Caught in lingerie


Caught in lingerieCaught in lingerieIt was in and around early seventies I was working at a large house in the country, the lady of the house was absolutely stunning and her husband well to put it bluntly a real ars, he tried at all times to make his wife look a complete waste of space, I have not a clue as to why she put up with him.well as I was doing the job they had employed me to do, it was a day like any other day I was up stairs working when she came in to the small box room with tea and biscuits I said thank you and we chatted a while but then said “I have to go out to see a friend”, my husband was away down it London for a few days and would not be back, if I needed to leave or go to home, would I be a love and lock the door if I had not returned from the visit with “the friend”. ok see you later an thanks for the tea, and off she went to get changed.I carried oh working about half an hour later she popped her head around the door to say right I am going now alright, I said by for now.I heard her Audi Quattro start up and off she went. it was at this time I had to go and use the loo, so along to the bathroom “it tunceli escort was the tea that bought the trip on entering the bathroom I couldn’t but notice that strewn about were her clothes and her very fine undies, did what I had to do use the loo and on leaving I could not resist feeling the soft sexy material of her full slip this in turn made me have a little stiff appear and knowing she had just been wearing them, that did it, I rushed down stairs to check all was clear OK it was, on going back upstairs I undressed and first put on her sexy black satin French knickers then the full slip this was so sexy I left the bathroom walked to the next room ,her bedroom found her dressing room and on finding a plethora of undies franticly and tidally as not to make out I had been there felt the urge and by now had a large erection I started to play with myself, all this time I had not a clue that she had returned home, I was at the point off Cumming when she was stud behind me she reached around from the rear placed her had on my man hood and began to play to for one moment I felt my cock droop a urfa escort little but no he was back to full size , she came from the rear and said what are you doing in my undies but that was said with a little teased laugh she held my cock through her full slip I was wearing and rubbed it slowly with a smile on her face and that made me a bit easier, I tried to kiss her but she stopped me it was at this point she stepped back undid her coat dropped it to the floor then unzipped the tight dress she wore that two fell to the floor, I gave a gasp stud there in a bright red full and transparent slip and suspenders stockings this is all I needed she pulled up the slip and a very sexy and yet again transparent pair of panties came into view .how she placed her hand on my engorged cock knelt down placed her mouth around my swollen member and sucked it so gently it was if she knew I would cum. she stopped stud up walked away in to the bedroom I followed she opened a draw lifted out a see-through Shorty nightie said put this on and then you can fuck me, i did not take a lot of persuading she walked backwards escort bayan and sat on the bed reaching out took my cock again in her mouth and sucking with a little faster caressing my balls I took full advantage of our situation and lade her back on the bed were she turned on to her fount raised herself up as an invite to doggy stile ,in mind head I started to think was this all in my mind was there a something in the tea she had bought. Not at all it was real I lifted up the hem of the nightie and entered her wow so sticky and sensuous slow at the start then faster it seemed to be an eternity she was by this time grabbing the satin sheets and whimpering like nothing I had never heard before her hand beaconed for me to stop and she turned over smiled at me so now you can cum and make it last rubbing me she placed my cock against her body and the hot sticky cum came out like a rushing river of cum it seemed as if it would not end but it was the best sex I have ever, ever had she put a finger in the creamy sticky cum and liked it of each finger in turn.we laid on the bed and all the time we laid there I wished t could start again . But that was not happening she said she would love to give me more jobs to do around the house, I think that meant SEX.At last I gave her a kiss and on leaving I said will you call me our should I call you answer was o yes please to’s a good life

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