College Bartenders Serve It All

Cream Pie

The party was in full effect as you walked across the entrance hallway, surveying the action. Things were abuzz as you grabbed a champagne flute off the first tray to walk by and took a quick sip. You felt energized knowing the new dress looked great on your toned body and that plenty of heads were turning in your direction, from both men and women. The white tube top dress was ever so flowy around the legs, stopping just around your knees to give a great view of those smooth, strong legs, which were capped by a pair of sexy black heels. There was a cute black lacy looking belt right under the chest, that helped draw eyes upward toward your perky tits. The bare arms and shoulders showed a powerful upper body that looked every bit as sexy as the rest of your body. Finally, the vague outline of a bra tan was really just an extra tease for everyone whose eyes lusted after you.

It was nice to be there, the opening of a new drama building at the local college. You loved performance art, and it was an enjoyable little one act-play that some of the students put on before the party. In your mid-thirties, you loved the youthful energy of a room like this, and felt confident that you looked only a few years out of school. So it was time to enjoy yourself and your night out.

As you waited in line for a second drink, you couldn’t help but notice that the bartender was cute. It felt wrong, but you were drawn to his green eyes and big smile as he passed wine and beer across the table. He had to be around 21 or 22, and you were enjoying the eye candy. He had to grab something from behind the low bar table and you stared at his ass while he bent to pick it up. When it was your turn, you smiled and stared right at him.

“Henry. What can I get you?”

“Anything you want,” you replied without thinking.

Then in a cockier than polite voice he said, “we might be able to arrange that.”

After handing you a glass of wine, he whispered that he was finished with the shift in five minutes and you could meet him in a hallway beyond the entrance hall for a tour of the building. He flashed a look at his buddy on the other side of the bar, another bahis firmaları strapping lad, who looked jealous at the interaction. Your body shivered as you contemplated whether or not you should follow through, and what he had in store.

A few minutes later you found yourself instinctively walking toward the back hallway. You had finished the glass of wine and decided to go for it. You already felt your body reacting to the naughtiness of what you were doing, getting more excited with every step. You finally found him, leaning against the wall near a door. He motioned you around a corner to another hallway, totally deserted.

Not having said a word this entire time, he took a key from his pocket, unlocked a door and held it open. He looked you straight in the eye and said, if you want to go in, it’s going to get messy. You giggled and stepped forward. His hand grabbed your ass, squeezed it, and pushed you in. You heard the door close softly behind him. Before you could turn around, both of his hands were at your waist, pulling your ass into him. You felt his hard cock against you and his warm breath on your neck as he started kissing you. It had started, and you had no idea what would happen next.

As your mind swirled, you felt his hands slide down your thighs, and reach below the dress. One hand came up and pressed down onto your lace panties right over your clit. You moaned as he started rubbing you. His other hand stayed in the back, finding the top of the thong and sliding it down as he continued fingering your now exposed clit. Having him pressed behind you was already sending your body into intense pleasure.

The scene was hot. This young college kid was holding you to him as his fingers made small circles over your clit. The black lace thong that was hiding under your white dress was now at your ankles, as your legs buckled gently against his embrace. You felt his fingers momentarily stop pleasuring you and you gasp for air. In an instant, his hands are tightly around your hips, he lifts you up in the air and spins you towards him. The panties go flying and as he sets you down, his hands fly up your body, bringing the kaçak iddaa dress up and over your head in one fluid motion. Your body covered only now by a lacey black bra was not going to stay much longer, so you unhooked it and flung it to the side.

Now this young man could have a perfect view of your entire naked body. He took it all in, you could see the bulge pressing hard against his black dress pants. You needed it. The lust filled you as you dropped to your knees and hungrily grabbed at his pants. Fingers move deftly to undo the belt, and then the zipper. You reach up and pull down his black boxer briefs and give him a big naughty smile as you hold his thick cock in your hand. As he looks back at you, you open your lips and give it a nice warm kiss. Then you slide your tongue all over his shaft, following it up and down. It was hard when you grabbed it, and it feels even more solid deep in your throat now.

His hands come down to your shoulders, and he pulls you even further on his cock. Your body is on fire feeling him control you like this. As you think that, he looks down and tells you to stand up. You slowly get to your legs, shaking with more anticipation. He grabs your ass and lifts you up to lay you down on a long table. The cold against your back quickly fades as he bends down and puts his tongue to your clit. You close your eyes and enjoy the feeling. His hands pull you into his face as every part of you enjoys this moment.

Your man shuffles between your legs and you hear some noise from something he must have knocked over. Too intent on the moment, your head is back, eyes closed, his fingers slide inside you with his tongue pressed down. Those pussy lips are soaking wet as he shuffles again. You feel a third finger inside you and then a hand turning your head. As it rolls to the side, your lips are forced open by what feels like a very thick cock. It pushes down your throat and feeling the tongue still against your clit, something clicks in your overly aroused mind.

Opening your eyes finally, you see the buddy from down the bar standing over you, looking lustfully at your mouth sucking him off. His hands massaging your kaçak bahis chest as the first guy flutters his tongue over your clit. The realization that all of this is happening sends you over the edge and your body seizes into the first of many orgasms of that evening. As you come down, you peer down your body to see Henry standing up, giving you a wink as he pushes deep inside that perfect pussy of yours. Your hand strokes the friend as the other cock pounds you hard and steady.

You move your body to meet them both, hands grabbing your ass, your hard nipples, everywhere to keep you aroused and feeling sexy. The attention has you so hot and even having just come down from the last orgasm, you feel your body shake again. They both laugh at each other, as Henry pulls out with a pop and comes over to your side.

“Kevin, your turn,” he says gesturing between your legs. At least now you know his name. After he has watched you cum.

In no time, Kevin is filling you inside with his cock. He is about the same 9 inches as Henry, but a bit thicker. You bite your lip as he thrusts. Henry has his mouth around your chest, going back and forth between your breasts as you pant and moan. Somehow, you feel another orgasm wash over you as you hear both guys groan. Henry pulls upright and you know you want him back in your mouth. The pulsing shaft seems to get even bigger as you suck hard. Between your legs, Kevin begins to groan. As he slides out, he strokes his cock over you and you feel streams of his cum shooting at your stomach and up towards your chest. At the sight of that, Henry loses it and gags you with a huge load in your mouth. You take as much as you can and he pulls up, finishing the last stream on your chin and cheeks. You have never felt so sexy and naughty all at once.

You clean yourself up, putting the dress back on. You plant a big kiss on each of their lips and thank them for giving you a tour of the building. Your panties were so soaked from the foreplay that you just stuff them in your purse. What a night for you. As you turn and face the door, through the relative darkness in the hallway you can make out a face. Your husband peers in the room with a huge grin. It is too bad he had to arrive late to the party, but his viewing was a small consolation for a busy schedule. Plus you know that the ride home will be plenty of fun.

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