Coming Home Early


I was home about three hours early from work – the office needed to close early because the A/C system had broken down and it was unbearable. I figured I would pleasantly surprise my wife, Karen. I’m Carl Motian, I manage the accounting department for a national insurance firm, and we’ve been married 15 years. We have a two story, three bedroom colonial in the suburbs. The garage door was open and my wife’s car was inside. Strangely, there was a Corvette parked in the driveway. I wasn’t sure what that was about, but I pulled behind it any way.

I went in through the garage door, and into the kitchen. There were a couple of empty beer bottles in the sink, but no one there drinking. I heard noise coming from upstairs, so I put my things down and went to explore. I managed to miss the spot on the second step that squeaked, so I was very quiet as I went upstairs. As I got to the top of the stairs, the noises were beginning to sound familiar – and my cock began to get hard. There’s no mistaking the sounds of flesh meeting flesh. As I moved down the hall towards our room, I began to hear Karen’s voice – or, more accurately, the sounds she makes when she is being fucked. Moans, murmurs, sharp intakes of breath. I got to our doorway and paused, wondering whether I really wanted to look.

I quietly moved my head into the doorframe and stared. Karen, my wife of fifteen years, was naked, on her back with her legs up by her ears, on the receiving end of what appeared to be a very large dick. A very large Black dick, as it happened. Whoever it belonged to was balanced on his toes and hands, and his pelvis was thrusting hard and deep into her. I could see his big balls slap at her ass, and watched in awe as he pulled an enormous cock out of her. Her inner pussy lips seemed to cling to it as it withdrew, and her hips thrust upwards. Then he slammed back into her and she groaned loudly. The force of his thrust set her big tits jiggling, and then he did it again. And again. I stared at the spectacle straight out of a porn movie taking place on my bed, starring my wife!

“Honey, this is Derek. His cock is enormous. I’ve been coming over and over again ever since he started fucking me. He’s amazing! I just couldn’t wait for you to get home. Take your clothes off and join us!”

Derek looked up at me, his big Black cock poised to re-enter Karen’s hole. At first he was nervous and startled, so I’m guessing there hadn’t been much conversation before Karen got him into our bed. I wish I had recorded it – his expressions were amazing. Wide eyed amazement, which turned into puzzled wonder, with a tinge of worry – like maybe he was in big trouble – and, above all, it looked like his world had gone “Tilt!”

“Don’t stop fucking her on my account, man! I bet that big Black dick is doing things to her I can’t possibly manage.” Karen moaned in agreement. “I want to see her happy and satisfied and absolutely fucked silly! I’m here to help, so don’t mind me!” By now I was naked, my clothes scattered all over the floor, and my eight inches of circumcised cock was harder than I think I had ever been as I approached them.

“Just turn a bit so her head is off the edge of the bed, okay?” I said. “She’s been dying to get face fucked at the same time a big cock filled her pussy. Right, Karen?”

“I can’t get enough cock” she said. “You guys like pussy. Hell, you like any hole you can stick your dick in. I know that. But Derek, what you and your brothas don’t seem to understand is that there are women like me who love cock just as much. I’m going to wear out that big dick of yours.”

“Never gonna happen,” he said, sensing his manhood was being challenged.

“I wouldn’t be so sure, Derek” I said. “I’ve seen her take on young studs and by the time they finished she was still wanting more while they could barely move. She’s insatiable – it’s why I’m not freaking out that my wife is in bed with some stranger while I’m at work. I can’t keep her satisfied, and so far, no one else can. Maybe the two of us can, but that’s doubtful as well. So go back to fucking her as hard as you can. Just don’t be surprised if she wants more than you’ve got.”

In the time it took to deliver that little speech, I had moved up to the bed and Karen had managed to turn them so her head was over the side of the bed. That classic pose you’ve undoubtedly seen in videos – the one that offered a straight line from her mouth to her throat. For his part, Derek has begun to recover and was slowly fucking into her as far as his balls would let her, then pulling out until the head of that big cock was almost out before moving back in. His cock was only an inch or two longer than mine, but it seemed to be as fat as a beer can.

“Carl!” she said sharply. “Stop comparing cocks and give me what I want!” With that her mouth opened and she reached over her head to pull me towards her. I didn’t need much urging.

“Watch, Derek! It’s amazing to see this!” I said as I guided my cock to the back of her mouth. I paused there, knowing she needed casino siteleri a minute to relax her throat muscles. When her hands pulled me forward, I felt my cock slip into her throat and then I was balls deep in her face.

“Damn, I can see your dick in her throat! That’s amazing. Bet she can’t do mine though.”

“Uh oh, dude, them’s fighting words! She heard you. That’s the kind of challenge that turns her on, so be prepared!” I pulled out of her amazing mouth because I knew she had something she’d want to say. I was right.

“Listen, you big dicked Black mother fucker, I can do that with your cock as easy as his. I’m more woman than you’ve ever met, and I can outfuck you in a heartbeat. Just because you got a piece of meat that’s impressed a lot of people up to now doesn’t mean shit to me. Now fuck me hard, already! I can out last any man, even with those stupid little blue pills!”

“I don’t take no pills! My hard on is natural, and I can outlast anyone!” he bellowed, now slamming her pussy like a jackhammer – just the way she loves it and why she talked trash in the first place.

“Carl, fuck my face already! I need cum in my tummy!” I again found her mouth with the tip of my cock, and slowly pressed forward until I was stopped by my balls on her face. I held my dick in her throat as she did her swallowing thing, massaging my flesh tube with the muscles of her throat, and then withdrew so she could breath when she pressed me with her hands. We had this down; both of us loved this, although for different reasons. For me, it was the amazing feel of her hot, wet mouth and the pressures of her muscles as she swallowed, as well as the amazing visual of the bulge of my cock in her throat which was so exciting to see.

She loves it all as well, but not for the same reasons. She says it’s like a crowning achievement as a slut – surrendering completely to a living thing buried in her throat, as well as observing the changes when a guy’s balls begin to prepare to come. They go from being loose and floppy to pulling up to his body, and then the sensations of a dick in her face pumping out jizz, twitching and squirting, as well as the experience of hot come deep in her throat, all combine for her so she can let her slut side emerge triumphant. It takes longer to talk about it than for it to happen, as I jammed my dick into her face and began to spew my load. She swallowed it all and the sensations added to the experience. When I was done I pulled my now deflating cock from her mouth and collapsed on the comfy chair there to watch Derek continue to fuck her.

There’s a difference – for her – between being a skank and a slut. A skank, as she describes it, doesn’t necessarily enjoy it; she puts up with sex to get something she might construe as affection from a guy. And that includes tolerating being treated like shit. Not for her! A slut, on the other hand, is what she calls a “way of being.” She says every woman has a slut in her; that “inner slut” isn’t all she is but is a part of simply being a woman. Allowing it to emerge gives her control over it; resisting it was behind a lot of what she did before we married and what had her in therapy for our first ten years together. I can’t say – I’m a stud when my dick is hard, and just another guy when it isn’t, but I don’t think that’s what she means.

All that philosophy aside, she now simply revels in the things she can do with a cock. Or cocks, for that matter. She says it’s part of her true female side – and however she wants to explain it, I’m with her. I can’t fully relate to it, but I know from her friends that it’s not just her. They “get it,” so I’m not fighting it. Why should I? I have a wife who absolutely LOVES sex. The big problem has been me – dealing with my own head when I had to face up to her needing and wanting more than I personally could provide. It did a number on me, I admit. Every guy wants to be the big dick in his woman’s life, right? I really had to unwire that in myself in order to have our marriage work. I am glad I did, but I still get envious from time to time. It’s balanced out, however, by pride. She’s proud to be married, proud of me, and has told guys about it.

It takes some of them down a peg or two; they can’t seem to understand how a woman who, moments before, was screaming about how amazing their big dick was would be delighted to be married to a guy not as large. It makes me happy, no matter how they react. More than that, it keeps my fears in check. Hell, it even spurs me to find her big guys with even bigger cocks!

A big part of getting over my issues was the money. No, she wasn’t turning tricks! What she was doing was showing off on camera and her income was beginning to rival mine! And damned if she wasn’t a lot happier going to her job than I was with mine! I mean, think about it – she didn’t have to get dressed up, or even made up, the only traveled as far as that second bedroom, and then she spent a few hours getting off and playing flirting games with an audience.

I canlı casino admit, to a man it sounds ideal, right? Until, of course, you think on those times of your life when you couldn’t keep your hands off your dick and masturbated non-stop and rubbed it raw. Remember those times? I know I’m not the only one (informal research, but research never the less) that happened to. Her issues were a little different – most had to do with lubrication issues, but in our enlightened day and age there is a growing personal lubricant industry. Turns out some of them will even endorse performers…

So, Karen spent her days masturbating online for viewers. Mostly men, but soon she had a female audience as well. And she had regulars; screen names that seemed devoted to her. In doing some of her private shows, she accepted all requests, primarily because of the money, but soon because they appealed to that inner slut of hers. She began to involve me – at first as just showing a big dick that she would insert where her fans told her, and eventually as her masked man. I mean, why not? It almost got to the point where she was bringing in enough money that we were contemplating becoming a one income family – but we had to deal with the inevitable downturn that camera girls face all the time. Basically, seeing the same person doing the same thing over and over eventually grows tiresome. Just like eating the same meal every day, or listening to the same song – repetition can kill the joy and enjoyment. Don’t think so? Then answer this: Are you still jerking off to the same things – like the EXACT same things – that used to get you hard? Of course not!

In any case, we were glad I hadn’t quit my job when her online earning leveled off. She still did daily performances, but had branched out. Now, instead of working from a site that had lots of other girls (and guys, and couples as well), she was on one of the newer ones where she had her own channel. People (because it wasn’t just guys) paid a small monthly subscription fee, and for her part she was now selling much more. Underwear that she’d worn (especially panties), dildos and vibrators she’d used – we were pleasantly surprised by the markup and profit on those things. Would you believe it? She had sponsors! A lube company, a sex toy manufacturer, condom makers – all those things you formerly found only in sleazy adult book stores – if they wanted to pay her to use their product, we accepted. Pretty soon I had to turn our third bedroom into our mail order inventory room!

One of the features of her site were her product reviews. None of those “made for general audiences” discussions. If the item was meant to be inserted somewhere, she would try it out on camera. When we found some of those clips on free porn sites, we shut that down. Now, part of any review was strictly verbal (of course, she was naked while speaking) and there was a link to the performance video with a charge for viewing. We hired a lawyer – a fan, actually – to go after all those clips on free sites, and we kept him around to do all those other lawyer things, paying him in personal benefits – turns out he loved getting butt fucked, and Karen was happy to oblige. He was also well-hung and Karen got what she wanted as well!

I had some moments where I wondered what the fuck were we doing. Especially when she began bringing in other guys for video sessions. I mean, I thought I was keeping her satisfied, but when I watched the first video of a her with a guy who was hung like a bull I almost lost it. Whatever pleasure she got from my cock wasn’t even on the scale of what she seemed to experience. He rocked her world the way I never had. Hell, that video set a new record for her, both for the size of cock she fucked (he was 12 inches) and the number of orgasms – we lost count after a dozen!! I felt caught – on the one hand, she had the greatest sex ever but it wasn’t with me. And I made that mean I wasn’t worth it any more for her.

I couldn’t get hard after that. On the one hand, I wanted to blame him. Or her. But on the other hand, I wouldn’t allow myself to blame her. I had promised that her happiness was more important to me than anything else and if that meant she needed bigger cock than I had, I ought to be happy about her getting better orgasm than I could provide, right? And then I was mad at myself for not simply letting it happen and feeling jealous. It was a downward spiral and it was only after we hadn’t had sex for two weeks that she grabbed me and sat me down. She knew something was wrong. She even knew what it was!

We worked it out. She told me, in no uncertain terms, that she loved me and valued me. That she was amazed that she had a husband who supported what others would call grounds for divorce. She knew what was going on in my head and finally couldn’t wait for me to pull my head out of my ass. I was, she said, the most incredible man she knew because I made her happiness more important than my own. The problem, she said, was that I had made it into an either/or kaçak casino situation and trapped myself.

“Sex and love” she said, “really are two different things. I really need sex – I’m nuts without it – and it’s just better sex with bigger guys. They don’t love me and I don’t love them even if it looks like it. Or even if I’m shouting it when I’m getting the shit fucked out of me. If you’re worried I won’t be happy screwing you because you aren’t as big as some of those guys, give that up! I love you, you big dummy, and what you don’t seem to understand is that the sex and love I get from you is more precious than any mind-bending orgasms I get from big cocks. What do you need from me to convince you? Are there secret fantasies I can fulfill for you? Do you want my permission to fulfill on those I can’t? All you have to do is ask and it’s yours. I will do anything for you – all you have to do is ask, okay? Is there anything else that’s infected your mind?”

I might write about what happened after that at some point. There was some of what I had considered to be really depraved stuff that I got out of my system that night, and she didn’t bat an eye! That was when I realized I had a wife who was incredibly horny, happy about it and who loved me even as sick as I thought I was. (FYI, once I got to talking about that stuff, I realized it wasn’t sick at all. Like I said, maybe I’ll say more about it.) I made her even happier by letter her indulge and get the sex she needed.. I know some folks would think it crazy – but that’s their problem! Our sex life resumed that night and hasn’t slowed down since.

Soon we had a camera person in addition to our lawyer. Our camera person, it turned out, was a lesbian named Norma who had finished film school but who wasn’t getting work. We let her live in our basement, we paid expenses for her and were beginning to bring in enough to provide a small salary, primarily because we kept her busy! Depending on things, Karen could film something every day – and it was never just “turn on the camera and perform.” Norma began directing things. Where it used to be okay to set up a stationary camera and let it run, now we had both a stationary camera and a handheld, and thing began to look really good!

Aa it turned out Norma also got in on the act. It was during one of those product reviews, when Karen had a ginormous dildo sent to her – easily twice as big as anything she’d ever used. She was reluctant to try it, and didn’t want to lose the sponsor, and that’s when Norma spoke up.

“I can demonstrate, if you want” she said. “I was thinking about getting one of those anyway. If I use it, can I keep it?”

“Honey, if you want to go on camera and stuff that thing up your cooch, then of course you can have it!” Norma brought in her partner, a tiny Asian woman name Carol, and since she had some privacy concerns, put on a mask and proceeded to demonstrate and review that enormous hunk of silicone and how it could actually fit. That session still makes money for us!

Karen’s videos picked up. As horny as she was, she was delighted to film with a big cock! One of the things she and Norma cooked up happened while she was developing her ability to deep throat – they turned it into an instructional video! Norma directed the project over a two-week span. I don’t know how they auditioned the guys but they started with average sized dicks and gradually got bigger and bigger. They had to really get creative, because all Karen wanted to do was get on her knees, concentrate on the crotch in front of her and slowly unveil whatever meat was there. Then she would go to town on it. After a week – five guys – Norma brought in clips and Karen realized she had to vary her routine! That next week was wild – and a bit messy until she finally got her gag reflex under control. But by the end of it she was swallowing ten inches of cock without any strain,

Then Norma filmed interviews with Karen that she interspersed with the videos. That finished video won Norma awards from the Adult Film industry! And a side benefit was the Karen now had a regular supply of big cocks, to use as she pleased! She went for months with just one at a time. That was the period where she became a big fan of anal. That was also the time when she started with tattoos and piercings. At first, I wasn’t a fan of tattoos. Truth be told, I’m still not – but it’s her self-expression, so what I think is irrelevant.

The money was even better than before. Especially because we had an “inventory.” At any given time, we had dozens of videos on line, merchandise for sale and live shows that drew bigger and bigger crowds. And the best part – Karen always had cocks available to her. Talk about loving your work!

I still remember her first gang bang shoot. I found out later that it wasn’t her first gang bang – that had happened before we met, and the night she told me about that and the others she’d had before we met was a very wild night, by the way! But this was going to be done the way she wanted. Those earlier ones, she told me, weren’t always that good. Part of the problem was size control – she had to deal with a lot of below average cocks and too few of the big ones she adored. For her shoot, however, there was no such issue.

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