Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 07


Seven – Group Analysis

For the first time since that first young blonde I fucked a woman twice. The athletic Oriental, so in tune with my anal lusts, was too good to leave alone. She was willing for more of the same, so the day my raw prick could stand another session, I met her at her place.

She was bent over on the bed, head on her arms and stuffed ass jerking up to meet my punishing thrusts. My legs were spread wide, knees on the bed, as I bent over her back. My ass shot back and slammed forward like a piledriver and my piledriver prick was getting soaked in her bowels. One moment I was in ecstasy, the next in agony, as I bucked up against the woman under me to get away from the searing pain of a hard, fat, dry dildo jammed deep into my own anus. I howled and twisted and the woman whose butt I was so cruelly using laid out flat on the bed as I landed hard on her. Still the agony in my own stretched hole persisted. With no warning I shot a massive load of burning cum into the hole I was buried so deeply in. The shock of the invasion of my ass faded and, even though the pain hazed my vision, I looked back over my shoulder to see who had done this to me.

It was my first fantasy encounter, the sweet young blonde I had ass raped bursa escort and who now had her revenge. She shared the house with the Oriental girl I was still pulsing into and they had planned this encounter after discovering the mutual connection to me.

The girl was a little less sweet than before. Two years passing had filled out her form and matured her face. She was beautiful and naked and she twisted the eight inch dildo deeper into my stinging pucker. I cried out and tried to get away but she just laughed as the muscles of the shithole I was crammed into tightened harder around my cock. I lay still and relaxed, worked my muscles to accept the huge presence in me. She laughed again when she saw that I was starting to get off on the rape of my ass. She said it was about time I knew her name and introduced herself as Rhonda, then she jerked the dildo out all the way just to stab it deeply into my stretched hole.

When I had my breath back, and was actually feeling some of the pleasure of the stroked dildo in my hole, I lunged back on an out stroke and dragged my flaming dick out of that tight tunnel. I caught Rhonda by surprise and before she could react, I swiveled on my knees to face her. The dildo tore loose from her grip and bursa escort bayan the agony of that tearing in my asshole almost did me in. I shook my head and grabbed at her. One hand took a death grip in her left tit and the other slammed into her crotch where I grabbed a fistful of hair. I pulled with both hands and twisted so that she lunged onto the bed and landed face down on her roommate.

I leaped on the two of them and landed with my dick wedged into the pink crack of Rhonda’s cheeks. She squirmed and fought to get up as Suzy cried out and fought for breath with the weight of us crushing the air out of her lungs. I dragged my ass back with the dildo still buried deep. I shoved blindly with my engorged dick and found that tight pucker with the first thrust. She howled as my dick ripped into her to the hilt then dragged back out to slam deep into her bowels again. I lay still, pushed tight into her and pulled her knees up so that her crack split to give me better penetration. After slamming as deep into her as I could five or six times I pulled back and rammed my pole into her pussy. I got to my knees and wrenched from her cunt only to drive deep into the smeared hole of the girl under us.

I drove into her a few times escort bursa then crammed into her hot, slippery pussy. Back up again and deep into Rhonda’s ass, down into Suzy’s ass, over and over into one pussy and out of the other. I had no rhythm to my probing, I just blindly heaved into whatever juice coated hole the moment drew me too. The girls under me were shaking and crying with punishing convulsions. Their orgasms rose to a peak and rode there as my own burn started. I clenched my ass tight to keep the dildo in. Just as with the women I was ravaging, the pain in my raped butt had turned to pleasure. I drove into Rhonda’s bung and the cum pulsed out of my engorged dick as my ass muscles spasmed onto the dildo inside. My spurts went on and on. I had never come this long.

I was still spurting when I jerked out of the clenching hole wrapped around me and plunged into the quivering pucker of the girl trapped under us. After three more shuddering spurts into her bowels my orgasm subsided. The huge dildo in my ass slipped out as I relaxed my sphincter and one more gob of cum splattered into her agonized asshole.

It all came together in that moment. I am what I am, an anal animal with no compunction about satisfying my need. I had learned that I could take as well as give. With a sweet loving woman at home tending to my tender side with her gentle ass fucking ways and these two ravening bitches at the disposal of the animal in me, I would never be at war with myself again.

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