as I like to call it, by accident. I had been in the shower, washing myself and as I touched there it brought such intense feelings.

I can hear the other girls walking past the stalls and this makes the pleasure more intense. I imagine them watching me touch myself. As I circle my button my breathing comes in short gasps, and I try to be quiet. At last I feel the explosion. It feels so good, but I wonder if it is right. The priests and nuns are always telling us to be pure and refrain from unwholesome thoughts. I have been attending St. Katherine’s Academy, for girls, since the ninth grade. I am now 18 and ready to graduate in three months. I have so many questions about the world. And about myself. What are these strange urges? Are they normal? Are they dirty? As I leave the toilet stall and head for the gym, I make a promise to myself to find out.

After lunch, the entire school heads for the church. It is time for out weekly confession. I sit in the fifth pew. During mass, I am nervously wringing my hands. I see Father Matthew sitting in the first pew listening intently to Father Patrick’s sermon. I have always enjoyed listening to Father Matthew in class. He has a soft voice and kind eyes and never makes me feel stupid for not having an answer. When it is time for confession, I watch Father Matthew enter his confessional on the left side of the church. After a while of anxious waiting, I stand and make my way to his confessional. As I sit in the chair, awaiting my turn, I can feel my heart pounding. What will he think of me and my sins today?

A short blond girl from the tenth grade exits the confessional and it is my turn. I stand, straighten my skirt, and enter the dark booth. I close the door behind me and sit, waiting for Father Matthew to open the sliding partition.

When he does, I say quietly, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been one week since my last confession.”

I can see him faintly through the screen as he nods. “Tell me your sins, my child.”

I take a deep breath. “I’ve been having strange urges, Father. I don’t understand them.”

He nods again. “Tell me about these urges.”

Closing my eyes and recalling the stirrings between my legs, I continue, “Well, they begin when I think about the other girls. Especially in gym class. I see them without their clothes on and I feel a throbbing between my legs. It feels good, but I don’t understand it.”

He temples his fingers under his chin, then says, “Continue.”

Clearing my throat, I say, “It feels wonderful to touch myself there. Is this normal? Is it a sin?”

I hear a soft chuckle and I am mortified. “No,” he says softly. “But, I would like to talk to you about this more, outside the confessional. Will you meet my in my office this casino şirketleri evening after supper?”

I nod and agree I will. He makes the sign of the cross and I leave the booth.

Supper is a blur of voices and sidelong glances at the other girls’ chests. I can’t stop myself. I imagine their pink nipples and wishing I could kiss and suck them. I can hardly eat my meal and leave as soon as excused by Sister Agatha.

Leaving the dining hall, I walk as slowly as possible, in my excitement, toward Father Matthew’s office on the third floor. As I arrive, I can feel my heart in my throat. Lifting my hand, I knock. There is shuffling of papers, then, “Come in.”

I open the door, then close it behind me. Father Matthew looks up and smiles. “Sit down,” he says, motioning to the soft leather chair in front of the desk.

I sit and cross my ankles.

“So, Angela, there are things you would like to talk about.”

I nod, “Yes, Father. I don’t understand these urges. They’re so powerful and it’s all I can do to stop myself from thinking about it all the time.”

“Yes, they are powerful, and they are natural. They are a gift from God. I would be happy to teach you about them, if you would like.”

I smile and nod. “That would be wonderful, Father.”

Father Matthew stands and walks to his door. He turns the lock, then moves toward a plush couch, motioning for me to join him.

“You said you feel throbbing between your legs when you look at another girl?” he asks as I sit next to him.

“Yes,” I say, lowering my eyes.

“Do you feel this right now?” he asks.

I nod and look down at my lap. My hands are wringing the material of my skirt.

“Can you show me?” he asks.

Shyly, I lift my skirt and touch my pleasure button lightly.

“And what do you do when you feel the throbbing?”

I begin to circle my button slowly, glancing up into his face.

He smiles softly, saying, “Yes, that is wonderful. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

I nod and continue touching myself. I don’t feel self-conscious next to him. His eyes are gentle. He reaches forward and pulls at the waist band of my panties.

“May I?” he asks, and I nod. He pulls my panties off and spreads my knees open. Reaching forward, he places a soft finger on my button.

“This is your clitoris, or clit. It was given to you by God to feel pleasure.” He circles his finger lightly. “What happens when you touch yourself here?” he asks, continuing to touch me.

“I feel an explosion,” I say, beginning to rock my hips to the motion of his finger.

“Ah, yes. This is the orgasm of pleasure that will bring you closer to God and to Jesus. It is a powerful feeling. And there are many ways to achieve it.” He leans forward and gently pushes me back on the couch.

Taking my hand, he guides my fingers to my clit and helps me to circle it. Then he slides my finger downward. I feel a hot pool of wetness that I have never explored before.

“This is your very own Holy water,” he explains. “It allows you to give yourself greater pleasure. There is an opening here from where the water comes.” He slips his finger into my wetness and searches for the opening. Then he slides it up toward my clit again, circling and circling. I am breathing heavily and pressing my hips into his hand. Again he slips his finger to my opening. “The more I touch you, the closer you will be to God. When you feel the explosion, you are letting Jesus into your heart.”

Ever so gently, he presses his finger into my opening. I can feel the fullness and I am in heaven. He slides his finger in deeply, then out. Then in. He is circling my clit with his other hand. I can feel the explosion coming. He is slipping his finger in and out, in and out. “Come,” he says softly. “Come to Jesus! Come!” The explosion rocks me and my entire body shakes with pleasure. Father casino firmaları Matthew pulls his finger out and puts it in his mouth, licking it clean.

“That was spectacular, Angela,” he says. “You must practice this and we will meet again next week.”

I am a wreck the entire week. I can’t concentrate on my studies. Every chance I get, I go to the washroom, lock myself in a stall, and touch myself until I orgasm.

Finally it is Thursday again. I go to Father Matthew’s office and knock. I hear his answer and open the door, being sure to lock it behind me. Father Matthew is already sitting on the couch, smiling as I near him. Without a word, I pull my panties off and open my blouse to reveal my breasts. Father Matthew guides me onto my back and opens my legs. He smiles as I reach forward to touch myself.

“No, allow me,” he says, stopping my hands. “I want you to experience God through me.”

I drop my hands to my sides. Now I close my eyes as I feel him begin to touch my clit. His fingers are soft and warm. He dips a finger into my hole and collects my moisture. He brings it up to my clit and begins circling and probing. I moan softly. Suddenly I feel a hot wetness over my clit. I open my eyes and look down. Father Matthew is sucking and kissing, running his tongue through my folds. His finger is inside me, pulling in and out in a slow sensual rhythm. I am nearly to explosion. Then he removes his finger and slides his tongue to my opening. His tongue is inside me, hot and wet. He is touching my clit and I am writhing on the sofa.

“Oh, Father. Father, make me come.”

He pulls his tongue out and slides a finger inside. He begins sucking my clit again. His finger is buried deep inside me, pulling in and out. As I near orgasm, he quickens his pace.

“Come, my child!” My hips are rocking and I am squeezing my breasts.

“Father! Oh…ahhh… Father! Father!”

I come.

Father Matthew is still between my legs. He is licking my wetness from my folds and legs. He touches his tongue gently to my clit and I shake again.

As he sits back, I can see something strange. There is a large bulge in his pants. I sit up and reach forward, touching it.

“What is this, Father?”

Looking down, he says, “This is my pleasure center from God. Would you like me to show you?”

I nod and he stands. Undoing his belt, he lowers his pants and underwear. There before me is something I’d never imagined, something beautiful. Long and hard.

“This is my penis. When I am not aroused, it normally hangs softly. But right now I am excited and longing so it grows.”

Looking at it intently, I ask, “How do you pleasure yourself?”

In response, he reaches down and takes his penis in his hand and begins to stroke it. Up and down. The tip is purple and looks soft. He nods as I reach my hand forward. I touch his penis. The skin is soft, and there are veins running along its length. I trace one with my finger and Father Matthew shudders. I have the urge to lick it. Leaning forward, I take the tip of his penis in my mouth and run my tongue over its opening. Taking more in, I begin to suck on it like a popsicle. Father Matthew is panting.

“That’s it, my child. Suck my cock. Bring me to Jesus.”

I stroke the length of his penis as my mouth moves up and down. I can feel his muscles tighten and he begins to shake.

“I am coming,” he grunts. “Open your mouth wide and take my holy water.”

I do as he asks, still stroking his cock. Suddenly there is a hot white liquid shooting into my mouth. I take it in and swallow, wanting more. He grunts again and another spurt splashes across my tongue. I take his cock in my mouth and suck softly, licking every drop clean.

“Thank you, my child,” he says, taking my face in his hands. “That was wonderful.”

I make my way back to the dormitory. As I walk down güvenilir casino the hallway to my room, I think of Father Matthew. Opening my door, I go inside. I remove my clothes and crawl into bed naked. It is nearly ten o’clock, and time for lights-out. My mind is swirling and my clit is throbbing again.

But, I hear a knock on my door. Pulling the sheets tightly around me, I call for them to come in. Rebecca pokes her head in and asks to borrow my curling iron for the morning. I say sure and point to my desk. She comes in and grabs it.

“Thanks,” she says and leaves.

My thoughts return to Father Matthew and my hand slips between my legs.

* * * * *

It is Sunday night and I am nearly asleep. Suddenly I hear my door swish softly open. I part my eyelids slightly and see Father Matthew enter the room and close the door. He walks to my bed and gently sits on the edge. I pretend to be asleep, waiting to see what he is going to do.

He slowly slips his hand under the sheets and across my hips. He sneaks his fingers under my panties and begins to touch me.

I pretend to wake and look up at him, smiling softly. “Hello, Father.” I spread my legs wider and Father Matthew circles my clit. He pushes back the covers and I pull off my nightgown. I can see the bulge in his pants and I reach forward to undo his belt. He stands and removes his robes, naked before me.

“Father,” I say quietly as he sits again on my bed. “I have been thinking.” I take his penis in my hand and begin to stroke. He is hard and I can feel him hot under my fingers.

“Your penis is long and hard, and my hole is wet and deep. Do they belong together? I mean, does your penis fit inside me? Is that what they are meant for?”

His eyes widen and he smiles. “Yes.”

I stroke harder. “Will you come to Jesus if you slide your cock in and out of me?”

He nods, “Yes I will.”

He presses his finger hard on my clit.

I ask, “Do you want to?”

He leans forward and kisses me deep on the lips. “Yes, I would like to very much.”

He climbs on the bed and leans over me. He begins kissing me all over my neck and breasts, slowly working his way between my legs. Then he is sucking my clit and slipping a finger into my opening. I can feel his tongue flicking against my clit and his finger sliding in and out. I fondle my breasts and rock my hips toward him. His tongue moves faster and I am nearing orgasm. Then he stops and kneels. His cock is hard and throbbing. He strokes it several times and looks down at me. I spread my legs wide and he leans forward with his cock in his hand. He presses the tip to my clit and circles it around. My orgasm is close as he dips the tip into my moisture, then runs it along my folds back to my clit. I can feel his hardness and longing.

“Please, Father, put your cock inside me. Slide it in, please, Father.” I am moaning softly.

He puts his cock at my opening and slowly begins to push it inside.

“This will hurt just a little,” he says.

He pushes it in a little deep and I can feel myself stretching painfully. He must see the pain on my face, so he stops and begins touching my clit again. As I near orgasm again, he slides his cock in a little further. Little by little, he enters me. I can feel myself stretching, but the pleasure is greater. Finally, he is inside me fully. As he begins to thrust gently, I rock my hips forward. He pulls his cock in and out, the rhythm becoming faster. He is circling my clit with his fingers and I am nearly there.

“Father, Father…..aaahhhhh…Oh, Father, make me come! Jesus! Jesus!”

Father Matthew is grunting with each thrust. He is looking at me so tenderly.

Suddenly I am there. “Oh Father! I’m coming!” I shake violently with pleasure. He is thrusting his cock quickly now. And then he is coming. He pulls his cock out and his hot holy water spurts across my clit. He strokes his cock with his hand and rubs the tip into my clit, sending me into another orgasm. Then we are lying together, cuddling under the warm blankets.

He kisses me softly on the neck and says, “Thank you, my child.”

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