Caught in the Act!


Caught in the Act!This is a short work of fiction. I hope you all enjoy!I remember back when I had just turned eighteen years of age. School was a long distant memory, the world of work was an exciting new country to be explored. I had already taken my first tentative steps into this new world, already gaining a couple of promotions in my first couple of years of labour. Between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, my body had undergone a rapid transformation; at sixteen, I was a tall and gangly, awkward youth! At eighteen years, I could have been mistaken for a 200 or 400 metre runner! The past couple of years had made me the man I was. And work was dangerous; there were often instances when an ambulance was called, and we, the workforce, were asked to look for missing body pieces..!But to this backdrop, I divulge my own private little quirks I had kept secret since about the age of f******n. At that age, one day, I came across a stash of porn, hidden in the woods. Now, coming across abandoned porn in the 80’s in any location was quite a common affair. I had found discarded porno mags in local toilets, on the back seats of buses and aforementioned hiding spots in local forestry. What stood out about this particular bag of pornography, was not the reading material itself, but the corresponding hosiery that was concealed alongside the copies of Mayfair and Park Lane, as well as the more attainable models in Fiesta! As my young eyes lustfully scanned the covers of the slightly faded magazines, I noticed something hiding underneath the erotica below. There were various packs of nylon tights, in a size of medium, all of various colours. There was the usual boring tan. Then we headed into shades of smoke and black. My young cock immediately sprang into life, already put on standby by the finding of the porno mags. At the bottom of the bag, there was already a pair of white tights, clearly smothered in dried on spunk from a previous masturbatory session. That bag was quickly gathered up, and made up the majority of my masturbatory experiences for the next six months, till those stretched, laddered and spunk covered tights would no longer conceal my young teenage legs any longer!And so it was, that a fortunate find of wanking material on a leisurely amble in the woods, had aroused a kink I was not aware existed. I remember, after a few months of starting my new job after leaving school, walking through town just before Christmas, and seeing in a department store window of a mannequin clad in red stockings and suspenders, a half cupped lacy bra covering the model’s plastic boobs, and a thin red negligee with soft red fur on it’s outer edges covering the rest of the outfit. I walked past that window at least four times. I noted the price of every item, and I could own it within either two or three weeks! I had already made the commitment; I was going to look every bit as good as that plastic mannequin in the window! So pendik escort that was my aim for the next few weeks; work hard, and buy that gorgeous lingerie to encase your new man sized self in..!I remember going into the ladies underwear department a few weeks later, and seeing the display model on the floor that was the same in the window, and awkwardly asking a middle aged woman if I could have the outfit that was on display.’Who is it for, sir?’ she politely enquired.’Err… my girlfriend.’ I replied and blushed at the same time.’What size is she?’ the lady probed.At that moment, my bottle had gone. I had no idea about women’s sizes, and I was not about to say, ‘Oh, she’s the same size as me!’I mumbled something, turned a shade of beetroot, and left the store in a hurry.But my curiosity had been ignited. Over the next few months, I would buy women’s underwear from the department store. Large was not big enough. We had to go to XL for tights and stockings. We started off at size 12 for suspender belts and knickers; 16 or 18 was needed to hold us in comfortably. Bras were weird; no two were ever the same! Camisoles and basques were easy to buy, as the previous size 16-18 were very forgiving. And so, I slowly built up a collection of lovely lingerie. As soon as I got in from work, I would quickly devour my evening meal, bathe, and then encase myself in the lovely lingerie, engaging in multiple wanks before I would fall into bed, spent and exhausted!And that was life for the thick end of the next year; work, eat, dress, wank and sleep! I lived at home with my parents, and to this day, I don’t think they had a clue what I got up to when I ascended those stairs of an evening!Well, Christmas was shortly on it’s way after my eighteenth birthday, and I found myself with two weeks of free time to fill. My mother and father had various presents to deliver by hand, to family members dispersed all over the country. And so it was, that I was left in charge of the house, and the cats and dog, for the next couple of days. Eighteen, and a free house. Unlike most youths of today, or even back then, I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to parade around in the lingerie I have amassed over the last year!’ And so, I went upstairs, ran a red hot bath and shaved my legs and chest and face, doused myself in aftershave balm, and adorned myself in black stockings that were held in place by my black and red laced basque, concealed my already overly excited, glistening cock in a matching pair of black nyloned and red laced cotton frilled panties and slipped on the sized 11 UK stilettoes I had recently built up the courage to wander into the Transformation shop and purchase in town. That would not be the last time I would enter that particular shop…And so, just a few days before Christmas, I was left alone to wander around the house in my little slutty outfit that I had slowly amassed over the past few months. I also had a free run at the escort pendik drinks cabinet, and I have to admit, I had little to no experience of alcohol. To those of you of a certain age, you will always remember your parents drinks cabinet containing a bottle of Advocaat; I was very disappointed to find it tasted nothing like banana or custard! Despite finding nothing in the cabinet that I truly liked, after a small sample of every bottle, I found myself more than a little worse for wear. I slumped back into the big, plush armchair and decided to rest my eyes…I awoke about an hour and a half later, my eyes blurred, and my mouth a bit dry. Sitting on the couch opposite me, was old Jim, our next door neighbour. Jim had recently retired, and spent most of his days either in his garden, or if the weather was inclement, in the shed at the bottom of his garden. As my bleary eyes adjusted to the mood lighting of the room, I couldn’t help noticing my neighbour slowly stroking an uncomfortable bulge in his pants. And then it dawned on me; I looked down to my legs, clad in sheer black nylon, my feet encased in three inch high patent leather stilettoes. I could see the tip of my semi aroused cock peeping over the top of the nylon knickers, pressing up against the bottom of the frills of the basque. My young, drunken mind tried to find a plausible story to explain the chain of events that had led to me being forcibly feminised against my will, but I just couldn’t find a scenario where that would happen. Besides, my eyes were wandering over to Jim’s impressive bulge.’Do you like what you see?’ I slurred over to my elderly neighbour.’Very much!’ he leered.I felt a stirring in my loins, and felt my cock expanding and raising itself against the flimsy black nylon. I tried to extract myself from the constraints of the underwear, but in my half-cut state, I had only partially exposed myself.’Let’s get you out of those..!’ Jim said, as he leaned in in and slowly inched them down my nylon clad legs, lifting my feet to fully extract me from any modesty. My cock was now fully aroused, enjoying Jim’s eyes on me.’Looks like you’re in some discomfort yourself, Jim?’ I cheekily retorted as my eyes wandered around his groin.Without a word, Jim hastily unbuttoned and discarded his pants, and hurriedly freed himself from his off color white underpants, revealing a blue headed cock, peeping out from the hood of a pale, veined cock, roughly seven and a half inches in length.’No wonder your wife has always got a grin on her face..!’ I commented to Jim. He laughed, and brought his angry looking member closer to my face.’Fuck! Is this it? Am I going to find out what a cock tastes like?’ I thought to myself.Jim grabbed the back of my head and led me to the tip of his elderly, excited cock. I took my left hand, the one I usually wanked myself with, and slowly, gently grasped his ample member. I peeled back the remainder of his foreskin, to reveal pendik escort bayan his helmet in all it’s glory. I grasped his shaft from the base firmly and brought the blood up towards his tip, watching it become even more engorged, and gently licked the tip with my tongue. His cock bobbed up and down, bouncing off the tip of my nose before presenting itself to my tongue and lips once again. I slowly eased him into my mouth, my tongue working all over his sensitive tip, hearing him almost squeal in delight as I did so. I imagined Jim didn’t have this done for him very often. Jim took his spare hand, and grasped it firmly around my own excited cock.’Gently, Jim. I’m a virgin!’ I pleaded as I looked up into his weathered face, after taking his big cock from my lips. He gave me a gentle smile, then pushed his hard cock into my mouth, and I relished the heat from his member as he slowly pushed that gorgeous cock between my lips. His hips worked a slow steady rhythm, my head naturally bobbed back and forth, savouring the taste of my neighbour’s manly cock. He slowly wanked my cock, putting in a gentle twist at the base of my glans, rubbing the most sensitive part of my cock with his calloused hands, sending my young mind into a state of utter ecstasy. This only made me suck harder on his cock, and I got my very first taste of pre-cum. I already knew what it tasted like, having sampled my own juices, but this was going to be something completely different. Jim removed his big hand from my cock and grabbed my head with both hands. I wasn’t going to be the one in control of this situation! He quickly thrust his big hard cock into my mouth, right to the back of my throat. I gagged and my eyes watered, but Jim was lost in the moment. I snorted through my nose, drool dribbled from his cock to his balls, and then I heard him give out a groan I’d only heard in blue movies that I thought could not be possibly real! And then the back of my throat was hit with a hot, salty pulse and I involuntarily gulped it down. Another. There was little I could do to stop from devouring that offering, also. Then he released me from his grasp, and I was left to work his deflating cock, ensuring I got his thick viscous cum into my mouth, then my stomach.After I had licked Jim’s cock clean, he sat back on the couch, exhausted, his old face flushed and slightly out of breath. I was left with the impression that he wasn’t going to finish what he’d started with me, so I put my own hand around my hard member, and ever so slowly, ran it up and down my aching shaft, staring Jim in the eye as I did so. Within a couple of minutes, I could feel my own orgasm was on it’s way, and I shouted over to Jim, ‘Here it cums..!’ as several globules of hot, thick spunk splattered onto the frills of my basque and ruined the cotton and nylon of my lingerie. Jim moaned and smiled, pleased at the sight before him.’Anyway, what did you come over here for, Jim?’ I asked, after recovering from my orgasm.’Well, I wanted to see your dad, but I’m much happier that I found you dressed up like that!’ he beamed.’Come over again tomorrow. I’ve got the house to myself for another night…’

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