chubby mom had sex fist time in 16 years


chubby mom had sex fist time in 16 yearsAs far as I can remember, Mother was an obese old broad. She was like an oil storage containers with legs and arms attached to it. A woman of 5’1 and weight around 300 pounds. I had my share of all the jokes about your Mama so fat stuffs in high school. My father left us when I was 3, thus Mother worked two jobs to providea decent life for us but that come with a price, her health and weight. Thus, rightafter I graduated from High School, I joined the army to help out and gain some solidtechnical skills in process.After basic training, The Corp. transferred me to station in Sao Paulo for 2 years. Needless to say, Mother wasn’t very happy about it. We have no other relative in Brazil, Mother hasan older sister but she moved to Unite State with her husband.Ten months later, Mother went on a conference in Chile and she stayed over Sao Paulo on weekendto visit me. I got her a nice Hotel in downtown, and scheduled to meet that afternoon for lunch.11:30 AM, My jaw dropped on the floor when Mother opened the door. Mother put her hands on her hips and did a slow twirl around, ending with a sexy pose with her hands behind her head.She was like another person standing there, she lost a lot of weight, over 150 pounds, and She lost the weight in all the right places, Her huge belly, and thunder butt gone. That made Her big chest and round curvy ass very visible now. She changed the oil container figure to a sexy chubby curvy woman.” Wow Mom, You lost that much weight ?”.” Hi honey, Your Aunt sent me a workout DVD, very popular in America “.” I started to workout about a months after you left “.” Well you look great Mom, wow I could not believe it, why didn’t you tell me ?”.” Well I wanted to surprise you , hehe “.” Wow Mom , I am hella surprise, you look so young too, so much energy “.” Oh Mom, I have to get back to the base in an hour so how about we go to lunch ?”.” You only have one hour ?”.” Tomorrow I have 24 hours off, I can show you around then “.” Ok sound good “.Next day, I stop by around 11 Am, Mother already went down in lobby waiting for me.She looked like a tourist there, she had on a green Women’s Shirt Dress Cover Up toher knees, and looked like a bikini under it since there was two strings tied to her neck.” Oh here come my date ” She was joking with the clerk.” Hi Mom, You have a good night sleepp last night ?”. ” Yes, I slept like a babe, thank you honey “.” You want to go to the beach later ?”.” Oh I thought after lunch and shopping we can have a few drinks by the pool here “.” sound good Mom, I am buying “.After lunch we went to open market, Mom was like a k** in candy store, and I was the bag boyfor her. In shoes store, she bended over tries on a beach sandals in front of me, and that whenher shirt falling partially open, showing a great cleavage and her boobs almost down to the nipples. These huge voluptuous pear shape boobs rest on thin bikini bra looked firm and juicy. It giggle and bounce as she moved her arms.” Wow hello!, where are those hot juggs come from ? hehe, “. Thinking to myselfNow, I never have had any sexual desired toward mother until now. Even in younger years, up to 13. Whenever I watched a scary movies, I went to sleepp with her, and as a hyper teen I played with her nipples before drifted in to dreamland. Mother was pretty cool about it, few time she made painful face because I squeezed her nipples to hard. Those juggs were my toys as far as that goes.Since she lost all that fat, I now realized Mother is very busty, those juggs either DDD or G size. Since I am a boobs man, My cock got semi hard, and good thing I had a shopping bag in front my crotch.” are you ok honey, you look space out, ….honey…HONEY! are you ok ?”.” Yes, I am fine Mom , sorry I was thinking some work stuffs “.” Oh your day off, find way to have fun “.” You are right Mom, specially I am in a company with a hot Mom! hehe “.” Silly boy “.We returned back to Hotel around 2 PM, and decided to hang out by the pool for someicy Margarita. After about 4th round, Mother accidentally knock over the glass thatspilled Margarita on her Shirt Dress Cover.” Oh Damn! I really like this shirt……Honey, I bayan escort istanbul am going to wash off this “.” Ok Mom, I will be right up, You want another drink ?”.” Yes please “.I ordered a large Margarita glass then went up to the room. Mother was just done washed offher shirt, and she was standing there in her bikini wiping off her thigh and wait with wet towel. Her bikini was like one size under because her flesh spilled over around bra and panties. My eyes balls popped out, my mind went blank and shock. If I thought looked down at her juggs so hot, then this multiple by three. Her mature body with curve and shape that project one work LUST!. I woken up from my trance because my hard cock sore from tight jean so I sat back on the couch covered my crotch with pillow. ” Damn, my own mother ? I want to fuck my mother ? That clearly answered from the size of my hard on!.Do I need to think thing over or act on it ?, answer is now!. Because this might be the ONLY opportunity, She hasn’t see me for a year thus she is prone to shows her affection, She is tipsy and in good mood, and she was down in Chile for one week, so no sex “. Thinking to myself” But how..I can’t just ask if she wanna fuck or can she give me some pussy..damn….how and how ? “. ” Mom, your drink here “.” Ok, be right there “.” Here you go Mom, Cheer! “.” Oh hey Mom, Your Bikini is kinda tight, under size ? “.” No, I haven’t workout for few weeks, I put on 10 pounds , hehe”.” Oh I see, I thought you were giving this poor solder boy a free show, hehe “.” Pulezzz, at my age I have plenty fat to show without trying “.Mother is in her 40ish, so there are little fine lines and stretch marks on thigh and juggs.I found those imperfection are a big turn-on in a taboo kinda way.” Oh did you charge the drinks to my room ?”.” No I paid for it already, enjoy “.” Let see anything interesting on the news “.As mom flipping thru TV channels and sipping on our drinks, I can’t help it but glanced overat her from time to time. I couldn’t believed that mother become a milf by just cut her weightin half.” Oh wait, I wonder how many guys pounded her already. I would give a right ball just to see those juggs bounce and slap her face, hehe “. to myselfI was deep in my kinky thought without aware that I looked over to her direction cracked a smile and shake my head, Mother caught that!.” What ?”.” huh ? “.” why are you looked at me smile and shake your head ?”.” Oh nothing “.” Come on, why …Am I look silly in bikini ? “.” No way, nothing like that , You look nice Mom “.” Then tell me! “. We both pretty tipsy at this point.” Well, I can’t ok, because you will kick out me and fly home tonight hehe “.” Oh my, You got me so curious now, Tell! I won’t be mad, promise “.” It was nothing mom “.” Then tell me, we never hide thing remember ?”.” Ok, no matter how sick it sound, you won’t get mad nor hold it again me ?”.” Yes!, will be Water under the bridge “.” Oh One more thing, You also have to answer all my questions and grant me one request today ? “.” Request ? I can’t promise that!, god knows what is your hyper mind “” Mom, nothing weird or extreme, something We had done before “.” Ok done, Do tell!”.” Ok, I was wondering if your huge boobs slapping your face when the guy you’re dating, you know DO IT “.” Oh, Well I am seeing someone for two weeks now but We are not at that point yet “.” What point is that “.” You know, make love “.” Hehe Mother, You are so naïve , Nobody make love anymore, specially with a busty woman “.” It will be hard and rough Mother, You best get in shape for the ride, hehe “.” I doubt that, he is very gentle, a gentlemen I would say “.” That the kind of guys you should watch out for, hehe “.” Maybe you are the one that like it hard and rough, you like ’em big boobs right ? “.” Yea so, nothing is wrong with that ! hehe “.We were joking but my eyes took snap shot on all parts of her body, specially on eyes and lips.There were little awkward in her smile, and embarrassed in her eyes when she answered my interrogation. But no doubt Mother felt something difference because her dime size nipples poked on her Bikini bra. I won’t be surprised at all if her cunt istanbul escort bayan a little moist by now from sex talk. My cock was rock hard with image mom on all four with big juggs hung over swinging.” Well better change to subject before thing get to filthy “.” Mom, Just you and I here, nobody know about it, so if thing go little filthy so what hehe “.” Fine, What filthy thing you want to ask now, hehe ?”.” You guys didn’t do yet, but did he kiss you ?”.” Yes, we did “” He played with those juggs ?’.” Oh gezz, to personal don’t you think ?”.” Oh hey, You promised to answer all “.” Fine, Yes he did, and he sucked it too hehe , anything else ?”.” Oh man, I am so jealous now “. ” huh, why ?”.” Well, I should be the first to play with those juggs tho, hehe “.” What ?. You are my son, not my date “.” Oh hey, you told the hotel cleck that your date here, hehe…k**ding Mom “.I knew my mother, She is very protective of me, she always make sure that I don’t loseout on anything to anyone. I saw an angle to seduce her now, or at least just to suckthose juicy juggs of her then masturbate later. I used combination of Mother protective instinct and alcohol to advance my quest.” Mom, I played with it thru my teen “.” Yea and ?”.” That was in the old body, now you are in a new body, but that still my toy, hehe “.” But you are a 19 yo man now, you have difference view and intention now “.” Oh Mom, same intention ok, nothing changed “.” And What about your promised to grant me one request ?, this is not extreme or weird and I have done this in the past “.” You are serious ?”.” Mom, I am so serious about my toy ok!, hehe “.” But I feel very awkward now watching my grown up Son plays with my boobs now “.” Well don’t look, How about I blindfold you, then you just kickback relax with Ms. Margarita, hehe?”.” Oh lord, How can I enjoy this Margarita when you are whining by my ears “” Ok fine, We have half an hour before dinner, so you can play with it for 10 minutes “.” Great Mom!, you are the best, I know you love me with out bound “.” I don’t want a soul to see this so closed all the curtain and get my dark sunglass on the table for me “.Although she’s drunk, No doubt she knew I wanted some cheap thrills, She thought that harmless and agreed to do it. It was a longshot of 50/50, and so now everything seems possible, and if I play my card right, FUCK MOTHER is a real possibility at that point. Since Mother over looked one simple fact that I am 19 now, I fucked enough women and Prostitutes that She’ll speaking in tongues in no time with my tongue works!.I closed all curtain while Mother down the Margarita glass, she then put on her dark sunglass, and rested her head back on the couch. Mother Unknowingly turned the room in to sex scene by asked me to closed curtain. I waited few minutes for her breathing Rhythm calm and deep.I reached behind her neck pulled off two tied strings, then slowly peeled off her bra. In front of my eyes a huge pair of juggs with two big plum size dark nipples. I slowly massaged her juggs first few minutes to further relax her and got my eyes adjusted more todim room. Her Juggs soft as cotton, skin so smooth and her body was pretty warm even with Air Condition running.I then bended down lightly touched the tip of my tongue on Mother’s dark nipple, Her body slightly jerked. I then slowly rotated my tongue outward to outer ring of salty nipple, then I squeezed her boob with my hand and took the while nipple in my mouth then my teeth slightly bitten on her hard nipple. In the past, I twisted, pinched and squeezed her nippleshard at time, but never sucked on it. Mom accepted the added naughty step with my age, she left out little exhale groaned.” Ooooh…please don’t be so naughty honey, not right” She squeezed slightly on my shoulder” just playing Mom, I miss you “.I tried to talk normal in a not very convincing voice, and good thing Mother was high withMs. Margarita or she would noticed my horny voice. For the next ten minutes or so, I slowly Launched Full Scale Assault on her juggs. The room mixed sounds of Mother little groaned, heavy breathing ,and my noisy tits sucked. Her fingers squeezed hard on my shoulder, istanbul escort curved her back at time.My lips slowly ventured out of home base nipples to under her boobs, side and top. When the coastwas all clear, I expanded Territory further upper region of her neck, chin bone and earlobe. Motherbody was shaking when I nibbled and licked on her earlobe. I was pretty confident at that point,I openly took a long wet tongue licks from upper lower neck to her face. Mother inability to act or react under my magic tongue, All she could do was groaning and shaking.I Then pinched and squeezed hard on two erected nipples. Mother burst out loud groaned with her mouth wide opened expression of pain. I dragged my wet lip over to her mouth then slid my tongue in to her open wet mouth . She kissed me back like there is no tomorrow, Her tongue slid in and out of my mouth as she sucked on my lips and tongue as if she was making out with her date.We certainly went pass mom and son c***dish boobs playing state. I unzipped my short then pulled her hand to my cock, Mother grabbed tightly on my thick meat then stroked on it. I lifted her leftthigh up on the couch, spread wide her crocth, pulled her thin bikini panties to a side the slidmy middle finger in to her warm soaking wet hurry cunt.My cock got so hard at this point that It started to hurt me. I stood up to my feet, and rotated Mother to her knees, I ripped off her panties with one quick jerked on string.” Oh my..honey..honey..we went to far honey, to far babe. this is not right ” Mother whispered to me in the dim room.Mom was in denial and just trying to make the proper responses, her pleading contradicted her actions,with little or no assistance from me , her knees spread wider apart, arms on top of couch, and curved down her lower back, that action lifted her cunt higher toward me. My cock dragged it up and down her lubricated slit three times and then positioned it at a warm and slippery opening.” I love you Mom, and I am glad my cock is your first in 15 years “.My cock slid in her like a hot knife on butter at the word ” Pussy “. Mother groaned out loud and grabbed my left arm as I pulled my cock back out then drove it back in deeper each time. Her cunt was VERY tight, silky, creamy and warm.” Oh damn….oh yea…yea, your pussy feels so good “.” If you are any horny-er, you will honk Mom, wow you pussy swollen so big “.” Please don’t talk dirty honey “.In less than 5 minutes, the room filled up with sounds of Mother groaned and my cock and ball slapped hard on her ass and cunt. Mother boobs and body jerked so hard that her sunglass flied out of her face. Her left hand grabbed the couch then backto my arm, then back to the couch in panic, While Her poor cunt took good beating from many years of no action, He boobs wildly slapped her chin bone. Mother screamed as each time she cum, twice in five minutes!. I finally reached climax my own as I gave mother couple more hard thrust then pulled out of her soaking wet cunt. Mother rolled off the couch fast, and got on her knees in front of me. she stroked my cock while licked the tip of cock with the tip of her tongue.” Don’t lick mom, suck it….yea like that…deeper…faster..deeper ” I got my hand on back of her head pushed her to go deeper and faster. The blow job looked like a face fuck then anything else.” Oooohh fuck!…fuck! ” I emptied a full load inside her mouth.Cum went down her throat, spilled out of her mouth, and landed on her big juggs. She then slowly polished on my semi hard cock.” Oh wow….so intense, Sorry I was so rough on you Mom, I was so horny “. As I collapsed on the couch.” I am fine honey…..haven’t fucked that way for a very long time hehe”. As She wiped off her messy chinAs a single Mom, she always a strong woman, able to takes and deals with any situation that come her ways, and that no difference this time, even She brutally fucked by her son. She treated it as another boobs play and enjoyed it.” Well, you are the first to do me, are you satisfied ? hehe”.” Oh yes, you pass the first test, few more test then you should be ready for the hard and rough world out there Mother!, hehe “.” Silly solder boy, Do get some condoms if you planning to bouncing me around some more. I can feel it, It don’t take much to get pregnance from you, and I don’t want my grandson is also my son “.I got a box of condoms, 20 each that day,…… and On Monday, Mom left the hotel 15 pounds lighter.

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