Chapter 18 Chrissie looks forward to getting debal


Chapter 18 Chrissie looks forward to getting debalChapter 18Chrissie looks forward to getting deballedKate and I watched the video of Magic Mike in bed later that night or tobe more accurate, Kate watched the video on her laptop while I licked herwell used pussy. I could sense that she was having a hormonal rush at thesame time my careful attention brought her to an orgasm.It is strange having a relationship with a woman I’ll never be able tohave sex with, particularly when sex is her livelihood. I know Kate hasbeen a hooker for ten years and simple mathematics tells me that she’shad sex with thousands of real men during that time who have pumped theirsemen into the very pussy I worship. She is used to being wanted anddesired by men who are the complete opposite of me: alpha males withneeds that their wives could never fulfil. She is the woman of theirfantasies. Tall, lithe and stunningly attractive, Kate wears her uniformof stockings, heels and suspender belts as if she was born to be anerotic fantasy for men. What she sees in me is beyond me. I’ll admit thatI’m a good copy of a woman. Except for what’s left of my prick and tinytesticles, I pass for a petite blonde with an innocent look. Now with my34B breasts my transformation from a man to a sissy t-girl is completeand there’s no going back.Lots of hot cum has been shot into my sissy pussy too but I am a novicecompared to Kate. My emotions are complex. I don’t consider myself to begay but I have sex with men for money five days a week, or to be honest,alpha males use me as their kinky sex toy to get their rocks off and Iget my fix by submitting to their demands. It helps that I am pumped fullof female hormones that rush through me in wave after wave when I feelmost submissive.Kate and I don’t have a normal relationship because neither of us wouldever fit into that traditional mould. She is my owner and I am herproperty. It’s the only relationship in which she can feel secure. For meit’s natural. I have basically been under the domination of strong womenmy entire life and Kate isn’t the only one who currently has a hold onme. There’s also Tracie, the nurse who pumps me full of female hormonesand has also tailored a course of d**gs for Kate. Before that there wasmy mommy, then my soon to be ex-wife, Heidi, and finally, Helen, thewoman who really transformed me from a wimpy cuckold into a sissy.I gave Kate’s pussy one last lick before I moved up and lay at her side.Kate had closed the laptop and put it on the side of the bed. Her facewas flushed from the combination of her recent orgasm and the hormonalrush she was still experiencing.”Has anyone else asked you to lick their cock clean after they have hadyou?” she asked with a hint of a smile on her face.”No, but I have only been working as a hooker for a couple of weeks,” Ireplied. “Most of them seem sort of ashamed after they have climaxed andcan’t wait to get out of the room. I think they worry that they havecommitted a homosexual act after they are done with me.””Maybe you should offer to do the same thing you did with Mike with everyclient you see,” said Kate. “Better yet, here is what I want you to doafter every man you see climaxes. After they get up and are thinking ofgetting dressed, I want you to drop to your knees in front of them andtake their prick in your hand and then say let me clean this up for you.Be as careful and do as thorough a job as you did with Mike. When you aredone, give it a kiss on the helmet and then smile up innocently and askif they need to pee. If they say yes, then open wide and once the streamof urine gets steady then lock your lips around the head so not a dropspills out. If they say no, I want you to look up at them and put on alittle pout and ask them if they are sure they don’t need to. If they saythey don’t just smile and say maybe next time.””I think they will understand then what a submissive bitch you are,” Kateadded. “I think when you start adding that little extra service you willget a lot more regular customers and they will learn that they can pushyour limits. I’ve also decided that we should get your little testiclessnipped off. They are sort of redundant anyway and it’s just one morepiece of your manhood that should be removed. Would you be upset bythat?””Not at all but it would be really nice if the surgeon allowed you to dothe snip,” I replied. “I’d like you to keep them.””I wonder what I could do with them,” said Kate with a giggle. “I wonderif they dried out I could have them gold plated and make them intoearrings. Then every time you looked at me you would be reminded whereyour manhood went.”My dreams weren’t as erotically intense as they were the night before,which is probably because the hormone shot Tracie gave me is beginning towear off. I woke up earlier than anyone, slipped on a short satinbathrobe and sneaked downstairs barefoot to make coffee. I had almostforgotten that Paul, mommy’s husband, had been banished to a cot in thekitchen while she shared the guest bedroom with her latest lover, Luke. Iopened the door and saw that he was still asleep but had cleaned thekitchen thoroughly after cooking and serving dinner last night to mommyand her boyfriend. I lowered my granny knickers and carefully peeled offthe sanitary pad I had to wear all night canlı bahis long. That little sound causedPaul to open his eyes and stare with wonder at me.”What is that?” he asked. “I finally figured out that you are a t-girlbut that didn’t mean you are a real woman who gets periods. Why do youhave to wear a pad?””I wish I didn’t have to,” I said with an embarrassed laugh. “It’s justbecause all the cum and lube leaks out of my sissy pussy all evening andit would soak my panties if I didn’t wear a pad. This is far morecomfortable. It usually stops in the morning.””This is so surreal it is driving me crazy,” he said, sitting up on thecot and shaking his head. “I am sleeping in the kitchen like somedomestic slave, serving my wife and her lover dinner and then, when Ifinally get an appointment at the brothel and pay them £500 for a halfhour with the woman I married, she tells me that we can’t have sex yetbecause I am not a regular customer and I can’t be a regular customeruntil I have at least three appointments with her.””I’m not going to go into what sort of disgusting thing she made me do toher,” Paul added. “I’m sure she’ll want to do the same thing this morningafter Luke leaves and she’ll probably make me thank him again for takingcare of her sexual needs.””I have this nurse I know that might be able to help you,” I said. “I’mgoing to have her come over tonight to give me some medicine and she justmight be able to give you something to even yourself out. Let me talk toher today.””That would be really nice of you,” Paul said. “I think I have been rudeto both you and your friend Kate. I’m sorry about that. She is a lovelywoman and very frank about her life.””Kate thinks there’s nothing wrong with being a hooker,” I said. “She’sused to walking around wearing almost nothing and doesn’t mind men oglingher. I also don’t think you should be upset that mommy is working as aprostitute. Think how many men pay a lot of money to screw her? Youshould be proud that’s she’s found a career and has become such a successat it.””I just didn’t expect this when I left Sydney the other day,” Paul said.”I’ll get used to it but if that nurse could give me something to easeout the bumps then it would a great help.””Oh I think she has a concoction that will do that,” I said, smiling tomyself. “By tomorrow you’ll be a different person.”Just then Kate opened the door to the kitchen and waltzed in wearingnothing except the tattoo that graced her beautiful ass. I began to makecoffee while I could see Paul studying Kate’s body out of the corner ofmy eye with a surprised expression.”Excuse me Kate,” Paul said. “That tattoo you have on your bum looksexactly like the tattoo my wife has and it’s in the same spot. Why isthat?””Let me show you something,” Kate said with a laugh while she lifted myrobe and pulled my panties down. “Chrissie was inked in the same spot. Weare wearing the initials of our pimp and it means we work for him only.Your wife had to get the same tattoo. Most of the girls are real proud ofit.””That’s like a brand,” Paul said. “That’s what ranchers do to theircattle to show that they own them. Does that mean he owns you?””Exactly,” said Kate. “It is a mark of ownership. We are his until we aredeemed to be worthless. It means that Chrissie, your wife and I can’tstop working as a hooker unless someone buys us out of the contract.””I could buy my wife out, I have plenty of money,” Paul exclaimed. “Icould go and talk to this pimp today and work out a deal.””I don’t think mommy wants to stop being a hooker,” I said. “I think sheis really happy and having so many men pay to use her is a big ego boostfor her.”After I made coffee we went to the living room and sat on the sofa, tothe sound of mommy and Luke going at it in the guest bedroom. This timethey hadn’t even bothered to close the door, so the gasps, moans and theoccasional slap on the ass echoed throughout the house.”I think it would be a nice surprise if you made coffee for Luke and yourwife and brought it up to the bedroom after he is finished screwing herbrains out,” Kate suggested to Paul. “I think you got off on the wrongfoot with him yesterday and it would be a nice gesture to show him howgrateful you that he is taking care of her needs so well.””I suggested to Paul that I could call Tracie and have her bring oversome medicine for him tonight,” I said to Kate, giving her a discreetwink. “He needs something to settle him down until he gets adjusted tothings.””That’s a spectacular idea,” Kate said to me with a glint in her eye. “Wemight as well hop in the shower while those two are going at it. Itsounds like they are only getting started.”After being served Kate’s golden nectar right from the tap we showered,towelled off and dried our hair and were dressed and downstairs withinhalf an hour. Kate had brought over a suitcase of her clothes andlingerie last night and hung them in the wardrobe in the master bedroom.She dressed conservatively in a brown tweed skirt which was two inchesabout the knee and a cream silk blouse. I chose a shorter black leatherskirt and a matching black knit top. When we came back downstairs Mommyand Luke were being served coffee by Paul as they chatted together on thesofa.”You both look lovely,” mommy exclaimed when she saw us. “You look likeyou bahis siteleri are advertising agency executives or senior bankers, not sluttyhookers.””Looks are only skin deep,” Kate said with a laugh. “Chrissie and I areoff to get manicures. We’ll see you later at work.”Two hours later my freshly manicured hand was holding my first client’ssoiled cock while I was kneeling beneath him. “Let me clean it,” I said,smiling up at him.I licked his shrinking shaft just like I did with Mike yesterday and thenconcentrated on the head, slurping as my tongue cleaned all the lube, cumand my own waste from it. When I was finally sure it was spotlessly cleanI kissed the head of it delicately.”Do you have to pee?” I asked my client with an innocent smile on myface, knowing perfectly well he had already surmised where he could emptyhis bladder, if he chose.”Not right now,” he replied while he looked down at me with a superiorlook.”Are you sure you don’t have to?” I asked, with a pouting face.”Oh, alright then,” he said with a wicked laugh. “Open wide and don’tspill a drop.”I did just as Kate instructed and, as soon as the stream became steadyand forceful, I locked my lips around the head of his prick and let itflow right into me. When he was finished, I opened my mouth widely andused my hand to shake the last bits of pee between my lips.”You must like coffee just as much as I do,” I said, noting the strongflavour of his piss. “That was my first cup of recycled coffee for theday.””You’ll be having that regularly from now on,” he said with a derisivelaugh. “I have never had a bitch as dirty as you before. That isn’t goingto be the last time I empty my bladder into your mouth.”It’s funny how words can affect me now, and the way men look at me afterthey have had me. When I heard the words ‘dirty bitch’ and saw thecontempt he had for me in his eyes, the hormonal rush that ran through mealmost made me faint. I could barely keep it together while he dressedand tossed his tip on the bed but I did manage to give him a sparklingsmile as he gave me one last look before closing the door.Not all of the clients took the opportunity to use me as a human toiletthat day but a lot of them did and, as a result, I found myself peeingfar more often than normal. Somehow I sensed that Kate’s advice wascorrect and it was worth having the discomfort of a stomach full of pisssloshing around inside me. Cleaning the men with my tongue after they hadused me was the ultimate form of degradation but having them empty theirbladders or just offering that service took it a big step further andcaptivated the men who used me. For me, the humiliation of it alltriggered rush after rush of hormones.After the work day was over and Kate joined me in my room and allowed meto lick her pussy clean and I swallowed all the globs of cum she pushedfrom inside her, I thanked her for the advice and told her that at leastsix or seven of my clients had taken advantage of my offer and all lovedthat I licked them clean after they used me.”They won’t feel conflicted anymore about doing what they did withsomeone who was not born a woman,” Kate said as she held me. “They’venever been with someone as submissive as you and that’s all they willremember and that’s why they’ll be coming back. Even the men who didn’tpiss in your mouth will be back.””I can’t wait to watch the tapes of those sessions,” she added. “We aregoing to try other things in the future too. I just haven’t thought ofwhat sort of erotic twist we can add, but I’ll think of something.””I have to call Tracie and see if she can come over tonight,” I said,suddenly recalling the promise I made to mommy’s husband this morning.”And I have to tell her about Paul.””Don’t worry, I had a cancellation today and I called her and told herall about Paul,” Kate said. “We both need another shot tonight too. Sheis coming at 7:00 pm. Do you want to go out to dinner afterwards?””I’ve invited Tracie to join us,” she added. “I want to get some adviceabout your snip. I want to know who the best surgeon is to do it and ifthey’ll let me do the final cut and if I can keep them.””I really feel kind of honoured you want them,” I said, feeling a wave ofaffection. “It’s kind of strange that I can’t remember why I was once soprotective of them. It’s not like they ever did me a lot of good.””You’ll look a lot better when they are gone,” Kate reassured me. “I amnever going to let anyone take away that little prick of yours, though.It’s so cute and I like touching it. It is the least threatening cock Ihave ever seen in my life.”I showered at the brothel and went to the back room and changed into mystreet clothes after changing out of my lace underwear and putting on mycotton granny knickers with the pad attached. I wondered what the effectsof drinking so much urine would have on me since that looked like it wasgoing to be a big part of my working life now. That’s another question Icould throw at Tracie while we are having dinner together. I starteddrinking mommy’s pee at 13 and it didn’t seem to affect me but now I haveratcheted it up and still had a belly full of it.Kate, mommy and I caught a taxi home just in time to meet Tracie at thedoor. Once inside, mommy had Paul make us all tea which we drank in theliving room while Tracie quizzed us about how güvenilir bahis our treatments wereworking. While Paul was in the kitchen Tracie asked mommy what sort ofbehavioural modification she wanted to impose upon her husband.”I know you won’t chemically castrate him like Helen did with Chrissie,”mommy said. “But I want his jealousy thing completely destroyed and forhim to accept Luke as his natural superior and to be happy to serve him.He resents the fact that Luke sleeps with me and he has to stay in thekitchen at night and sleep on a cot and I can see he gets angry after hehears me making love in the morning.””I’ll jack him up with a double dose of oestrogen but be prepared,”Tracie said with a sinister smile. “He’ll be a bit disorientated in themorning so take it easy on him and tell him to take naps during the day.In a week or so the treatment will really kick in and you’ll have aperfect sissy maid. Unfortunately he is too old to grow breasts but hewill change physically a bit.””How do you mean?” mommy asked. “Will it be reversible?””You have to decide that after a couple of weeks,” Tracie replied. “Nowthat you have been whored out it’s not like you really need your husbandto be your sexual partner. If you neuter him then he will be much easierto control.””Oh, I guess you’re right,” mommy replied. “It’s a shame in a way butI’ll trust your judgement.”When Paul returned to the room Tracie took him upstairs, ostensibly tocounsel him and give him a little injection to calm his frayed nerves.When they both returned, mommy gave him a reassuring smile and he seemedhappy enough. Then Kate and I went up to the bedroom with Tracie and Iwas asked to bend over and lift my skirt and lower my panties. I wasgiven two shots in my bum and then Kate took hold of my testicles while Iwas on all fours on the bed with my ass in the air.”I’ve done some research and I know doing the snip is quite easy,” Katesaid to Tracie. “But aesthetically I would like the ball sac removed atthe same time he is castrated. I want it to be smooth and look like hewas born without any testicles.””That’s going to mean some stitches and some recovery time,” Traciereplied. “It can be a day procedure but he will feel some pain. I canarrange it for this Friday evening, after you get off work, and he shouldbe up and running by Monday morning.””That sounds good,” Kate said with a giggle. “Maybe I should take him outThursday night for a going away party for his balls.””They’re kind of pointless now anyway,” Tracie said, joining in thelaughter. “I’ll talk to the surgeon and make sure you will do the finalcut. I’m going to be there myself filming it.””That’s cool,” said Kate. “We can sell the video to some of our moretwisted clients.”After Kate got her injections we went downstairs and mommy assumed thepose and got two shots in her bum. Now all of us were basically underTracie’s hormonal control and our relationship was turning more into afriendship than a power exchange. It wasn’t what I expected at all and Iwas surprised that we all seemed to get along together.Kate, Tracie and I went out to dinner at a local bistro. We basicallylimited ourselves to chattering about our clients and the strange sexualkinks they had, which fascinated Tracie. Eventually I had to broach thesubject which was weighing on my mind, but I waited until we had coffeeto bring the matter up.”At Kate’s suggestion I’ve added a few extras to the services I providethe clients who see me,” I said to Tracie in a low voice. “To put itsimply, I clean them up after they cum in me with my tongue and then Isort of offer them the chance to pee in my mouth afterwards. It’s notlike every guy wants to do that but about six or seven of them did it tome today and I think when they become more comfortable about it more ofthem will do it. I’m a bit worried about it, though. I sort of felt likeI was full of piss all day and it’s all I could taste in my mouth.””First of all, pee is completely sterile,” Tracie said, patting my handreassuringly. “Opinion is divided but a lot of people think there aregreat health benefits associated with drinking urine and some claim it isan elixir that can cure illnesses. The only downside I think is thesodium content. You might get a little bloated and get thirsty at the endof the day but you’ll get used to it. As far as licking your ownexcrement off your client’s cocks, that’s no problem at all. Let’s seehow you are next week. You might see some positive health benefits fromit. Everyone knows that cum is healthy and women who are regularly fuckedor give blowjobs actually stay younger looking longer, as long as theyswallow. Do you suck off any of your clients to completion?””Not really,” I replied. “I do suck them to make them hard and I supposeI get to taste their precum but they all want to take me in my sissypussy in the end. I do enjoy giving blowjobs.””Maybe Kate can take you somewhere on the weekends to suck off a fewguys,” Tracie said, giving my hand a squeeze. “Too bad you’re going to berecovering this weekend. Are you looking forward to being deballed?””I can’t wait,” I said with a smile. “Kate said that she will keep themand maybe dry them out and coat them in gold and make them intojewellery.””We’ll get them freeze dried over the weekend,” Tracie said with a smile.”And Monday morning she can get them plated and wear them on a necklaceor as earrings. Would you like that?””Wow, that would be great,” I said as a genuine smile of happiness spreadacross my face.

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