Collecting my wife from the ferry


Collecting my wife from the ferryWith English not my native language I’ll try to give you an inside what happened lately..At last … After spending 2 weeks abroad I could collect my wife from the boat in Rotterdam.The past 2 weeks have been sexually low profile and of course I had seen myself several times jurked off while looking at photos and videos of her by me/us reviewed. Also XHamster I had regularly visited. But masturbating yourself remains a placebo; She does it differently and I’m not nimble enough to her mouth to imitate.And there I was , awaiting the disembarkation. She had to come as one of the first of the boat coming down as a foot passenger and despite 24 ½ years married with her I felt my heart beat like crazy in love as a teenager.There she was then, unfortunately thick dressed up as coming from some 27 degrees to 13 invites doesn’t really invite for airy clothes. A delicious embrace with hot kiss and we were together again. I took (a lot of) suitcases in the car and on the way home around 9.30 in the morning.I had her already proposed from Rotterdam a day of Zealand to do with hotel (bath) but the next morning she had to to the fysiother****t so was not really a good plan.Once underway the small talk started and I told her how I had missed her. Her answer: “Yes, my pussy sure?” Yes of course, also your pussy but also those nice boobs who are after all, very nice (DD). Great things to play with! I asked her if she wanted to get them out and she slowly lifted up her shirts but a bra took from me the view. I told her to get rid of that BRA and while the cars around us left and right reason she began to remove her bra. Eventually that BH landed on the back seat and I had great view, as I call them, summer delights while my cock started to grow and I occasionally put my hand on that delicious boobs.She didn’t dare to sit topless next to me while we drove into a que so one shirt separated my view from her nice boobs. Despite my: “don’t give a damn and take them out, they also have a nice start of the day” it didn’t happen.Interested she asked how “my delicious dick felt and whether he had missed me”. Of course I had to answer that question in the affirmative. She laid down her hand on my dick and rubbed fatih escort very gently with her flat hand. Well, my master found that nice and I felt the tingling through my balls while the traffic speeded up again.Despite my earlier request for a skirt to wear, having regard to the temperature, she wore a pair of jeans. I really wanted to just touch her pussy without barriers and asked her to get rid the pants. Funny to see how she struggled to get out of her jeans but eventually the pants was on her ankles including slip and I could feel her nice pussy but of course without really good view of it.She obviously had had the time to shave herself during the holiday because I felt a perfect shaved pussy, as I like to see/feel.After a half an hour away I said I had to pull aside the car in a parking lot at Tiel because I had to pee which I did. Her pants still hung on her ankles and I walked back to the car. Instead of walking around the car I walked up to the passenger side and opened her door and crouched. Now I had a good view of her shaven pussy and touched it with my right hand while scanned the area. I thought I was going crazy and after some rubbing I stopped my middle finger in her warm cave. I came up and I was so horny that I would’ve liked to put my cock in her mouth but didn’t … With the proven method with my finger in the “come here motion” I was right on the G-spot and she began to pant while cars stopped in front of and behind us. Her juice ran over my finger and I just decided to put an end to and with all possible urgency to drive home while my cock almost exploding. I also felt all the precum come and was light in my head.About half an hour later we came home, and she wanted to unpack the suitcases. I asked her if she was crazy and told that we were going to have a treat inside of each other to enjoy … I was about to jump.In advance I had prepared the bedroom by putting down meringues (she finds them delicious) and chilled bubbles as well as some roses. Of course, I had destroyed one of the roses and had trown petals in bed, and… what we never do, put on the heating in the bedroom.The front door was closed now and she wanted to go in front of me up arnavutköy escort the stairs. I told her that I had no problems with that but not dressed! So take off those clothes and then you can go in front of me while I look at you!My wife has her own little will but she undressed herself and went up to the bedroom. Meanwhile also my clothes were laying in the hallway and I had intended to give her a nice massage with fine oil. I had to force myself not to stick my cock in her despite the fact I was so terribly horny.She walked into the bedroom and saw the preparations. “Aaahh, how sweet but Jesus , it’s so hot” was her response. I told her that because of the heat there is no need for quilts (she’s quite a chilly person) and that the oil would be almost already at the right temperature ;-).She laid down her belly and started to eat her pastry while I rubbed my hands through the oil in her lower back after which I began massaging my baby. “This is new, never during a pastry food nicely massaged” she said and I just went on. At one point I leaned over to get between her shoulder blades and touched her bottom hit with my hard dick .”And now stop that semi-soft hassle! Please bang me! “she said as I hadn’t intended to wait as long as possible. My question whether she liked it or not made her next response.. “Of course I find it delicious but after 2 weeks I’ve got the right to be fucked by that cock of you so no excuses and bang your pussy .. right now!”What was I supposed to do here?! Still on her stomach while she brought up her butt a bit, I moved my rod in her jizzy wet cave. Sometimes you make yourself so crazy in the head (and that’s exectly what I had done) I already after about 8 strokes came in her hot pussy and, she very sweet said to me, she had waited 2 weeks for that feeling.”But do you really think yourself that you’re done already you lazy fuck!? she said and turned around and licked the last drops of my dick.We sat next to each other while the first drops of my sperm leaked from her delicious cunt. “I know something but my cock is on the weak side,” I said and reached into the nightstand where a previously purchased WeVibe3 (recommended) is laying bağcılar escort around where she hasn’t had actually not much fun with so far .”When you suck my dick to put it back on its feet I’ve a way to keep you warm,” I said as I turned 180 degrees with magnificent view at her injected cunt. Carefully I put the Vibe in her, with sperm-filled, pussy and turned the Vibe on gently vibrate which caused a shiver through her body. With my half erected cock for her face she didn’t need no instructions and started delicious to suck my pleasure stick while I made the Vibe (with the remote control) run all kinds of programs. It pleased her because the muscle contractions and pants told me that it is was good. Also the fact that they started to suck harder and harder reinforced my perception.I am 57 years old so it takes a bit longer but at some point she had my dick back in fuck mode and of course she noticed while sucking as hard as she could.”Fuck your slut” I heard her say and turned to me. “And no excuses, please bang me, your horney slut!!” The Vibe still vibrating in her pussy I pushed my pole inside her next to the Vibe (that’s the intention of that thing) and left my pole, as far as I could, resting in her cave. Well, that was a good move!She threw her legs up and I felt her shocks while the Vibe also vibrated my cock head. Jesus, what a heavenly feeling!! The combination of the Vibe and my hard dick did her shocking cum while I held my pole just static in her pussy. “Bang me,bang me, please bang me” she continued to scream and I pulled my cock back out of her delicious pussy for the first time while I of course touched her awesome tits.And again she came!! Holy smoley, what a hot whore I thought when all of a sudden I felt my balls pinching towards a climax again. For the 2nd time cumming within the hour is for me about 30 years ago..Then she responded with violently screams while my seed was planted in her again. When I came in again inside her with the Vibe still on was one of the best sexual experience. The score turns out 3-2 in cumming but have never been so happy with losing!! After the Vibe was out she ordered me to take a picture of her dripping cunt so she could see for herself what happened with my/our cum.For dessert, and that I had never seen her, she said ” I want you to lick my pussy clean” so again I turned around into position 69 and started to lick her cunt and eating my own cum. She also attended to her cleaning job did and she licked my cock clean.The oldies still in the game … My love (still) for you still is endless.

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