Chatty Kathi Part Three

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Chatty Kathi Part ThreeMay finally got there. I was much more excited about going to see Melody’s sister than she was. We had fucked many more times than usual because I was thinking about Kathi and the phone sex we had every Wednesday and sometimes on a Friday. It was a long drive from Arizona to Ohio, but we made it in two days.When we got to the house I lugged in a suitcase while my wife got things from the car.Kathi was in the kitchen and asked where her sister was. I told her it would take a minute because she was looking for something. Kathi grinned and lifted her skirt. She had no panties on and her cunt was smooth as a baby’s butt. We kissed and I fingered her slit while she groped my hard cock. She whispered, “you two are sleeping upstairs. I will be awake. I am going to be sure she will sleep well tonight. When she’s asleep come down to me. I’ll leave the bedroom door open. With that she helped rearrange my cock so it didn’t leave too much of a bulge. We stopped just as Melody’s opened the door.When Melody got into the house I said I would get the rest of the luggage. She thanked me and the sisters hugged and cried at seeing each other after so long. I was glad to have all the time at the car because my cock was seriously hard and I needed to have some time to let it relax a bit. While we ate dinner Kathi and Melody jabbered away like teenagers. Every now and then they would look at me and say they were so happy we could all be there. I said I was happy about it too. Kathi gave me a surreptitious wink at that.At 10:00 P.M. I claimed to be beat after all the driving and went upstairs to bed. The two sisters stayed in the living room talking until just past midnight. The sleeping arrangement upstairs canlı bahis were two air mattresses on the floor. I had chosen the one closer to the door leading downstairs. Melody tiptoed in and after peeing and brushing her teeth soon settled down onto the other mattress. I was awake the entire time, my cock throbbing with excitement.I waited for Melody’s soft purring snore…then waited another half hour to be sure she was out completely. I needn’t have worried because Kathi had put a crushed ambien in her wine after I had gone to bed.Wearing an undershirt and my shorts, I got up slowly, looked over at Melody then walked barefoot down the stairs. I went to Kathi’s bedroom door and opened it. She was sitting on the bed wearing a teddy with the lights on. Her face was glowing when she saw me at the door. She got out of bed and rushed over to me. We kissed deeply, tongues fighting lover’s battles as our hands moved all over each other. She told me her sister would sleep soundly and the reason why.I took off what I was wearing and stood there before her my hard prick throbbing with my heartbeat up and down. Precum was flowing from the slit at the end of my cock. Kathi took off her teddy. That was all she had on. She backed up to the wall. I followed her. We kissed even harder then, her knee lifted as she leaned against the wall, wrapping it around my ass. “I need your cock inside of me baby,” she whispered.Giving her a lascivious grin I told her to turn around and put her hands on the wall. She looked over her shoulder when had done so and said, “Like this?”. My reply was “almost baby…move your feet apart.” She grinned and said, “Oh…you want me to assume the position then.” I muttered “exactly”. She bahis siteleri moved her butt out, her hands on the wall, leaning forward with her legs open. I did a pat down on her, ending with sliding my thumb into her slippery cunt.I bit her shoulder gently as my hand guided my prick into her swollen hole. She hissed like water falling on a hot rock. Slowly I slid my cock into her cunt…making her feel each inch move into her. My hands on her tits, fingers pinching her hard nips. She growled as I started driving into her cunt after I had achieved full penetration. I was an a****l slamming into her so hard her entire body shook. When it was time, I whispered into her ear “Uh huh”. My jizz shot up in hard jets against her cervix as I feverishly worked to get it all inside her as deep as possible.When I was done, I picked her up like a baby and carried her to her bed. I lay her on her back and moved next to her. Kathi giggled and dipped two fingers into her cunt, pulling up fingers full of my semen and her juices. She eyed her fingers with curiosity then put them into her mouth and sucked off the white seed-filled jizz. Her lips were coated with it. I kissed her and tasted the results of our joining. We kissed deeply for some time then Kathi asked if it was okay to suck my cock. “Only if I return the favor baby.” She looked at me with surprise, “my pussy is full of you. You would do that?” I nodded my head. She squealed then and said she had always thought that would be hot, but Tom was too conservative for anything beyond missionary once or twice a month when he finally got home from his sales trips.”Get up Baby let me lie on my back. I want you to crawl over my body so I can feel your smooth shaven güvenilir bahis cunt on my mouth.” She stood up then, semen started to slide down her right thigh. She put a knee on either side of my body and backed her cunt down to my face. I licked the semen off her thigh. She waited for me to open my mouth and suck on her mound as I had promised I would months ago. My hands on her ass, my tongue started stretching as deep into her cunt as it could go. My nose was pressed against her rosebud as I lapped at our juices.Kathi pressed her cunt down hard against my face and after her first orgasm settled her open mouth down onto my prick. Her tongue whirled around the stiff throbbing member, licking off the semen and cunt juice. She worked all the way down my shaft, then with a little movement took the head down her throat until her lips were against my pubic hair and her nose was pressed against my balls. She fucked me with her face, her throat opening with each stroke. She stroked my cock when her mouth wasn’t all the way down on it. I knew what she wanted. When it was time I reached my hands down to her head. Holding her head firmly I jacked off my cock on her slutmouth. I drove up faster and faster, her head moving down brutally until I spurted my load up deep into her throat. She lay there on top of my body for some time, maybe twenty minutes, dozing on top of me. I slapped her butt and she woke up with a start and commenced coughing. “I have to back upstairs Kathi. We can do this again?” She asked how long we were staying and I told her would be leaving in five days. We decided we couldn’t do this every night, but three more times seemed about right. I kissed her deeply, letting her taste the juices that still coated the inside of my mouth and I tasted what I had just shot into hers.I cleaned the smell of pussy off me and put my tee shirt and shorts back on. Walked quietly back upstairs where Melody was sleeping like a baby.

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