Cemtery fun In Hackney/Tower Hamlets


Cemtery fun In Hackney/Tower HamletsI had spent a few days on Squirt – hooking up with old mates from a few years back. It was nice to make re-acquaintances with some horny, handsome, now bearded (of course) blokes, and realised that my distant memories of being furiously fucked by them were not faulty. A booted, professional guy made the trip to find me in his lunch hour, and spent a hot session fucking my arse with me bent over my table, and then he had me on his knees in the bathroom, drinking his piss and letting him run a hot stream of it down my ass-crack… before whacking out his lunch-time load in my greedy face. Last seen him at least 5 years ago….But come Friday I was in an even hornier mood – had to get my butt out on the bike and have outdoor fun… the weather was getting better now so it was a possibility. I hooked up with a stocky, sleazy guy in my area on Squirt and we met up in a local park, in the toilets – he had a lovely cock, thick and with a nice PA through the knob, and I set off with him to a derelict house in the park where I’d had a really great piss session. But the magic wasn’t to be repeated – the place was much harder to access and the guy, though hot and horny, was too scared by the exposed nature of the place – I got a nice mouthful of his hard cock but that was it…. he scarpered in panic….So I was by now really wired-up: I cycled to the local cemetery – a big wooded area in Tower Hamlets I’ve had fun in over the past year, and stopped off at an off-licence on the way as I was as thirsty as hell. Armed with a big bottle of cider I headed into the cemetery. There was much less cover than usual as some trees were being trimmed and it is March after all. I cycled around and then sat on the nearest bench, and swigged a load of the cider. I had not eaten so it went to my head fairly quickly. After a bit of a prowl I noticed a fit looking young guy, maybe 30 or younger, big headphones on, a tartan shirt and shorts and trainer shoes, nice arse… he seemed pretty pre-occupied with his music, and after following him for a bit I gave up thinking he wasn’t into what I was after.I kept my eyes out for other guys. Lots of people wander through this park and half the fun is working out whether they are up to meet for sex or they are just taking a short-cut. I spotted another guy, my age, shaved head, with what looked like a big cock slopping round in his tracksuit bottoms…. he gave me the eye…. but walked off.I headed to a secluded spot where I have always found enough cover to have fun without being disturbed. And there he was, Headphones lad, heading in there before me. I was in there after him like a flash. He was standing there, hand down his shorts, wanking. His eyes were really handsome and there was a nice thin beard across his square jaw.His cock was well hard and out of his shorts by now. I was eagerly down on my knees amongst the broken gravestones. He tasted great, his cock was oozing pre-cum and he was groaning… it wasn’t long before he was bucking and tipping his lanky frame towards me. I gave him my camera, halkalı escort and asked him to take pictures of me guzzling on his cum as he shot… he had barely the time to get the camera working before I tasted the thick jet of cum as it came shooting out of his knob… I gulped it… he clicked and clicked the camera and cried out as he unloaded, he had a good mouthful for me.We realised we were not alone; the shaved guy in the tracksuit bottoms was behind us – he was jerking his own big cock by now. He was smiling, evidently enjoying the display before him. My young mate was a bit scared – he turned and pulled up his shorts fast… but the guy in the tracksuit took him by the arm, and pulled him towards his raging hard cock. I was there before him and had my own cum filled mouth round the older guy’s cock. The older guy took the bearded lad’s face in his hands and started roughly kissing his mouth. I turned to the younger guy, still with the other’s cock in my mouth, and pulled down his shorts right to the ground. His arse was beautiful – I pulled the tight cheeks apart. My mouth was in there fast, licking and spitting into his hole, lubing the tight ring with my spit, my tongue rigid. I was tongue-fucking him.’I want some of that’ said the older guy – and he pushed in past me and started to lick the lad out. I returned to his big cock, now super-hard, partly a result of the steel cock-ring around its base.’So fuck me, guys….’ the lad stammered.The shaved guy needed no persuasion. He yanked his cock out of my mouth and bent the lad over. He spat a long dribble of saliva onto his cock and slid it into the lad’s crack, teasing his hole. By now the lad was getting a second wind, so I was down under his belly and back at work on his beautiful cock. The two guys’ cocks were very different – the older a thick piston of a member, slightly curved and the tight foreskin pulled back to reveal his big red knob, the pubes shaved rigorously, the younger a longer, slender cock, nestled in a thick curly wiry bush of dark hair, arrow straight, with a looser foreskin which retracted and slipped forward with the action of my mouth, causing him to groan with pleasure.Suddenly the young guy cried out – ‘Fuck… it’s tight… gentle, mate….’ and it was clear the older guy had forced his cock further into the young guy’s hole. He pulled out and let the lad recover. I reached into my ruck sack and found a couple of extra-strong condoms. No way this lad was taking it bareback while I was on the scene. I passed the unwrapped rubber to the older guy.’Thanks! I need to fuck this k**do’ he saidI gave the lad’s hole a further lick, and slipped some lube into his arse. The bearded k** thanked me… ‘He’s fucking massive…I haven’t taken one like that for a while’ he explained.The older guys second assault on his young hole was less painful. The lad moaned in pleasure and started to push his hips back against the strong thrusts. I tasted his pre-cum again. The two guys shifted – the young guy straddling taksim escort his assailant and his own cock bouncing in front… I was on my knees again and sucking and licking his low-hanging balls. He started bucking once more, and without even touching his cock, he started to cum… I licked it off his shaft. A minute later the shaved guy was groaning – about to shoot, and as he pumped that sweet arse full of cum, he let out a howl I thought would bring the park wardens running.He pulled out, yanked up his trackie bottoms, and left without a word. I was alone with the young guy.’Jesus, they told me this Cemetery was good…. they weren’t wrong….”Yep – I’ve discovered it last year…. come down here when I can, when the weather’s OK’ I replied. We got up, cleaned up and my young mate headed off with his headphones back on – pretty happy by the look of it. ‘Hope I see you again some time’.I downed more of the cider. By now I was really horny and really relaxed too. The park was getting a bit dark by now. I continued on my trip round it on the bike: A young straight couple were on my bench by now – I’m certain she had her hands in his jeans….On the far side of the park was another bench with three twenty-something guys seated on it – they had brought a load of drink with them and were plainly having a booze session together. they were dressed in grungy hipster gear, tracksuit bottoms, jeans, denim jackets, printed t-shirts. I stopped on my bike after I’d passed them and given them a good checking out, and leant the bike by a tree, watching them from a distance. I got my mobile phone out and pretended to make calls or look at texts. The guys glanced over to me a few times then kind of ignored me. So I watched them, and as I did my hands slid into my shorts and played with my semi-hard cock. One of them noticed me as if to point out to his mates that there was a wanker in the vicinity. They all watched and chuckled to themselves. I was feeling brave and reckless, and went over to them, my hand still down my pants:’How’s it hanging guys?’ I said’Err, cool….’ the first lad replied, a middle height slim guy with a blond buzz-cut and stubble. I noticed the others were sharing a spliff – they seemed a bit stoned and giggly already.’Can I try a bit of that weed?’ I asked’Cool’ – I shared a bit and felt light-headed immediately, my courage was up.’You guys ever had your cocks sucked? By a girl…or a guy?’ I asked’Woah! No way dude….’ one said. The others laughed.’You should try it…. though a guy knows best how to suck another guy and give him pleasure’ I told them.’That why your here? Wanna suck cocks?’ the second lad said. There was no sense of invitation in his tone. He was not smiling.’Yeah’ I said.’Come to the wrong place, mate’ the third said, slowly. He had a more inquisitive look on his dark face. He was glowering…. He must have been a little older than his mates, sullen, and with a mess of tousled oily black hair, he looked like he’d only just got out of bed. He was swigging more heavily on his lager şişli escort than the others, and sprawled his long legs wide on the bench. His trackie bottoms were loose around his crotch, I tried to guess whether he was a big guy under there or not…. hard to tell though from my experience with Asian and Indian guys in the area, anything was possible…’OK’ I said…. ‘your loss… have fun with your spliff guys – you’re cool dudes.’I walked off taking my bike with me. I heard them laughing. And I turned back. The blond caught my eye and put his hands down his jeans and pretended to jerk, exaggerating his ‘orgasm’ – he laughed and the others shared the joke. I laughed too…Another circuit of the large cemetery later, I went around the area the lads were seated in to avoid bumping into them again. And I took a path through some evergreen bushes. There I saw one of the guys, the dark one, legs apart, taking a slash. He was swaying a bit, evidently a bit the worse for wear on the spliffs or the booze. I took a deep breath and knelt down. As I did a small branch broke under my knee, and he turned to see what was behind him. He clocked me and stopped pissing:’What the fuck you doing…?”Enjoying the view….”Well fuck off then you stupid twat……or take this, fucker…’With that he aimed his thick dark cock straight at my face. He let a massive piss stream flow. He seemed to be certain he was punishing me for being such a nuisance, but in fact he was giving me the best thing he could. I opened my mouth and adjusted my position so his piss flowed into it….’Jesus filthy cunt!’ he shouted. I thought he’d pull away but he was too drunk, I think, and was enjoying part of the experience at least. He swayed and grabbed a nearby branch to steady himself.And as he pissed into me, I let loose the bladder full of my own piss I had stored up after the cider. I felt my own shorts bag down with the weight of the fluid. His piss eventually ran dry – now there was a crazy look in his eyes, which seemed a bit crossed, and he started shouting again:’So you liked it, you dirty little poof…’He started to gob in my face. I licked the saliva into my mouth. I was jerking my cock again hard by now, and suddenly he started to do the same. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming. This tall, skinny Asian looking guy, standing over me, gobbing and with both hands beating his long, slender cock like crazy. I got under him and licked his balls. He jumped back, this must have been a step too far… but in seconds he started to shoot. As he realised I was still down on my knees, he grabbed my hair and pulled my face onto his cock. The thick cum started to shoot. He wiped my face with his exposed knob, as he was shooting, so my entire face, my nose, my mouth, was covered in cum. He seemed to keep shooting for ages. At last the load I’d been keeping back all afternoon shot into my own shorts, sticky on the piss-soaked briefs under them. The guy pushed the tip of his cock into my mouth and his last jerks brought a final spurt of his man juice down my throat. Then he pushed me away so hard I fell back on the ground.’Fuck you’ he said, pulling his trackie bottoms back up, and he was off, unsteady on his long legs, and not giving the slightest look back.I picked myself up. It was an amazing feeling, the lad’s cum and his spit all over my face. I wiped it into my mouth.The cycle trip home was great. I was buzzing.

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