Club P HD6363


Club P HD6363Arrive at the club in very questionable attire the usual but functional dress. Strapless, Cut out at the front revealing all your cleavage leaving little to the imagination of the other men as we enter. Many men take notice but also take full view of the young stud on your arms. Decked out in white long sleeve shirt, red jeans and white loafers with a classy gold chain. Portraying that not only am I younger and hotter than them but in a much better financial position. This sends fear in them bringing any thoughts of bringing you home with them to a halt. Now that we’re in the club it’s time to start things off right and what a better way to do that than with alcohol. I’m talking the good stuff after all I am a baller. Hennessey as a starter head straight to it because we’re there to party it’s no fucking social gathering. Sling it way back until we feel the rush through our bodies and the heat gets us hot. Kicking in me Ima just put my hands around you at the bar. You know the club dark even better for us to get freaky. Only thing on my mind is the sticky sticky…damn canlı bahis but you already knew that. Let you finish your drink while I nibble on your ear. Use my tongue as a tracer and just outline your ear. Open my legs wide brace my crotch on you until there’s no air passing through. By this time you’ll know that you’re in for a hell of a night. Put your glass down at the counter and take you to the dance floor. This is where the fun starts with our bodies loose the only primal instinct is to get sexual. With the club music turning up and your ass shakin. I pull my car up to your butt stop. Place one hand on your thigh and just grind away. Rubbin on you until I feel friction. Taking fast and hard, flushed with emotion I just grab on to you and moan to the ceiling. Feeling the pressure, just press my feet down to brace for your tidal wave. Already moaning out of control, sweat running down my balls and precum on my pants I put it down slow. Take my time away from the rush to the slow grind, moving to your rhythm; in perfect sync with your body. Falling apart from your bahis siteleri sensous moves I reach down under and give a quick thug on your panties while letting my cock pulsate on your body. Whisper in your ear “Pretty I think it’s time for a bathroom break”. With your signal we’d head into the stall. Back you up against the wall show you I mean business. Kissing on your neck leaving red marks to spot my previous locations. Take my hands and jus roll the dress up. One move to expose your see through panties. Kissing your lips like fine wine that I’ve never tasted. Letting my tongue get lost in your mouth as our tongues twist. Then a quick smooch and move my way down your hips. Bend down on my knees saying “Let me be your servant”. With your approving nod I close my eyes and let the sweet smell of your pussy guide me to the promise land. Once there I take the scent in like fresh breeze in spring. Gnawing from the outsides of your panties until I can taste your juices seeping through unto my lips.Suddenly the stall door opens; in my response I lay on my knees and use my left güvenilir bahis hand to move your panties aside. The door closes as they observed our love activities and my none responsive behavior to their entrance. Using my right hand I take the left side of your labia open to where I begin to feast. This time hungrily and more vicious than rabid dogs. Like a b**st possessed awoken by the produce of a woman. As I went on you held the walls with immense force. I could hear the feeble board cracking under your strength and the room echoed of our engagement. The bathroom now ours with patrons saying only one word to anyone who seeks relief. “It’s occupied”. Taking you to the heights of pleasure as only I can you began closing your legs tightening my head signaling me to push further as this was the final leg of the race to orgasm. Taking deep breaths to continue the hurdle I persevered to end where I received my reward. A mouthful of delicious cum flowing unto my face down to my neck. This is what I’ve been waiting for the sweet nectar of this woman coating my teeth with her goodness. You bellowed out as you came, pushing the walls from their supports unto the floor. In shock of the stall walls falling I got up fixed my clothes and we dashed out of the club heading home to continue the fun.

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