Coast to coast with mom’s best friend

Churning Butter

Coast to coast with mom’s best friendHi I’m Mike and I just have to get this off my chest. See it was my mom’s idea that I drive her best friend to Hollywood ca. Sure I was moving there myself but I was going to sell my car and fly but [ I will call her Shelly not her real name ] was scared to fly and with me moving in with them mom talked me into driving her friend home to her husband. Her husband [ I will call him Bill ] got me a very good paying job making movies like himself. You work maybe 6 months out of the year and make, well more then enough to pay the bills plus, lets put it that way.Bill is the only one of us not born in Florida, Shelly and both of my parents and myself were born in the Daytona area. Shelly is what I call a real beach bunny, blond blue eyes and a body that well lets just say that Bill is one lucky guy. Now Shelly is still can wear everything she wore when she was 19 even thou she is 34 now but looks in her early 20s, as for myself I’m 21 and I’ve been told that am good looking by many of my female friends. I stand 6′ 4″ and come in at 190 with black hair and blue eyes which seem to girls love.Anyway way getting to the drive. Mom was all tears as Shelly and me waved goodbye and as soon as we rounded the corner Shelly said to me ” It’s sure going to be great fun just you and me on the open road without a care in the world. Seeing the sights and maybe we can find some places we can have a few drinks and dance the night away as well.” As she said that she had a different kind of smile of her face and then put her hand high up on my thigh leaving it there. I never thought of her as being hot before but I looked at her body in a different light. I mean she was my type thin bahis firmaları without being skinny and with perky tits and as I thought about it a very nice ass. Being near the beach I have seen her many times in a bikini and I remembered how good she looked in it.We didn’t even get near the state line and she was saying that we should stop for the night and get our rooms before it got to late. She found a place using her phone and she got the rooms and after we checked we both wanted to shower before we went for dinner. I met her outside of her room and man she looked good in a sun dress that I could see she was braless and her nipples were visible through the dress and if the light was behind her she may as well been nude. Hey I’m not complaining at all but I felt myself getting aroused looking at this very sexy lady who wanted my arm around her as we walked to the diner.I don’t drink much but Shelly had a whole bottle of white wine with dinner and once we were finished wanted to go dancing at this place just around the corner. Now I knew why she wanted to stay here. Once inside she ordered me to let my hair down and have something to drink so I ordered a beer and she got into the hard stuff. As soon as our drinks hit the table she had me on the dance floor showing me her moves and what moves they were. After the first fast dance the next one was slow and she had her arms wrapped around my neck as she whispered into my ear ” I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep my hands off of your body tonight.” as she kissed my neck and flicked her tongue on my ear.We stayed there dancing and her drinking a whole lot more. I had two beers which I didn’t drink most of them knowing at the rate Shelly kaçak iddaa was going I would have to carried her back to the motel. About midnight I told her that it was time to get some sleep and for us to go. She give me a pouty look but said ok. I had to half walk her and half carried her to her room. Once we got to her room she couldn’t stand on her own anymore and she said ” Put me to bed, you sexy hunk of manhood you. “I opened her door putting her on the bed as I turned to leave she said ” I’m to drunk to get undressed so can you help me, please? ” batting her eyes at me with a sexy smile then licking her lips in a way that I knew what she wanted but it was her husband that got me my job and I wasn’t about to screw that up. So I said I would get her out of her dress then she had to get some sleep. I started to try to get her dress up and as I did she unzipped my pants and had her hand inside in a flash grabbing my quickly hardening cock. She said ” I want this inside of me Mike, make love to me Mike, make me yours.”I told her to behave herself that she was married to a great guy and I wasn’t going to do anything to up set him in anyway. By now she had pull my cock out and was trying to get it in her mouth. As for me I had her dress up to her arm pits but I could get it over her head with her hands on my cock and her mouth now taking most of me deep inside her mouth. Fuck I knew that if she kept that up that I would give in and fuck the shit out of her and as I tried to pull her away without hurting her she pulled back just long enough to get her dress over her head. Her tits were firm maybe B cups and I wanted so bad to grab them and play with them but I had to think of Bill her husband.Shelly kaçak bahis in that second I took looking at her tits she was on me again this time knocking me over as she jumped on top with her tiny panties in my face and her nose hitting my zipper as she took me down her throat. I thought maybe if I get her off she will stop this and remember that she is a happily married woman to a great guy. I pulled her panties aside and went down on her sweet hairless pussy. She started hammering her pussy into my mouth when her orgasm hit her which took maybe a minute for her and that’s when I found out that she’s a squirter. She half filled my mouth with her cum and I also had it up my nose and in my eyes burning like they were on fire.I moved to get out from under her and she is so quick even being as drunk as she was. She spun herself around and the next thing I knew was she had me deep inside her tight sweet pussy as she started to ride me telling me to fuck her hard. I grabbed her and as I tried to get her off of me she dug her finger nails into my sides saying fuck me, you bastard, fuck me. Well my girl friend at home broke up with me two weeks ago and I’m not one for jacking off which means my balls were over flowing and needed to be drained.I give up and started fucking her back and when I pinched her nipples she went off like a wild woman with me right a long with her. I could feel her pussy go tight then back off before going tight again as her cum squirted all over my pants which I still had on. She laid down on top of me kissing me hard on the mouth before saying ” You have no idea how many times I got myself off dreaming of doing this to you. ” Ok I know it was wrong but I kissed her back and told her that I had more then a few wet dreams about her as well.We had planned taking 10 days to drive from coast to coast and this is only the first day, holy Christ this is going to be not what I had planned at all.

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