Clay and Josh Paul and Jeremy Meet up at the party

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Clay and Josh Paul and Jeremy Meet up at the partyIt finally got dark, and Clay and Josh were full of nervous energy. They didn’t know a lot about what they would see at this party, but the way the couple had described it to Clay, it should at the very least be a hot bunch of speedo wearing guys. At the best, a wild orgy of guys into speedos, who are fit, and have no limits. Josh and Clay decided to wear their tight University shirt and footy shorts over their speedos on the way to the party. From the 3 pairs Paul had given each of them they decided to go with the white with the silver lettering with the word ‘Dance!’, but they brought the low rise microtini black pairs in the car. Josh had called Paul and arranged to meet him and his Fuck Buddy at the mall at 6:30 than the 4 of them would drive over in Paul’s jeep. By the time Josh and Clay got to the Mall, Paul was already there. Jeremy, ran over from his car, with him looking like he just got out of the pool. Wrapped in a short towel at the waist, he had on a red speedo—actually, adidas brief on and as he climbed into the back, he put on his shades and ball cap and leaned back in the seat showing off his perfectly chiseled body, slabs of pecs, arms as big as Clay’s, and a nicely even tan. Jeremy made introductions to his friends, named Molly, Gina, Chrystal, and Vivian Viagra. Paul’s jeans were unbuttoned, and open showing his pink N2N, and a shredded white muscle shirt showing his armband tattoo of wire that formed out of the haz mat symbol. Josh and I looked like we were on a field trip in matching Uni shirts, different footys. Josh’s were blue and pulled down on his hips in the front and showed the top of his suit. Paul said they were going to a sex party, not a high school dance, but Clay pointed out that couples get more attention, and they are college boys, and they will be a novelty at the party. All of the Jeep full looked pretty damn hot, but with the top down, the guys were in the blazing sun for the hour drive into the canyons. Josh and Clay started sweating and their armpits and down halkalı escort their backs. By the time they got to the Mediterranean style villa on a mesa overlooking the beach, everyone had a nice sheen to their bodies, and they added some baby oil to make their muscularity shine. As they put oil on their skin, they jumped up to the clouds, rinsed with mouth wash, and walked up to the gate and rang the bell.By this time, the sisters of the alphabet were working nicely, Clay was hard as a rock, and he wanted to make out with Paul and Jeremy. Just then an older white haired man, Lucas, with a crew cut, ripped abs, wearing white slick it up short running tights and a white tie, and white gloves. He asked their names, and checked them off the list, took us to portion of the garage where there were 30-40 lockers, benches, and mirrors. He asked that everyone strip down to their swim wear, caps, glasses, cock rings, were okay, but nothing else—no cell phones, shorts, harnesses, butt plugs, etc.The couple who had invited Clay – Todd and Mark – came over to the group, and reintroduced themselves to Clay, and they both kissed him and their hands were everywhere. Todd had on a Black TIM brief, that he was clearly busting out of, and Mark had on some red ‘Titan’ branded Haz Mat briefs. They were shown where the restrooms were, including showers, personal hygeiene accessories, and supplies of lube, cuffs, gloves, poppers, leashes, collars, hoods, etc. – enough to open a Fort Troff store.Todd and Mark led them to a handful of guys standing at the bar while a 40’ish man in a Koala Olympic swimmer busied himself making pitcher of drinks. Mark leaned over to Clay and said that isn’t alcohol in that pitcher, so go slowly. Mark presented the four new guys, in their speedos, lightly oiled, lightly sweaty, hard cocks, and joining in with tweaking nipples, and playing grab ass. Kym walked up and welcomed them, with a kiss, and Jeremy turned and gave him a deep French kiss. Kym smiled and taksim escort said… “Yes, these men are very welcome.”They walked through the house to the den where TIM porn was on the screen, and Todd was fucking some muscle bound latino dude. He said that he did videos a few years ago, and that was the distant past – for film studios and profit. Another screen had a home movie of some guy licking another guy all over, both were wearing speedos, and there was a guy on his cruisy profiles, but the screen was projected onto the wall, and everyone was suggesting what he should say. Kym introduced the foursome – new meat – to the group with a little bio of each dude, including, sexual preferences, cock size, willingness to bottom, and our most favorite cruisy website. Kym was a 40 something year old guy on Spandex-party, who looked after himself and was the social media dude. Kym was wearing a pair of purple and black stripped speedos and was sporting a nice looking tent in the front of them. Sitting beside Kym was Zach. Zach was an angelic looking 24 year old, with black hair with red highlights Zach had on a pair of speedos that matched Kym’s so it didn’t come as a shock when Zach was introduced as Kym’s boyfriend.In the indoor hot tub, on the other side of the room were Matthew and Toby. Matthew was in his 30’s, had a hairy chest and a goatee. He had on a green speedo with a healthy size tent in it. Toby was all of 17 and very wiry looking. He had shaved brown hair and a very slim build. I wasn’t able to gauge the size of his cock because Matthew had his hands all over it giving it a good rub.Kym then led the group to the patio and pool to meet the guys who had been swimming. Scott was in his 30’s with dyed blond hair and a swimmers build. David, also in his 30’s had a shaved head. The last one we got to meet wasStewart, Todd and Mark’s boy. Stewart would have been in his early 20’s, had a solid wrestlers body, a crew cut of black hair. His eyes were a captivating brown and his arms like tree trunks. “I’ve been looking şişli escort forward to meeting you, Clay, after all of what Todd and Mark told me of you and Josh.” he said offering his hand to shake. Clay bent over to shake, and French kissed him without invitation or permission. All three men liked that. Kym asked everyone to come to the patio and reminded everyone of the rules for the evening. 1. Kym told us we were welcome to use any room in the house but we had to agree to the house rules2. If the door if closed, don’t open it.3. Speedos must be worn at all times unless you’re having sex.4. No Means no, unless you g-out. If that happens, every guy there will breed you until you wake up—if you wake up.5. If you do it in front of others, they are allowed to watch, and may try to enlarge the play circle. If you don’t want don’t want them to watch go into a bedroom and close the door.6. There is ample lube, toys, and accessories. Please use them and return them. 7. Play is being photographed and video streamed for Kym’s website, if you don’t want your face in the picture, don’t get in front of the camera. No one owns anyone.8. Clean up your own cum, and that includes from your bottom’s asshole. 9. The servers will leave once the refreshments are consumed, beverages are at the bar.10.Kym is excluded from all rules… It’s my house.Everyone all agreed to these rules and we four were taken on a tour of the interior of the house. It had 5 bed rooms, more than enough for the night’s events. Each room was decorated pretty simply. A Flat Screen and DVD was on in each room, but there were cameras on tripods and overhead. There was a giant shower for four, spa bathtubs for up to 6 people in the master suite, and a large finished basement, equipped with all of the dungeon furniture, and accessories needed. Finally, they were back at the locker room where they cleaned out, put their arrival attire on the side, and charged out to the meeting spot., Josh found the full size showers for 12, sauna, steam room, massage tables. Paul and Clay looked the most excited about this area.Everyone went out and took seats around the pool and started talking. Clay was glad that Paul had come as his outgoing personality helped the new dudes (ground chicken) break the ice with the others, and Jeremy was hot and smoldering sex in a Speedo. Todd, Mark, Josh and Clay sat on the pool edge getting to know each other.

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