Casanova Redux Ch. 06


A chef has to study in different countries to be exposed to different tastes and in one day, I went to the Isle of Pussy, explored every inch of the region from mountains to valleys, then took a flight, landing in County Cock. And what a landing it was! The ocean-fresh flavor of semen stayed with me for a long time after but I found that I was more interested in the subtle beauties of the female form. The slopes and planes of a woman’s body made my mouth water as I fantasized about the nape of a woman’s neck, the snowy hollow of an armpit, the sensuous curve of a hip and the mysterious blossom whose nectar was like ambrosia to me.

I knew that Jenny would never be my life partner. She was bound by different things than I was and it would be important for her to marry to carry on the family line. My father, Arthur, felt the same but he was not willing to require me to marry. Upon his death and that of my mother, the estate would revert to me and I could leave the property to any one of my choosing. I could not see myself sexually answering to a man, so I was already resigned to adopting some orphans and living my life with a female partner by my side.

But I had not fucked a man and wanted to be certain of my choice. Perhaps Jenny’s view was harsh; maybe it would not casino şirketleri be so painful with a man. Maybe it would be enjoyable. After all, my mother and Arthur enjoyed a sexual relationship. I needed to ask them some questions. I just hoped that they would be patient enough to listen …

* * * * *

“Oh, yes!”

The muffled exclamation carried through the pane of glass and the forceful nature of her mother’s voice called to Cassia. The sun was setting and she knew that Cook or her mother would be looking for her soon but she couldn’t resist peeking in the window. This set of windows opened out into Arthur’s private library, a place where Cassia was allowed during the day but in the evening, if the doors were closed, she was not allowed into its wing.

Breaching the hedges, Cassia pushed through until she’d reached the side of the house, dragged a large boulder over and stepped up, clinging to the beaten wood ledge. Her eyes widened at the scene that was playing out in front of her. Her naked father was laying on his back on the hand-knitted carpet, her voluptuous mother sitting astride him, her breasts dripping a white fluid into his open mouth.

“Oh, yes, baby! Suck it! Suck it hard! I’m almost there!”

The firelight reflected the sweat casino firmaları on their bodies and Cassia watched her mother ride her father, her hips rocking faster and faster. Suddenly, her father released her nipple, shouting happily as his buried cock fired into her pussy. Cassia couldn’t see it but she knew that the blissful expression on her father’s face signaled his release. Her mother ceased her movement, hanging her head as she rolled to the side, pulling her shirt closed and securing her milk-filled tits.

“I’m sorry, honey.”

“It’s okay.”

Cassia squinted, seeking out the shape and size of her father’s softening cock but she found that she couldn’t remove her eyes from her mother’s breasts. Arthur was rubbing his fingers over one nipple, covering them in the leaking liquid and bringing them to his mouth, sucking them clean.

“No, it’s not.” Arthur arose from the floor, bringing a robe over to his bride and pulling his own on, his demeanor that of a beaten man. “Why won’t you accept my offer?”

“Because I love you, Arthur! I couldn’t sleep with anyone else!”

“I know you love me, Laurie Marie. I have no doubt of that and I know, but am very surprised, to find out that you haven’t found comfort elsewhere.”

“Comfort is not worth güvenilir casino causing you pain, Arthur.”

“Laurie Marie,” He took her hands, gazing into her eyes. “I’m an old man. I can’t keep it up long enough to satisfy you. I have no problem with acknowledging that but as much as I love your milk, I can’t stand to see you unhappy.”

“I’m not unhappy!”

“Yes, you are. I heard you masturbating the other morning. If I was an adequate lover, you wouldn’t have to rely on masturbation to take care of your needs.”

Laurie Marie touched his cheek, pressing her mouth against his in a loving motion. “I don’t want someone else.”

“If you don’t choose someone, I’ll choose for you.” Laurie Marie lowered her eyes, falling into his arms as she began to sob. “Don’t be upset, honey. I still love you.”

“But I don’t want anyone else, Arthur.”

“What if I agree to be in the room? Would you feel more comfortable if I was there to watch?”

Laurie Marie wiped her eyes, meeting Arthur’s. “Would you really do that?”

“Anything to make you happy.”

“Then yes, Arthur. I will accept. ONLY if you are there.”

Cassia stood silently, wondering what she’d seen. Was her father really telling her mother that it would be all right for her to fuck another man? It was confusing … and exciting. She would have to find out when that meeting would take place and find a way to hide herself in the room. She needed to see. She needed to witness the act and to find out if a man was right for her.

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