Chapter 5- An Old Girlfriend AND Bunny


Chapter 5- An Old Girlfriend AND BunnyChapter 5- Finishing my Education and Beginning a CareerFollowing my Sophomore summer, I returned to school with an improved GPA (I took a B back in French and an A in the Music History course- Sue managed a C even with her sexy notes on her thighs). That got my fine arts requirement out of the way. Academically, things got easier for me as I had that pesky foreign language out of the way and did not need to spend hours in the language lab listening to the drone of French and having to attempt to repeat it into a microphone to be evaluated by someone sitting in a booth monitoring our progress. Yes, I knew Vietnam had been a French colony until they lost it during the Indochina War they lost. And, there were parts of Vietnam where French was still being spoken but I doubted I would be speaking with anyone there in French as speaking French was probably the last thing on their mind.I had a decent bank account and was getting that $50 per month the army. I could live high on the hog. But, I didn’t. I loaned money out to fellow cadets charging a flat 10%. I had them sign binding IOU statements and, because theft was a big no no in the honor system, all debts were retired on time.I dated my high school girlfriend who went to college in Mississippi. She would come to big weekend events with her girlfriend who dated a good friend of mine and did not need a chaperon in her parents’ eyes.Fate visited me in repayment of my relationship with Mrs. G who delighted in teasing me by removing her stockings and garter belt in my presence. In my mind, sexy women would always be wearing silky stockings held up by straps connected to a belt or girdle. The sexier versions would have a seam up the rear of the stocking. However, some evil entity had told my girlfriend, the one I did not take to my graduation dance, to repay me by insisting she wear a heavily-boned, long-line bra that began below her waist extending to some point above the tops of her ample breasts. But, it got worse. The Dark Force created pantyhose that began over a pair of panties and rested under the bottom of her long-line bra. Over the pantyhose was a boned girdle with legs that went half way to her knees and rose up to cover the bottom of her long-line bra. Over that was a full slip. Over the slip were her outer clothes. A defensive barrier I had not covered in any military science class. So, she did not need a chaperon, she wore it.We had four large parties each year. Two were planned to coincide with the annual time changes and our guardhouse lawers always managed to get the cadets an extra hour of town leave no matter which direction the clock was turned. There were two social events, a formal dance on Friday where tradition was to invite your One-and-Only, that special sweetheart in a cadet’s life On Saturday was a senior class party that made the party in the movie “a****l bahis firmaları House” look like a Sunday School social. Moonshine was mixed with g**** juice and served as punch. It came in three strengths, c***d, adult, and cadet. Often it was mixed in the sanitized tank of a toilet and emptied into the sealed bowl for serving. The c***d’s version was 50-50 with the moonshine being 98% alcohol by volume. The cadet version used the g**** juice to give the fluid a faint tint of color. The school rented a boardwalk that sat over the ocean so things like vomit and used condoms could easily be washed away the next day and carried out to sea. There was always a live band like The Tams or other east coast beach music groups. The band members always drank with us and it was common for them to play just one song over and over for the night.Usually, we were advised to not bring our OAO to the party unless she was a real party a****l. I ignored the suggestion and took my date. I think she made it to 2300 before she threw up and pitched forward into the mess she made. Out cold! I picked her up and carried her out and got a cab. My value increased in the eyes of my fellow juniors and the senior in my company who saw me carry the busty beauty out to a cab to return her to her motel. The cab driver, a woman, helped me carry her into her room and graciously undressed her telling me to wait outside and she’d take me to school as my night had ended. She was sick the next day and that ended the relationship as she did not believe it was a female cab driver that undressed her.We had an outstanding biology department and science building- state of the art and tops on the east coast. It was so good that Charleston College of Nursing used it for some of their classes. During the academic day, those nursing students were the only young females we would see during the week. I ran into one in a molecular biology class I was acting as the lab assistant and we exchanged names and numbers. Darla was super attractive. Not just because I was young horn-dog on an all-male campus- she tended to turn eyes where ever she went.As you entered the main gate, there was an academic building on the left. Centered on its front was an eagle. What made this eagle unique was that its head turned to the left and away from the gate. It is tradition that such eagles have heads that turned to the right. Cadet lore said the eagle was a living entity that used to look to the gate to its right observing all who entered. Especially girls who entered as virgins- that caused the eagle to turn his head to follow them and he’d turn toward the gate if one left campus in the same virginal state as when she first entered.By now, you might have begun to think I had a thing for nurses.Not really. It was coincidence that Mrs. G and Judy were nurses. They were also terrific individuals who also looked great. Just like Darla. kaçak iddaa And no, it was never my intent to seduce her so the eagle could use her as means to look back to the right. In fact, although she was more than easy on the eyes, I was looking forward to having a friend of the female persuasion.And, so, we dated. I would take her to sports events, concerts, dances, and to watch the Charleston Ballet Company’s annual Nutcracker at Christmas. The relationship was romantic more than anything else. Slow, graceful. The term ended and I had to go to my junior year summer camp. She did not return to school in the fall. Her father developed brain cancer and she stayed home to assist with his care and to spend his final days with her.The damn eagle should have turned to the right.I graduated and was commissioned as a young butter ball in the army. As I related in chapter 2, most of my classmates were commissioned and given orders to report here and there for more training before being shipped to “Nam”. A bunch had requested to go to airborne school and many for ranger school. I was not that gung ho although I did go to jump school. I was given orders to go to graduate school to obtain a masters in psychology and was assigned to military intelligence.So, while my old classmates were slugging through rice paddies and getting bitten by bugs and leeches, I was in lower Manhattan earning my masters. I was promoted to 1st LT before most of my peers got their promotions because I was filling a slot in a MI reserve unit that required an officer in a position who was O-2.Many of my classmates were females. Most of them were Jewish. I found out that very few Jewish girls gave head although they liked to fuck. I met one curly-haired one from Monroe, NY (Helen) who would do both. I had to go to Camp Drum in upstate NY and would travel up Route 17 to get there passing through Monroe going north and coming back. I would take her up to visit family and pick her up on the way back to Manhattan. Helen was part rabbit and her friends called her Bunny because she liked to have sex. We literally would stop on the side of the road, open the passenger door and fuck like rabbits and get back in with my cum running down her legs. I had gotten rid of the VW and was driving a red CJ5 jeep. She would play with my cock the entire trip.One trip, I got to Monroe and met Helen doing a fast quickie with her before heading back to the city. We decided to get something to eat. The place was crowded with travelers and the hostess announced there was one table with three seats if there was a party of three. We saw an attractive woman and asked her if she’d join us so we could be seated quicker. The woman readily agreed and we were seated. Helen smelled of sex. Reeked with it. I had not noticed it until we were seated. The woman noticed it and kept looking at Helen and I with that “I think I know what kaçak bahis you two have been doing look” but said nothing except engage in small talk. After the food order was placed, Helen excused herself to go to the lady’s room and the woman got up to go with her. The food was brought to the table but they had not returned. I tried to wait for them but finally started to eat because I am not fond of cold food. They were gone over 20 minutes.They returned with smiles on their faces. We finished our meal and I walked over to pay and Helen told me we are getting a room for the night and that our new friend was joining us if it was okay with me. I got a room at the Howard Johnson and we went in and immediately, three sets of clothes were shed. Ms Monroe was a curvy woman, a bit fluffy but very proportional and firm. She had the hairiest bush I had every seen. It was a mat of dark, curly hair that started well above her pubic mound and even ran down the insides of her legs a bit. She also had hair under her armpits. I guess she was a hippy of sorts. Helen was the opposite with hair only on her eye brows, lashes, and head. She shaved everything else- this was unusual as far as I knew. Oh, it just hit me. The first thing she did was to give me a short arm inspection to insure I was circumcised and clean. I passed muster!The two of them stated kissing and rubbing each other getting on the bed in a heated 69 action with Helen on the bottom. I know Ms Monroe was tasting my cum that had been deposited in Helen earlier and licked her clean as though it was a desert dish. Her pussy was bright pink showing clearly through the black mass of hair. Helen made it very wet. I got being Ms Monroe and Helen played with my cock and pulled it towards Ms Monroe’s gaping pussy. I did not wait for an invitation but pushed myself into the pink void fucking her as Helen licked her clit. It was the largest rear end I had seem up close and personal. It moved with the movements of our thrusts asnd gave me something to hold while I did her. I really think it was more of Helen that got the woman to climax rather than anything on my part. It was both of them that got me to climax and Helen licked her clean just as she had done with Helen a bit earlier.I was tired from a busy weekend and long drive down from upstate NY. I took a shower and laid down on the other double bed afterward watching them pleasure each other. I asleep to their moans and groans. When I woke the next morning, Helen was alone in the other bed as Ms. Monroe went home. Helen said she was married and it was her girls night out. Helen and I enjoyed a morning quickie before dressing and heading out.Jewish girls want to marry Jewish guys and I was not marital material- just a good fuck partner. The relationship ended when Helen finished her masters and went upstate for her doctorate. Besides, I was being sent to Arizona for some training once I had mine.I never played with anyone who knew I was in the army. I did not need the grief.Bunny, or Helen, was the last woman with whom I had anything that lasted more than a few months for several years.

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