Cindy the Sinner


To many, her death was not too terribly tragic. The youngest child of the town’s wealthiest family, Cindy was well known for all manner of debauchery at the sprawling mansion. Too few found it surprising when she was discovered dead at the age of twenty-six.

I first met Cindy when my Uncle sent me out to collect her corpse. I was surprised–having been a coroner in the city before my own brush with death, I expected in such circumstances an autopsy would be done–but according to Uncle, when your only living relative is the Governor, and he’s not too keen to have your autopsy discover illicit drugs as a cause of death, autopsies generally get ignored.

The manor that Cindy had called home was empty save for the servants. Over a hundred rooms had been used for her parties, and orgies–so the tales went. The only one I saw was the room in which she died.

She had been left undisturbed after being discovered. Her passing had been recent, as rigor hadn’t set in. there were no signs that anyone had been sharing Cindy’s bed, or drugs that night, so I suspect that her brother’s hunch was right–the heroin on the nightstand had been her exit.

It couldn’t have been all bad however. Though she lay sprawled and tangled in her sheets–the white silk stained yellow around her crotch–there was a peaceful composure to her–and almost angelic look on her face. Normally, I would close the corpse’s eyes, but this time, the haunting, faded blue orbs called for me to keep them open, to allow them to stare beyond the physical world for a little longer.

I pulled back the urine soaked sheets, exposing her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She was stunning. Long and lean, she had taken great pride and obvious care in her body. Her breasts were not large, but neither were they small and they jiggled slightly as I arranged the corpse’s limbs. Cindy’s only apparent concession to an unhealthy lifestyle–save for the drugs, alcohol and sex of course–was a small tummy bulge which hid her abdominal muscles. There was something maddeningly erotic about how that belly, topped with a piercing, gently curved upward from the beautiful symmetrical casino şirketleri breasts, only to quickly sweep down to the barely concealed lips of her womanhood.

Asking the butler to assist me, I rolled Cindy’s body into the body bag and after zipping it closed, carried her to the waiting hearse. She was not a heavy woman, despite her above average height.

It took some time to fill out the paperwork, some faxing back and forth between my Uncle and the Governor–monetary arrangements and such–and so Cindy had to wait until the next night before I could begin preparations and embalming.


It was late when I pulled the sheet back to reveal Cindy’s naked glory once more. Her pale blue body seemed smaller than when I last saw her, but that in no way seemed to diminish her beauty. The look of rapture remained on her face, and though I knew I would have to remove those beautiful eyes soon enough, I couldn’t keep from staring at them, even as I removed the toe tag from her foot.

Her skin was unbelievably soft, and I soon found my hands rubbing her foot, massaging it, manipulating it and wondering what it would have been like to make love to Cindy when she was alive.

As if on their own volition, my hands roamed past her ankles and up the silky smoothness of her tanned and muscled legs. I had begun breathing faster, and though I felt my dick stirring in my pants, I wasn’t sure if my increased heart rate was due to desire, or fear of getting caught.

I stepped back, feeling the sickliness of my now-hard cock within its confines. I debated leaving, and moved to cover her with the sheet again, when I took a last fateful look at her.

Her pussy lips were parted slightly now, and having taken the first step, I knew I had to see this through to the end. Despite the chill of the prep room, my desire burned within, and so I was not cold, when I stripped naked, and unleashed my rock hard cock.

My hands roamed up her shapely legs, and pulled her towards me. There was a strange squeak as her ass shuddered across the stainless steel, but the movement pulled at her lips, and I could casino firmaları see glistening moisture on her pubic hair. I bent low to taste her, and was surrounded by the heady smell of her sex mixed with the tang of the piss she released at the moment of her death.

I buried my face in her cunt, and my tongue probed the wonderful crevices between her lips. My heart raced, and I felt as if my cock would explode on the spot as I sucked on her cold pussy. I groaned with ecstasy, knowing that despite her many lovers, I tasted something they never had, and never would–Cindy’s death. It was as if whatever marvelous final experience whisked her away in its embrace, left a trace of that ephermal sweetness between her loins, just waiting for me to savor it.

I was panting now, my mouth and hands working the cold flesh, desiring more and more of her. I couldn’t wait, I had to have her, to possess her. For I was like no other lover of Cindy’s–her body was mine to do with as I would, I possessed her in a way no man or woman ever had, or would again.

I lifted myself onto the table and knelt before her, her calfs on my shoulders, feet flung behind me. Her cunt was open, warm and moist, just waiting for my cock. Her blue eyes–now a faded grey–seemed to look through me, egging me on, begging me to take her.

I leaned forward, my hands beside her slight shoulders, and plunged inward. I gasped as I rammed my dick home. For a woman with her supposed past, she was amazingly tight. It was as if the corpse grasped my cock and began to milk me.

Again and again I thrust my hips, each time slamming the head of my cock home against her dead cervix. Again and again, like a desperate man I drove myself deep inside her, sending the corpse’s limbs and breasts into a frenzy of uncontrolled quaking.

I don’t know how many strokes it was, perhaps five, perhaps five hundred. I could feel the fire burning up my dick from a well deep within me. I clenched tightly, not wishing to end our macabre lovemaking, but finally nature’s response to my unnatural acts could no longer be denied. I exploded, shooting my seamen into the corpse’s güvenilir casino luscious cunt, and collapsed, exhausted on top of her.

I would almost swear as I lay there attempting to catch my breath, feeling my own cum drip past my now shrunken cock, I saw Cindy smile.


The visitation was a lovely open casket affair which was attended by few, and over quickly. I was left with Cindy to seal her casket for burial. I took a long look at the young woman’s corpse.

I had dressed her demurely in a blue and grey skirt-blouse combination. Her smallish breasts pressed pleasingly against the silk blouse which had been unbuttoned just enough to show some cleavage. The pleated skirt was modest, its hem just above the knee. Below it she wore a pair of sheer, nude thigh-high stockings, and a pair of low slung blue pumps.

She certainly didn’t look the part of the wild, sex-addict. But we all have our secrets.

I placed my hand on her nylon clad knee, and slowly ran it up her leg, under the grey pleats. My cock pressed hard against my pants as my fingers tickled her shaved pussy, and felt around the plastic stopper placed therein. My middle finger dipped lower to massage her flaccid, and unplugged asshole.

“Cindy, you slut.” I whispered as I withdrew my hand. Taking a moment to securely lock the doors to the funeral parlor, I return to the viewing room and disrobed.

Reaching underneath the corpse, I turned Cindy over, leaving her to lay on her stomach, face down in the casket. I arranged her in such a way that her ass was propped up and exposed. The climbing into the coffin, I grasped both her asscheaks, pried them wide open, and plowed my cock into her anus.

Ruthlessly, I thrust, pushing her face into the satin lining of the casket, until, one final time, I grasped her by the wait, and clenched her luscious ass close against me. My ejaculation was indescribable, as I knelt there, holding onto the corpse’s ass for dear life, as my cock drained me of seamen, and filled her with it.

Panting, I stepped down and got dressed. I left her like that as I sealed and latched the casket.

Cindy would be buried, face in a satin pillow, her cum dripping asshole exposed and pressed against the satin lid of the casket. Somehow, I knew she’s approve.

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