COMING BACK FOR SECONDS“You have two hours to get your stubborn ass looking fine for all the men tonight,” my roommate yelled up the stairs of our apartment. I’d been in my room all day, refusing to take a break from my studying. “Alright, alright!” I yelled back, giving her some sass. I unwrapped myself from my bed and discovered my phone in the tangled mess of sheets and blankets. My eyes rolled as it alerted me I had 7 text messages and 2 missed calls, two messages and both phone calls from Luke. I’d been ignoring him for the past week, not quite ready to talk about our incident. I chucked my phone back onto my bed and crawled out of my soft cocoon. Two hours later, I had successfully made myself presentable. I stood in front of my floor length mirror and assessed my work; my long hair was slightly curled and rested over my sheer black blouse. I had opted for shorts for a change and paired the light denim with a pair of black thigh high socks, the sheer fabric held up by a garder hidden under my shorts. The outfit was finished off with black combat boots, overall the look screamed trouble maker…maybe I should have tried to look less like a deviant, I thought smirking to myself. A knock on the door brought me back from my thoughts and my second roommate skipped in, “Time to go!” she said and then stopped dead in her tracks, “Daaaaaamn gurl, you clean up nice!” she teased making me roll my eyes. “Okay okay, enough jokes, let’s get this over with,” I chuckled.We walked down the street, passing groups of college students, the air filled with a buzz of excitement and the giggles of drunk girls. A group of guys passed us, “Hey” one of them yelled, “come over here and show me what you got!” My middle finger raised in response. “Maybe the thigh highs were a bit overkill,” I said coyly. “Umm you think!?” my roommates laughed in unison.We finally made it to the house party, a discreet yellow house nestled in the back of a culdesac. Two good looking guys guarded the door, flashing their smiles as we passed but regaining their stoic poses denying entry to the unlucky freshman boys behind us. Inside, people packed in every inch of the house, wine bags being passed around and the occasional excited squeal from a partygoer breaking over the music. I maneuvered through the crowd, greeting atakum escort familiar faces. You could cut the air with a knife it was so thick. I sought to break free of the stuffy mass and found my way into the kitchen. It was filled with rambunctious guys in b*o tanks and girls in short skirts trying to get a shot at the keg. Suddenly a beer flew from someone’s hand and sloshed on my boots…party foul, I thought rolling my eyes…maybe tonight wasn’t my night. I plunged back into the crowd and pushed my way passed a flight of stairs. The crowd seemed to ebb and flow like a wave and I stumbled as it crashed into me. Right as I grabbed the banister for support a strong hand grabbed my shoulder. My stomach lurked as I turned around, expecting to see Luke. However, I was met by a pair of light blue eyes. Devon, I thought in releif. My eyes lit up as he wrapped his muscular arms around me in a tight hug. “Wow, how are you?” I said surprised as we both released from the long hug. “I’m great,” he beamed giving me a quick once over, “Love the outfit,” he said as he playfully tugged at the garder. “Oh do you now?” I said, pushing my pelvis into him and biting my lip. His fingers unwrapped from the garder strap and grazed up my shorts, “We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” he said as his fingers got closer and closer to my pussy. It throbbed and I craved his touch, pushing myself closer to him. I wrapped my hands around his neck, pulling my face close to his, “I never did get my fancy dinner date,” I teased. “We can take care of that right now,” he smirked, “as long as you’re on the menu.” His fingers rubbed my pussy lips and I moaned quietly, thanking myself for skipping on panties tonight. He withdrew his fingers and wrapped his hands around my waist, giving me a devilish smile. “How about a bed this time?” he asked coyly. “Hmmm, how about you work for it this time?” I sneered and hopped up the flight of stairs, leaving him at the bottom, a wicked smile growing on his handsome face. He suddenly leapt up the stairs, causing me to squeal and race into an open bedroom, his athletic build close on my heels. I dove onto the bed as he rushed in the room behind me, locking it and turning off the lights. His silhouette moved from the door ilkadım escort to the bed, my body tensing hungrily. “I hoped you’ve worked up an appetite,” I whispered, the dark room making me secretive. “Oh I have,” he teased, tugging off my boots and pulling my legs towards him. “Stay still,” he said in a seductive growl. I did as told despite the butterflies having a hay-day in my stomach. His hands gently reached for my blouse, unbuttoning slowly, replacing every inch of fabric with a kiss, working his way from my hip bones to my bra. He playfully tugged on my bra between the cups with his teeth and slid his fingers under my bra, tugging and teasing my nipples. I moaned and rocked my pelvis up, ready for whatever came next. He kissed my chest up to my throat, then bit my neck, the bites driving me wild as soft moans erupted from my throat. My hands wrapped around him, my nails digging down his back. He smirked and planted a quick kiss on my lips, “Damn, you’re sexy,” he said hungrily. He now focused on my shorts, unbuttoning them and pulling them down, my hips wiggling in a hurried effort to help. “You’re full of surprises,” he grinned as he pushed the garder up a little, making room for kisses.A loud knock pounded on the door, startling us both. “Occupied,” I shot out and gave Devon a smirk. A series of giggles came from the hall as the couple moved on to the next vacant hookup spot. “Now…where were we?” Devon said mischievously and spread my legs wide. I sat up and grabbed his belt loop, tugging on it playfully, “Well…I think you were about to fuck me til I can’t walk,” I said biting my lip. He just smirked back at me, giving me the most lustfull bedroom eyes he could manage, “Only if I get to take you home and make you breakfast in the morning.” My mind went blank for a quick second, is he really wanting to make this more than a hookup, I thought in disbelief. “Ya, I could manage that,” I said sweetly, my mind still trying to grasp the concept however. I yanked at his belt loop again, this time grabbing the zipper and undoing his black jeans. “Oh so you’re in control this time?” he asked slyly. I just smiled and pulled out his cock, my hand not able to grasp it all. I stroked it softly, watching the reaction form on çorlu escort his face. I shoved him into my mouth and began sucking hard, his face contorting in pleasure. “Oh fuck,” he moaned, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling it in sync with the strokes of my mouth. I brought my hand up to his cock, twisting it as I took him in and out of my mouth. He was going wild, one hand still pulling my hair while the other searched desperately for my clit. Finally finding it, he teased and flicked it with his finger, making me twitch and suck on his cock harder. “Holy shit,” he breathed as I went deeper, “I’m gonna cum.” I sucked harder, and he filled my mouth, shooting rounds down my throat as I swallowed every one of them. “Holy fuck, did you swallow??” he asked surprised, “I thought you said you didn’t do that?” I blinked, trying to process what I had just done. The heat of the moment had distracted me, and I only cared to please him, throwing my personal preferences to the side. “I guess I made an exception,” I shrugged. He starred back at me in shock, then the fire returned to his eyes, “Well I guess it’s your turn,” he said hungrily. My stomach filled with butterflies and my pussy throbbed.”Dinner is served,” I purred. He brought his head between my legs, nibbling around my pussy. My body quivered and I tried not to moan. He looked up at me and gave me a fiendish smile, “I’m not stopping until you lose it.” He immediately pushed between my legs and dove his tongue into my pussy. I yelled out, but I knew this was just the beginning. He whipped his tongue around in my pussy, making it tight and wet. “Ohhhh fuck,” I moaned. He moved his fingers to my clit, rubbing it as he ate every inch of my soaking pussy. His tongue swirled around in me, eating me so good I felt lightheaded. My hips lurked as he went deeper, my body not able to take much more. He griped my hips aggressively, “Fuck babe, you’re so wet. Let me lick every inch,” he growled as he devoured me. I reached for things that weren’t there as my pussy ached with divine pleasure. My hands finally found his back, digging my nails deep into him, drawing blood. “Oh fuck…oh fuuuck,” I yelled as I came, my juices being quickly lapped up by his talented tongue. I collapsed onto the bed, my body exhausted from my orgasm and totally content. He plopped down next to me, smirking, just as content. “How about we finish this at my place for real this time?” he asked teasingly. “You’re going to have to carry me there,” I said out of breath, “and you haven’t even fucked me yet,” I laughed rolling on top of him and planting a big kiss on his wet lips.

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