College life spring semester 14


College life spring semester 14Monday, Corey and I checked out of the motel early in order to make it toour first class.Returning from checking out, Corey jumped in his car. “Matt, this placewill hold a very special place for me.””Oh I feel the same way. It’ll be a while before I ever forget thisValentine’s weekend.””Forget! Hell, I’ll always remember it no matter whatever happens to usdown the road.”Corey and I parked and were a few minutes early back before class. I hadjust enough time to throw my bag in my room as did Corey. Opening my door,I just shook my head and saw what a disaster it was with stuff everywhere Ilooked.After the first class with Corey, I anxiously waited to see if Scott hadreturned. When he entered, a smile came on my face. He sat down next tome and Michael.”How was your horn dog weekend, Matt?” Scott asked.”Very good. I have to ask how your mom doing?””She was still recovering when I left yesterday but I think she’ll be okayin the end. That was some scary shit.””I bet because you just never know what they will find,” I said.Our conversation ended when the professor came into the room. As usual,Mondays turned into a very long day for me with my lab at the end.Scott and I walked back from the lab. “Hey Matt, is Corey sore today fromall that pounding you gave him over the weekend?””Ummm… he didn’t say if he was,” I said and smiled at Scott.”Dude, you can tell me of all people. Was it non stop fucking like twobitches, hot bitches I might say though, in heat wanting each other’sdicks?”I laughed, “It wasn’t exactly non stop, Scott. We’re not super men.””How many times did you take that ass?”I shook my head, “Scott that is so personal.””Who cares? We are friends. You can tell me.”Still shaking my head. “Four times, Scott.””That’s my boy right there. Giving Corey all that big fucking dick. Betole Matt got a little of Corey’s dick too.””A few.””Motherfucker, dude! You two did go at it non stop,” Scott said and pattedmy shoulder. “No doubt you two tore that room up!””Just each other,” I joked as we headed inside. “Have you seen Hayden?””Saw him last night, matter of fact,” Scott said climbing thestairs. “Fucked his little hot ass, too. God, I love that Juan has a job.””So you had a good Valentine’s Day as well.””I guess I did.”We stepped into my room. I looked around and saw it was half way cleanedup. “Scott, what about that girl?””What about her?””Seriously, are you dating both?””Matt, I can’t deny that I really love Hayden to death but it is nicehaving a girl as well but I’m not sure how long it will last,” Scott statedbefore changing the subject. He was finished with my questions about hiscurrent lovers. “Matt, can you believe in about 4 weeks we’ll be on springbreak. How tight is that going to be?””I haven’t really thought of it. It’ll be nice, I guess.””Just imagine us in the sun instead of the snow. It’ll be Ski Trip 2!””Oh boy!” I said rather sarcastically.”Matt, you loved the ski trip.””I know I did and more than I’ve lead on. Scott, I’m really lookingforward to spring break. I never had the chance to go anywhere in highschool.””I did one time but that was a family thing and sucked balls.”The door flew open with Kris, Colt, Alex and Brennan coming in. “Stud man,you’re back,” Kris said and patted me on the shoulder.”Oh yeah,” I said.”In case you didn’t know, Brennan is finally up here on the floor,” Coltstated.”That’s great. Now we can live in peace with the homophobe gone down afloor,” I said.”I still am going to kick his fucking ass one day. You wait. When thechance comes, I’m gonna beat the living shit out of Lee,” Kris stated. Iwouldn’t mind seeing it if I knew Kris wouldn’t get in trouble. Wecontinued to talk like we always did with me catching a few things thatwent on while I was away. It didn’t sound like much and no one ended up introuble. Thus, it was a good weekend for everyone.Heading to bed that night after our night, Kris was propped on his elbowand looking at me. “Matt, did you fuck your ass off this weekend?”I turned and showed him my bare ass. “No but Corey knows I love himwithout a doubt in this world. Kris, we… we didn’t use condoms.””Matt!””Corey has been wanting to so I figured this karşıyaka escort weekend was as good as any.””Aren’t you worried you’ll get something?””Well, I guess a little. We’ve been faithful so it shouldn’t be a big dealbut we did agree to get tested more often.””Matt, I did fuck Liz Saturday night after everyone left. I don’t knowwhat it is but there’s something just not clicking between us. Our sex wasfucking great and all but there wasn’t that passion like we used to have.It was like we both needed sex and used each other. I know she’s perfectfor me and all but I can’t feel again. I want to in the worst kind ofway.””Kris, I don’t know what to tell you other than I have feeling you’re beingvery honest with me. So does it have anything to do with me and Corey?””Fuck if I know, Matt. We said we’d keep trying and see how things workedout. I figure when you fall out of love it is that much harder to get itback. Did you feel like that with Corey?””I don’t guess I did in looking back. Deep down, I knew he was the one forme and never lost that feeling for him. I wanted him out of my life atthat time but couldn’t do it.””Matt, would you marry him if you could?” Kris asked.”I think so but we saw we did miss everyone. By yesterday afternoon, wewere laughing about how we missed everyone. All I know is if we do moveout, there better be a few of the others around us. We’re not ready tobreak away yet.””Oh I know the feeling. Just imagine the day when it comes. I know it’scoming and now dread it. We’re like brothers and more, you know. I knowwe’ll all keep in touch after college.””I hope so but life gets in the way. You say that and then turn around inten years and realize you haven’t seen each other one time.””Matt, you know I wouldn’t care if we lived next to each other. I’ll be insome little shack while you have that mansion. You and Corey can be unclesto my ten k**s.””I hope not that many,” I laughed.”Me too,” Kris laughed. “That’d be a bitch getting them through college ona coach’s salary.””What?””I think I’m going to go in that direction, Matt. I love it and loveteaching people. If not coaching, I think I want to be a teacher in someswanky high school.””I can just see you getting pissed off and throwing some k** against awall. Coaching would be great for you but so would sales. With yourpersonality, you could sell anything you wanted.””Oh thanks for fucking things up, Matt. Way to go when I had my mind madeup. Do you think I could make it in sales?””Better than anyone here, Kris. Either that or coaching would really fityou.””I have three more years to figure that out. See ya in the morning,” Krissaid.The rest of the week was a virtual blur to me. It wasn’t that I was sobusy but it seemed like the days were running into each other. The guysdid win their two games they had on Tuesday and Wednesday. As long as theycontinued to win, they’d make the playoffs. Thursday night, my dad didcall to set something up for our monthly meetings. I said Friday nightwould be okay since I knew Corey would be working. He agreed and said he’dsee me at seven at our usual place.Friday after classes and doing some very overdue laundry, I was back in theroom when Kris came back after his classes.”Kris, what are the plans for everyone this weekend?””Matt, Liz and I are going out with Colt and Bryson’s dates to see how thatworks for us. Other than that, I don’t see that much really happening.What were you thinking?””Nothing really, Kris. All I have planned is meeting Dad tonight. Coreymentioned something about Michael possibly going home…””Wasn’t last weekend enough for ya?” he joked.”That was last weekend,” I laughed.”I guess it was,” Kris stated. “Are you coming with us to workout today? Isaw Scott earlier. He said he’s running home for tonight to check on hismom…””Well, I guess I will then.”We got changed and headed off. I found Corey and finally got to meet Kaz.I thanked him for all he had done for us the previous weekend beforeheading to work out. We had as many as ever with seemingly our floorcoming along today. It took longer than expected but it was kind of fun inway with people giving us the eye since we karşıyaka escort bayan were joking around more thannormal.That night, I was a few minutes early to meet my dad. There was a largecrowd so I knew it might take us a few minutes to get seated so I wentahead and put our name in for a table. I stood outside in the cold for afew minutes before retreating inside. Patiently, I sat and did hear myname called. Checking my watch, it was already fifteen minutes after ourappointed time. I told the hostess I wasn’t ready and had to give up mytable. I stepped outside and called my dad but didn’t get an answer.Instead of returning inside, I walked back to my car and listened to sometunes. Another fifteen minutes had passed so it was back on the phone butstill no answer. The feeling of disappointment came over me. It broughtflashbacks to my teen years when he had stood me up and left me waiting.Now, I was pissed and very angry along with great disappointment. Everybad thought entered my head as to what could have happened before realizingmy dad hadn’t changed a bit.My next call was to Mom. She heard me out while I vented my frustration ofwhat I thought was developing into a normal father/son relationship. Shedid her very best to console me and could hear how upset I got. Afterslamming my hand into the passenger, it was back to college.My room was empty when I returned. It gave me a chance to analyze thingswhile the TV played. To further vent my frustration, I played a game andwanted to destroy my opposing character.After the game, Kendall, Noah, Brennan and Garrett came down to the roomone right after the other.”Matt, is something up with you tonight? You don’t seem to be yourself,”Noah asked.”I’m okay, I guess.””Is there a problem with you and Corey?” Garrett asked.”No, not at all. My dad stood me up tonight. We meet whenever he calls.He did this shit to me when I was younger.””I see now,” Kendall stated. “We’ll get out of here if you wanna be alone.We understand.””No, don’t. My mind starts to play tricks on me when I’m alone.””Okay,” Brennan said. “I’ll change the subject to something brighter. Areyou and Corey excited about spring break?””Oh yeah we are. Noah, how are we all going to fit though?” I asked.”Matt, Brennan said he’s got a room nearby…””That’s great but you know how we all are around here.””Ain’t that the truth,” Brennan said. “Weird but everyone does get alongup here. I’ve really enjoy moving up here once we got everything settledwith that guy.””I guess we’ll have to draw straws or something,” Garrett said. “Matt’sright in that no one will like the idea of being away.””We’re college guys and we’ll work something out,” Kendall stated. “Weworked it out on the ski trip and we’ll work it out now. We may have tosleep on top of each other.””It’ll be hell getting dressed,” Garrett stated.”It was hell in Colorado but we managed, didn’t we Matt?” Kendall said.”So exactly how many are going?” Brennan asked. We started naming offnames. We came up with around twelve after counting. “So three with meand eight in Noah’s place. I think my hotel is two blocks from Noah’shouse and right on the beach so it shouldn’t be too bad then.””My place will hold eight. It has before even before Dad bought a pull outcouch. We have spare air mattresses too we can line the floors with if itcomes to that,” Noah stated.With us talking, it diverted my thinking from what my dad had done.Finally Corey came into the room and sat next to me. We continued to talkabout our trip.”Corey, are you excited to see Matt in a Speedo there?” Noah asked.”Hell, I saw him in less last weekend and fucking loved that,” Coreyreplied and gave us a good laugh.Laughing, Garrett said, “That right there is what I love about everyone.You can laugh at each other.””Better to laugh than get pissed,” Corey stated.”I guess that’s why we all can get along so well,” Kendall said.We kept talking until the others headed off. They asked if we wanted to gowith them to grab a quick bite but Corey said we’d stay behind. With themgone, I grabbed a few things and went off to be with Corey in his room.”How’d it go with your dad tonight?” Corey escort karşıyaka asked in his room.I shook my head, “Corey, he fucking stood me up. Didn’t call or anything.Left me there waiting and wondering.””I’m sorry, Matt. Here I thought you and your dad were getting along sowell.””We were but it shouldn’t surprise me at all. I told you he did that to mewhen I was younger. I got that same feeling all over again. Corey, I’mready to say fuck it and move on. I gave it my best effort.””Matt, he may have had a really good reason.””Maybe but I doubt it. He could have at least called me and said hecouldn’t make it. That I would have understood.”Corey grabbed me and held me. “You know I love you.””I know and I love you. My expectations got too high.””No they didn’t, Matt. I’d say give him one more chance before blowing himoff for good.””I’ll see what he has to say first before I decide. You know how hardheaded I am.””Far too well,” Corey stated and started kissing me alone over my face andneck. “Feel better?””Of course it does.””Matt, tell me if I go too far or you’re not into this but I do wanna makemy boyfriend happy.””Corey, seeing your face makes me happy. If you wanna have sex, thenthat’s more than okay with me.”Corey smiled, “Ummm… it was in my plans tonight.”I smiled, “There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re a couple and shouldenjoy the pleasure of sex.””Hell yeah, we should.”We did have sex that night. I bottomed for him and got the pleasure of himmaking love to me. It always felt so good to him deep inside my body andthrilling me to no end. It was slow and very loving for we enjoyed theintimacy of it for as long as we could both hold out.I woke the next morning in Corey’s room alone. It was still rather earlyby everyone’s time frame here so I showered and headed alone across campusto find something small to eat. I was enjoying a breakfast burrito andjuice when I saw Reilly coming my direction.”Care if I grab a seat?” he asked.”No, not at all. How are things going?””Not too bad for me, Matt. Are you still with that uber hottie boyfriendof yours?”I smiled, “Yes, I am.””Dude, if I could find someone that hot, I’d stick to it too. Your friendnever did call me, by the way.””Oh Scott. He’s back with Hayden or at least I think. Scott can’t make uphis mind whether he likes guys or girls.”Reilly laughed, “Even better in my book. Nothing better than seducingthose hot straight boys.””I suppose so,” I said. We talked about our classes before parting ways.I said hi to a girl I had in class before walking out the door. It wasnice to see some familiar faces as my journey progressed. With dark cloudsrolling overhead here in February, I walked briskly back to the dorm. Iwent to my room to find Kris still sleeping. As I walked over to change, apiece of paper caught my eye. I looked to see Kris had gotten a ticket forspeeding last night. It could have been a lot worse.Kris woke a little time later while I was busy at my computer andorganizing my notes. “Hey I see you got a little present last night,” Istated.”Matt, you little nosey motherfucker!” Kris screamed. “Don’t go looking atmy shit! You got me!”I didn’t say a word and continued to work at my computer. Kris was off toshower and returned.”Why were you over there looking at my shit?” Kris said back in the roomwith his hand grasping my shoulder.”I’m sorry, Kris.”While pushing my head forward, “Damn right you are.”I stood up. “Look Kris, what is up with you? I know you’re not the bestmorning person ever but this is ridiculous.””I’m not in the fucking mood right now!” he said putting on his grey boxerbriefs. “Let’s just say that fucking ticket was the icing on the cake lastnight! I’m still pissed as ever.””Okay,” I said and wondered what his deal was. “So what are the plans foreveryone tonight?””Like I really give a fuck, Matt! Do whatever you feel like!” Kris said ashe was dressing in hurry. With me back sitting, he marched out the doorand slammed it hard on his way out. I knew it could be one of two things:Liz broke up for good or he fought again with Colt. I really didn’t wantit to be the latter of the two. Now the thought of Kris loving what Coreyand I had started was in my head. I hated that thought and hoped it wasn’ttrue. Whatever it was Kris was very upset. I debated for a minute beforesending Colt a text message. If it was between those two, he wouldn’treply. My message was short: “Wassup with Kris?”Within a minute or so, I got a return reply from Colt, `Don’t know.’TO BE CONTINUED…

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