CheatingI think my GF is cheating on me. And I want you guys to help me distinguish whether I’m just being paranoid or if she really is the slut I think she’s turned into. The reasons exactly why I think this will be explained in full as the story goes on, but trust me here when I tell you – there is a clear reason why I suspect her of this. Her name is Kayla and she’s 27 now. I am a few years older than her and we’ve been living together now for almost 5 years. Once things started to get a little fishy, I reached out to a friend of mine, Bree for some advice on the matter.Bree was hot as hell. Slim, brunette girl and a known Bi-sexual.The reason I asked for her help with this was because she also had known Kayla’s ex BF, Craig, for years and I wanted her to find out whether Kayla has always been as honest with me about her sex life – especially since that she told me when we first started fucking, that she was a virgin. Bree agreed to help me, and boy, did I get far more dirt than I’d initially bargained for.The Webcam CallBree hadn’t really spoken or caught up with Craig for some time before she agreed to help me, but she managed to catch-up with him via social media one afternoon and then explained everything to me later than night. The way she got the info from him about what he and my GF actually did get up while they were together was a little bit of a mystery. She basically said she told him that she knew Kayla (which she didn’t) and that she thought she was cute. That piqued his interest to know that she liked Kayla, and he clearly liked Bree which is what got him to spill the beans. One of the other ways she got him to spill was to go on webcam with him. The first things she told me about that webcam call was just how huge his dick was! Yeah that hurt. But adana escort anyway… While she showed him her tits and rubbed herself over him, she started asking him some questions.”So I heard Kayla was a virgin when she started seeing Daniel” Bree started. Daniel is me by the way. “So you’re telling me you didn’t fuck her?”He laughed and replied, “of course I fucked her.””How many times,” she said.”Only the once,” he said. “We’d only been dating for 3 months or something.”At this point, clearly Bree was getting turned on by the whole situation and started asking more questions purely because she wanted to know more herself. He ended up telling her exactly what they did together. They were both at her family’s house, but her mum, dad and sister weren’t home at that time. They were upstairs in her room on her bed. He got her naked and he had to take his own t-shirt off. He took his tracksuit bottoms off himself too. She was shy with him, which sounded right as she’s always been that way – still is in fact a lot of time. He sat on her stomach while she started sucking his cock. She’d only did with me twice or maximum three times since we’ve started going out, so this shocked me a little bit to say the least. It hurt actually. Then after a little while she started jerking him over her naked tits. Something I’ve always found attractive about Kayla was how sexy and massive her titties her. I know how much he much have enjoyed it. While she was doing this, he started fingering her. When I asked Bree if he’d mentioned (or if she’d asked) what kind of condition she had her pussy in then I was so glad to hear that he did. The reason I ask is because the very first that me and Kayla did the dirty she had a completely full bush. Don’t get me wrong, it was still amazing, escort adana but I guess I always put her shyness and innocence down to why she never used to bother shaving it for me. So I was surprised to say that Craig mentioned to Bree that she was completely shaven for him. Double ouch! He kept on fingering her, while she was still jerking him over her titties until apparently she climaxed. That was when he stood up off her stomach and maneuvered himself in between her legs and pushed his cock in her. He fucked her for around 10 or 15 minutes he told Bree before he pulled out of her and blew his man goo over her tits and neck. One other phrase that sort of stuck with me and hurt some more was that he recalls her telling him how impressive the mess he made on her was.Ok…so once I heard all of this, I was kind of dumbfounded. Why would she lie to me, leading me to believe for all these years that she was this innocent, sweet virgin girl. This was the reason I wanted Bree to find this out for me. But what I also got from her was that apparently when Bree had asked him if he still stays in touch with Kayla he told he did so. Curious DeliverySo before this whole Bree thing, the first real moment where I suspected her of fucking behind my back came one night a few weeks after we’d had this really bad falling out. As I briefly mentioned earlier, we had been living together for a few years now and I honestly didn’t have any other reason to doubt her commitment to me at all. But things started getting a little fishy when I heard the front door bell ring and Kayla quickly got off the sofa to answer it. I was curious so I walked into the passage to find Kayla hurrying the postman away and carrying this awkward looking package. When I asked her what it was, she acted adana escort bayan really weirdly, saying “it’s nothing, it’s nothing” kinda attitude. For some reason she didn’t want to me to know about what ever it was.Anyway, later than night my curiosity got the better of me and, when she drew herself a bath, I went snooping around upstairs in our bedroom and found it, still in it’s packaging, but opened, in the bottom drawer of our shared closet. Obviously, she’d tried to hide it. To my amazement, it was this incredibly skimpy, sexy underwear set from Ann Summers: Fushia pink 38E bra and size 14 thong. That got me excited. The next morning I woke up to hear Kayla getting dressed and when I glanced at her bent over naked arse, she was just stepping into those fushia Ann Summers thong and already had on her matching bra. Then she stepped into her jeans and threw on her tight black tank top. Then she went downstairs and I heard the door shut behind her. She’d gone out.Smoking GunI’d already got home from work that night before she’d got home. Right away she looked tired and was complaining of a bad head. She sat down beside me on the sofa and I threw my arm around her. We started kissing and my cock got rock hard. I can see the frills from her bra and when she lent over while kissing me back, I could see the string of her thong poking up out of them. But then all of sudden she complained more about her bad head. So being the loving BF, I suggested she have a bath and relax.She ran her bath and quickly got out and let me know she was heading to bed. I went upstairs pretty much immediately when after she came out of the bathroom and when I went in I saw the pile of her clothes on the bathroom floor. I was barefooted and couldn’t help feeling something damp against my foot when I stepped on her clothes. When I inspected further, it was from the crotch of her thong. It was literally soaked with white streaks on them. I’ve never seen her underwear being in that kind of a state before that night.

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