College Visit with Not My Niece Pt3

College Visit with Not My Niece Pt3The college visit with not my niece pt 3Ellie is a hot little gal from not too far away and we have shared enough that I felt moved to write this fantasy for her.If you are not Ellie, … you aren’t me either and that makes you a little less lucky than us both!!!++++++++++++++The next morning it was off to the University. She was not applying there and Ellie had no intention of going to college there or anywhere else in the fall. We went to fulfill a fantasy or two. So we went to the Registrar’s Office and got signed up for a tour that started in 15 minutes.Ellie’s shorts would have barely covered her ass when she was in middle school. I swear she had to be careful not to let them get sucked completely up her ass! She wore a skin tight white wife beater style shirt that made her tan look even darker. I was in golf shorts and a polo shirt. Every Dad on that tour, not to mention the guy that was a student and assigned to help lead us around the campus all kept ogling Ellie, which left me kırşehir escort plenty of opportunity to bump an ass here, brush my hand over a bottom there and bump into a set of tits on moms and offspring galore! Ellie was getting her own touches and I even saw one older gentleman slip her his business card! On the first floor of one of the dorms, she and another prospective student slipped into a room. No one noticed for about 10 minutes that they were not there. They walked around a corner just as the guy leading the tour said it looked like we were missing a couple of people. “A door jammed when we were checking out a room downstairs.” The boy announced. There was a large wet place on the front of his tan shorts and a single shiny line on Ellie’s chin as she came and stood by me. I wiped it off with a thumb as most of the people in the group watched. During the last 20 minutes of the tour she was groped by ever man and a couple of the girls on the tour. I also got one cock squeeze from a mother that winked kırşehir escort bayan and blew me a kiss!The tour over, we were free to walk the grounds. We did. We went to the formal gardens. They were incredibly beautiful. It started raining and Ellie’s shirt became almost transparent as the few people we had seen dashed for their cars. We stood and kissed as thunder rolled. Her strawberry lips, soft sexy tongue and young firm body felt so very good pressed against mine! My hand cupping her ass caused my cock to press into my belly. As they rain began falling ever harder, she knelt down and pulled my cock out of my cargo pants. I was going commando. In no time at all she was sucking for all she was worth!Whereas the night before she had worked to build the moment, there in the public space of the gardens, not 40 feet from the main fountain, she throated my cock and worked her hardest to set a world’s land speed record for cock blowing! I think she succeeded too! I shot a load and I swear to God, that escort kırşehir little girl swallowed every drop of my cum!I led her over to a concrete bench and pulled her shorts down and then putting a leg on either side of my thigh she sat down and began kissing me and grinding her pussy on my thigh like a bitch in heat! The rain was weakening but as I leaned and bit and sucked on her nipples through her top, it did not mean that anything was getting less wet! Soon she was begging me to run her clit as she clutched my head to her tits!!! The liquid that spilled across my thigh was far too warm to be rain!We stayed like that for a couple of minutes and the rain slowed to a trickle. She had just stood up and I had just pulled her shorts up to her as we heard footsteps approaching. Two campus security cops walked into the far side of the circle in clear rain gear. I stood up and took Ellie’s hand. They followed us all of the way to the parking lot, where I got a towel out of the back of the car and we used it to dry ourselves off as they watched wordlessly from about ten yards away. We got in the car and left.+++++++++So…. We did it and nearly got busted. But damn it was worth it!!So tell me what you think.Tell Ellie what you want her to do to you!Leave a vote at the least!!

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