Chris’s hard Choices Index-1


Chris’s hard Choices Index-1Chris was a strapping young man having just turned 19, a ‘two sports’ star in high school; he had a scholarship to play tailback at the University of Alabama. He had the world where he wanted it, or so he thought. The most beautiful girl in school was his girlfriend; she was the head cheerleader and valedictorian of her class. They had been inseparable since junior high. If you ever saw one of them, the other was sure to be close.With only two days until graduation, Chris and some of his friends decided to spend the day at the beach and throw one last big party before graduation. After enjoying the nice sunny day and drinking a few beers, Chris and his best friend Bill were headed back to the condo to change clothes and pick up more beer. Bill’s parents had just given him a brand new mustang two days earlier as a graduation present. Suddenly out of nowhere, a truck ran a red light and broadsided them in the passenger side door. Chris and Bill were rushed to the hospital, Chris in critical condition and Bill with a broken leg.Carolyn, Chris’ mother, had just gotten home from work and was standing in front of her bathroom mirror admiring her figure and thinking to herself, ‘not too bad for 42 years old, ‘ her 36C breasts still stood out straight and she couldn’t help but admire her flat stomach and taught behind. She could have any man she wanted but since Chris’ father died in a car crash, she put all of her time into raising her son.She could not help but rub her hands over her sensitive breasts, her nipples began to harden and she started to feel that warm yearning feeling in her excited, needy pussy. She couldn’t help herself, she reasoned, her pussy was beginning to feel as if it was on fire! When her fingers started their downward decent, she could not believe how damp her pussy had become. As she thrust her talented fingers inside of her soaking wet pussy, she felt her orgasm building and knew it was going to be a big one; she only hoped that the neighbors did not hear her scream.She started working her fingers faster and faster in and out of her sensitive pussy. She was a screamer and it wasn’t long before she let out one continuous and a****listic scream and started to cum in buckets. She began squirting her tasty juices everywhere. When she was finished cumming, the floor and the cabinets were just soaked.She thought to herself. ‘Damn that was a big one; it’s been years since I had an orgasm that strong.’ Suddenly, the phone rang bringing her out of her reverie.As she picked up the phone, she could not believe what she was hearing. The police were trying to explain to her what had just happened to her only son. She dropped to her knees and began to cry. She thought. ‘Not her Chris, he was all she had. She would know what to do if she lost him.’ Immediately, she ran and picked up her strewn dress and got dressed as fast as she could. She prayed all the way to the hospital. “Good Lord please let him be all right.”She couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough. After finally arriving at the hospital, she went running through the emergency room doors and was pleasantly surprised to see her sister Lea was already there to meet her.Lea began explaining to her sister what kind of condition her son was in. “Calm down Carolyn.” She soothed her sister, putting a comforting arm around her shoulder. “Both of his wrists are broken and he fractured his neck but he’s alive.”As Carolyn began to cry, Doctor Marcia Brown came out and explained to her Chris was stable but she was worried because Chris could not feel or move his legs.Being a registered nurse Lea asked the Doctor. “Will his paralysis be permanent?”The Doctor replied.”There’s really no way of knowing at this point. Once the swelling around his spinal cord goes down we will know a lot more.” Doctor Brown answered. “Chris is heavily sedated right now but you can see him as soon as we are able to get him into a room,” she added before turning and walking down the empty hallway.Later that night, once Chris was situated in his room, but his mother and aunt were allowed in to see him. Carolyn gasped as she turned the corner, seeing her bruised son lying lifeless in the bed. “He’s going to be all right s*s.” Lea said comfortingly as Chris slowly opened his eyes.Chris was trying to explain to his mother what happened when the doctor walked in. Doctor Brown began explaining all of the hard work Chris had in front of him. “He will need to stay at least two weeks in the hospital. Then there will be at least three months of physical therapy and it will be hard but with a little luck and a lot of hard work, Chris might be able to walk again but there are no guarantees,” she ended.Lea asked the doctor before she left. “Are there any special treatments that will help with his progress?”Dr. Brown replied before she left. “The only one I know of is a lot of tender loving care.”After the doctor left the room, a nurse came in and gave Chris some pain medicine and a sleeping pill. It was only a few minutes until Chris fell asleep. Lea assured Carolyn that Chris would be safe and she should go home and get some rest. She could check on him tomorrow and everything would be better after a good night’s sleep. Carolyn finally agreed and they left.The next morning Chris awoke and his body was hurting all over.The nurse came in, gave him some pain medicine, and said, “My name is Eve and I will be right back to give you a sponge bath.”When she returned, Chris noticed how beautiful she was. She was probably about the same age as his mother. The first thing Chris noticed were her breasts, they were much bigger than his mother’s. As she leaned across his chest to wash his shoulders, he could almost reach out and lick her breasts. When she finished with his face and upper body, she started on his legs. When she moved up from his calves to his thighs, Chris tried canlı bahis to keep his large cock from getting hard but he was fighting a losing battle.His beautiful nurse gasped when she lifted his gown; she had never seen a bigger cock in her whole life. She thought. ‘It must be at least 10 inches long and damn it’s really thick.’Chris noticed the flushed look on her face and said, ” I’m sorry but it has a mind of his own.”She looked at him and said, “Honey with a package like that, you have nothing to be sorry for.”When she finished with his bath, she told him she would be right back to take care of his BIG (emphasizing BIG) problem.When Eve came back, Chris could not believe his eyes. She had undone the top two buttons on her uniform and her nipples were clearly hard and poking through her top.She pulled up his gown, grabbed a hold of his rock hard cock, and ever so slowly began to lick up one side and down the other. As she got to the top and wrapped her gorgeous lips over the large mushroom head, she noticed he was already leaking precum. It was like she was possessed; her head was bobbing up and down at a rapid pace, yet as hard as she tried, she could only get about half of his huge cock inside her mouth. She was sucking and stroking him for all she was worth while trying to rub her pussy through her panties at the same time.Eve was mumbling incoherently to herself the whole time. “So big, so hard, oh my what a beautiful cock.”At the pace, she was going Chris knew he would not last long. Before he could warn her, he shot rope after rope of cum down her throat. Try as she might, she was unable to swallow all of it and it began dripping on her chin. Reaching down, she dipped her fingers in her wet pussy and let Chris taste her.She then looked at him and said, “Tiger, tomorrow I will be on the night shift and I will be able to give that monster the proper time it deserves. I just hope this can hold you over until then.”With that, she pulled off her panties and placed them under the corner of his pillow. Chris could not help but admire her sexy ass as she left the room. He then drifted off to a peaceful sleep.Later that afternoon his girlfriend Denise came by, she was still distraught; it took Chris almost half an hour, to calm her down.When he assured her, he was going to be okay and everything was going to work out, she finally stopped crying. They talked for a while and he finally got her to laugh once or twice. He told her what had happened earlier in the morning. She could not believe it. When she told him, how hot it made her he was shocked. She started looking at him with the same flushed look that Eve had this morning, and then she reached underneath his gown and started playing with his cock.Denise asked, “Did you like it?”He replied. “Of course, have you ever seen me turn down a blowjob before?”Chris was beginning to get hard when his mother, Carolyn came in. He made Denise promise to come back later and finish what she started.Chris and his mom started making plans for when he got out of the hospital. He knew he was going to need a lot of help when he got out of the hospital and there would be some embarrassing moments but he was not ready for what his mom said next.She told him she needed to learn how to care for him, so tomorrow night she was going to come in and have the nurse show her everything to do.He thought. ‘You might get more than you bargained for.’He tried to tell her there was no hurry but she never listened to him anyway. Finally, he just gave up. After he had eaten dinner, he told his mom he was really getting tired. She kissed him on the cheek and said she would see him tomorrow.After he called the nurse for more pain medicine, he called Denise and she said she would be right over.He wished he could play with his cock and have it good and hard when Denise arrived; but with two broken wrists, he knew that was not going to happen.He did not have to wait long until she came through the door wearing a long raincoat. When he asked her if it was raining outside, she said no but she did not want to catch cold. She turned and locked the door.She took off her coat and Chris was pleasantly surprised when she did not have a stitch on underneath. It did not take long for Chris to get hard. She wanted to give him a blowjob but he said he had been dreaming of her pussy all day long.She climbed up on the bed and straddled his big dick. She must have been dreaming of him too because she was dripping wet. She straddled his big hard cock and slid down the full length of it in one fell swoop; she began to slowly ride his cock and it did not take long before she was building up a good rhythm.She knew just how Chris liked it, fast and hard. She began talking dirty to him. “Did the bad nurse do this to you? No, but I bet you wanted her to, I can see it in your eyes. Did she suck your dick better than I did? Oh no, wait a minute, that answer better not be yes.”Chris knew better than to answer that question. What he really wanted to do was play with the Denise’s fantastic tits but once again he knew his efforts would be futile because of his broken wrists. Every now and then she would slow down and lean forward where he could suck on them.After about 15 long minutes, she could feel her impending orgasm building and Chris could feel his too. Chris did not care who heard them as he yelled, “I am, Cumming!!!” at the top of his lungs.At almost the exact same moment, Denise yelled. “Me tooooooooooooo!!!”Denise collapsed on top of Chris and they lay quietly in each other’s arms until there was a sudden knock on the door. Denise gave Chris a quick kiss, jumped off of him and dressed quickly. She told him she would see him tomorrow and turned to leave. As she walked out the door, the nurse gave her a quizzical look.Later that night, while Chris was sleeping his nurse came in to check his blood pressure and take his bahis siteleri temperature. She immediately noticed the tent Chris’s cock was making underneath his sheets and could not help herself, she couldn’t fight the urge to look.At the age of 58, she was still a looker and it had been nearly six months since she had sex. She thought to herself. ‘If his cock is half as big as it looks by the size of the tent he is making under his sheets, I will have to have some of him.’She could feel her juices already leaking down her thighs when she looked under his gown and saw the size of his cock; she couldn’t believe it and began trembling all over. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen! She thought, ‘That must be why that girl was sweating when she left earlier.’It startled when Chris woke up and saw her admiring his cock. He watched as she slowly covered him back up. When she looked up and saw he was watching her, she became extremely embarrassed; that is until he winked at her.She began to take his blood pressure and told him her name was Evelyn. After they had talked for a while, Chris found out he went to school with her son. He was what you would call a computer geek.They continued to talk until she finally told Chris she would be on vacation for a week after tonight and she would leave him her phone number. She told him if he needed ANYTHING, (specifying ANYTHING) when he got home, not to worry she could CUM over any time, night or day.After she left, Chris thought to himself. ‘I might not ever want to go home.’When Chris awoke the next morning, the doctor came in to see him to see how he was doing and if he had gotten any of the feeling back in his legs.Unfortunately, Chris had to tell her that not only did he not have any feeling back but also no movement had come back either. She started poking the bottom of his feet with a big needle. He still felt nothing. Continuing on with her examination, she asked him to wiggle his toes, but even as hard as he tried, he could not wiggle them. She explained to him not to worry because sometimes it could take up to a year before someone starts to get feeling or movement back after a traumatic experience like the one he just went through. She informed him; starting tomorrow, he would begin physical therapy and what it would entail.Chris could not help but notice what a beautiful woman Dr. Brown was. He figured she must be about 35 and he could tell she was in real good shape just by her sensuous curves. She then patted him on his leg and told him she would check in on him later.The day seemed to pass by a very quick; it seemed to him though, the nurses checked his temperature and blood pressure on awful lot. He thought it was a little too often but he had never been in a hospital before.Finally, around 6:00 PM, Eve came on duty. She came in, said ‘Hi’, and told him when his mom arrived; she would come in and show her the proper way to bathe him. Explaining she was very busy, she gave him a big wink and left.It was not long before his mother Carolyn arrived. She looked tired and he recognized the look she was giving him, it was a look he had seen 1000 times before. He knew she was pissed at someone. He asked her what was wrong. She finally told him some asshole had tried to feel her up at work.He asked who it was but she would not tell him because she knew he would have a couple of his friends beat the living shit out of the guy. She assured him she could handle the situation.He told her. “The sonofabitch is lucky; because if I get my hands on him, I’ll kill him. You might as well tell me who he is because sooner or later I’m going to find out it when I get through with his ass, I guarantee you he will keep his hands to himself.”Carolyn assured her son she could take care of herself. She also knew in the back of her mind; Chris was right and he would eventually find out who the guy was. She could only hope he would forget about it until he was well.They talked for a little while longer until Eve came in to show Carolyn the proper way to bathe Chris. She showed Carolyn the best way to wash his face and under his arms, then around to the back of his neck, (the whole time she continually pressed her tits into his face).Chris knew even though his mother was present; if his beautiful nurse kept her titties pressed against his face he would be unable to keep his cock from getting hard. Just as Eve turned to go to the foot of the bed, she accidentally spilled the pan of water she was using to wash Chris onto Carolyn’s chest. Her white tee shirt was thoroughly soaked and Chris noticed right away his mother was not wearing a bra. He could clearly see her beautiful tits.Eve told his mother she was sorry and she could go get her a gown while her tee shirt dried.Carolyn told her, “Don’t worry about it; I used to get wetter than this when I would bathe him when he was younger. Besides, were all adults here.”Eve ran some new water in the pan but Chris could not stop admiring his mother’s beautiful breasts. He thought they were perfect, not too big or not too small, just perfect.With a new pan of water, Eve began showing Carolyn how to wash his feet and his lower legs. Chris was trying to think of anything to try to prevent himself from getting hard but his eyes kept going back to his mother’s wet tits.Eve started washing his inner thigh when his cock started to rise Eve had been waiting for this to happen and looked up at Chris and winked. She then looked at Carolyn and smiled, and said. “It looks like you have raised a very Big Boy.”Carolyn blushed, then looked up at Chris. She immediately thought. ‘Is he hard from looking at my tits? Am I the one that’s turning him on?’It had been a long time since Carolyn had turned a man on and she found it quite arousing, the fact that it was her own son who was aroused, seemed to make it all the more special.Meanwhile, Eve just went about güvenilir bahis her business and finished showing Carolyn the proper way to bathe him. She then told Carolyn to have a seat and she would be right back.Even after his mother sat down, Chris could not take his eyes off her tits. He had been masturbating for years while thinking of her; still, he thought, “She is the most beautiful woman in the world, but she’s still my mother.”Chris was going crazy; here he was having sexual thoughts about his own mother. As he lay there taking everything in, he could not ignore his rock hard cock. His cock was longer and harder than it had ever been before. He felt like he could drill through a concrete wall as hard as it was. He knew eventually he was going to have to fuck his mom.When Carolyn sat down she was still in shock, she had no idea her son was so well endowed. She thought, ‘He is hung like a horse.’She could not believe it, she could feel her pussy becoming wet. It would not take long before her panties would become soaked. How could she be having these feelings, this was her own son making her wet.Her mind was whirring a mile a minute. He was just a little boy the last time she saw him naked. His cock might have been little back then but it sure as hell wasn’t little any more, it was absolutely huge. She tried to tell herself it was wrong but the only thought her mind would let her comprehend was how big and thick the cock in front of her was.She could not help herself; she had to keep glancing up at his enormous cock. Even though he was her son, she knew she wanted him more than she had ever wanted any man.When Eve finally returned 10 minutes later, she could feel the sexual excitement in the air. She had planned it that way. You see, Eve was somewhat of a sexual deviant, she had been having sex with her 20-year-old daughter Angela for the last year.She looked at Chris and could tell he was extremely excited. His cock was bouncing up and down on his stomach like a jackhammer. She knew she had to do something soon before the moment was lost.She looked over to Carolyn and said, “Mommy, why don’t you come here and let me explain some very important things to you. (Eve loved the look on Chris’s face when she said mommy.) As you can see Carolyn, a young man like Chris is very easily aroused and in Chris’s case, he cannot relieve himself because of his broken wrists. If someone does not help him relieve himself at least two or three times a day, it will become very painful to him. Chris has already told me he has a lovely girlfriend but you have to know there will be times when she is not around and he is going to need relief.”The whole time she is talking to Chris’s mom, she is slowly stroking up and down the full length of his big cock, meanwhile Carolyn’s eyes are transfixed on Eve’s hands sensuously moving up and down her son’s long fat cock. Carolyn had never been so turned on in her whole life. Even though she knew it was wrong, she yearned to wrap her hands around the huge cock in front of her.Eve knew the Chris’s mother was almost ready but she couldn’t help but tease the horny mother a little bit. She said, “Maybe you know someone, perhaps a neighbor, a sister, then again, maybe you have a close friend who could help Chris out. I know it might be a little uncomfortable but there may be times when there is no one else around and Chris may need your help, will you be able to help him?”Carolyn replied, “I know I would be embarrassed but I love him and would do anything for him, even if it entails giving him a hand job.”Carolyn thought to herself. ‘Help him; I would do anything to get my hands on that big cock.’Now that she was sure Chris’s mother was ready, Eve slowly reached and took Carolyn’s shaking hand and placed it on Chris’s cock.Chris feared he might his cock might explode when he felt his mother’s tiny hands grasped his massive cock but extolling every ounce of willpower in his body he held off.Slowly, Carolyn started stroking Chris’s magnificent cock. She was amazed at how she could feel the big purple veins in his cock throbbing in her hands and couldn’t believe how much heat was emanating from it. With his beautiful mother stroking his cock and Eve sensually rubbing her hands all over his chest and but; Chris knew it wouldn’t be long before his cock exploded. He wanted this exquisite feeling to go on forever. He’d had plenty of sex before the accident but nothing but none of it ever felt this good.Eve leaned forward and quietly whispered into Chris’s ear. “This is what you really want isn’t it big boy? You have always wanted mommy to play with your big cock, having you? Maybe you prefer her to suck it? I’ll bet you can’t wait to take that big fuckpole of yours and ram it I deep inside of mommy’s wet juicy cunt.”Without thinking, Chris bellowed out! “Yes, it’s what I’ve wanted my whole life! It’s my dream come true!”At this point, Eve began to take control, she told Carolyn, in her best little girl voice, “Mommy, sometimes it helps if you talk dirty to him. Can you talk dirty to him?”By this time, Carolyn was in such a sexual frenzy she emphatically began ordering Chris! “Hell yes I can talk dirty, how is this? Come on you big fucker! You like mommy playing with your big cock, don’t you? Come on baby, cum for mommy. I saw you staring at my tits, I love it when you look at mommy’s tits! Mommy loves playing with your big hard cock!”Eve couldn’t take it any longer and reached out and grabbed Carolyn by the hair and started kissing her passionately.When Chris saw his beautiful nurse passionately kissing his mother, he could not hold out any longer and began to yell. “I’m Cumminggg!!!!”Immediately he began to shoot rope after rope of his thick white cum into the air and all over his stomach.When Eve let go of Carolyn, Carolyn leaned up to Chris and kissed him passionately, over and over she kept telling him how much she loved him.Eve looked at the two of them and said, “That was hottest thing I’ve ever been a part of, we have to do this again very soon.”Lost in their i****tuous lust, Chris and his mother both agreed.

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