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Classy girls want black men.I own a firm with a dozen employees. One of my employees , Wendy always comes to work once a month exhausted after she takes a three day weekend. She has marks on her arms and legs that she tries to hide with makeup. She always is in a good mood after her long weekend and I don’t think twice about it. Wendy is a looker for 40 . Tall, short blonde hair, a little heavy , but a “solid” heavy…don’t see any cellulite on her. She measures about 36c-26-36 and 150 lbs.Two other girls in the office Mary Beth and Michelle always talk to me about Wendy and her once a month markings. The three girls get a long well so I told Mary Beth to pry a bit and see what she can find out.Mary Beth is 5’10, brown hair and slim with smallish tits, she weighs about 120 lbs. nice legs and a sexy slow walk. Michelle (whom I always believed is a lesbian is tiny. She has long brown hair that she blows out in that 80s look “big hair “ style . She has no chest at all, is 5 foot tall and weighs 100 lbs. She is sexy and she knows it.So after getting a few drinks in Wendy on a Friday night they found out what is going on with Wendy. Monday they could not wait to get in my office and talk to me. Mary Beth told me that Wendy flies out on Friday night on her three day Weekends to Jamaica and has a Pimp/Master work her for three days! Michelle spontaneously blurted out “I’d like to be her” Mary Beth slapped her on the arm with a grin on her face and said “stop that”. My Mind is racing at this point. I told them to keep talking to her about it and see what they find out.Two months went by and Mary Beth and Michelle are talking to me and tell me that Wendy’s master, Bruno (I’m not k**ding) wants her to bring a girlfriend with her next month. Michelle. Mary Beth blurted out “I’m going” I was shocked , I thought for sure Michelle would be the one to go. Well Then Michelle said “I’m going too”….I without thinking blurted out “Hell, I’ll go too!”Wendy came into my office a few days later with a serious look on her face. She said “You really want to go” I was not expecting that. I said sure. Wendy said “Mary Beth and Michelle are ready” I scheduled a few extra days off for partners and staff because a partner won a very prominent case, if you read the Wall Street Journal, you know about it.. So, the four of us being gone at the same time for a 4 day weekend wouldn’t raise any eyebrows. Michelle came into my office the week before we shut down and she said that Wendy told both of them to buy two full sets of slutty lingerie, garters, stockings, push up half bras, stiletto shoes, makeup and clunky jewelry. Wendy said “that’s what the boys will like.” I will tell some of the following sections kinda paraphrased as Michelle and Mary Beth told me. The day before the trip Wendy opened her purse and gave Michelle two pair of panties, one red with black writing and the other pink with frilly edges and black writing. The embroidery on the front read “I love BLACK COCK” and on the back it read ”BLACK COCK SLUT”Wendy also gave Michelle two funny looking dildos. She said to give one pair of panties and one dildo to Mary Beth. The dildo was small, about 3.5 inches long that had a slightly concaved piece the size of a drink coaster on top at right angle to the dildo. On the concave side it had a piece of soft rubber/plastic obviously shaped to hug and fit a clitoris. Off of each dildo there was a USB cable. Wendy told Michelle that she never had a problem getting this through the screening for carry on luggage. Wendy told Michelle to have her and Mary Beth wear the panties on the flight and have the dildos in their purses.The four of us went through screening and for some reason Mary Beth was questioned about the content of her carry on. Had to open her bag and when the inspector saw the dildo he quickly covered it back up and let her pass. Mary Beth told me that this really made her nervous and horny too! All I could say was “cool”. The Three girls sat in the row ahead of me with Wendy in the middle. Soon as we were airborne Wendy told Michelle and Mary Beth to get to the bathroom and insert the dildos, sit back down and hand her the cables. They both sat back down and Wendy handed them ear buds that were plugged in her laptop and plugged in the USBs into the laptop. Wendy pulled up a program that had both girls listening to black men talking to and fucking white women. They were also instructed to tap Wendy on the leg to get the clit stimulator moving. The more the leg was tapped the more stim that was applied. The stimulator was n ingenious design. It could move sideways, up and down, rotate, or vibrate. And this was all controlled by Wendy’s laptop. The two girls covered themselves with blankets and slid their pants open to get the dildo positioned comfortably. Mary Beth told me that for the next 90 minutes she orgasamd 5 times and Michelle 6 times. I noticed when we got off the plane that they both looked drained. We went outside the terminal and an older black man, I guess about 50, inky black skin, slim and somewhat muscular but not a body builder, appeared to be waiting for us . He was standing outside a taxi. He greeted Wendy with “You look tense you need to be fucked” no hello no small talk nothing. He then looked at the three of us and said “This is gonna be good”.He drove us to a popular high rise hotel (you’ve heard of it) we had two suites with a big living room section and (how did I guess) a door inside going from one suite to the other.We carried our own luggage and the 5 of us went into one suite. As soon a we got in and shut the door He grabbed Wendy by the back of the hair and pulled her down to her knees. He didn’t pull her down roughly…kinda guided her down. Wendy was wearing a tight skirt suit and I’m pretty sure garters. The taxi driver unzipped his trousers and pulled out a flaccid cock. In a few minutes it was hard , thick and long. Wendy appeared to be mesmerized by it. She licked and sucked on it in total silence. Mary Beth Michelle and I stood there in a semi shocked state…we did not know what to do or say.After another minute or two the cab driver said. “I’m Bruno, my whore here has told me about you three. I know you girls had a good time on the jet plane on the way down, That’s just the start. And that good time aint nuthin” Bruno took a bag out of his pocket and poured it on the low dresser as Wendy sucked his cock . She was oblivious to us and just kept moaning, slurping and whimpering. It looked like a d**g store with all the pills, smaller plastic bags and what looked like to be hand cream jars spread out on the dresser. He made four groups of two pills each. The one pill was a Viagra for woman. I’ve heard about this from my girlfriends but never taken one. Bruno ordered us to take the pills after Michelle Mary Beth and I took the pills and washed them down with a sip of soda from a shared can Bruno told us that the other pill was exstacy. Bruno stopped Wendy from taking hers and said “keep sucking daddies cock” Bruno moved what appeared to be about 20-25 more Viagra to the back edge of the dresser. Each pill was separated by 2-3 inches. The three smaller plastic bags had about half an ounce (I’m guessing the amount) of cocaine each in them. Bruno looked down at Wendy and said “get them ready like I told you. We’ll be back at 9” Wendy moaned an OK. Bruno then ordered us to stand put the kitchenette chairs around Wendy and sit in them. He said “lean forward and watch my slut drink my cum” He told Wendy ”put your pills in your mouth and open wide “ Wendy did just that . Bruno stroked his cock for about 20 seconds and shot stream after stream of cum in Wendy’s mouth and on her face. He said “OK now swallow”…Wendy did. Bruno zipped up and left, saying as he left ”you whores are mine” No one answered. Bruno stopped, turned around waked up to Mary Beth, grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulled her face 6 inches from his and “you’re my whore..aren’t you” Mary Beth softly replied “yes” Bruno walked up to Michelle and she was trembling. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and did the same thing. Michelle said “yes” Bruno replied “yes what?” Michelle said “I’m your whore”Bruno looked at me smiled ear to ear and said “ your gonna have a good time.” He then left and slammed the door hard.The exstacy was strange. I did it once before and it did not feel like this. I felt floaty and detached, aware of what was going but kinda tranced unless I focused, then I could function to do things.I’m sure the girls were feeling the same. Wend grabbed Mary Beth and kissed her saying “lick the cum off my face” Mary Beth did. Wendy ordered the girls to go the bathroom and use the enemas that were in there, Wendy did the same. Wendy ordered the girls to get into their lingerie. As Wendy did that also. I did not know this but when Wendy told them to get the lingerie to get it several sizes to small.Mary Beth crammed her tits in a small pink half bra that crushed and pushed up her nipples. Then a matching garter, stockings and pink panties. White high spiked shoes went on next and big clunky earings with a 4 strand chocker pearl necklace. Her short straight dark hair looked great with the pink outfit.Michelle put on a super tight red corset that pushed her tiny tits up. Her nipples were longer then the depth of her tits. The rest of the outfit went on just like Mary Beth’s. Wendy did the same black though with thigh high leather boots over her stockings. All three girls went to the vanity and caked on deep dark makeup. Wendy then ordered Michelle and Mary Beth to get in the bed and start kissing. She told them “don’t do anything else until I tell you too” 20 minutes later Bruno returned and saw the girls in the bed. And told them to start fingering each other until he says stop. Bruno then drew huge lines of coke and made us all snort again and again. He would hold the mirror as Michelle and Mary Beth snorted . They had their other hands buried in each others twats. Bruno told me to strip when I want and do what I want. I kinda replied Ok I was really high. He then ordered Wendy to answer the door and who ever came in she was to drop to her knees and suck them hard. He then grabbed her tits hard and squeezed Then he told her to bend over. Bruno took a flat 3 inch wide and 10 inch long paddle from the dresser drawer and laid into Wendy’s ass hard 5 times. On the second hit Wendy yelled I’m cumming. Bruno stopped and yelled “NO YOUR NOT” Wendy said OK and Bruno smacked her three more times.Bruno was the major player in the area and had the Hotel Maintenance and security staff on his payroll. For the next 30 minutes 25 black men came in, some of the hotel staff were among them. Each one took a Viagra as Wendy sucked their cocks hard. Several came on her as she sucked them. Mary Beth and Michelle laying in the bed were seeing the men arrive and they were getting hornier and hornier but did not remove their hands from each others twat. Here were about 25 black guys in this huge suite all with huge hard cocks in their hands waiting for Bruno to direct them. Bruno told Wendy to get the jars from the table that he had brought with the pills earlier that day. Turns out that this cream is a topological cream for woman’s genitalia that stimulates them. He ordered Wendy to rub some on the girls and then herself. Wendy did that and the intensity of the three girls movements went up noticeably.Bruno then Said “were ready lets go” I didn’t understand what was going on. I was really feeling floaty and high and didn’t care. Bruno called one of the men over and said . Do them up doctor man” The one called doc took out a small folding case and opened it. He took out a 4 small syringes and a vial of ..I don’t know what. Doc then injected the four of us in the upper arm muscle. A few minutes later I was very very high and every black man I looked at I wanted to fuck. I was even blurting out things while I looked at them without any inhabitation. I was saying “I want that cock in my mouth” ‘Get that cock in my tight pussy” I kept saying things like that and believe me my panties were soaked.Bruno took three white bathrobes from the bathroom and threw them at Wendy Mary Beth and Michelle and told them to put them on. It was funny to see the three of them in big white fluffy bathrobes and high spiked heels and fashion stockings. Bruno opened the door and said ” kartal escort lets go” Thirty people started going out the door. Our room was at the end of the hall and we walked to the stairwell door and not towards the elevators. One of the maintenance men opened the door with a key and we started down the stairs. The three girls were so high that three of the bigger black men picked them up and carried them down all 4 flights. I was so wobbly that I put my arm around a mans neck and he supported me while I negotiated the stairs. I made it down I guess because I had on jeans and low pumps. (that was going to change). Out back of the motel were 4 windowless vans with a police van in front. Everybody split up and piled in the vans. Bruno directed us to the last van. It was one of those really long stretch vans with three rows of seats and a small space behind the last seat. Bruno crammed all four of us in there. It was so tight all I could really sense was the smell of the girls perfume and the black men laughing.. We drove for…I don’t know how long and stopped. Funny what you hear and remember..I heard what sounded like a hundred car doors opening and closing. It was just the men getting out of the four vans.We were at a one level motel that stretched for a hundred yards. We walked towards the office and I noticed that the room numbers ran backwards away from the office starting with I think it was number 37. The place was L shaped with the room on one side of the office and a bar on the other side of the “L” Anyone ever see this place ? It is outside of Kingston, really don’t know how far. There was a large space before the first room (#37) and a door with no number. We went in that door the first thing that I saw was movie cameras on tripods and big flood type lights at various spots the room was big..I don’t know, maybe fifty feet by fifty feet. Three were beds in the room. One wall had so many different types of leather straps and restraints I stopped looking at them. In one section of the room was a clothing rack with more lingerie then in Macys. Had to be two hundred pair of kinky shoes along one wall. The men took the robes off of Wendy Michelle and Mary Beth, next I saw them put on leather dog type collars with leashes. They put small brass padlocks on the collars. There was a go-go girl pole in the room and the men stood the girls around the pole. Wendy was locked with about a foot of slack chain. Mary Beth and Michelle were made to face each other and the chain was wrapped around their necks so they were face to face and then locked to the pole. Bruno ordered them to “start the lezzy show” and they started kissing.One of the men opened a closet and started pulling out a bunch of black leather straps/clothes. I had no Idea what the big pile of this leather was for. Another one of the men said “oh shit” and went over and turned on the lights and cameras. He moved them to face the go-go pole and the girls. Mary Beth and Michelle were really getting into kissing each other and Wendy had her hands down their panties and was massaging their pussies. I could not believe this was going on….I didn’t feel any fear, I wasn’t scarred, all I knew was that my crotch was on fire and tingling like crazy. I remember thinking that I would fuck a horse right now and love it.The men started stripping and started putting on these leather strap things. They were actually different types of tight leather shorts (a lot of them had a hole in front that the men pulled their cocks and balls through. Various types of straps went around the chest and shoulders. Most put on high black leather boots. And this was weird but made me hot…they all put on tight head masks with cut outs for the eyes nose and mouth.All the men started stroking their cocks and three of them went to the girls and unlocked them from the pole. One girl went to each bed. About a third of the guys went to each bed. All three were on their backs with their legs up. It looked like no cock was under ten inches with most of them eleven plus inches. No panties were taken off just slid over and a huge cock inserted in each of them. Four or five men were standing around the bed corner where the girls heads were placed and were alternating slapping their cocks on the girls faces, shoving them in their mouths and stroking their shafts. The moans from the girls were interrupted frequently by one of them saying “I’m cumming” Mary Beth was whimpering with obvious pleasure. Michelle was talking dirty telling the men to fuck her mouth hard, “I want that cock in my hole, please cum, please cum” Wendy was giggling as she sucked all the cocks and when she tried to rub her clit she her hand was smacked away and one of the guys told her “you don’t cum till we tell you to” At that she stopped giggling and kept sucking the 5 black snakes surrounding her face.Bruno said “my cum boys, start filling up does tiny white holes” Bruno came over to me and told me that he keeps searching for men (all Jamaican) that have more cum then the current “cum boys” The cum boys six of the group that have the biggest loads of cum. The cum boys are always upgraded as men with bigger loads are recruited. Bruno said that “dees boys have 2 full ounces each for da white girls” I knew that had to be an exaggeration but I could hope it was true. I was excited to see just how much they came. Bruno in a commanding voice told the girls to “listen to me” He said “Wendy and Michelle we get big pillows unda does asses to hold the cum in your boiling holes. The lucky girl will make her three cum boys fill her pussy with all three loads den she get to go over to de other girl and squat face her. Dat girl on de bottom will lick dat cum pussy and if she do good I let her lick de clit and make squat girl have a fun bang. (I figured that to mean orgasm) Wendy made the three cum boys drop their huge loads in her I watched and after each load the next cum boy would not go as deep as the one before to keep the cum accumulating deep in the pussy. Michelle with her ass propped up high had two loads and the third cum boy was close to shooting. He was about to cum and Bruno said “ lube up dat cute little face for the big girls pussy”. The cum boy pulled out and not one drop of cum left her pussy from the first two loads. I thought there cant be that much cum…I felt disappointed. I saw the cum boy slide up and put his cock between Michelle’s flat chest and start stroking. Bruno had two more men in the leather outfits put their cocks close to Michelle’s face and told Michelle “stroke all dat love juice on your pretty little face” Bruno told Michelle to “don’t stop talking dirty till I tell you to” All Michelle got out was “please cum on my face, give me cum, give me cum”….and cum boy came… after stream. All I remember is Bruno saying it would be two ounces. I bet it was. Michelle kept stroking the two cocks as she appeared to start to cum. She got a hard slap on her ass and a voice said “none of that, none of that” Michelle came back from her pre orgasm trance. The cock in her left hand shot a load and Bruno said “DON’T MOVE” 15 seconds later the other came. Now Wendy was ordered to pull her panties back over her cunt and “go squat her face”Wendy did this and Michelle convulsed and came even though she was being told not to. One of the men said “You gonna make up for dat” Wendy’s pussy poured out cum Michelle’s head was propped up slightly so all the cum ran down her face and covered her chest. There was so much it overflowed her push up bra, ran down overflowed her garter and started going over her panties. Bruno had her lift the edge of her panties and said “let dat good man cum cover de outside of your pussy”Bruno looked at me and said …”Now for you” “I said you cant do any thing to me” That had the desired effect. Bruno and another leather clad muscular black grabbed me. Bruno pinned an arm behind me and they both brought me roughly over to the lingerie rack.It looked like the items were kept on the rack according to size. I guess now I should tell you what I look like. I’m 42 with a very distinguished look and presence……ehhh…not at the moment though. I am 5’5 , have short brown hair in a page boy cut. I have a boob job 34d. I was blessed with skinny hips and a round ass. I wear a size 2 believe it or not. Tough finding clothes with my chest. I have a wide smile with extra teeth my dentist tells me. He said my mouth is identical to Carly Simons. A singer in the 70s. At the clothes rack Bruno pulled out a pink corset with 4 garters per side. The top was a push up half cup that was for a much smaller chest. Bruno pointed out the size, “size 0, we squeezing you into all deez fine tings. You feel the pain a bit, but we know it feel good to you” Pink stocking next..too small again and then panties that had to be for a pre teen except for that they were sheer see thru with fancy edging. I put one leg in and the waist alone held tight just around one leg. I forced both legs in a pulled up. Now Bruno put on a tight 4 strand pearl chocker just above the leather dog collar he put on me earlier. My Brazillian waxed pussy was soaked and instantly soaked the crotch as the two met. White high stilettos with straps going around my calves several times ending over the knee were put on I wear a size 6 shoe they forced me into a 4. Next tight pink fingerless gloves were put on that went up to my elbow. Long clunky earrings went on and then…this is weird but I did see this on TV that they do this at raves, a big pink pacifier on a pink ribbon went around my neck. Bruno called out “Lisa girl get ya botty boy ass here” One of the leather clad men came over with a big folding suitcase that popped out legs when he turned it on the side. It reminded me of the thing that street vendors would keep their stuff in when they sold on the sidewalk. This man, He had mannerisms of a gay but Bruno said he was not. He had a HUGE cock sticking out of the leather shorts. “Lisa” opened the case and it had all types of professional make up in it. Lisa told me that it is all special waterproof non removable product. Its not that it is non removable but it will stay on for weeks unless a special removal chemical is used. I was so high I just said “paint me like I’m your best whore” Bruno slapped me hard and said “shut up bitch” It felt good and made my pussy flow. (what the hell was in that shot I got ran through my mind) I then though “I like it”I got the whole face paint whore red lips with highlighted edges , extended eyelashes, dark mascara eye color rouge the whole deal. When he was done “Lisa “ gave me a wet washcloth and said “try to rub it off” I replied “fuck no” and dropped the washcloth. Bruno then put the pacifier in my mouth and attached a leash to my collar and said “time to train all you black cock luvin white whores”Bruno had me sit in a chair with 4 inch legs and a reclining back right next to Mary Beth. Mary Beth was just getting her third load from her “cum boys” I knew what was going to happen next…I never was with a girl before but I wanted it now. The third “cum boy” shot his load as I tilted my head and looked over my right shoulder at Mary Beth Cuming hard…she is lucky Bruno didn’t see that or she would have been punished. Like Wendy’s cum boy filled pussy I did not see one drop of cum leak out of Mary Beth’s pussy. It did look like her belly was bulged up as though all that cum was pushing it up. The last cum boy left and another cum boy knelt between her legs, held his tennis ball sized cock head an inch from her red swollen cunt lips and shot a HUGE HUGE load all over and covering her cunt entirely. He pulled the panties over her twat and another cum boy took his place. He shot his load all over the see thru panties.Bruno knelt in front of me and pulled the my tight panties over to one side. He inserted one of those devices that the girls had in them on the plane. A leather boy sat in front of me and the USB was connected to his laptop. Now I’m blessed/cursed with a very small vagina and Bruno could tell right away. He said “when we are done with you we park one of our vans in there” I almost came when he said that.Bruno told two of the men to pick up Mary Beth, They did, she could stand but was a bit wobbly. She came over and Bruno said “squat her face hard now” I looked up saw Mary Beth bostancı escort skinny legs , see thru cum covered panties and just a tiny bit of her cunt, the rest of it was cum covered. Bruno had her stop about a foot from my face and took the pacifier out of my mouth and put a black strip blindfold on me. He tilted my head back and said “squat her face” I could smell the nylon of Mary Beth’s panties , her gushing cunt and the many many loads of black men’s cum as she ground, pressed and gyrated her crotch on my lips, chin, nose and face. I came over and over. I kept wanting to get her cunt in my mouth and my tongue way up in her pussy.Bruno must have sensed this. He told the black man at the laptop to “start the girl up” At that the clit stim on the device warmed and rotated.. Bruno then took Mary Beth hand (I could peek a little under the blindfold with my head tilted back) and placed it around her ass, she was bent forward at the waist and had her ass jutted out and up in a perfect position for squatting on my face. He made her pull her panties over and squat hard on my face. Her completely shaved smooth pussy melted into my mouth. My tongue went deeply in her hole as she tried to orgasm. Bruno caught the pre orgasm signs and sharply smacked her ass.The cum was pouring out of Mary Beths cunt and ran down my chest. It was so thick it stayed white and did not have that watered look of some cum. It covered me and soaked the top of my panties. The bottom of my panties were soaked from the clit stim doing its job. I could have sucked her cunt for hours but I had my head tilted back further. I felt a huge cock slap my forehead and nose just before it slammed to its hilt in Mary Beths cunt. This cock rammed her over and over as Bruno directed me alternate between licking the fast moving shat and Mary Beth’s cunt. I heard the guy fucking her say “I’m Ready mon” He pulled out ,Mary Beth was pulled away and I felt a man straddle me, I knew it was him that was fucking Mary Beth. Bruno said “You not sure about my “cum boys” “I give you my number one boy to fill your belly” Bruno lifted up my blindfold to my forehead and 6 inches in front of my mouth was the blackest , longest, ugliest, uncircumcised cock Iv ever seen. The owner was stroking it and pre cum was oozing out. Bruno ordered me “open wide, stick your tongue out” I did that and he slid the blind fold back down and the ink black cock slid in. My tits were poking straight up from the push up corset and my nipples were like rocks 1 inch long . I felt warm oil being rubbed on my nipples and then clamps placed on them. I started to cum and Bruno smacked my open thighs with his hand and said “none of that” I somehow stopped from Cuming. Thinking about how my nipples felt and how that made my pussy feel. I forgot about the cock ready to face fuck me. Well all of a sudden 4 inches were in my mouth, and it was stroking. I could never deep throat a cock but I was trying. I don’t know how much I got down but it seemed like at least 8 inches. I heard the black guy say bring the camera close up this is a good one. The cock shot two or three streams of powerful cum in my mouth and then he pulled out and shot stream upon stream on my face. Bruno Kept yelling at me “keep that pretty white mouth open ,stick dat tongue out, wiggle it, wiggle it.That beautiful cock came for 2 minutes….I don’t know how, probably my sense of time was distorted. Bruno took off the blindfold and held a three foot mirror up to my reclined body for me to look at. I was COVERED in cum, all I could think about was more cock and cum.Bruno asked “your pussy ready” I replied “get a cock in me now.” Bruno called over a black dressed in the leather outfit with an inky black 12” cock sticking through the hole in the front of his shorts. He sat down in front of me as I was still in my chair with the tilted back and 4 inch legs. He pulled out the small dildo and took that jar of topological cream and slathed my cunt with it. He slid in one finger and said “this not work, it be breakin my root” I yelled break my fuckin pussy you sissy!” This pissed him off…I was scared . He said you fuckin white girl. You getting all 12 inches with one push fuck you you slut. He was stroking his Viagra hard cock to get it sadistically hard. I could tell he was going to go out of his way to break me. At this time I was surrounded by 6-7-8 I don’t know… blacks in leather They all started jerking their cocks off . The heads were no more then a foot from my cum covered face. They left a space in front of me so I could watch that thick black fuck pole prepping to ravage my tiny hole. I wanted it..I found that I was pulling my knees back further and further pushing my cunt out towards that cock.. He pulled the foreskin back on his last down stroke and I was looking at a cock head that was the size of a tennis ball, a deep dark purple black with a reddish tint to it. The head looked shiny and tight as snare drum like an 8 ball on a pool table. He got up pushed the chair back and I fell hard to the floor. He pulled the chair out and threw it across the room. He then grabbed my legs pushed them back and signaled to two of the men to hold them, they did. The other guys were beating their cocks harder around my face now.The purple head of his cock jammed hard into my cunts door. and stopped for a second. As he waited for my involuntary cunt clinch to stop. When I relaxed he rammed that whole fucking 12 inches in to the hilt. I came and kept yelling FUCK ME FUCK ME. He stroked for twenty minutes . During this time 4 loads were shot on my face. When The cock in my pussy was throbbing I knew he was ready and I tried to pull my legs back even further….he “said my juice is too good for this sluts pussy” At that he pulled out and sat on my chest. He too the chain from the nipple clamps and put his cock under it and slid the big uncut head in my mouth He said ”you swallow every drop or Ill beat you hard.” His cock shot stream after stream into my mouth and I swallowed every drop and loved it. My pussy was tingling like a 4th of July sparkler and wanted more cock.Bruno ordered 4 leather boys to “work her pussy good” for the next 20 minutes I got royally fucked and filled with cum. Now Bruno “said you be the squat girlie” I looked over and saw as one of the men took a black six by three inch thick dildo that had a hole in top and hales all around it. It had a small ridge about half an inch high all around it at the bottom, now past this ridge pointing the other way is a 2 inch wide dildo about 3 inches long with holes in it. This thing had straps all around it. The small end was placed in Michelle’s mouth and strapped up over her head and around over her ears, a bottom strap went down and around under her chin.Michelle layed back and Bruno had me squat my cum filled pussy on the dildo. All that hot black cum ran down the outside of the dildo onto Michelle’s lips but the bulk of the cum went through the holes in the dildo into her mouth. Even though she was getting slapped hard and her tiny titties were getting mauled she could not stop orgasaming. Bruno told her to not swallow…”push all that man cum out the sides of your mouth with your tongue” she tried her best. I came several times even though I was told not to and had my ass slapped hard with a barbers strop. I actually came when he hit my hard ass cheeks.I slid off Michelle’s face and I saw that there was layed out on the bed 8 see thru white bands. They looked tube tops. Bruno said that all four of us are to be laid on the beds, filled with cum , and then have loads shot on our lingerie again. Next we would put on these see thru tube tops We each got two, one for our chest and one for a skirt. We each had I guess ten guys around each of us. All d**gged up on whatever the hell it was we were all moaning talking dirty and begging for cock. We had our cunts filled and we were covered with cum. Panties were slid back over our filled twats and Bruno said “ Keep does legs closed, don’t let one drop out.” The tube tops were excruciating tight and stretched very little. When they were all on you could not only see thru them but you could see our cunt lips thru the panties. We all walked in baby steps one foot in front of the other to keep the cum in out cunts as ordered.Bruno said were going to the bar. He said it’s a bar for black men and white women only. Bruno said Wendy and Michelle don’t have the right attitude yet and need more cum. He had them get on the bed and they each were surrounded by huge blacks and cocks were jammed in them and cumming. Bruno turned to me and said “I’m sending you and Mary Beth to get us beers. You wont need money.”Mary Beth and I baby walked the 40 feet to the bar entrance covered in cum . We went in and went to the bar. 20 or so black men looked at us and several said “oh yea” There were about 10 white girls in the bar also. I said to the bartender “I need beer for the party” without saying a word he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the men’s room. He made me kneel down next to a glory hole and chained my collar with about 18 inches of slack to a hand rail. Next thing I knew a cock came thru the hole. I sucked it. 4 more cocks in the next ten minutes came in my mouth. I was wondering where Mary Beth was. The bartender came in unlocked the chain and took me out. There on the pool table was Mary Beth with a chick sitting on her face and a black stud fucking her hard. Just then the bartender dragged me to the pool table , made me kneel down and took out one of those holed double mouth dildos and stuck it in my mouth. After strapping it on tight he told the guy fucking Mary Beth to shoot his load. A few grunts later he did. The bartender forced me between her legs and slid my mouth dildo in her. He started my head going in back and forth. There was so much cum in her that it was going thru the holes up into my mouth. After a few minutes I was laid on the table and Mary Beth was told to squat on my face. She did..the dildo went in and I was surprised at how much cum was still in her it just filled my mouth. I heard the bartender tell Mary Beth to keep sliding cocks in me until he says stop. I don’t know why but it was almost that the blacks with the huge cocks had premature ejaculation. Each on stroked for no more then a minute and he would unload a huge load. After about 12 loads I saw the bartender strap another holed dildo into Mary Beth’s Mouth. As this was being done some one pulled Mary Beth’s hips up and off of my face and said “two new cum boy tryout” I looked up and saw a huge thick uncut black cock slide into Mary Beth’s cunt. Now as this was being done she moaned thru the dildo in her mouth. I felt a hot thick shaft forcing its way into my cunt…The cock owner said too tight I cant fuck her. All of a sudden Bruno’s ominous voice yelled…”ram it in hard now! He rammed it in and stroked. After about one minute the cum boy in Mary Beth says …”Here is the big load” “I’m gonna dumpty dump too” the other cum boy said . It felt like a garden hose was turned on inside of me He came , I came Mary Beth scream was muffled by her mouth dildo. Both cocks pulled out and I looked up to see a big black hand pushing Mary Beth’s tiny cum filled cunt start to envelope the head of the dildo in my mouth. As she slid down the dildo the cum gushed into my mouth. I felt Mary Bets mouth dildo slide in my cunt. I pushed my hips up as a black man pushed her head down and two black men lifted my ass up to mash my pussy in her face.I passed out They left the dildo in my mouth until I woke up. I looked down and could not believe how much cum covered me. My lingerie was completely soaked thru. And pools of it dribbled off of my chest and belly. Obviously many men jerked off on my u*********s body. Mary Beth was under a table sucking some guys cock.Bruno said ” Time to go’ hold that cum in and don’t drop any. We did our baby walk back to the room. Our nipple clamps and chain joining the two clamps swinging with our walk felt sooo good. When we got inside we saw Wendy and Michelle tied, trussed tight and bound to the beds. Their shaved shiny cunts red and throbbing from the huge cocks and stimulation cream that was heaped on them in the last two hours. Mary Beth and I had our vaginas filled with so much cum…had to be 8 ounces in me…felt like I maltepe escort was walking with a dildo in me. We kept it in with our baby step walk and our panties. We were getting horny looking at Wendy and Michelle tied up and moaning. Bruno went over to Michelle and snapped his fingers by her face. Instantly she started saying in a moanful sultry voice “sit on my face I want your cummy cunt” she would not stop over and over she said this as her hips involuntarily thrust upwards. Bruno went to Wendy and snapped his fingers in front of her And Wendy started saying “Smack my tits smack my ass make me cum” She wouldn’t stop. Bruno Pointed to two leather men and they knelt between the girls legs and slid in their huge cocks. The girls kept repeating their mantras but were now in a type of relieved state as the cocks woked them over. Two more men took out huge holed double mouth dildos. The pussy end was 9 inches long and a good three inches wide. The mouth end was about 4 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. I couldn’t wait to get my horny cunt on one of those and face fuck the shit of Michelles face( I wanted her) The men strapped the devices on faces of the tied up Wendy and Michelle. I could hear them still trying to utter their hypnotic induced mantras with the dildos in their mouths. Mary Beth and I stood there with our cum filled cunts and cum soaked lingerie. Bruno Told Mary Beth “squat the face of that big titted Wendy girl. Mary Beth pulled off her see thru skirt and straddled Wendys face. She had to keep her hand over her pussy to hold the cum in until she was ready to slide down the dildo shaft. Wendy thru the striping of the double dildo saw Mary Beth beautiful skinny ass and legs surrounding her head. She leaned her head forward to aim the head of the huge dildo right at the spot below Mary Beths hand and panties that the head would penetrate. Mary Beth quickly pulled her hand away pulling her panty to her inner thigh and slid down the black dildo shaft in one quick glide. The dildo filled instantly with all of Mary Beths saved blacm mans cum and started dripping heavily into Wendys mouth. Mary Beth had the strength of a wrestler as she grinded her twat ferociously into Wendys face. The black fucking wendy said “shit …take this. He pulled his cock out, placed a huge black dildo in wendys cunt that had handcuffs built into it. He locked Wendys hands in the cuffs and pushed it in all the way for her before Wendy took over the pushing. Now he stuck his cock in Mary Beths open mouth and started cumming . Mary Beth had a violent orgasam as she took that load and ground her pussy in Wendys face. I watched this and saw Michelle still laying there saying “sit on my face I want your cummy cunt” She stared right at me saying this over and over. She was oblivious to the 12” cock rythmicly fucking her cunt and pulling on her nipple clamp chain. Even though she was 24 she looked much younger. Now the guy with the big double mouth dildo stuck another one in Michells mouth and strapped it on tight. Now my juices were boiling over knowing I was going to slide my hot tingly horney cunt all the way down on that dildo until Michwlles nose is touching my asshole. I wanted to put my hand on my cunt to hold in all the cum but took a chance to wait till I straddled her face and hope none pours out on my way over. I was soooo high I told the guy fucking her ….save that cum for my mouth. Bruno said “SHUT UP” and smacked me. He said treat for you ..that be a “cum boy” with two, maybe three full ounces for you. My knees got weak and shaky thinking of that huge uncut cock plastering my mouth and ruby red lips. Bruno said “Now mash that black cum filled pussy in her tiny face like you mean it” I knelt on the bed and put my knees at about chest level with Michelle’s arms on the inside running down her side. I had my hand over my pink see thru panties like Mary Beth did to hold all that cum in. I cant wait…..I pulled the panties over and slid my ready dildo hungry pussy brutally down over that dildo grinding my pussy on her face. She was still trying to say her cummy cunt thing but her words were nothing but a loud gurggaley muffle. I came as the cum poured out of me. Now I told you I have big tits. My tits were swinging as I humped Michelle’s face. I thought I was going to push her head through the bed with my cunt. The guy fucking her slapped my tits and nipples hard and pulled my nipple chains. I knew what was gonna happen I said to him “Cum boy, you got no big cum…Im gonna swallow all you shoot…you cant gag me” The way I felt I could do it. He said in dat case here it come bitch. He pulled out of Michelle grabbed my hair by my ear and slid his masterful big black cock in my mouth. He then grabbed my hair by my other ear and started face fucking me like Iv never been face fucked before. I guess all the coke made my throat numb…Icouldnt tell how much cock was going down my throat but it had to be at least 8 inches. I saw 4 inches out and I knew he had twelve total. Bruno said to him slow a second horseman…. He said to me “you want maybe to suck the whole twelve” I drooled and slurped “please please I want it all down my white whore throat” Bruno made me stop humping Michelle’s dildo and brought over a big mirror of coke . he shot gunned two huge huge lines in my nose then took a good amount put it in some water and said “swish around your throat” I did that and spit it out then he covered his big black finger in coke, jammed it in my mouth and rubbed it all over my cheeks tongue gums, wherever he could. Next he took a lot of coke and told the cum boy to cover his dick with it. He did. Michelle noticed I stopped humping and now she was weakly thrusting her head up to get that dildo going in and out of my pussy. Bruno now put the strip blindfold on me and said “when your lips kiss his belly you got 12 inches of black Jamaican snake buried in your lilly white throat. Suddenly and one of the black men said “put this on your lips” He handed me lipstick. He said “cake it on good” My original permanent lipstick was perfect none came off. So I caked a good layer on top. “Now start humpin that bitchs mouth like you mean it” He slapped my ass hard and I crushed Michelle’s face with my spasaming pussy. I could see a little under the blindfold and could see that the cum boy produced another handcuff dildo like the one in Wendy.He slid it in her tiny shaved cunt and locked her hands in it. He regrabbed the sides of my head by the hair and slid his cock in . I was in pure exstacy I was having one of my rare continuous orgasms’ . They have lasted for over an hour when I have them. The black nasty cock pile drived my innocent white mouth for ten minutes. My mouth was tingle and I was drooling so much saliva. I thought that he was getting that 8 inches in , felt the same. He kept pusing in and out and I was breathing when I could. My cunt juices were just pouring into the dildo and into Michelles mouth. She came a half dozen times. Then one one thrust my lips hit his belly. He pulled out and thrust again…same thing. This went on for five minutes and then Bruno removed my blindfold. There on his belly was a beautiful red circle from my lipstick. He kept fucking my throat and I kept cuming. He said Im gonna shoot my load deep in ya belly. I pushed his cock out and looked him in the eye.” I said you shoot that heavy load from your monster cock in my mouth so I can taste every drop of that nasty black man cum. I can swallow faster then you can fill my pretty little mouth up” He said “we will see bitch”. He held my hair and ears and face fucked me. He started cumming. Bruno grabbed my hair and ears where cum boy had me held. He pulled me back sitting straight up jamming the dildo deeper in me and harder on Michelle’s face. When he did this Michelle started driving the handcuff dildo savagely in her cunt and she came hard. Bruno tilted my head back. This pushed out my huge tits like they were on an 18 year old. “He said open wide don’t swallow. Now fill her tiny mouth up” Cum boy jerked his cock until my mouth was filled it was actually overflowing on the side. I had no gag reflex I was so numb. Mary Beth laid down next Michelle and Bruno told me to get off Michelle and get that cum on Mary Beth’s face and mouth. I popped off Michelle and covered Mary Beth with cum and kisses. I looked up and I saw what appeared to be a bunch of new blacks come into the room and done leather outfits. Last thing I remember was laying on my back watching a hard hard 12” cock slide in my cunt. I looked to the right and Michelle was surrounded by a blacks. I looked to my left and saw Mary beth on a bed with many blacks around her I looked past the black that was working his 12”er in me and saw wendy on a bed with a bunch of blacks fucking her. I returned my gaze back to the 12”er now buried all the way inside of me. Then the pillows supporting my back were pulled out and I was gently lowered flat on the bed . A huge uncircumcised black cock slid in my mouth and I sucked. My last look around I saw six or seven big black cocks pointing at my face being jerked off vigorously. There was just sleep / blackout periods for a while. I would wake when a load of cum was shot on my face or in my mouth. How many men came in me and on me I have no clue. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw were 4 bouquets of red roses on the dresser. A quick look around and I realized that I was back in the luxury High Rise that we originally checked into 2 days ago. Michelle was next to me in one bed. Wendy and Mary Beth were in the other. All three were not awake. I was wearing very expensive soft, plush cotton pajamas that felt marvelous on my skin. I saw the three girls were dressed in the same pajamas.I went over to the roses and there were four envelopes at the base of each vase. No name appeared on the envelopes. I opened one and there was 10 one hundred dollar bills in it. I looked in the others and they all had money, I didn’t bother to count the others, seemed to be the same amount in each. A note written with beautiful script hand writing. Read… “ Good Morning, We brought you back and I had some of my girls clean you up inside and out, put some fine night clothes on you and get you to sleep. I’m gonna make 50 thousand US with the movies . payin the boys and the police brings me to a good 35US . I want you to go buy some nice tings for next time.My brother lives in little Jamaica in the city. In two weeks he will call you and give you an address. You and the three friend will buy skirt suits two or three sizes to small for you…the smallest you can get into. Garters, No pantyhose. panties, half push up bras and sheer see thru blouse tops. Each of you have different colors. You two with long put it up in buns, also your wear big black glasses. You be counsel, you look da part. If dey be da same you gonna pay dearly. You go to the address and don’t plan to leave for two days.When Michelle read this aloud later that morning Mary Beth said “I’m wearing the same color” Back to the letter…..”By da way next month we be preppen you da same way. My police friends be takin you to the big house..dat be the prison, for two days. Dey some rough rough boys in there.Mary Beth took off her pajamas and said “I’m so fuckin horny I cant wait” and got next to Wendy and started kissing her . Her hand shot straight to Wendy’s crotch.Michelle grabbed her pussy hard and whimpered to me “squash face me” and she laid on the bed propping her head up with three pillows.I pulled off my pajama bottoms and straddled her head. I kept my now wet crotch 6 inches above Michelle’s face. I looked around and started talking to her, teasing her…”What do you want baby? You need to lick sweet sweet pussy? I was goin on and on getting us both so friggin hot. I couldn’t stand it any more. I mushed my slit into her face and Michelle rub her clit a blurring speed and came hard hard hard. Her yelling moan was muffled by my soaked pussy.We were like sex junkies Its been a week since we have been back and when in the office and no one can see us we will look at each other and put grab our crotches really hard and rough and look at each other and smile.Bruno’s brother Ephraim called , He gave us an address and said that he has a big party planned. And that we better follow Bruno’s instructions.The four of us are taking our thousand dollars and going shopping together tonight. Wendy, Michelle and Mary Beth don’t know this yet but I made a reservation for the four of us in a seedy Bronx motel. After shopping for sexy lingerie and thinking about the next few weeks I know we will all need to cum.When I recover I’ll post what I remember from Ephraim’s party.HC

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