Company Vacation


Company VacationFinding a willing slut was easy in this time and age, thanks to the internet. Boring as well, even though sometimes certainly a good way to blow off steam.But seeing his cute coworkers transform into sex crazed b**sts on a company vacation the moment their bosses were out of sight was a completely different thing, he could definitely get behind that. They were just a small group of three chicks and him who had stepped out of the bus, walked three miles in the hottest sun imaginable and finally reached the small and completely empty bay one of them remembered from an earlier trip.Immediately loving the place Josh kicked off his flip-flops and enjoyed the small pebbles carefully massaging his feet as they walked to the logical towel location in the shade of a massive boulder. He wasn’t really sure how he had ended up tagging along with them but then he was happy to have gotten away from the annoying bunch he saw far too often during the week anyway in favor of three cuties he wouldn’t mind seeing more often.Two of them – Mary and Jessica – immediately jumped off into the water the moment they had thrown their bags and towels into the shade, but Jamie stayed back and took her sweet time to assemble her towel. She was by far the most innocent bahis firmaları looking of the three and the last one he had expected to make a move on him, but the second the other two were out of sight she stripped out of her short pants and tshirt, leaving him with a perfect impression of just how great those tits were. He smiled and figured that was all he was going to see before she would change into her swimwear, but then she surprised him again by throwing her hair back and looking him straight into the eyes.“Are you going to stand there looking or do you want to put that dick of yours to good use?”For a moment Josh didn’t know what to think or say, that was certainly unexpected. Then he figured she was for real and a broad smile widened over his face.“I think we can come to an agreement there.”Jamie hadn’t even waited for him to decide and was already within arm’s reach of him, then a second later he felt her lips on his – and more importantly her naked breasts pressed against his chest.“Don’t you dare go easy on me, hear me?”Unwilling to let go of her he forced himself to, only long enough to take off his shirt and slip out of his swim shorts before he found himself just as naked as she was, then a second later he felt the same pebbles he had found kaçak iddaa so enjoyable earlier digging into his back.The next second that became less of a concern when Jamie got on top of him and maneuvered his hard dick into her pussy, rubbing the tip against her clit for a second before she let her hips sink down ever so slowly.Slow wasn’t what she had in mind though and she immediately went to bouncing her hips up and down much faster than he could handle.“Oh god, slow down a little.”“Certainly.Not.” she spit out between two sharp breaths and as many thrusts.“If you have to cum just cum.”Josh still struggled to put the mental image he had of Jamie aside and accept there was a different, sex crazed Jamie underneath the surface and as she kept rocking her hips and alternated between running her hands over his chest, her breasts and through her hair he allowed himself to relax, let her do the work and wait for the inevitable.His mind wandered, taking excurses to different parts of their trip to the beach, the great food and the wonderful warmth mixed with images of two perfect, perky breasts, pale skin that was almost bound to be sunburned after the week and two ass cheeks that had the perfect size for his hand to fit around.Then the orgasm hit him before kaçak bahis he knew it was coming and with one long sigh he ejaculated deep inside of her, each spurt forced out by her tight pussy still bouncing up and down on him even after his balls had emptied.When his dick got too soft to keep fucking him Jamie got up, turned around on all fours and slapped her ass.“Come on, lazy time’s over. Finish me, I’m almost there.”Unable to tell where he got the strength from he stood up and kneeled down behind her, enjoying the view he was presented with as he stuck his fingers into her wet, tight cunt. Jamie let out a sigh and pushed her hips up further while letting the fron of her body sink down, ready to fully appreciate everything he could throw at her.It was a field day. No matter if he twisted his fingers around, kissed her ass or let his hand glide over her back each action was rewarded with an almost whimpering moan and shivers that obviously didn’t came from the temperature. She came like she had fucked him, hard and fast and if he hadn’t held her by the hips she would have probably just sunk to the ground and stayed there.“Mh, that was good. I don’t know about you but I think we should just stay here and repeat until neither of us can cum anymore.”He rolled over to her side and lazily let his fingers wander over her ass and back, nodding silently.“I forgot, I actually planned to ask you to help me with the sunscreen, mind doing that now before I become crispy chicken?”

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